The Great Sen Family : 13

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“Would you mind finishing the dishes for me, Bahu? Actually, now I’ve to go to Rahamatbhai’s house to know the details of my new job. Before initiating the job, he just wants to aware me about the rules and regulations of the hotel. However the hotel management already appoints me for that job….. to serve their elite customers only for two days in a week…. Saturday & Sunday.” Probhaboti said in a jolly mood….. adjusting her Saree.

“Just two days…. fine, but how much they will pay?” Parveen asked in a surprising tone.

“Rs.1000/- per day…..isn’t it great? You know it’s not sufficient to maintain a family with the money you two earn. That’s why I’ve accepted their fabulous offer…. I think it could help our family. Anyway I’m leaving now….. I’m late already.” Wiping her hands on a cloth, Probhaboti glanced at the kitchen wall-clock as she headed for the front door. Today Rahamat was going to train her about some tips to impress the customers and she was too eager to learn those.

“Maa, it seems you like the job…. but what about Rahamat…. is he cooperative?” Parveen queried with a sly grin.

“Yes, I’m really excited to get the job…. I can’t believe their handsome offer till now…. and Rahamatbhai is no doubt a great man. But one thing….. please call him as your Uncle. A truly respected person like him deserves this, OK Bahu?” Probhaboti advised her.

“Yes Maa, he really is a good person….. I’ve already met him in Munmun Didimoni’s last Sunday’s party. He was there with his friend Tarunbabu and Tarunbabu’s film-actress wife Sandhya Roy,” Parveen replied.

She listened her DIL throughly while pausing in the front hallway long enough to give her hair a last critical examination in the mirror. She then smoothed down her Saree and went on. “Fine….. now don’t wait up. Probably, you don’t know how men are when it comes for a real servicing, and I don’t want to be late. You don’t mind, do you, Sona?”

“No, that’s okay Maa. Just have a good time, Maa.” Not fooled at all by her MIL’s story, Parveen rose from the couch, and turned the television off. A small, secret smile flitted across her lips, but she quickly hid it. “And tell Rahamat Uncle hello for me, too. I haven’t seen much of him after that party!”

“I will, dear.” Not noticing that her DIL’s smile had reappeared at the vivid memory of Rahamat sprawled on the couch with his pants bunched at his knees last night.

Probhaboti finished her primping and turned for the door as she said, “Lock the gate, Bahu….. and get some rest. You look positively worn out!”

“I will, Maa…… Bye.” Parveen replied with a mischievous grin as she slumped down on the couch. Really she didn’t feel OK and intimated her Dadababu early in the morning that she wouldn’t be able to go that day.

Realizing that she hadn’t seen her MIL behave this happily since her coming in Kolkata, Parveen watched her hurry out in a quizzing look. The sharp image of Rahamat’s giant circumcised huze prick came to her mind….. it was larger than Manish Uncle but slightly smaller than her husband. Her smile widened knowingly. Well, that was certainly something to be happy about!

And though she hadn’t taken the time to think about it, her MIL looked so happy after a long time and it made Parveen happy too.
____ ____ ____ _____ _____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Probhaboti pranced lightly across the street to Rahamat’s house, who was actually caught herself humming. She’d been looking forward impatiently for the last two days of this moment after that hot interview session. It was with almost girlish eagerness which she started to feel after getting the lustful attention from a much more younger gentleman like Rahamat. She bounced up to his front door and rang the calling bell…… feeling her stomach flutter with jittery tension.

What if he wasn’t at home? What if the previous encounter had simply been a single drunken incident, and nothing more? Would he even want to see her? Would the high profile customers be interested to a older woman like her which she’d got from Rahamat?

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