Indian mother finds a new lover, her own son

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finds a new lover, her own , Sheela and her son, Nikhil, were at Delhi airport.

Her husband, Prakash, a business tycoon, was leaving for London to sign a contract. Lately his business had expanded internationally and ever since, he had been traveling out of country, sometimes for weeks, and sometimes even for months.

Sheela married him when she was only 19. She was a very attractive woman then and at forty five she was still very attractive. Their only child, Nikhil, was born a year after their marriage. Nikhil was twenty five now and in charge of his father’s domestic trade. He was a married man. Couple of years back he married his childhood girlfriend, Minal. Sheela never approved of their marriage, but out of love for her son she also never objected. She showed her disapproval, when she asked her son to leave his parent’s house and stay with his wife at their another apartment which was far from his parent’s apartment.

After his father’s flight was announced, Nikhil expected a warm farewell between his parents. Instead it turned out a rather cold farewell with mere handshakes between the couple, no hugs and kisses.

There were rumours going around that his father was having an affair, but Sheela never broached the gossip with him. Nikhil had heard of these rumours as well but he too had never approached his father on that topic.

After his flight’s departure Nikhil drove his mother to her apartment. In the car, Nikhil noticed his mother was quiet and not at her usual demeanour.

“Anything wrong, mom,” he enquired.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“I noticed you are rather quiet tonight,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, looking at him. “I am not myself today.”

“Yeah, I can see that. What’s really the matter?” her son asked.

“What are you doing after this? Can you keep me company for a while?” she asked.

“Of course, anything for you, mom” he replied. “Minal (Nikhil’s wife) is at her mother’s house and anyways, I’m eating out alone.”

“You poor dear, your wife should be looking after you. Why is she at her mother’s house?” Sheela questioned in a traditional mother-in-law manner.

“She had to go due to some reason. I am fine with it. Plus look on the bright side. With Minal staying at her parent’s house, I can spend time with you.” Nikhil said smiling at his mother.

Sheela smiled affectionately at him. “Yeah, that is true.” She said. Even she needed someone close to her that night, especially after the terrible argument she had with her husband that very morning.

It was almost dark when they arrived at the apartment. Nikhil parked the car in the garage behind his father car.

“Make yourself comfortable while I change,” she said to her son as she started walking towards her room.

“Yeah.” he said. He sat down on the sofa and looked around the living room. He had not been around his parent’s apartment for quite some time. He usually met his father in their office and his mother for lunch at the restaurants. He rarely visited them at home.

He turned on the TV set and started to scroll through the channels. But tonight his mind was elsewhere. He had never seen his mother so quite before. He thought about his father. He had a good relationship with him, but now sitting there, he wondered if there were any problems between his mother and father. After years of marriage, nothing should be a problem, he thought, but the rumours of his father having an affair had left him curious.

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