Married lady Tony & her sexy body :part-3

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Mohit ,a 21 years guy have revived his physical affairs with her own elder sister Tony and as our day passes ,it’s full of love and romance .so in the evening we both brother and sister are back home as Tony walked to her bedroom as i am in my room,so feeling too exhausted after two session of foreplay cum intercourse session ,well back inside hotel’s room…………. Married lady Tony & her sexy body : part-2

Tony have got her brother’s cum as we both have had their fuck , it’s 12:20 afternoon and while nude on bed ,Tony is bit shy as I am but than we both left the bed as walked inside washroom .so I can see elder sister’s stretched legs on toilet seat as she is urinating and loud sound of it ,is making me horny ,now i walked to bathtub as I can see it full of water ,there i hold a bottle of gels as I poured gels in water ,so as i sits near bathtub with my hand in water ,making it’s water foamy ,I can see my newly married sister Tony standing near me and she sits beside me on her legs as she said………

“want bath together
(Looking at him)sure ,want to see your sexy body in foamy waters.”and Tony put her one hand on my back as she is rubbing it and now sits behind me ,so she hold me in her arms as her lips are on my neck to back,I am feeling bit tired but if she loves foreplay now, what’s the problem in doing so ?.so I can feel her kisses on my back as my hands are in water and as i can see water foamy,I am willing to move inside bathtub ,but Tony have hold my back from her front as her boobs are pressing hard on it and I felt bit hot as I looked back,said……….

“baby ,let me drink some energetic beers
(She)I think go and have it for me also.”and so as i walked to bedroom as i hold a bottle of beer with two glasses ,I lit a cigarette to smoke,having 3-4 hours in hand to enjoy a day ,I came inside washroom to see my sexy sister sitting inside bathtub as her boobs are nude,she have put her lower portion under foamy waters and as i sits near him out of bathtub,I put beer in both glass as Tony hold it in her hand and while smoking cigarette ,I started drinking beer ,my elder newly married sister Tony is looking at me but she is drinking beer as her eyes are looking bit sexy,I asked……..

“have you tasted beer earlier on
(She)yes but a glass is enough for me to get little unconscious.”and so she is drinking beer as i throw the butt of cigarette and now I put more beer in glass ,so I moved inside bathtub as we are sitting in the middle and Tony have had got the drinks as she put her lips on my face and smiled”seems we both are in honeymoon trip
(Mohit pressed her tits)sure you are my honey but we can’t do it regularly
(Tony now put her palm on my chest)sure we will do it but in a regular intervals of 2-3 months.”

And my second drinks have made me more drunk ,so I put empty glass on floor as I hold her back and now make him sit on my lap.she have put her both legs on my waist as I have hold her back tight and now my lips starts kissing her face and she is holding me in her arms,our lower parts are under foamy waters as we both are getting hot ,so as her lips are sealed on my neck to face,her boobs are giving my chest a soft touch and now as she put her lips on my lips,I opened my mouth and swallow her tongue to suck as my hand is rubbing her sexy ass and now it moves down to her holes as I started screwing her cunt fast,she is sitting on my lap like a sex slave as my long finger moves inside her hole and while sucking her tongue I am fingering her cunt and so our sexual session starts again as we two are refreshing our past memories and as i felt her mouth’s saliva coming in my mouth ,I left her tongue as she put her head on my shoulder.she is a hot lady with nice figure as her sexual organs have been in use for last 3 months ,her virgin status have been lost for last one years or as Tony is rubbing my back with her palm ,I am rubbing her back and now I took out my finger as she is sounding sexy”uuhh ah um Mohit ,don’t make it hot now”and now we both are having bath while inside bathtub and so I hold her waist ,make him sit there as I walk out of while sitting near bathtub ,I hold her back as i make him sleep inside tub and her head is on bathtub upper case ,so her sexy body is under foamy waters ,now my both hands are on sexy body as I hold her boobs to squeeze while other hand is moving on her thighs to legs, looking at her reddish face I can see her eyes getting closed and she is feeling my love as her voice is too sexy “oh ah massage my breast hard Mohit ,you are too hot and tough for a slut lady like me

(Me)baby, don’t use slut word as it gives a dirty imagination
(Tony) sure but I am a slut lady ,sex with younger brother than get married and next what ? I can’t say.”

As my hand is on her vagina ,now my testicles are getting bloods as my cock is bit erected and now I ask Tony to come out of bathtub ,so her sexy nude body is well covered in foams and as she came out ,we are under cascade as I opened it .so we both are nude as getting bath together and her palm is moving on my chest to tummy ,so my hand is squeezing her breast hard ,now as my cock is growing bigger and harder,I am willing to fuck her more but oral sex is in I knelt in front of Tony as like a shameless lady ,she stretched her legs wide and i hold her one thigh as I put it on my shoulder ,now her glittering vagina is in my eyes as I put my nose on her cunt to smell and she is too horny as her crossed fingers widened her hole and now I am licking her vagina as my hand have hold her waist and she is shouting”uh ah lick fuck fuck fast you dog”and I know my second fuck will be hard as well as of longer time span than first one ,so I am getting my cock erected as my tongue is rolling in her as she have hold my hairs tight ,I licked it and than let her go ,so I stand under cascade as Tony is looking too hot and as my cock is fully erected ,she walked out of washroom as our body is now dry .
We both are on bed as I slept and Tony hold my cock as she is jerking it fast and I know her sucking ability as I want to fuck her looking at me ,she leaned her face on my 7-8 inches long cock as she is kissing it hard and my penis have become harder as she starts rubbing it’s glans on her face ,she is a damn hot lady as her face is getting glans touch ,she is too dominating and lastly ,her opened mouth swallows my cock and she is spinning her head fast to give me a nice blow job ,our meet after 3 months on bed have fuelled our sexual life as she is a married lady and I have hold her hairs as she is sucking my cock hard “oh uh you bitch suck suck hard”and she have closed her eyes as her boobs are in my eyes and so I hold one as I am pressing it hard ,so she took out my wet penis and looking at me ,she is rolling her tongue on it and I am desperate to fuck her but after she get satisfied with my long cock.later on ,I wake up as I made her bitch on bed ,she is on her knees as well as elbows and I hold her thighs to widened it ,so I hold my cock and now put it’s glans on hole ,just rubbing it hard and she is looking at me

“Mohit push inside dear.”and I pushed my penis in her dry vagina as i fucked her hard ,she is too hot as well as horny and she “oh it’s hurting my vagina
(Me)so what want to pull my cock out
(She)no just fuck hard to make my cunt wet.”

As her second cum haven’t released yet ,I am fucking her hot and dry hole as she starts moving her ass fast and she is looking for cum as my penis is penetrating her vagina with speed and power ,lastly she screamed louder “oh ah fuck hard i will cum “and there her cunt become wet as I pulled out my penis and now while making her cunt little wider ,I am licking her wet cunt and she is “uhh aahh lick lick it you dog but fuck soon”and now I cleaned her wet cunt with a cloth as she sleeps on bed with legs wide ,now i knelt in between her thighs as I hold my cock and now pushed it inside ,so my 1/2 cock is inside it as i hold her waist and than I fucked hard to put my whole penis inside ,now going hard in sister’s vagina as my hand have hold her boobs to squeeze and she is in fire as i leaned on her top ,so holding my back ,she started bouncing her sexy buttocks fast and our fuck session is in progress as she is kissing my lips to face ,while sleeping on her top ,I am pounding her vagina hard and her butts movement is making us more hot as she is screaming “oh ah Mohit go hard fuck fuck you dog ,I am your whore”and as my penis is feeling it’s heat ,I am fucking her with speed and our body is in sensation as we are on peak of orgasms ,so I am too hot and after 12-13 minutes of deep penetration ,I screamed louder “uh ah Tony move your ass fast ,I will cum soon “and after a while my cock poured cum in her vagina as we both are too tired ,so she pushed me and now sucked my cock to tastes it’s cum……..our day’s affairs was too hot and romantic.

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