Married lady Tony & her sexy body : part-2

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My elder sister Tony have given me immense pleasure as we both have reunion after 4 months and as she got married ,her physical appearance seems too hot as well as sexy after 2-3 months of a 22 years gal have become a hot lady as her attitudes towards life and everything have changed a lot,so she is my hot elder sister as Mohit is a 20 years guy with fair complexion,tall figure of 6’0 feet makes him attractive as nice physique is one can’t have suspicion on our relationship as it’s a blood relationship ,so after our intercourse session,as both get exhausted I walked out of washroom to backyard and she have entered her bedroom after having bath ,so I am in my room as i took rest on bed and it seems like dream comes true.after a while ,mom ,Tony and Mohit have their meals as I am too tired,so walked in my room and slept soundly till evening………… Married lady Tony & her sexy body part 1.

Our night passed normally as Tony and Mohit have had fixed some schedule for next morning,I wake up on time as I have to leave for my classes and on the way ,I have to drop my elder sister Tony at her friend’s home and it’s not a true day’s affairs as we both brother and sister have narrated it to mom and we both have to move together in the morning as to enjoy a day in a hotel’s room,such a nice day we have to spend .so as i got my morning tea ,i have it as i took bath and than have a newspaper to read,can see my elder sister Tony in a night wear as i smiled………

“it’s 08:35 am and I have to leave for college after an hour
(Tony)oh i see your eyes gazing on my chest
(I am bit scared and shy also)Tony be slow ,mom is in kitchen.”and she walked towards her room as i can smell lady perfume and after 15 minutes ,we both are having breakfast as she is still in night wear and as she hit my leg with her leg,i asked……”what happened Tony ?
(Tony) nothing serious just wondering if we will get caught doing love
(Me)keep your mouth closed .”

And as our breakfast finished ,i walked to my room as I put my jeans and short shirt ,now took my note books as well as wallet in my pocket and lastly,came to dinning space as I put my sandals on legs and sit on chair as I am waiting for my elder sister to come out of her my mom is there and as Tony came out of room,she have made herself a traditional Indian lady ,a deep yellow colour sari with sleevless deep necked blouse as inner have also put her sexy body inside it ,so she put her sandals as mom said………

“if you want to come back early than hire an autorickshaw
(Tony)o k ,no need to worry ,i am not a child .”and than we walked out of home as i starts my bike and now elder sister Tony is sitting on back seat as her one hand is on my shoulder,so I moved the bike as she is sitting with her both legs in a same direction and have made a distance also and as we both are out of our locality,she inched closer as she put her one hand on my waist and her soft boobs is touching my back .so we both are going towards Swaroop Nagar as I have booked a room in hotel Mandakini plaza ,she is rubbing her right breast on my back and she said……”mr.where we are going?
(Me)I have booked a room in a hotel as we two will be there for a day
(Tony)oh but without any luggage ,what they will think of us
(Me) you don’t know baby,how couples enjoy there for 2-3 hours also and hotel staff need money only .”

so she is voiceless and it’s a 25-30 minutes drive from our home as both are going to revive our past physical relationship ,so as we both reached there,i parked my bike and both walked to it’s reception on first Tony is bit shy as I said…….”try to be bold,no one is going to recognise us .”and as i moved to reception ,manager took the secret code from my mobile as he gave me a key of room, she walked with me as her purse is on shoulder and as i see room no.209,i stopped and opened the lock ,so we moved inside and Tony sit on bed as I closed the door and now we both are feeling hot as I sit near him and put my hand on her shoulder as I kissed her lips……..

“so what will be your menu for lunch madam
(She smiled) it’s your problem and so if want to order something ,you can but as soon as possible
(Me)o k ,as you wish.”and I called room service as i asked him to send a bottle of beer ,with snacks and soft drinks ,now Tony put her purse inside wardrobe as she sleeps on bed ,her round boobs are giving me a look of mountainous peaks as I am eyeing her tummy also .so after a while,as door knocked ,i walked to door and opened it,a guy put a bottle of beer on table and remaining items also,so I asked”i can order lunch also on phone”and he responded positively ,as he walked out of room,i locked the door as it’s a luxurious room with all i started removing my clothes as I have hold a towel of hotel to put it on waist,so as i put it ,i can see Tony eyeing my bulge and she laughed as I sit on chair ,now put beer in a glass as I can see Tony holding her sari on chest ,she is removing it slowly as she walked to me and her sari have lost the place as she is in blouse and petticoat only , looking too hot as she put her sari in wardrobe and sit beside me ,so looking at her boobs ,i hold the glass as I drink it fast and she is looking like a hungry lady and so I asked “darling want to drink it
(Tony)no I don’t like it taste .”

As i put more beer in glass and now drinking it ,while my eyes are on her upper boobs ,she is looking straight and after sometime,i put my empty glass on table as I hold her she wake up and we both are standing while holding eachother,so my lips are kissing her soft neck to earnobes and my hand is rubbing her sexy butts,she is holding me tight as her boobs are giving me a hot touch on as i hold her hairs and put my lips on her lips,she closed her eyes and now took out her long tongue as I swallow a married lady is in my arms and i am feeling hot while sucking her tongue hard, so she is rubbing my back and as i have wrapped a towel on waist,it came down ,so she pushed my face back to free her tongue .

Tony is looking like a beautiful lady with her hand on my bulge as she is rubbing it hard and as my hand is on her back,I can feel her backlash blouse with strings attached as feeling nude back is making me horny and so elder sister pulled down my briefs as she got my penis in her hand.she is jerking it fast as my arms have hold him and now took him in my lap as I put her on bed,her boobs are moving up as well as down as her breaths are fast and I sit near her face ,while my vest got removed,I am completely nude but she is well covered in blouse as well as petticoat and now I leaned my face on her chest as putting my lips on her nude parts of boobs,she is screaming “uh ah um” as her legs are rubbing hard on bed and than I turned him as her strings got opened ,so I took out her blouse from her arms and she have put her arms crossed to cover her boobs but I am not excited for boobs as i want to make him nude I turned him straight as i put my lips on her tummy to waist and she is going towards the peak of love as her arms got away and now my lips are sealed on her curvy waist ,so I hold one more strings of petticoat as I opened it and now as I started pulling it to legs,she is showing her resistance but my hand have hold her both hands as I removed her petticoat and now she is looking at me as her nude thighs to legs are sexy but she is more safe with a thongs on her waist and I leave it there as she is looking like a hot blonde in her thongs her vaginal zone is showing a clear imagination on thongs as her strong thighs are looking sexy ,now i put my hand on her thigh as I am rubbing my palm on it and looking to him ,she is too horny and now I sit near her chest as I put my both hands on boobs , squeezing it hard as Tony got my long cock to jerk and she is well experienced in it as her married life have made her too expert in it,so I leaned my face on her boobs as I hold it and while opening my mouth,I swallow it as my mouth is sucking her breast hard, it’s my hand on her flat tummy to waist that is making her more hot and she is screaming in pleasure

“uh ah um Mohit ,now please fuck me aahh I am getting wet soon
(Me) neither your thongs have been removed nor I have loved your vagina and so it’s going to ejaculate cum.”

And she put her palms on her eyes as feeling shy ,so I am near my sister’s lower parts as I hold her thighs and make it wider,now put my tongue on her smooth thigh as I am licking it and so she put her buttocks slight up on bed as her sexy voice”uh ah don’t make me so horny , please remove my thongs.”and as i licked her other thigh ,she have hold her thongs as she pulled it down ,like a shameless lady she made her cunt nude and it’s my eyes getting it’s look after a long time .so I took a pillow and put it under her ass ,now she have stretched her legs wide as I put my nose on it to smell”oh a nice fragrance is coming out of it”and she is now bold as I widened her hole as it’s bit flexible and my tongue is licking it fast ,so I have hold her waist tight and she is shouting”uh ah fuck fuck fast you are making me desperate for your cock”and my tongue is rolling in her dry hole as it’s bit hot and so my elder sister is in joy ,there i took her vagina in my mouth and starts sucking it hard as my hand have hold her waist and thigh ,so she can’t move her lower parts and she is screaming”oh uh Mohit now I am dying for your cock aah “and she don’t make me notify about her cum ejaculating soon ,lastly I tastes my sister’s vaginal fluids as I licked it also.I walked inside washroom as i urinated and after washing my cock,I am back in my room as Tony is waiting for me on bed’s corner and I stand in front of him as she hold my erected penis and removed it’s skin,my waist is in front of her face as she put her tongue on my dry cock to lick but as she licked it for a while ,she made it wet as she spit on it and rubbed it ,now as she is licking my penis ,my hand is on her hairs and than she swallow my cock as her hand is on my waist and she is spinning her head fast as she is sucking her brother’s cock fast ,my legs are shivering as I am screaming louder”oh uh um you bitch suck hard ,I will fuck fuck you soon”and my cock is growing bigger as well as harder in her lastly she left my penis as she walked to washroom,now i hold the bottle of beer as i am drinking it ,keeping myself cool but making her a sex slave is in my Tony walked nude to room and we both are on bed ,she is standing on bed with me as I hold her one legs and put it in air as she hold my penis and starts rubbing it on her cunt, slowly going inside it’s heaven as I hold her waist and fucked hard,she screamed louder”oh ah don’t fuck me like a whore,I am your sister”and as my half of cock is inside,I pressed it hard and so her matured vagina swallows it quite comfortably and while holding her one leg ,I am fucking her from front as she is holding me while rubbing my back and kissing my face to neck,her boobs are making me feel hungry again but her cunt is giving me lot of pleasure and so she is sounding sexy “oh uh Mohit you are a great fucker,I will never forget this love making efforts from you “and as our body are brushing eachother ,my cock have made her cunt dry and I took out my penis as she sleeps on bed and I pounded my penis from front as I am fucking her with speed and power,she is looking like a shameless lady as I leaned on her top,she hold me as starts bouncing her ass fast and so I am kissing her lips and after 10 minutes of fuck,I screamed louder”bounce your bum fast you bitch I will cum cum soon”and my cock poured cum in her hole as I am sleeping on sister’s body while my penis is in her cunt,after sometime i left her but she sucked my cock and tastes my cum…….our love lasts after one more session……wait for it.

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