Indian wife is held hostage and ravaged by the CEO

My wife sits on the staff of the Chairman of the Board… “Spread your legs, raandi.” My boss, Mr. Sarun commanded in an authoritative voice. As a multi-millionaire CEO, he was someone who was used to being obeyed at once.

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“Yes, Sirjee.” My wife Vidya complied immediately. Vidya, being a regular gym going woman, had great, shapely legs that she now spread obediently. If being called a prostitute, or “raandi”, disturbed her, she never showed it. Mr. Sarun climbed on top of her and positioned himself. With a grunt, he plunged into her.


“Oh! Oh!” My wife Vidya’s mouth shaped into a round “O” as my boss pushed his giant cock deep into her.

“What a tight cunt you have, bitch.” Mr. Sarun told her. “Fuck! You are a great lay, you bimbo!”

“OOOOH!! UNGGHHH!!” Vidya grunted as my boss pushed himself deeper and deeper into her cavity. “Th-th–thank you … Sirjee.”

I watched, my head hanging with shame, as my own boss rocked to and fro against my dear wife, in my presence. Anger, jealousy, vengefulness — that’s what you would think a man would feel when he saw his dear wife get taken — get fucked –by another man. And yet here I was, watching Vidya cuckold me (again), and feeling myself getting aroused. I watched as Vidya arched her back, her eyes now shut, and clearly she was in the throes of yet another orgasm. My boss continued to hump her.

“Oh. My. God.” Vidya panted as Mr. Sarun continued to pummel her. “Oh, Sirjee! Your cock … it’s so deep in me. No one has ever fucked me the way you do, Sirjee!”

“Ha!” Mr. Sarun laughed and cast a pitiful glance at me. “Not even your husband!”

“I …” Vidya hesitated. Ever the dutiful wife, she didn’t want to put me down. Mr. Sarun simply raised his hand and calmly, powerfully, struck her cheek. Twice.



“Answer me, slut,” Mr. Sarun hissed, “Or I will pull out now, lundchoos!”

“No! No! Sirjee! Please don’t!” Vidya panted. “Yes, Sirjee! My husband doesn’t fill me up like you do. He never did, Sirjee!”

“Yes!” Mr. Sarun grunted. “You are a first class whore, Vidya. You just needed to spend some quality time with a real man who knows how to fuck you right and make you moan and cum like the raandi that you are.”

“Aaaaah. Aaaaah. UNGHH!! UNGHH!! Yes, Sirjee! AAAAH! UNGHH!!”



Mr. Sarun slapped her again. Hard.

“Next time, randi,” He said, “Don’t delay in answering my question.”

“Yes, Sirjee. I am sorry, Sirjee.”



“Get ready, slut.” He harshly barked at her. “I am going to cum.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Ever the dutiful slut, my wife Vidya readied herself as Mr. Sarun’s buttocks tightened in anticipation of his climax. His back clenched, and his face contorted as he started to dump his virile seed into my wife. I watched as yet another man pumped his semen into my wife’s nether regions. I had lost count of the number of men who had fucked my wife bareback by now.

Even after he came (and came and came) into her unprotected womb, Mr. Sarun just remained inside her, entrenched, and continued to kiss and caress her. Vidya too continued to hug and return his smooches and let him play with her milky breasts until he was hard again. Clearly my boss wasn’t finished with her, and wouldn’t be for a long time.

Soon, ten minutes later, he was hard again! He switched positions so that he was now on the bottom and Vidya was riding him like a cowgirl.

His hands reached up to play with her full-size tits. Vidya was impaled on his huge spear and I could see that she loved it. Her nipples were hard and erect, there was a light sweat on her brow, and her breathing was fast and shallow.

“Hey, Rajesh!” My boss called out to me as my wife continued to ride him. “Like what you see?”

“Er … yes, Sir.” I meekly replied.

My boss, the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of my company, was getting ready to cum again. He pinched her nipples, and obediently Vidya opened her mouth and leaned forward, letting my boss French kiss her and poke his tongue into her. With a deep, throaty groan he started to empty his balls into my wife, filling her with yet another load.

A couple of hours later I sat down at the edge of the bed and listened to the soft snoring of my wife Vidya. She was exhausted, tired, and had fallen asleep. Her clothes lay on a heap beside the bed. I glanced at her pubic area. Dry, matted cum covered her love hole, and spunk ran down her legs. Even as she softly turned in her sleep, more semen oozed out of each of her holes, from her vagina to the buttocks, staining the bed sheet. Semen that was not mine but belonged to my boss Mr. Sarun, who was right now sleeping next to her. My beautiful wife’s pretty face seemed content, despite the harsh red mark on her cheeks which reminded me of how Mr. Sarun had slapped her repeatedly on the slightest pretext.

We were staying at Mr. Sarun’s palatial house in Calcutta, and my wife Vidya was the latest addition to his harem of concubines. Mr. Sarun was sleeping as well. His long cock was now limp, and I could see Vidya’s love juices glistening on his shaft. He had been on my darling wife all night. Even though he had been fucking her for a week, they were still randy like newlyweds.

Tonight it had started in the living room, where he stripped Vidya naked (in front of the rest of the household — the servants). Mr. Sarun was the boss — and he liked to assert his dominance. Vidya, as far as he was concerned, was just a cum dump with no sense of personal dignity. If that meant stripping her naked in front of everyone, so be it. Besides, by this time, everyone in that household had seen her naked, and worse.

After shedding her of her clothes, he then had Vidya lie down on the floor on her face, and started to fuck her in the ass, right there on the living room floor while the rest of the household looked on. And I, her husband, was just a mere silent witness.

There had been no preliminaries. Mr. Sarun stepped out of his pants, rolled down his underwear so his huge cock came into view, and then spit on his hands and rubbed them against his shaft. That was the only lubrication Vidya was afforded. He then lay down on top of my wife and pushed his manhood deep into her anal cavity.

“Mmmph!” Vidya cried out, as with a grunt, Mr. Sarun’s monster dick tore into her ass.

Even as we all watched (“all” being me the husband, and the rest of the household which were Mr. Sarun’s maid servants and their husbands), Mr. Sarun would occasionally pause, raise a hand and smack Vidya sharply on her bum, leaving a red handprint. He would then smack her on the other butt cheek, before resuming the butt fucking. My wife Vidya was being fucked like a two rupee whore in front of me, and I could do nothing but watch helplessly. I just hoped he wasn’t hurting her a lot.

Even as Vidya was being spanked on her bum and called all types of crude insults, she would make grunting and moaning noises enthusiastically as Mr. Sarun boned her. There is nothing like hearing your wife moan passionately in the throes of an orgasm, with her lover’s cock buried deep into one of her cavities. Mr. Sarun had a special talent of making Vidya cum easily, and cum often. Having a giant cock helped, obviously.

I watched feebly as he emptied the first of his many gallons of cum into my wife. My boss then grabbed Vidya by the hair. He liked to pull her by the hair. One of his favourite postions was having Vidya on all fours, like a dog, get behind her and bury his manhood into her anus, while holding on to her hair. This time he pulled her up and barked, “Saali! Come, let’s continue this upstairs.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Obediently Vidya stood up, and we could see his cum run down her crack, and onto her milky white thighs. The driver Imtiaz and the gardener Fateh watched jealously as Vidya, her charms completely on display, followed their master Mr. Sarun out of the room, her ass jiggling and her tits bouncing as she walked. Without being asked, I too followed the couple down the hallway like a pet dog. The only comfort I had was that it was Saturday night, and tomorrow we fly back home.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

It’s been almost four months since our fifth anniversary. The construction crew working on the roads in front of my house had long gone, and so had Wasim the guard. Balachandra was visiting Pune less and less often, and Vidya never gave the other guard Feroz any attention since then. Only the milkman Ramu visited, once every two weeks or so. Still, it had been two months since his last visit. So as far as men were concerned, Vidya — from being fucked almost daily by multiple men — had gone to being fucked once or twice a month. Of course I am not counting myself, but as Vidya would remind me — I am not a proper man.

In the last two months, our marital life had gone to some semblance of being normal. For one thing, no tall, dark, well built, low class labourer had his long pecker buried deep in my fair, gori wife Vidya on an almost daily basis. Even though it had been my idea for my wife to have an affair, I was worried that all those men were stretching my wife’s cunt beyond repair, and whether I could truly satisfy Vidya after these affairs. And whether, after treating me like a pathetic cuckold, and spanking and slapping me, if Vidya could love me like a husband. It turns out I needn’t have worried.

Vidya was once more playing the role of my perfect gorgeous trophy wife. She would get up early every morning to make me breakfast, and give me a good, wet, sloppy kiss before I left for work. She would be rubbing my groin all the time as we kissed on the doorstep, giving me a terrific hard-on that would remind me of her the whole day. After I left she would either visit my mother-in-law Poonam, or go spend some time at the gym and work out and do yoga.

Vidya did not just do yoga, she would go to the bathroom and take pictures of her buttocks clothed in tight spandex and send them to me via Snapchat, just to titillate me. After she was done, she would start making dinner just in time for me to return home. And later at night, depending on Vidya’s mood, we would have sex or have a good cuddle.

Of course when I say we have sex, it’s mostly me carrying out Vidya’s orders to satisfy her as she wished, and in the end Vidya allowing me to cum (sometimes inside her). I didn’t mind of course, I loved to obey and serve Vidya as she wanted me to. I mean, one has to only look at her! I was the envy of all of my friends, and I am sure behind our back their wives would question how I managed to land a bombshell like Vidya. My wife was tall by Indian standards; she was 5’8″ and kept in very good shape. Her gorgeous curves emphasized her humongous breasts, which she made no effort to hide (thank goodness!).

Many a man was forced to a helpless stammering mess as he was caught staring at her chest, while Vidya had been talking to him. With her wide hips, and what was once described by my former boss Gaurav as a “very spankable ass”, Vidya could give any guy an instant hard on. She was a sex goddess, and she was my wife. Why wouldn’t I be just happy to be with her, sharing the same bed as her, licking her foot, sucking her gaand (ass) or depositing my cum into her?

It helped that I knew my place. I knew that I wasn’t really well built, and I had a very small penis. Did I tell you that Vidya had laughed on our wedding night when she had pulled down my shorts? She wrapped her hands around my penis and her hands completely engulfed my manhood — and then she burst out laughing.

“I am sorry, darling, I…” She was apologizing in the midst of her laughter. I was croaking as Vidya examined my flaccid cock and continued to say, “I am sorry, darling.”

“No, I am sorry.” I told her. “I know I don’t have a large penis, and I know I can never measure up to your standards, so I am sorry.”

“Oh, no, don’t be, darling.” Vidya had placed a hand on her mouth to muffle her laughter. “I am sorry I shouldn’t have laughed. But don’t worry; I knew exactly what I was getting into. I always figured you had a very small penis.”

We had dated for some time before marriage, but Vidya never allowed me to have sex with her. As she told me, she was ‘saving me for marriage’. I was a virgin, and she wanted to take my virginity on our marriage night. I of course was under no illusion; I knew she had been a promiscuous lady. When we made our wedding list, Vidya pointed out the names of various men on her side of the list and told me so-and-so had butt fucked her, and so-and-so had taken her pussy, and there was also a list of men who had gotten a facial from her. It made me deeply aroused, and emasculated, to know that many of the guests at my wedding had managed to penetrate my wife and I hadn’t yet.

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