Indian wife is held hostage and ravaged by the CEO

My wife sits on the staff of the Chairman of the Board… “Spread your legs, raandi.” My boss, Mr. Sarun commanded in an authoritative voice. As a multi-millionaire CEO, he was someone who was used to being obeyed at once.

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“Yes, Sirjee.” My wife Vidya complied immediately. Vidya, being a regular gym going woman, had great, shapely legs that she now spread obediently. If being called a prostitute, or “raandi”, disturbed her, she never showed it. Mr. Sarun climbed on top of her and positioned himself. With a grunt, he plunged into her.

“Oh! Oh!” My wife Vidya’s mouth shaped into a round “O” as my boss pushed his giant cock deep into her.

“What a tight cunt you have, bitch.” Mr. Sarun told her. “Fuck! You are a great lay, you bimbo!”

“OOOOH!! UNGGHHH!!” Vidya grunted as my boss pushed himself deeper and deeper into her cavity. “Th-th–thank you … Sirjee.”

I watched, my head hanging with shame, as my own boss rocked to and fro against my dear wife, in my presence. Anger, jealousy, vengefulness — that’s what you would think a man would feel when he saw his dear wife get taken — get fucked –by another man. And yet here I was, watching Vidya cuckold me (again), and feeling myself getting aroused. I watched as Vidya arched her back, her eyes now shut, and clearly she was in the throes of yet another orgasm. My boss continued to hump her.

“Oh. My. God.” Vidya panted as Mr. Sarun continued to pummel her. “Oh, Sirjee! Your cock … it’s so deep in me. No one has ever fucked me the way you do, Sirjee!”

“Ha!” Mr. Sarun laughed and cast a pitiful glance at me. “Not even your husband!”

“I …” Vidya hesitated. Ever the dutiful wife, she didn’t want to put me down. Mr. Sarun simply raised his hand and calmly, powerfully, struck her cheek. Twice.



“Answer me, slut,” Mr. Sarun hissed, “Or I will pull out now, lundchoos!”

“No! No! Sirjee! Please don’t!” Vidya panted. “Yes, Sirjee! My husband doesn’t fill me up like you do. He never did, Sirjee!”

“Yes!” Mr. Sarun grunted. “You are a first class whore, Vidya. You just needed to spend some quality time with a real man who knows how to fuck you right and make you moan and cum like the raandi that you are.”

“Aaaaah. Aaaaah. UNGHH!! UNGHH!! Yes, Sirjee! AAAAH! UNGHH!!”



Mr. Sarun slapped her again. Hard.

“Next time, randi,” He said, “Don’t delay in answering my question.”

“Yes, Sirjee. I am sorry, Sirjee.”



“Get ready, slut.” He harshly barked at her. “I am going to cum.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Ever the dutiful slut, my wife Vidya readied herself as Mr. Sarun’s buttocks tightened in anticipation of his climax. His back clenched, and his face contorted as he started to dump his virile seed into my wife. I watched as yet another man pumped his semen into my wife’s nether regions. I had lost count of the number of men who had fucked my wife bareback by now.

Even after he came (and came and came) into her unprotected womb, Mr. Sarun just remained inside her, entrenched, and continued to kiss and caress her. Vidya too continued to hug and return his smooches and let him play with her milky breasts until he was hard again. Clearly my boss wasn’t finished with her, and wouldn’t be for a long time.

Soon, ten minutes later, he was hard again! He switched positions so that he was now on the bottom and Vidya was riding him like a cowgirl.

His hands reached up to play with her full-size tits. Vidya was impaled on his huge spear and I could see that she loved it. Her nipples were hard and erect, there was a light sweat on her brow, and her breathing was fast and shallow.

“Hey, Rajesh!” My boss called out to me as my wife continued to ride him. “Like what you see?”

“Er … yes, Sir.” I meekly replied.

My boss, the Chairman of the Board and the CEO of my company, was getting ready to cum again. He pinched her nipples, and obediently Vidya opened her mouth and leaned forward, letting my boss French kiss her and poke his tongue into her. With a deep, throaty groan he started to empty his balls into my wife, filling her with yet another load.

A couple of hours later I sat down at the edge of the bed and listened to the soft snoring of my wife Vidya. She was exhausted, tired, and had fallen asleep. Her clothes lay on a heap beside the bed. I glanced at her pubic area. Dry, matted cum covered her love hole, and spunk ran down her legs. Even as she softly turned in her sleep, more semen oozed out of each of her holes, from her vagina to the buttocks, staining the bed sheet. Semen that was not mine but belonged to my boss Mr. Sarun, who was right now sleeping next to her. My beautiful wife’s pretty face seemed content, despite the harsh red mark on her cheeks which reminded me of how Mr. Sarun had slapped her repeatedly on the slightest pretext.

We were staying at Mr. Sarun’s palatial house in Calcutta, and my wife Vidya was the latest addition to his harem of concubines. Mr. Sarun was sleeping as well. His long cock was now limp, and I could see Vidya’s love juices glistening on his shaft. He had been on my darling wife all night. Even though he had been fucking her for a week, they were still randy like newlyweds.

Tonight it had started in the living room, where he stripped Vidya naked (in front of the rest of the household — the servants). Mr. Sarun was the boss — and he liked to assert his dominance. Vidya, as far as he was concerned, was just a cum dump with no sense of personal dignity. If that meant stripping her naked in front of everyone, so be it. Besides, by this time, everyone in that household had seen her naked, and worse.

After shedding her of her clothes, he then had Vidya lie down on the floor on her face, and started to fuck her in the ass, right there on the living room floor while the rest of the household looked on. And I, her husband, was just a mere silent witness.

There had been no preliminaries. Mr. Sarun stepped out of his pants, rolled down his underwear so his huge cock came into view, and then spit on his hands and rubbed them against his shaft. That was the only lubrication Vidya was afforded. He then lay down on top of my wife and pushed his manhood deep into her anal cavity.

“Mmmph!” Vidya cried out, as with a grunt, Mr. Sarun’s monster dick tore into her ass.

Even as we all watched (“all” being me the husband, and the rest of the household which were Mr. Sarun’s maid servants and their husbands), Mr. Sarun would occasionally pause, raise a hand and smack Vidya sharply on her bum, leaving a red handprint. He would then smack her on the other butt cheek, before resuming the butt fucking. My wife Vidya was being fucked like a two rupee whore in front of me, and I could do nothing but watch helplessly. I just hoped he wasn’t hurting her a lot.

Even as Vidya was being spanked on her bum and called all types of crude insults, she would make grunting and moaning noises enthusiastically as Mr. Sarun boned her. There is nothing like hearing your wife moan passionately in the throes of an orgasm, with her lover’s cock buried deep into one of her cavities. Mr. Sarun had a special talent of making Vidya cum easily, and cum often. Having a giant cock helped, obviously.

I watched feebly as he emptied the first of his many gallons of cum into my wife. My boss then grabbed Vidya by the hair. He liked to pull her by the hair. One of his favourite postions was having Vidya on all fours, like a dog, get behind her and bury his manhood into her anus, while holding on to her hair. This time he pulled her up and barked, “Saali! Come, let’s continue this upstairs.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Obediently Vidya stood up, and we could see his cum run down her crack, and onto her milky white thighs. The driver Imtiaz and the gardener Fateh watched jealously as Vidya, her charms completely on display, followed their master Mr. Sarun out of the room, her ass jiggling and her tits bouncing as she walked. Without being asked, I too followed the couple down the hallway like a pet dog. The only comfort I had was that it was Saturday night, and tomorrow we fly back home.

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

It’s been almost four months since our fifth anniversary. The construction crew working on the roads in front of my house had long gone, and so had Wasim the guard. Balachandra was visiting Pune less and less often, and Vidya never gave the other guard Feroz any attention since then. Only the milkman Ramu visited, once every two weeks or so. Still, it had been two months since his last visit. So as far as men were concerned, Vidya — from being fucked almost daily by multiple men — had gone to being fucked once or twice a month. Of course I am not counting myself, but as Vidya would remind me — I am not a proper man.

In the last two months, our marital life had gone to some semblance of being normal. For one thing, no tall, dark, well built, low class labourer had his long pecker buried deep in my fair, gori wife Vidya on an almost daily basis. Even though it had been my idea for my wife to have an affair, I was worried that all those men were stretching my wife’s cunt beyond repair, and whether I could truly satisfy Vidya after these affairs. And whether, after treating me like a pathetic cuckold, and spanking and slapping me, if Vidya could love me like a husband. It turns out I needn’t have worried.

Vidya was once more playing the role of my perfect gorgeous trophy wife. She would get up early every morning to make me breakfast, and give me a good, wet, sloppy kiss before I left for work. She would be rubbing my groin all the time as we kissed on the doorstep, giving me a terrific hard-on that would remind me of her the whole day. After I left she would either visit my mother-in-law Poonam, or go spend some time at the gym and work out and do yoga.

Vidya did not just do yoga, she would go to the bathroom and take pictures of her buttocks clothed in tight spandex and send them to me via Snapchat, just to titillate me. After she was done, she would start making dinner just in time for me to return home. And later at night, depending on Vidya’s mood, we would have sex or have a good cuddle.

Of course when I say we have sex, it’s mostly me carrying out Vidya’s orders to satisfy her as she wished, and in the end Vidya allowing me to cum (sometimes inside her). I didn’t mind of course, I loved to obey and serve Vidya as she wanted me to. I mean, one has to only look at her! I was the envy of all of my friends, and I am sure behind our back their wives would question how I managed to land a bombshell like Vidya. My wife was tall by Indian standards; she was 5’8″ and kept in very good shape. Her gorgeous curves emphasized her humongous breasts, which she made no effort to hide (thank goodness!).

Many a man was forced to a helpless stammering mess as he was caught staring at her chest, while Vidya had been talking to him. With her wide hips, and what was once described by my former boss Gaurav as a “very spankable ass”, Vidya could give any guy an instant hard on. She was a sex goddess, and she was my wife. Why wouldn’t I be just happy to be with her, sharing the same bed as her, licking her foot, sucking her gaand (ass) or depositing my cum into her?

It helped that I knew my place. I knew that I wasn’t really well built, and I had a very small penis. Did I tell you that Vidya had laughed on our wedding night when she had pulled down my shorts? She wrapped her hands around my penis and her hands completely engulfed my manhood — and then she burst out laughing.

“I am sorry, darling, I…” She was apologizing in the midst of her laughter. I was croaking as Vidya examined my flaccid cock and continued to say, “I am sorry, darling.”

“No, I am sorry.” I told her. “I know I don’t have a large penis, and I know I can never measure up to your standards, so I am sorry.”

“Oh, no, don’t be, darling.” Vidya had placed a hand on her mouth to muffle her laughter. “I am sorry I shouldn’t have laughed. But don’t worry; I knew exactly what I was getting into. I always figured you had a very small penis.”

We had dated for some time before marriage, but Vidya never allowed me to have sex with her. As she told me, she was ‘saving me for marriage’. I was a virgin, and she wanted to take my virginity on our marriage night. I of course was under no illusion; I knew she had been a promiscuous lady. When we made our wedding list, Vidya pointed out the names of various men on her side of the list and told me so-and-so had butt fucked her, and so-and-so had taken her pussy, and there was also a list of men who had gotten a facial from her. It made me deeply aroused, and emasculated, to know that many of the guests at my wedding had managed to penetrate my wife and I hadn’t yet.

After our marriage Vidya then proceeded to train me in sexually satisfying her.

It took some time of course. I am ashamed to admit I didn’t last long on our marriage night. Who could, with a woman like Vidya rubbing her dainty finger nails across your scrotum? Just to see her walk from the bathroom to our bed was enough to make me cum. Vidya’s swinging buttocks as she sashayed like a model could leave any man breathless. She did not hide the fact that my penis was small — she called it “small, cute, and functional”. And so she instituted a few ground rules for the bedroom; rules that I was only too happy to follow, since it gave her pleasure, and giving her gratification allowed me to have pleasure.

I knew I could never give her full satisfaction with my small appendage, so I learned how to finger her and lick her to orgasms, and how simple things, like kissing her toes, or presenting my cheeks to be slapped, or even following her Clothed Female Naked Male rule (which stated that once we retired for the night to bed I was to completely strip, and Vidya would remain clothed as she wished) gave her delight.

Thus, depending on Vidya’s mood, I would be naked, kissing the bottom of her feet, and then slurping her asshole, before flicking my tongue at her crotch. Other times she would then have me finger fuck her to an orgasm, and then I would present my bum to her. A few smacks, before she would tell me to turn around. She would then proceed to slap my face. Another orgasm later, during which she would hold me by the ear and pull it tight, she would then tell me to climb onto her. Fully wet, her vagina would then be easy to slide into as she would then tell me to cum. I would then empty my seed into her, before thanking her and kissing her for a very enjoyable time. Cuddling together, we would then spoon and go to sleep.

So I am one husband who is not ashamed to say I have no problems with letting my wife Vidya be the boss in our marriage — even as she increasingly spanked me harder and harder, or slapped me — I was just glad to be along for the ride. I just couldn’t believe a guy like me was having a gorgeous sex goddess like her all to myself to enjoy.

Well, not all to myself, I had to be reminded.

When we married, Vidya had no intention of straying. As she put it, her slutty days were over, and she wanted a marriage on her terms — where I would provide for her, serve her, obey her and in return she would be the virtuous Indian wife of my wettest dreams. Fate, we later realized, had other ideas. Some women are born not to be ever caged.

Of course, and I am embarrassed to admit it, there were some good moments about her affair with Ramu, Wasim and the others. It’s not easy to be a man and admit that your gori (fair) wife being fucked by the dark, lowly labour class men gives you the thrills, but the fact that Vidya was being regularly pounded by men with a much bigger cock than mine, men who could last several times longer than me, and whose recuperative powers were phenomenal had its benefits.

For one, Vidya was in a very good mood the whole time she was having these affairs. I guess having a cock that went deep into her pussy for a change can put any woman in a good mood. Second, while she would be having these affairs, she would recount some of the action to me, all the time slapping me as a punishment for being a willing cuckold. Every day I got spanked by her for something or the other. As she said, if I was a cuckold, then I would have to accept my lowly status — hence the slaps and spanking. And as a result of me submitting to her, she would give me a mind blowing sex. Now, as her affairs came to an end, I realized I wasn’t getting much punishment, but the sex remained good.

Of course even as she would spread her legs for me, and I would wiggle my penis around inside of her, I knew she could feel the difference between my little weenie and a real baby maker like Ramu or Balachandra. Still, I was just glad she was allowing me to deposit my cum in her at all, even as she had access to other monster cocks. Later on, as I would lie in bed, my balls completely drained, Vidya would snuggle, give me a deep kiss and tell me that I was the best husband in the world. It would make my day just to hear her say that.

That had some time ago, and our life had gone back, as I said, to some semblance of normal in the last couple of months. For a change, I was the only one enjoying my wife in bed. Yes, sometimes Vidya did take Ramu’s or Balachandra’s name during sex, and at other times she confessed sometimes when the doorbell would ring she would hope it was one of them, but overall she was content to just be my wife and a one-man-woman for a change.

It was all to change quite suddenly. One fine day the Chairman of the Board of Directors of our company, Mr. Sarun, came down to see me in my office.

Now, as I said before, he was also the CEO of the company. Ethically, as they will teach you in business management, the same person should not be occupying both of those positions. But then, this is India, and the company was doing well on the stock market, so no one complained.

Now my position at this time was that of a Senior Lead Engineer, but that just meant I was an important employee of the company and very well paid — but nevertheless a mere employee. There were other Lead Engineers of other projects, and I occasionally reported to Mr. Sarun, but mostly to my immediate superior. Yes, I was a rising star in the company, and managing bigger and bigger projects every day, but still — I was a mere employee. I owned nothing of the company beyond some few measly common stocks.

The common stock was what most companies sold in the stock market. It allowed investors and individuals to buy and trade stock in the company and make profit (or loss), and share in the dividends. However this stock did not give them much voting rights. The company belonged primarily to a rich family who controlled 90% of the preferred stocks. The preferred stock allowed them to overrule all other shareholders if they wished, and gave them tremendous power in the company. They sat on the Board, and the Chairman was the patriarch of the family, Mr. Hemant Sarun. Unlike most of us Indians, he went by his last name, so he was known simply to us employees as Mr. Sarun. He had appointed himself as the CEO as well, so he had full control of the company, despite it being a public one.

Mr. Sarun was tall. He had been to an English convent school and had been on the school rugby team (only these English schools in India had a rugby team), and still looked it. You would never think he was a fifty year old man who had a daughter my age. Standing a few inches over 6 feet, he had massive broad shoulders, and had kept himself very fit and athletic. He was also very dark, almost black, in complexion — a true Dravidian.

Now Mr. Sarun did not spend a lot of time in our office. He mainly lived in USA, but spent some time in Calcutta every month near the head offices of his business empire. Since a lot of the company offices were also in the city of Pune. Mr. Sarun would come down to Pune every month for 3-4 days and stay in a five star hotel nearby. So I had not encountered him much other than brief meetings, and I wondered what he wanted with me, showing up in my office without any notice.

As a Lead Engineer, I did have a large corner office and a door that could be shut off for privacy. Mr. Sarun walked by the office secretary, told her that he would be busy with me for some time and to cancel all of my appointments, and then walked in and shut the door. So now he and I were alone in my office.

“Sir!” I stood up. “It is such a surprise — a pleasant surprise I assure you — to see you here! I hope everything is alright, Sir!”

We at the office used to call him “Sir” out of respect. This is also standard Indian practice where you call your boss “Sir”.

After shaking my hand with his massive one, Mr. Sarun made some small talk about our new sales figures and hires. Then he pointed at the picture frame on my desk.

“You have a very lovely wife, Rajesh.”

“Why, um, thank you Sir.” I answered, happy to be talking about anything else other than business. The picture of Vidya I had on my desk was indeed a sexy picture of her, showing her in a figure hugging white sari, with a tight blouse, and her midriff bare. She was pouting, and eyes had a mischievous smile as she looked naughtily at the camera.

“Rajesh,” Mr. Sarun suddenly dropped his voice and sat down in the chair opposite my desk. He then motioned for me to sit as well. “I wanted to talk to you about Gaurav.”

Suddenly time paused, and I could almost hear the seconds tick on the wall clock as my heart skipped a beat. Gaurav had been my boss a long time ago, and also Mr. Sarun’s daughter’s boyfriend, before he had been fired.

“You see,” Mr. Sarun continued, keeping his eyes focused on me. “I had always wondered why my daughter let go of Gaurav all of a sudden. One minute she was in love with him, next minute she wanted nothing to do with him.”

“Yes, Sir.” I tried to keep my breathing normal despite my increasing heart rate.

“Then, of course I heard about this sex video of Gaurav where he is banging some whore and talking about how he was taking kickbacks on our contracts.”

My throat became very dry. The ‘whore’ that Mr. Sarun was referring to was of course my wife Vidya. It was how we had set up Gaurav, how he was fired and how ultimately I took on some of his important projects and contacts in the company. I could see Mr. Sarun’s eyes were on me.

“I never saw that tape, of course.” The Chairman suddenly smiled, and leaned in. “Until a few days ago.”

“Sir.” I felt I had to say something. “My wife … and I … we had gone for counseling, sir. It … was a low point in my life. But … we, um, managed to work through it.”

It was all a lie, of course. Vidya had seduced Gaurav and made him confess during their love making of how he was embezzling the company and trying to lay the blame on me. It was how I had become Lead Engineer in the first place.

“I see.” Mr. Sarun was silent for a while. “Where did you go for counseling, Rajesh?”

“I … I …” I stammered and tried to think of a name before he cut me off.

“I think it’s a remarkable coincidence, Rajesh, that your wife has an affair with Gaurav.” His voice was now steady, sharp and focused. “And then a mysterious video shows up with him confessing to the crime. And then you become one of our biggest assets for the company.”

“Sir … I … what are you saying, sir?”

Mr. Sarun didn’t say anything but picked up the photo of Vidya.

“Such a sexy woman, eh, Rajesh?” He laughed. “You are lucky to have her as a wife.”

“I …” I was really at a loss for words.

“Yes, a sex bomb.” Mr. Sarun gazed at Vidya’s picture. “Nice long legs, good broad ass, and a great set of tits.”

“Um … er, thank you sir.” I don’t know why I thanked him. Here he was, making crude comments about my beloved wife, and I was thanking him.

“I bet she sucks cock really well, eh Rajesh?”

“Sir … I …”

“I saw in the video how she sucked on Gaurav’s meat like a cheap fifty rupee hooker.”

“Er … Sir … as I said, we were having a …”

“I bet she still gives a great head. She ever give you head, Rajesh?”

“Er, um … yes Sir.” My voice was meek, deferential, even as Mr. Sarun continued to make the most inappropriate comments about my wife.

“She let Gaurav fuck her gaand. Does she still take it in the ass, Rajesh?”

“Um … sometimes, Sir.”

“She seems to have a nice rack to play with.” Mr. Sarun gave a wolf whistle. “I love a woman who’s stacked and not afraid to flaunt it. You are lucky boy, Rajesh.”

“Um, yes Sir.”

“Tell me, is Gaurav the only time she cuckolded you, my boy?”

“Sir … I am not comfortable …”

“FUCK YOU Rajesh! You’d better answer me or you can get your ass out of here this instant. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir!” I replied in a miserable tone.

“Now, is Gaurav the only time your wife fucked another man?”

“Er … no, sir.”

Mr. Sarun whistled. “I thought so! Such a chootiya, a slut, usually never stops at one.”

He then narrowed his eyes. “And you knew?”

I could not speak with shame, and merely nodded.


“Er, our milkman sir.”

“I need details, Rajesh.”

I was so stupid! I should have said no, she just had that one affair. But I had nodded. So I quickly told him about Vidya’s affair with Ramu. I decided to stop there, and not go into details after Ramu. Such as Vidya’s affairs with Balachandra. Or Wasim. Or Feroz. Or their friends.

Mr. Sarun whistled as I told him about how long her affair with Ramu had lasted, and how it had been my idea as a gift to Vidya.

My boss then dropped the bombshell.

“I want you to bring her to me.”


Mr. Sarun now stood up. “Rajesh, my boy, as you know, I have a big palatial house in Calcutta. This weekend, and for a week, you two are to be my guests. My secretary will book you on an afternoon flight on Saturday. You will be at my place by the evening, and leave the following Sunday. I trust that won’t be a problem?”

I didn’t say anything, as he continued. I noticed that there was a bulge in his crotch area as he spoke. It was clear that he was aroused by Vidya.

“I haven’t fucked a high class pussy in a while. Rajesh, my boy, if you know what’s good for you, you better prepare your wife before you guys get there. Otherwise, you can start looking for a new job on Monday.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Rajesh.” My boss laughed. “Don’t be so miserable. I should be mad at you. Chasing and seducing a married woman is always a challenge, but that’s the thrill. Yet here you are, a willing cuckold, gifting your wife to me. The least that you can do for me is ensure your wife is a good lay.”

Dinner, when I got home, was a somber affair. I recounted to Vidya all the gory details of what had transpired in the office, and she listened with a solemn look.

“This is crazy!” She lashed out once I finished. “This is blackmail!”

“Yes, dear, I know!”

“I mean,” Vidya continued. “It’s one thing when I willingly allow another man to have sex with me and cuckold you, darling. You like that kind of thing. You get your jollies watching me have sex with another man, and I get to enjoy a real cock for a change. We were all consenting adults in my affairs with Ramu, or with Balachandraji, except that they didn’t know you knew. They all were thinking we were doing it behind your back.”

“Yes, dear.”

“This … this is wrong! This is pure blackmail. I am not going to allow another man to fuck me, to abuse me, to have my pussy, against my will.”

“Yes, dear.”

We debated our options. I could of course leave the job. That meant leaving one of the best jobs in the country in a down economy. With Mr. Sarun’s connections, I had no doubt he would make it hard for me to find another similar job again soon. Moreover, I told Vidya that Mr. Sarun had left an implicit threat that he would forward the video to some of our closest relatives and friends. In the end, like all important decisions in our marriage, I left the choice to Vidya.

“Let’s sleep on it.” Vidya decided. “I will take a decision tomorrow.”

“Yes, dear.”

I was under the impression that she would be too angry to do anything but sleep, but Vidya always managed to surprise me. She had me strip, and then we had sex. I didn’t even have to lick her or finger her — she was really wet. I of course didn’t last long, my cock was already hard thinking about Vidya with my boss, but I managed to hold out until Vidya had mercy and allowed me to cum. I squirted my spunk into her.

“I will do it.” Vidya decided, once we were snuggling after sex. “Your boss is an old man. Just how many times can he bang me in a week? My pussy can handle an old man, dear.”

Famous last words, as they say. And that was how both of us, Vidya and me, found ourselves on a flight to Calcutta on Saturday.

* * *

The short 2 hour flight was uneventful. Vidya and I just had a carry on each, and as per Mr. Sarun’s secretary’s instructions, I was to have all my stuff in my carryon, and Vidya was to have all of her stuff in hers. Our flight had been first class, and my wife had drunk more than a few glasses of wine, no doubt to calm her nerves. She mostly slept through the second hour of the flight, and we landed in Calcutta around a couple of hours before sunset.

We were picked up at the VIP lounge of Calcutta airport by Imtiaz, a male servant who worked in the household of Mr. Sarun. He grabbed both of our carry-ons and led us to a shiny new Mercedes in the parking garage. We were soon on our way, chauffeured by Imtiaz.

I made small talk with Imtiaz. My wife Vidya was silent, probably wondering about the week ahead. I found out who made up the household of Mr. Sarun in Calcutta. There was Imtiaz the driver, and Fateh, another man servant who tended to the gardens and the pool. Imtiaz’s wife Rukmani and Fateh’s wife Narges worked as full time housemaids as well. There were a couple of other female servants in the house who only worked part time, and whose names Imtiaz rushed through. Clearly, Mr. Sarun loved to surround himself with women.

We finally reached Mr. Sarun’s house, which could only be described as a palace. Imtiaz showed us to our room, which was a large, luxuriously furnished bedroom with a four poster bed in the middle of the room. I wondered how much time Vidya would be spending on this bed, or would Mr. Sarun be ravishing her elsewhere. Then I felt ashamed for thinking such thoughts.

“Sahib,” Imtiaz addressed the both of us. “After you freshen up, please join saabji for dinner downstairs.”

“Yes, of course.” I told him. “How do I get there? Will we call you?”

“I am afraid I have to go and wash and polish the car.” Imtiaz answered. “If you just go down the stairs, just outside your room, then walk the corridor, and left, and then the third door leads to the living room.”

“OK.” I told him, hoping I remembered the instructions right. A house so big you needed directions to find the living room!

After we freshened up, my wife Vidya dressed in a red, sexy sari. If she was having some apprehension about this whole affair, you couldn’t tell by the way she was dressed. The sari was a thin chiffon one, wrapped perfectly around her firm, fit figure, and the noodle strap blouse holding her beautiful breasts in check, and her navel gorgeously exposed.

“Darling!” I told her. “You look stunning!”

Without a word, Vidya hugged me and locked her lips onto mine. I stood there as she kissed me for a long time. Then Vidya gave me a peck on my cheeks and told me, “Remember dear, whatever happens this week, I will always love you.”

“Yes, dear. I know that. I will always love you too.”

Vidya rubbed off the lipstick smudge on my cheeks and kissed me again.

“Remember, dear, even if I have to act that I am enjoying what your boss is doing to me, I really love you. Remember that.”

“Yes, dear.”

We shut the door to our room and headed down.

“Imtiaz said the third door, right?” I asked, as we faced a hallway with multiple doors.

“Yes.” Vidya acknowledged. “But which side?”

I tried the door which I thought was the correct one, but it was locked.

“This is not right.” Vidya told me as we tried yet another door. “We are maybe in the wrong hall. We are lost.”

“I know.” I tried one more door. “Let’s see where this leads us.”

The door led to a walkway which soon took us outside to a swimming pool. The sun was nearly coming down, but what a crazy sight greeted us!

There was a woman lying down on all fours, beside the pool, her face down on several towels. She was completely naked. I could see her sari, blouse, petticoat and bra lying in a heap beside her on the edge of the pool. I was later to find out this was Rukmani, the wife of the driver Imtiaz, and one of the many maids in the house. Rukmani was from Nepal, so she had slight oriental features and a darker skin. She was petite, and slim. Right now, her arms were outstretched in front of her as she braced herself, on her knees, with her ass high in the air. She was in the prime doggy position, ready to receive.

And right behind her, with his back to us, stood my boss — the billionaire Mr. Sarun. For the first time my wife saw him — a giant of a man, more than six feet tall, athletic, well built with his oiled abs glistening in the sun. Mr. Sarun was completely naked as well, and he spit into his hands and rubbed them on his dick to lubricate it.

And what a giant phallus it was! I have never seen a cock like that in my life! Not only was it long and huge, it was thick as well. Sarun spit once more and rubbed his rock hard manhood. Then, parting Rukmani’s ass cheeks with his hands, he rammed into her.

“Ow! Ow! Sarun, please be gentle!” Rukmani begged, as Mr. Sarun started to plough into her.

I noticed that the woman, who I would later know to be just a lowly maid, had called the master of the house by name. Mr. Sarun of course showed no mercy as he shoved into her again and again. I could see him push deep into her, and then pull out, and then plough his dick back into her buttocks, again and again, with increasing frequency.

Rukmani’s wails now could be heard all over the house. She was now screaming, not just with pain, but ecstasy.

“Oh, gentle, please Sarun! Please be gentle! OOOOOOH YES!”

And that’s when I felt Vidya grasp my arm.

“Oh my God, Rajesh! Look at that cock! That’s a monster!”

“Yes, dear, I think …”

“How is she taking it? Oh my God! HOW IS SHE taking it?!! WHAT A COCK!”

“Dear, do you think we should go to another place?” I was nervous. “Clearly we aren’t supposed to be here.”

“Just look at him, Rajesh! Just look at that enormous cock!”

Watching Vidya’s reaction to the sight before us, I could see that she was completely turned on. If I had any doubts about whether she would be a reluctant participant in whatever debauchery Mr. Sarun had planned for us, they were now laid to rest. I knew then, right at that moment, that I would lose my wife to Mr. Sarun and his monstrous manhood. Shamefully, I realized that the thought was also making me hard. While both Balachandra and Ramu had been well endowed, I have never even imagined a cock the size of the one that was now invading Rukmani’s ass. Vidya and I have seen more than a few porn videos, and the meat I was watching on Mr. Sarun was bigger than any I had ever seen, even on the famous professional porn stars.

We quietly withdrew and this time found our way to the main palatial living room. I almost had to drag Vidya away. Rukmani’s moans followed us all the way back as she gamely tried to match the thrusts of her employer. We heard her gasp as Mr. Sarun’s butt muscles clenched. No doubt he was at this moment ejaculating a huge load of cum into her rear hole.

We both sat down on one of the sofas. Vidya quickly moved close to me, and deftly slid her hand into my pants, inside my underwear, and with confidence bred of familiarity, wrapped her hand around my tiny cock.

“I knew your mini-dick would be hard, darling!” She announced with a cute smirk on her face.

“And how did you know?”

“That was very sexual, Rajesh.” She told me, stroking my manhood. “You were thinking of what that cock could do to me, right? Admit it! You were picturing me with your boss.”

She knew me too well, of course. My cock (or as Vidya called it, “mini dick”) was rock hard. As Rukmani’s grunts and moans came back to me, I couldn’t really decide how I felt about Vidya being in her place. I knew I was angry that she brought it up, jealous that she was thinking about it, and yet I was also completely turned on, and very hot.

“Wow.” Vidya remarked. “I guess I was wrong. Your old boss is going to be a handful after all.”

“Yes, dear.” I thought miserably.

Almost twenty minutes later, Mr. Sarun greeted us formally. He had taken a shower, and was now dressed impeccably in a dress shirt and pants.

* * *

Mr. Sarun was the perfect gentleman over dinner. He commented on how beautiful my wife looked, without becoming crude, and lavished praises on me for my work for the company. As the servants busily served the tastiest dishes, he made small talk with Vidya. He asked her about her mother, and sympathized with her when she told him about Poonam’s arthritis, and helpfully suggested the recipe of a shrimp dish Vidya liked. I could see Vidya becoming slowly at ease with his presence. No doubt the knowledge that this man had a huge appendage that would soon be drilling into her was also helping.

Over dinner Mr. Sarun introduced us to Rukmani and Narges, his two “main maidservants” and “helpers”, as he labeled them. I could see them both blush when Mr. Sarun spoke very highly of them. Rukmani of course was now fully clothed, and I could not get the image of her shapely swinging buttocks out of my mind, and the vision of Mr. Sarun’s cock invading that ass. I wondered if Imtiaz knew about his wife’s affair with his boss. Perhaps I was not the only cuckold in the house. Narges was an older maid, plump, shapely, with a big buxom chest and a big ass. Her hair had greyed significantly, but it wasn’t hard to imagine she had been a pretty woman in her youth. However, she looked stern, and I could see Rukmani defer to her. Narges’s husband Fateh was an older man.

After dinner, Mr. Sarun suggested that we retire to the poolside. It was a beautiful summer evening, and both Vidya and I had no problems with that suggestion.

“Narges!” Mr. Sarun ordered. “Please clear the table and make sure the bedrooms are clean and tidy.”

“Yes, Sarun.” Narges replied. I noticed that she too called Mr. Sarun by name.

“Fateh.” Mr. Sarun turned to her husband. “Go to the servants’ quarters after you are done your dinner. I don’t need you for the day anymore. And you can take your wife with you as well. I won’t need her tonight.”

“Yes, saabji.” Fateh said. I immediately realized that unlike his wife, Fateh did not take Mr. Sarun’s name, but called him saabji out of respect. Also, I pondered on the phrase Mr. Sarun had used.

I won’t need her tonight.

Maybe, like Rukmani, Narges was also a comfort girl for Mr. Sarun. This was a proper harem.

“Imtiaz.” Mr. Sarun thunderous voice broke my thoughts as my boss turned to the driver. “In about half an hour, go and pour some expensive French wine and bring it out to the pool.”

“Yes, saabji.”

I noticed that Imtiaz also did not take Mr. Sarun’s name, calling him saabji out of respect, unlike his wife Rukmani, who had no trouble calling him “Sarun” when he had been porking her ass.

“Good.” Now Mr. Sarun turned to Rukmani. “Come with us to the pool.”

“Yes, Sarun.”

My boss led the way, and like his minions, Rukmani, Vidya and I followed him outside to the pool.


The pool had big deck chairs one could lounge in. As I said, it was a warm summer evening, and the air was still humid. Mr. Sarun told us to sit, so I took one chair and lay down, as did Vidya. My boss remained standing.

“I hope you don’t mind,” He turned to Vidya and told her, “If I get a little massage from Rukmani here. It has been a long day, and I need to unwind.”

“No, of course not, Sirjee.” Vidya replied. I saw that she was now starting to call him Sirjee out of respect.

“Thank you.”

Mr. Sarun then proceeded to unbutton and take off his shirt. He stood there, his muscles glistening, and his broad shoulders flexing as he stretched. My wife could not but help gasp.

“My, my!” She remarked. “You certainly take care of yourself well, Sirjee.”

Was it my imagination or was she actually flirting a little with my boss?

“Of course!” Mr. Sarun laughed. “That’s what happens when you have smart guys like your husband working for you. I have him do all the grunt work so I get richer, meanwhile I am free to work out and enjoy life.”

“Yes, Sirjee.”

Mr. Sarun laid down on his face on one of the lounge chairs. Immediately Rukmani, who had a small bottle of oil in her hand, poured a bit of it across his shoulders and started to massage his back.

We watched as she expertly pressed his shoulders, rubbed his back, and ran her elbow down his spine. After sometime, Mr. Sarun had enough. He sat up, and then facing us, he beckoned Rukmani to stand closer to him.

Without any other word, as we watched, Mr. Sarun’s fingers traced their way to Rukmani’s blouse, and he started to pop open the buttons one by one. Rukmani just stood there with a smile on her face, as if being denuded in front of Mr. Sarun’s guests was a common occurrence with her. Within minutes, Rukmani’s blouse and bra were undone, and her tits were now hanging out for all to see. Mr. Sarun grabbed one breast and started to squeeze it.

“Vidya, I always had a thing for young Nepali boobs.” He told my wife. “Very firm, and at the same time, supple.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Vidya could only nod. She had a slight amused smile on her face, as did Rukmani, who said no words in protest as her boss groped her openly. Clearly, Vidya was amazed at this brazen display of authority by Mr. Sarun.

Suddenly we heard footsteps. It was Imtiaz, Rukmani’s husband, who had brought out a tray which had a few glasses and a bottle of wine. I noticed he didn’t say anything as he put down his tray on the table. Here was his wife, with her tits exposed to all, being fondled and getting her boobs stroked by his boss, and Imtiaz kept his head and eyes down and continued with his work. I noticed that he did not also meet his wife’s gaze, who continued to laugh at Mr. Sarun’s jokes and encourage his roving hands. My boss pinched his maid servant’s areole, before turning to her husband.

“Imtiaz,” He ordered. “Come here.”

“Yes, saabji.”

Imitiaz now had to look up and walk to his boss, who had his hands on his wife’s breasts. Imtiaz kept his eyes down. It was the ultimate display of power, control and humiliation, and Mr. Sarun reveled in the situation. Here was Imtiaz, being forced to be submissive and respectful to a man who was groping his wife in front of all.

“I won’t be needing you anymore tonight.” He told Imitaz. “Have dinner and go to bed.”

“Yes, saabji.”

“I will send your wife to bed once I am done with her.” My boss continued. “No Nepali pussy needed tonight, when I have desi maal here.”

“Yes, saabji.”

I could see Vidya blush slightly when Mr. Sarun mentioned “desi maal” (or domestic product). It was now my turn to be humiliated as a cuckold. Mr. Sarun was openly saying to one cuckold that he didn’t need his wife for the night, and then telling the other cuckold he was going to fuck his wife instead.

Imtiaz turned around, bowed slightly to Mr. Sarun, and left. After he departed, my boss spoke to me.

“As you can see Rajesh, you are not the only cuckold in this house.”

I gulped. There it was, out in the open. My boss had just called me out as a cuckold, and in front of my wife. The implications for Vidya were now apparent.

“Yes, Sir.”

Mr. Sarun turned to Vidya.

“My dear, would you like to change into something more comfortable? This is a pool. You should really be wearing a very revealing swim suit that showed off your voluptuous body.”

My wife Vidya actually had the audacity to blush again.

“I am sorry, Sirjee.” She demurred. “I didn’t bring any with me.”

“No problem.” Mr. Sarun pointed at the change rooms on the other side of the pool. “I keep my lockers well stocked. I am sure you will find your size there.”

Wordlessly, Vidya stood up. We all followed her sashaying figure as she walked over to the change rooms. As far as I was concerned, my cuckoldry had begun.


My boss continued to tweak Rukmani’s nipples as he then turned to me and asked, “So, did you see me take Rukmani’s ass this afternoon?”

I gasped and turned bright red. Then I admitted that yes, we did see him and Rukmani have sex by the pool. Mr. Sarun laughed.

“I told Imtiaz to make sure to give you directions that would lead you to the pool, and to tell his wife to lie naked for me there.” Mr. Sarun told me. “I wanted your wife Vidya to see my cock. It’s always good for women to know what awaits them in bed.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I mean, your wife’s agreed to be my bitch for a week anyways, but it’s nice when a woman is willing, as opposed to reluctant.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I realized my boss was a very cunning and shrewd man. I wondered what else lay in store for the week.

Mr. Sarun suddenly turned and whistled. I followed his eyes.

Vidya had just reemerged from the changing rooms. Gone was her sari, her petticoat and her whole ensemble. She was now dressed in a blue two piece bathing suit that could only be described as … barely there. Her face was slightly red — it was clear she was embarrassed. Later on she would tell me this was actually the most modest attire she could find there. Her breasts jiggled and bounced as she walked back to her seat, and the top of her pubic area could be seen peeking out from the flimsy bottom piece.

Wordlessly Mr. Sarun got up and sat next to her on the couch. He put his arm around her and gave her a hug and a quick kiss on her lips. Vidya looked at me like she couldn’t believe at how fast he was doing what he was doing, but I merely turned my eyes away.

“Rajesh.” Mr. Sarun’s voice boomed. “I am now going to kiss your wife.”

“Yes, Sir.” I even had the audacity to smile to indicate my approval that hadn’t even been asked for. Mr. Sarun saw, Mr. Sarun conquered. And I am sure he would cum as well.

Mr. Sarun held Vidya’s head with both his hands and started kissing her in earnest. She had no choice but to comply, and respond in kind. I realized that Mr. Sarun had just started doing what he wanted to do, and neither I nor my wife’s permission had been asked or sought for. It was clear that we were merely his slaves, with no will of our own, here to do his bidding for the week.

Rukmani, her breasts now back inside her blouse, came and stood next to me. Suddenly I felt a hand on my ear, and then a sharp ear twist.

“Perhaps, Rajesh,” She gently whispered to me, as she pulled my ear, “You would like to visit the bathroom.”

“Er, bathroom?”

Rukmani twisted my ear a bit harder.

“It would be wise,” Rukmani smiled and continued to pull my ear and whisper to me, “to leave them alone for a bit.”

“Er, yes, of course, if you think so.”

Rukmani let go of my ear, grabbed my arm and I stood up. Together, we walked to one end of the pool where the washrooms were.

It was rather difficult for me to pee immediately — my cock was actually hard! Second, Rukmani was there — watching me pee! When I had protested, she simply said it was Mr. Sarun’s order. So I had to urinate as the maid watched.

“Now bend down and kiss my foot.” Rukmani said, as I finished, tucked my penis back into my pants and turned around.

“What?” I was still in a bit of a daze, looking at her, with her right foot outstretched.

Rukmani sighed, and then raised her hand. Before I knew it, she moved fast.


She had slapped me! As I stood there, stunned, she moved her hand again.


“I said,” Rukmani repeated, with a little bit of sneer, “I want you to bend down, prostrate and kiss my foot.”

I don’t know why, but wordlessly I did as she had asked. I went down on my hands and knees, and pressed my lips on to her ankles, kissing her foot.

Rukmani had a smile on her face as I stood up again. I found myself blushing, unable to meet her gaze. She raised her hand and gave my cheeks a slight pat.

“Do you want to be slapped again, cuckold?” She asked me.

I shook my head.

“Good.” Rukmani caught hold of my ears and gave them a sharp tug. “Do you love your wife, cuckold?”

Wordlessly I nodded. Rukmani smiled and let go of my ears.

“Then for the next few days, do not interrupt her fun. Sarun can take a woman to heights she never knew possible, and your wife will be conflicted and torn between enjoyment and guilt. Try to be supportive. Do you understand?”

Again I nodded. Rukmani laughed and patted my cheeks again.

“You are a good slave, cuckold.” She told me. “Now let’s go back.”

When we returned to the pool area, Mr. Sarun had picked Vidya up and placed her on his lap, and he was still kissing her deeply. My wife had her eyes closed and her mouth open. His tongue was exploring her mouth and she seemed to be melting in his arms.

I watched as he held her head with one hand, and put his other hand under her top to caress her breasts. I could tell that my wife was very excited and she seemed to tremble at his touch. I am sure in my absence Mr. Sarun had plied her with more wine; Vidya actually seemed giddy with excitement, and eagerly opened her mouth again as he continued to explore her mouth with his tongue. I could see a huge bulge in Mr. Sarun’s crotch area.

Vidya’s hands too soon dropped to his tented pants and it was Mr. Sarun’s turn to smile. Taking a break from squeezing her breasts through her bikini top, Mr. Sarun smoothly lowered his zipper and pulled out a magnificent beast of a cock. He then placed Vidya back on the seat, away from his lap, and stood up. Vidya’s eyes were now transfixed on his huge appendage. Mr. Sarun held it up using both hands, which did not reach all the way around it, and still had at least another hand or two of shaft left swaying in the open air. He now dropped his pants to the floor and his heavy and swollen balls swung freely. His penis was a monster and I knew now the source of his extreme confidence.

“Go ahead.” He told my wife. “It’s time you held a real man’s cock. Go ahead, touch it, flop it around. See how heavy it is.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Vidya then cast an eye on me. Mr. Sarun quickly intercepted her gaze.

“Don’t worry about your husband,” He told her. “He’s going to sit quietly over there, like the good little wimp he is. Aren’t you, Rajesh?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“In fact, Rajesh, I am going to soon take your wife to my bed and treat her like the whore she is. Any problems?”

“No, Sir.”

“Good. Her choot (pussy) is mine, her hoton (mouth or lips) is mine, her gaand (ass) is mine. Is that clear?”

“Er, yes, Sir.” I replied. What else could I say? “Of course, Sir.”

“Good! And for the rest of the week, while she may remain your wife, but she will be my raakhel, my whore. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Throughout this whole exchange, Vidya had never even been asked about what she thought about being Mr. Sarun’s slave girl. And now she was being called a whore, and Mr. Sarun had described in graphic terms what he was going to do to her, yet not a word of protest from Vidya. The power of the cock!

“Go ahead, slut.” Mr. Sarun turned to my wife. “Touch it.”

He was already addressing her as a slut and whore, and she didn’t seem to mind in the slightest!

Vidya gently touched, and then stroked my boss’s giant manhood. It wasn’t even hard, and it was huge. Suddenly Mr. Sarun told Vidya to stand up. Then he told Rukmani to come and stand on his other side. I now looked at him, my boss — a giant of a man, naked from the waist down and a huge cock hanging with enormous balls swinging in the wind — and a woman on each arm. He had his arms wrapped around the waist of Vidya on one side, and Rukmani on the other. Both women looked at him adoringly, and Vidya’s hands were still on his cock.

Mr. Sarun paraded the women on his arm. Rukmani and Vidya.

“Rajesh! Some men collect coins, some stamps.” He boasted. “Me? I collect other men’s wives.”

Both Rukmani and Vidya laughed with him. He then let them go and patted both women on their behind. “Wives are the ultimate objects to collect, don’t you think so, Rajesh?”

“Er, yes sir.”

“You wouldn’t know though.” Mr. Sarun laughed. He then again grabbed both women on either arm. He turned to Rukmani and kissed her passionately. Then he turned to Vidya and did the same. Both women were like putty in his arms.

“Wives are so nice to collect — other men’s wives.” Mr. Sarun laughed. “I get the mind blowing sex from them while the husbands get the nagging.”

Once again Mr. Sarun kissed Rukmani, before turning around and kissing Vidya full on the lips. Through the thin material of her bikini top, I could see that Vidya’s nipples were now quite hard, and erect. Whenever Mr. Sarun was kissing Rukmani, I could see Vidya’s lips pout, while she waited. She was clearly aroused, and in heat.

Mr Sarun then turned to me.

“Who is going to fuck your wife tonight, Rajesh?”

“Sir, you, Sir.” I replied.

“And who will fuck her for the whole week, Rajesh?”

“Sir, you are most welcome to her for the week, Sir.” I practically groveled.

Mr. Sarun then let go of Rukmani’s waist, turned around and pinched Vidya’s buttocks. She yelped, and my boss laughed.

“You wife Vidya will be lot of fun, Rajesh.” He told me. “A new toy for me. Haven’t played around with a new pussy in a while.”

He then turned to my wife.

“Mrs. Vidya Mathur, ready to take this to the bedroom?”

“Sirjee.” Vidya hesitated. “I left all of my clothes in the lockers.”

Mr. Sarun laughed heartily, and then sharply spanked Vidya on her buttocks. “You won’t need clothes tonight dear!”


I put my ear to the door. My boss and my wife had gone into his bedroom and had shut the door. Rukmani had already gone to the servant’s quarters. I was told to quietly go to my own room, but I waited here for a while, trying to listen to what’s going on inside.

I could hear a conversation and some whispers. Probably my wife was asking for permission to use the washroom to freshen herself up. No doubt she wanted to look properly presentable to my boss. I marveled at how quickly my haughty wife was becoming accustomed to her role as the latest slave girl of my boss’s harem. She never asked me permission for anything!

I heard some laughter, and then a loud smack. I grimaced — I could very well imagine what happened. My wife must have turned around to head to the washroom, and my boss, unable to contain himself at the sight of my wife’s bubble butt in a barely-there thong, smacked her on her ass. Vidya’s behind must have quivered at the slap, and she must have a red handprint on her butt. I could imagine her smiling flirtatiously as my boss smacked her bum again, and again, before she disappeared into the toilet. I could imagine my boss Mr. Sarun flexing his arms, walking over to the bed and sitting down, awaiting his latest prize filly — my wife’s — arrival.

I waited for some time, and then I heard a door open. It must have been the washroom, and my wife was emerging. I heard a wolf whistle — Mr. Sarun’s — admiring the sight of my now must-be-naked wife. I could imagine Vidya marching, somewhat haughtily, somewhat self-consciously, trying to cup her boobs in one hand and cover her lady parts down there with the other. Her hair must be falling lusciously to her shoulders as she walked to the bed.

“Look at you, saali!” I heard him exclaim. “You fill out properly in the nice places, babe!”

I heard a couple of smacks to her bum again, and then … silence.

“Damn!” I heard him say. He must have been groping Vidya now, first squeezing her tits, then probably asking her to turn around so he can examine her butt. He was likely patting her butt, and then rubbing his hands all over her tummy, before pinching a nipple.

“Are these real?” I could hear him ask that to my wife, who would just nod and grin as Mr. Sarun continued to suck on her areole.

“What size are they again, Vidya?”

“Um … 28DD I think, Sirjee?”

“Damn! They are much larger than 28DD, Vidya. DD is cup size, which is essentially how round the breasts are, 38 is what they measure with a tape around the chest. 28 is tiny. You are much, much, much larger, Vidya. What fucking breasts you have — they are giant melons!”

“Er, thank you Sirjee.”

“Your husband is one lucky bastard, babe. Too bad he’s such a pussy. You need a real cock in your choot.”

“Er … yes, Sirjee.”

Then there was more silence which I could only image was them both kissing. Vidya was a great kisser, no doubt flicking her tongue expertly at my boss’s mouth, and I could hear her moans and ahhs and oohs come through the door.

“You have a big ass too, Vidya. Let’s see your gaand, stand up, now crouch down. Good. I like a raandi who knows how to listen and obey her master.”

I could hear some smacks and more oohs and aahs as Mr. Sarun was no doubt groping (and spanking) her buttocks. He would have her twerk, and as her butt cheeks jiggled as she twirled, he would kiss and squeeze Vidya there, followed by a spank. I myself was never allowed to spank Vidya, but everyone from Gaurav to Ramu to Wasim to Balachandra to Feroz (and now Mr. Sarun) had spanked her. I felt a huge sense of shame and inadequacy. Here was my beloved wife being spanked on her buttocks by another man on the other side of the door, and all I could do was try to listen in, and try not to get caught in the act.

“Why don’t you bend over the bed?” I heard Mr. Sarun order her. Vidya complied, I am sure, spreading her arms and lying face down on the edge of the bed, her ass hanging out. Mr. Sarun — like all of Vidya’s lovers — seemed to be fascinated with her ass. I heard a pop — which I understood was the sound of a bottle cap opening. I later found out this was baby oil — Mr. Sarun had her spread her legs so he could oil her buttocks. Vidya continued to shake her bum as Mr. Sarun oiled, smacked, groped, pinched and kissed her butt.

Soon enough, the bed squeaked in jumble as they stepped in it. Vidya let out a deep sigh and before long I was listening to her moan every two or three minutes. I knew my boss was now likely fingering her between her thighs. He definitely knew how to pleasure a woman. Soon I heard a sound which I only knew was the sound Vidya made when she started to have an orgasm.

“Oh yes! Sirjee! Oh, you are too good! OH YES!”

Mr. Sarun hadn’t even put his cock to use, and already Vidya had an orgasm.

“Every woman,” I heard Mr. Sarun say, “loves the touch of a man other than their husband.”

After about a few minutes of silence, they moved around some more and in no time I heard my boss let out an “ahhhhh.” Vidya must have just enveloped his manhood with her fingers, perhaps taken his penis into her mouth. Not for the first time in my life I felt the electric mix of shock, jealousy, humiliation and, most importantly, arousal as I pictured my wife sucking the cock of yet another lover. I realized I had subconsciously put my hands into my pants and was now stroking myself. I was picturing my wife’s breasts and hair flipping back and forth as she continued to suck Mr. Sarun. Finally he let a sharp cry.


A few more choice words followed, before he ordered, “Viyda! Make sure to clean every drop!”

Mr. Sarun was now presumably busy ejaculating into her throat, and onto her face. This was the first of many loads he would put into my wife through one of her holes.

It was nearly ten minutes before I heard something again. A warm humiliation came over me as I heard the first of the squeaking of the bed springs. I began to fondle myself in earnest. I had to admit that the humiliation of my wife’s unfaithfulness was stirring me in my loins. I could hear from the rhythmic creaking of the bed frame that Vidya was being penetrated.

“Oooooh! Sirjee!”

Her cry was a sharp stab into my wounds. I wonder how I would have felt if I could have seen exactly what was happening. That massive cock, the one that Vidya had been lusting after ever since seeing it go inside Rukmani, was now finally making its way through her love canal.

“Oh YESSS!! Ahhh! AHHH!! SIRJEE!” Vidya began to cry out louder and louder as the bed began hitting the wall. The bedsprings were now squeaking furiously as she received my boss’s thrusts.

“Oh yes! UNGHH!! UNGHH!! UNGHH!! OOOH YES! Sirjee, PUSH!”

The bed began hitting the wall hard and the springs sounded as if they were going to break. Vidya was now grunting in short bursts. I imagined that her breasts must be slapping back and forth as my boss pushed himself from back in and out, in and out, in and out of her pussy.

“Yes, Sirjee! Please! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh yes, OH YES! UNGHH!! UNGHH!!”

Vidya now let out a tremendous roar as she started to climax on his glistening, thrusting pole. No doubt he too was going to soon empty his huge balls into her.

I heard a couple of very loud smacks. Later on, Vidya had told me that this was Mr. Sarun slapping her cheeks, not hard, but not softly either. Vidya had been slapped by many men before, most recently Balachandra and Feroz, but none of Vidya’s previous lovers had ever slapped her face DURING sex. Mr. Sarun however loved his power and he loved to humiliate — Vidya was his whore and she would have to take it. Over the next few days, my wife would be slapped often, and slapped hard.

I had heard enough. I decided to retire for the night. I felt tired, and drained. The love of my life was getting the fucking of her life, and not from me. Right now my boss’s balls were emptying their juice into my wife’s wet and willing cunt. I struggled to sleep, both because it was a new place and a new bed, and also at the thought of what was happening to my wife Vidya at this very minute.

Later on, I had asked Vidya as to how many times exactly had Mr. Sarun fucked her that first night.

“Oh, I don’t really know, darling.” She admitted. “At one time, I actually passed out, but I am sure he continued to hump me. He could really recover fast. He fucked me like an animal. His fingers were always playing with my pussy. I could not but help be constantly aroused, and it was tiring. He knew where my clit was and played with it. The worst part was the way he looked deep into my eyes every time he pushed his huge dick into me. I couldn’t help but think that this man would be my father’s age and he was fucking me. And fucking me so well. Sigh.”


The next morning, we all had breakfast at around 8 in the morning. I was seated at one end of the table, and Mr. Sarun at the other. My wife Vidya was seated right beside him. She was wearing a nightie (it was more of a negligee — of a very thin material and the shoulders exposed). I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and no doubt she wasn’t wearing a panty either. The maid servants had prepared a tasty breakfast that I finished quickly. After we finished our tea, Mr. Sarun suddenly turned to me.

“Rajesh, please stand up.”

“Yes, Sir.” I hastened to obey.

“Can you please stand there, in that corner? Good! Imtiaz and Fateh, please go and stand beside Rajesh.”

His servants rushed to comply. So now there were three of us men standing nervously in one corner of the room.

“Vidya? Please get up and stand in this corner. Rukmani! Narges! Go and stand beside Vidya.”

Mr. Sarun had placed all the cuckolds on one side and their wives in the other. At this point I was assuming even Fateh was a cuckold and his wife Narges was Mr. Sarun’s toy as well. In the very next minute I was proven right.

“Narges!” Mr. Sarun now bellowed. “Come here!”

Narges walked over ponderously to stand next to her boss Mr. Sarun.

“Narges!” Mr. Sarun ordered. “Turn around so your back is to us. I want you to pull up your sari and bend over. Show us that big ass of yours.”

Narges turned beet red, and I could see her face flush with embarrassment, but she wasn’t going to disobey her master. In front of everyone in the room, including her own husband Fateh, she did as she was told. She bent down to grab at the hem of her sari, and then rolled it all up so it was up to her waist, exposing her to ourselves. She was not wearing any panties, and I could see a thick bushy layer of pubic hair covering her shame. Vidya told me that was the general orders of Mr. Sarun — no female servant was to wear panties in the house — so Mr. Sarun could have her at a moment’s notice if he wanted to. They were all always available to the boss at all times.

Turning around quickly, Narges then bent over at the waist, as if “mooning” us. Her ass was now on display for us to see. Narges remained motionless in this position, awaiting Mr. Sarun’s further instructions.

Across Narges’s shapely buttocks were a half dozen or so red streaks. I don’t know too much about corporal punishment, but these looked like they were welts of a cane that must have burned like fire when they were fresh. For the first time, I understood the absolute sadistic mind of my boss Mr. Sarun. He demanded absolute, total obedience. I comprehended the consequences of my wife’s slavery, and it frightened me.

I tried to look at Vidya in the eye, but her eyes were cast down. Had she also been similarly caned last night? I hoped Vidya was not going to be punished like this. My hopes would be dashed by the end of the week — Vidya would be stripped publicly several times, slapped, caned and spanked — all for Mr. Sarun’s sick pleasure.

“Rukmani!” Mr. Sarun thundered. “Do the same.”

Without another word Rukmani followed the older maid Narges and rushed to comply. She pulled up her sari, exposing her lady parts to us, turned around and quickly bent over. I could see similar red marks — I counted 4 strokes — across her dainty behind. Mr. Sarun now walked and stood directly behind Vidya. The eyes of all the other males in the room — the two servants (Fateh and Imtiaz, the husbands of the two maids) and myself, Vidya’s husband — were now on Vidya and Mr. Sarun.

My boss wrapped his arms around my wife’s shapely waist from behind and slowly began to untie the knots that held the front of Vidya’s flimsy nightie together. As the nightie loosened, her breasts broke free and jumped out. Helpless, Vidya did not protest when Mr. Sarun’s hands began to play disarmingly with her tits. I watched feebly as Mr. Sarun enjoyed the soft charms of my wife’s breasts and nipples right in front of his entire household. This would be the first of many times he would strip Vidya naked in front of the rest of the house. Mr. Sarun loved his power and by stripping my wife of her clothes and her dignity in front of everyone, he was showing her, and showing me, our place. Right now, Mr. Sarun ignored us and spoke to a half-naked and a very frightened Vidya the way a teacher might explain the rules to a new student.

“You see, my dear slut, I own you now. You may be another man’s wife, but you are my property. My slave. Do you understand that, Vidya?”

“Yes, Sirjee, I understand. I am your slave, Sirjee, with my body for you to do with as you wish.”

I noticed that while the other maids were allowed to call Mr. Sarun by name, my wife Vidya was not even allowed that luxury. Her status in this house was lower than the maids. She was the fresh cum dump.

“Vidya,” Mr. Sarun continued, “You will do whatever I tell you to do, and if you resist in any way I will severely and painfully punish you.”

“Yes, Sirjee, I understand. I will obey you completely, Sirjee.”

“That punishment will include caning, spanking and anything I wish. And your husband is not allowed to interfere, or even ask for forgiveness of your punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sirjee.”

“Moreover, you will do whatever my maids Narges and Rukmani ask you to do. You are their slave as well, do you understand?”

“Yes, Sirjee.”

My wife’s breasts were now exposed for the male servants and myself to see as Sarun tweaked her areoles. He squeezed one nipple, then the other, and played with her large breasts. Then, drawing himself up, he smacked her resoundingly on her buttocks with a loud smack.





We all just stood there, silent, watching as Mr. Sarun smacked Vidya on her bum again, and again, and again. Each time his hand landed on her butt, her whole body trembled, and her tits flopped around, and her lips grimaced. Yet she gamely managed to hold still as Mr. Sarun smacked her again, and again.



“How did that feel, Vidya?” He asked her, after what I counted to be twelve spanks.

“Um… uh… it hurts, Sirjee.”

“Good. Now remember that. And I wasn’t even punishing you.”

“Yes, Sirjee.”

Mr. Sarun then snapped his fingers. Immediately Vidya, without even the need for words, understood what was expected of her. Somewhat self-consciously, shyly, she gathered the hem of her nightgown and pulled it up, exposing herself completely to us. The contrast between her neatly trimmed pubic area and the maids’ bushy nether regions was apparent. Then, without meeting my eye, she turned around, and bent over, joining the other maids in revealing her ass to us.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Even though her ass was now bright red from the spanking, Vidya’s bum was clean. There were no red marks or lines that indicated caning.

We stood there — the three of us — myself, Fateh and Imtiaz — three cuckolds, watching our wives Vidya, Narges and Rukmani instantly obey the word of another man and shamelessly expose their buttocks to us. Not only were we unable to protect them from being the toy of another man’s bed chamber, he was taunting us by showing us how well trained his slaves — our wives — were.

“Alright bitches.” He snapped a finger, and immediately the three women stood up. Narges and Rukmani resumed their regular duties and their husbands left the room. So it was just Mr. Sarun, Vidya and me left in the room. I noticed Vidya had a somewhat glazed look to her eyes.


Vidya was seated alone in Mr. Sarun’s bedroom when there was a knock on the door. All her stuff had been moved into this room — it was clear that she was to stay in this bedroom for the rest of the week. Mr. Sarun and I had gone to the head office in Calcutta for some work (even though it was Sunday). I am writing this incident based on Vidya recounting it to me later.

Narges entered the room. She was dressed in the simple sari of a maid, whereas Vidya was wearing her nightie that she had been wearing at breakfast.

“Namaste, memsaab.” Narges greeted her. She put extra effort on ‘memsaab’, as if taunting her.

“Hi, Narges.” Vidya returned the compliment. She noticed that Narges had a cane in her hand, and stiffened. She remembered Mr. Sarun’s instructions that she was to be the slave of even the maids in the house.

“Ready to have some fun, dear?” Narges asked.

“Er, yes, Narges.” Vidya hesitated before replying, not knowing what the “fun” was.

“You will be on your best behavior, right memsaab?” Holding the cane in her right hand, Narges tapped the end of the cane against the palm of her left hand. “After all, you don’t want me to cane your ass.”

“Er, no, Narges. I don’t want that.” Vidya answered sincerely. “Please tell me what to do and I plan to behave.”

“You will be obedient and follow my instructions?”

“Yes, Narges. I will.”

“Say it, memsaab.” Narges grinned. “Say that you will be my bitch.”

“I … yes, Narges. I will be your bitch.”


Narges’s fingers left bright red marks on my wife’s cheek even as her face flushed with shame.


Once more her hands flashed across Vidya’s cheeks, as she treated her like the lowly slave girl Vidya had become. Vidya was someone to do her bidding, to be beckoned at will, and to be slapped as Narges saw fit.

“I trust you have got the message, memsaab.” Narges said, as she slowly lowered her hands back to her sides.

“Yes, Narges,” Viyda muttered as her cheeks started to sting. My wife kept her eyes down, unable to meet the gaze of this woman who had just disciplined her as if she was a young naughty girl, not someone older, a married woman and a high society lady, worthy of respect. This morning had taught Vidya that she had to learn to accept this humiliation. Vidya’s face burnt with shame as Narges smiled at her hold over my wife.

“I had just come to give you a message.” Narges said, placing the cane on the bed. “Your husband and Sarun has gone to the office, but Sarun will be back soon. You are now to take a shower, and then dress in the expensive embroidered sari you will find in the cupboard.”

“Yes, Narges.”

“Be ready for your master when he returns. Please him, otherwise he will use this cane on you.” Narges turned to leave, but then she turned around with a smile.

“We may all be Sarun’s slaves, but you are also my bitch. Remember that, memsaab.”

* * *

I spent the whole day at work. There was a new foreign collaboration project. Even Mr. Sarun was there till the afternoon before heading for home. I tried not to think of what was happening to my wife Vidya, and tried to concentrate on the work. When Imtiaz picked me up, it was 7 pm and already getting dark.

Dinner was a quiet affair. I had freshened up in my room and headed down. My wife and Mr. Sarun were already seated, and for all intents and purposes they looked the husband and wife, and I the guest. Mr. Sarun talked to me about work, and Vidya tried to avoid my gaze. I knew she was embarrassed. I remembered Rukmani’s advise, and tried to pretend I didn’t know what was going on, just to put her mind at ease, and conversed with my boss on our project. After dinner was done, Mr. Sarun asked Vidya and me to join him in what he called his den.

It was a big room — a sort of man cave — with a giant TV in one wall and sofas and tables scattered throughout. Mr. Sarun sat down on one the sofas and then beckoned Vidya to him. Rukmani had come into the room and placed some scones and cake and some tea on a table, before departing.

“Your wife loves to suck cock, Rajesh.” Mr. Sarun told me, as Vidya obediently knelt down, keeping her eyes on the floor. “I have never had a whore suck me dry so completely as this little raandi of yours.”

“I … thank you, Sir.”

I knew that Vidya did indeed love to suck cock. She never said no to me when I sometimes requested a blow job, and I am not the most well-endowed man she knew (and that’s a hoot). With the huge monster that Mr. Sarun had, I had no doubt that Vidya would be addicted to giving him blowjobs on demand.

I watched as she knelt before him and took out his manhood. She struggled to wrap her dainty fingers around his massive member and lowered her mouth onto it. If she was feeling inhibited by my presence there, she gave no sign. Seeing your wife kneel before another man, and letting him fuck her mouth — I felt a whole gamut of emotions. There was the jealousy, of course, and then there was the helplessness — but the strongest (and I am ashamed to admit it) was one of arousal.

There was the visual contrast of the darker skin of my boss against the fair and lighter skin of my wife, particularly enhanced when she took his chocolate colored cock in her mouth. Vidya liked to maintain eye contact with Mr. Sarun when giving him a blowjob. To me, it signified the fact that Vidya was focused on my boss’s pleasure. She knew she was doing it for me, for us, and she wanted to do a good job. She liked to see Mr. Sarun’s face as he enjoyed the sensations of her mouth on his cock.

As she went down on him, Mr. Sarun used his strong hands to roughly pull her by her hair and position her face as he liked. I could see Vidya almost gag as he pushed deep into her, but like a good cocksucker, she adjusted excellently. Mr. Sarun used his hands to hold her head steady as he slowly ploughed his cock all the way down her throat. He held her with her nose mashed against his groin area for a few seconds, before withdrawing to feast his eyes on my wife’s watery eyes, runny nose and saliva dripping from her mouth. And then he started to furiously fuck her face.

Over and over, faster and faster, Vidya was once again taking the huge and massive thick cock in her mouth. Mr. Sarun’s knees started to buckle, and he grabbed the back of her head and started ramming his massive tool into her open mouth. Vidya gagged on every stroke, but never tried to stop him. With one final, long thrust, Mr. Sarun buried his entire cock into Vidya’s available mouth and held it there, bucking as he started to cum down her throat. I watched as Vidya, too, stopped moving, and saw her throat muscles moving rhythmically as she swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

It took Mr. Sarun so long to empty those massive balls into my wife. He pumped jet after jet deep into her and just when I thought he had finished, his balls would rise and fall yet another time, spurting another hot batch of his cum far up inside my wife. Her whole body trembled as she whispered something I could not hear over and over to herself.


“Vidya is a very sexual woman,” My boss told me, as we were eating the scones.

I mumbled a thanks — it was not the answer I wanted to give, but what else could I say?

“Such a nice and sexy and beautiful body your wife has. I really missed a high class item like her. The way she is so proud of her body — and always so eager to please.” Mr. Sarun commented as we started to sip our tea. “Isn’t that true, slut?”

His hand was massaging her breast right in front of my eyes. Vidya’s blouse was open, and provided easy access to her melons.

“I do my best to please you, Sirjee.”

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Sarun was ready to go again. We had just finished the scones and tea. After his blowjob, my boss wanted me to describe to him the minutes of the meetings I attended after he had left, while Vidya just sat in one corner, waiting. Occasionally Mr. Sarun would beckon to her and grab a breast or tweak a nipple, and then send her back to her position. She was the proper slave — ready when called, otherwise fading to the background until required again.

“Rajesh,” Mr. Sarun told me. “You will now see how to fuck and satisfy your wife. You will watch me plant my seed in her unprotected womb. She will be sullied by my semen and her body belongs to me now.”

“Sir,” I replied timidly. “It is an honour and pleasure for me if you deposited your seed into my wife.”

Mr. Sarun stood up and unbuckled his belt, letting his pants drop to the floor. He then ordered my wife harshly to strip completely naked. I could see that Vidya’s pussy was dripping wet, probably anticipating her penetration. As I saw Mr. Sarun bring his massive cock into position, I suddenly got a thought — was this all a huge mistake? I was knowingly allowing my boss access to my wife at will, for over a week. What if Vidya also started to love the regular feeling of a huge cock in her belly? What if Vidya was becoming enamored with his cock?

Her hips were already slightly undulating as she subconsciously tried to position her cunt to match his thrust. I needed another deep breath as I saw his plump head cover her pussy lips completely and begin to spread them. My wife moaned from deep in her throat and Mr. Sarun placed his hands on her hips to hold her steady. She jumped when the head popped inside and cried out at the intense pleasure of his thickness, and the erotic idea that another man was taking her in front of her husband. Mr. Sarun pushed another inch deeper, withdrew a shiny shaft, and pushed two inches back in. I was mesmerized. Vidya whimpered and gasped.

“Oh God!” Vidya whispered, as she arched her back and grabbed one end of the sofa. My boss continued to sink his cock deeper into her, slowly building a strong, steady rhythm.

“UNGHH!! Sirjee!” Vidya murmured. “I can feel you squirting inside me. Sirjee! It hurts!”

“You like that, eh bitch?” Mr. Sarun snarled.

“Uh huh. UNGHH!! UNGHH!! AAAH! AAH!”

“Get ready for a fuckquake, slut! Who owns your married ass, bitch?”

“UNGHH!! You do, Sirjee.”

Mr. Sarun then turned his face to me, even as his cock remained buried deep inside my wife.

“Rajesh, I have changed my mind. Please leave. Your wife is now being fucked by a real man. I am going to do things to her that she may not want you to see.”

“I … er, yes, Sir.”

The last sound I heard as I shut the door to the den was a sharp smack, and the sound of Vidya whimpering. There followed a few more smacks. As I left, I tried not to think of what he was doing to her.

Vidya later told me that second night was pretty much like the first.

“Except it was much rougher.” She admitted. “The first night almost felt like he was seducing me with all of his sex powers. He had me addicted to his large cock and the highs it was giving me. The second night he brought out his rough side.”

“He was like a kid with a new toy. He wanted me in every which way. He made me parade up and down in his bedroom naked. He slapped me quite a few times. He called me names and insulted me and spat at me. He had me spread my legs apart and fingered me. And what gave him the biggest pleasure? That I was complying with everything he said. I obeyed him instantly, without question. He would suddenly grab me, pin me under his body, and shove his dick in me, and I would not even utter a word in protest. He would then turn me over, so I was lying on my face, and proceed to spank my ass, before fucking my gaand. Another night of intense fucking — I knew he was playing rough, but I couldn’t complain. Despite treating me like a whore, he really was fucking me well. Sorry darling, but it had been a couple of dry months. I hadn’t had a cock that deep in my pussy for a while, and he knew it.”


Tuesday morning and afternoon I spent a very busy day at work. Lot of figures to be pored over, lots of calls to be made. Mr. Sarun joined me around an hour into the afternoon, and I tried not to think of how many times he had boned my wife in the morning. When Imtiaz picked us up, it was around 6 pm and it took almost an hour before we reached home due to the traffic.

“Come to my room, Rajesh.” Mr. Sarun commanded, as we entered his house.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Your wife should be waiting in my room. We need to go over the sales figures again, but I need a quick fuck before that.”

“Er … of course, sir.”

Vidya was indeed waiting in his room. If she was surprised at seeing me with my boss, she gave no sign. For all intents and purposes, my wife was now a willing fucktoy and a rakhel of my boss Mr. Sarun. What was more interesting is what she was wearing. Or not wearing.

Vidya was wearing a blouse with just the bottom button closed, and the rest of the buttons were wide open, leaving her humongous tits hanging out. She was wearing nothing else, and was totally naked from waist down. I saw that she had shaved completely, so her pussy was now bare. Mr. Sarun, of course, was fully dressed.

“Vidya, my dear kutti.” He went and grabbed her tits, not even caring that her husband was standing less than ten feet away, powerless to intervene. I could only watch as they were now kissing and Vidya was eagerly rubbing her hands across Sarun’s crotch area.

It was a different type of kissing; he was biting her lips. Vidya seemed into it as well. She was moving constantly like a cobra, writhing and rubbing her body against my boss’s. My wife then reached her hand inside Mr. Sarun’s pants and, as if unwrapping a gift, took out his cock.

“Oh dear,” she laughed, “I keep forgetting — it’s so big!”

Mr. Sarun laughed. “I know, saali. And I know Rajesh is slightly, shall we say, deficient in that area.”

My boss turned to me. “Aren’t you, Rajesh? Is your cock small?”

“I … yes, sir. Much smaller.” I shamefully admitted.

My wife continued to stroke my boss’s dick.

“This is the biggest thing I have ever seen.” She cooed. “It’s so beautiful.”

Mr. Sarun had a hungry look in his eyes. Vidya licked her lips and rubbed some saliva onto the cock. She was now kneeling, cock in her hands, boobs flopping out of blouse, doing her best to lick and shine the cock.





Mr. Sarun slapped my wife a few times. Then he ordered Vidya to lie down, spread eagled, on the bed. He walked over to her and spread her legs even further, and tapped his hard cock against her cunt. Her mouth shaped into an “O” as she strained, but took his cock in. I stood there wordlessly and watched him fuck my wife. Not only were his recovery skills fantastic, but his staying power was incredible. I watched jealously as he pounded my eager wife, switching positions with her repeatedly, and making her scream with pleasure once he started to cum.

They were now lying in bed together, both completely naked. The room had a strong smell of sex and sweat, and Vidya was resting her head on my boss’s chest and caressing his muscular shoulders and biceps. She had the contented look of a well-fucked woman, even though she had red marks on her cheeks where she had been slapped. A sudden feeling of inadequacy swept over me.

“Rajesh!” Mr. Sarun’s voice boomed. “Don’t you find it thrilling to see and hear your wife cum like this? I mean — here is this woman you love — just completely, totally opening herself, with her mind and body, to another man — your boss.”

“Er, yes, Sir. It is very arousing Sir.” I admitted. “You can satisfy her sexually far better than me, Sir.”

“That’s true, Rajesh.” Mr. Sarun gently cupped one of Vidya’s tits. “Look at her, Rajesh. Look at your wife, you cuckold. She is basking in the sheer sexual joy of a new man who moves and smells and sounds so different from her norm. A large, hard cock — a real penis for a change. One that touches her in places where she is not used to being touched. Aren’t you glad to see how much she enjoys it?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Of course, if I raped her in front of you now, you wouldn’t be able to do anything anyways. And neither would your wife stop me. I am a real man, Rajesh, and you are a cuckold.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Mr. Sarun then started to ask me about the sales figures. I replied, trying to focus as much as I could, while I could see a pool of thick white cum emerge from between my wife’s legs. Mr. Sarun’s own cock was now limp, and glistening with my wife’s cunt juices. Even though it was now soft, it was still way thicker and longer than mine when hard. I felt really small.

And then Mr. Sarun told me to leave, he wanted to fuck Vidya again. He would join me for dinner later. I was being summarily dismissed.

“Yes, Sir.”

Later on Vidya told me that it hand ended up with her lying face down, butt up as Mr. Sarun drilled her anal cavity, before withdrawing and cumming on her face.

“That time he was actually tender. You know that he has a great body, with a dick that’s big and strong.” Vidya recounted. “I think he got his high by leading you to the room and showing you that your wife was readily available to him, naked and willing to please. He had already humiliated you, so he didn’t need to treat me roughly. He told me I was just another married bitch serving him sexually. After you left he put his mouth on my breasts and sucked them. He then went back and forth on each breast, playing with each one until I was begging him to fuck me — to put his cock back into my cunt.”

“He didn’t immediately relent. Mr. Sarun actually started kissing his way down my stomach and then all the way to my pussy. He even licked my pussy. It felt so delicate — I actually felt he cared for me. Finally he positioned me doggy style on the bed and slid his dick into me. He drilled my ass for a while before he had me kneel in front of him. He then ejaculated all over my face, bringing me back to reality. It wasn’t about me — it was about his satisfaction.”


Wednesday was another busy day and I was in the office till 6 pm. Mr. Sarun hadn’t showed up all day and I wondered just what he was doing with Vidya. I also realized we were halfway into the week. Just three more days to go before we fly home on Sunday. I returned home (well, Mr. Sarun’s home) famished, and eager to have diner.

It was a strange dinner. For one, there was no Vidya at the table.

“She’s having her dinner in her room.” Mr. Sarun told me when I asked. “She’s displeased me today and I am going to punish her after we finish our dinner.”

“Oh no.” I thought. “I wonder what Vidya has done.”

I pleaded with Mr. Sarun to forgive her for whatever she had done, but he would have none of it. It felt really strange to have to beg another man to not punish your wife, and feel so helpless when he said he was going through with it. I could only hope, for Vidya’s sake, it wasn’t something severe.

Dinner was a somber affair and when it was done, Mr. Sarun had me stand in one corner of the room, along with Imtiaz and Fateh. Rukmani stood at the other end of the room, while Narges was sent to fetch Vidya. It was clear that Mr. Sarun intended to punish Vidya in front of everyone in the household. Later on Fateh would tell me that was common. Whenever Narges or Rukmani displeased Mr. Sarun, he usually spanked or caned them in front of everyone — especially their husbands — just to demonstrate his hold over them.

Narges returned, and she had Vidya by the ear. Vidya was dressed in a flimsy black think negligee, and her face was bright red with embarrassment and shame. She tried to avoid my gaze as Narges led her, by the ear, like a naughty school girl, to the edge of the dinner table. I could see Narges twist and pull her ear before letting her stand.

“Please bend over the edge of the table, dear.” Mr. Sarun ordered her. “Spread your arms and hold yourself steady, Vidya.”

“Yes, Sirjee.”

It was amazing how submissively Vidya was taking in her punishment. I knew Gaurav caned her a few times but that was BDSM — or kinky sex. This was a proper punishment.

Vidya bent over the table and gripped its sides for support. Narges bent down and pulled her nightie up, exposing her bare buttocks to all of us. I could already see sharp red streaks on her fair ass — it was evident she had already been caned in the morning or afternoon.

“Vidya, the first morning I had warned you that any disobedience or displeasure caused by you would result in a swift punishment.”

Vidya gulped. “Yes, Sirjee.”

“Twenty spanks.” Mr. Sarun announced, readying his hand. “Count them out, Vidya.”

“Yes, Sirjee.”


Vidya’s whole delicate body quivered and shook as Mr. Sarun brought down his powerful hand square on her buttocks, making a sharp, resounding noise.

“One!” Vidya gamely counted.



I, her husband, could only watch and avert my eyes as my wife was spanked in front of me like a delinquent school girl.







And so it continued, as I stood by defenselessly watching while another man spanked my wife in full view of everyone in the house. After twenty swats, Vidya’s ass was bright red and smarting, and she was shivering, her eyes stained with tears and her voice whimpering.

Mr. Sarun then came forward and stood directly behind her, his crotch touching her red smarting ass. Then he unzipped and pulled out his rock hard pecker. With a grunt, he pushed it into my wife’s butt.

“Mmmph!” Vidya could only grunt as Mr. Sarun started to fuck her butt. We all watched as Mr. Sarun took my wife’s ass right there on the dining table. The table shook as he hammered a limp Vidya. With a loud groan, he started to ejaculate. When he was done, he wiped his dick against her negligee, zipped up and then went to his room. Just before leaving, he harshly ordered my wife to follow him.

Vidya was in a daze. She stood up, her hair tousled and her face tear-stained. Spunk dribbled down her legs as she walked and demurely followed my boss down the hallway.

* * *

Thursday passed with no incidents outside of ordinary. Well, if you consider working all day while your boss is bonking your wife ordinary. I returned home to find them by the pool. My boss Mr. Sarun was seated on one of the deck chairs with Vidya on his lap, with her back to him. His enormous dark cock was clearly penetrating her cunt, as his large fingers manipulated her clit. Vidya’s eyes were closed, and she was softly but ecstatically moaning.

I turned to leave. Even as I walked down the pathway back to the house, it was impossible to ignore Vidya and Mr. Sarun becoming increasingly vocal as they built towards a simultaneous climax.

Vidya, especially, was totally uninhibited, shouting out, “Oh God, what a cock … I’ve never felt so filled, Sirjee. Please keep fucking me … Oh yes! Go, go, go, go … shoot your juice into me, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! UNGHH!! UNGHH!!”

Mr. Sarun, of course, wasted no time in slamming his meat into her. I stood and turned back, fascinated, and watched. At this point, I could see Mr. Sarun’s legs tense as he started to cum deep in my wife’s unprotected womb. Vidya was humping him back and trying to take him in as deep as she could. As their climax subsided, Mr. Sarun patted Vidya on her side. She obediently stood up, as did Mr. Sarun.

They French-kissed for a few minutes, even as cum-trails were clearly leaking down her legs. Then Mr. Sarun pushed her down to kneel in front of him so that she could suck on his cock for a while. He was already hard again! But he clearly did not want to cum in her mouth. Mr. Sarun then turned Vidya round to kneel over the deck chair, and slammed into her cunt from behind, and very soon they were going at it like two rabbits, unconcerned about who could see them. In minutes, Mr. Sarun’s buttocks tensed as he shot yet another of his seed up into my wife’s evidently very willing pussy.

It was a quiet moment, but I didn’t miss it. I watched as my wife’s lover froze atop her, her eyes shut as if in a dream, even as their bodies twitched in unison, as his massive manhood started to pump huge volumes of baby making cum deep inside her belly. I left, but even if I was there, they seemed oblivious to my presence. Vidya’s eyes were so glazed that I’m not sure she even realized I was there.


Friday morning both Mr. Sarun and I were at work. It was the final day of contract negotiations with the foreign company, and not even Vidya could tempt Mr. Sarun away. We slaved away the whole day, and Imtiaz picked us up at around 930 pm.

Let me tell you what happened to Vidya that afternoon.

She had slept the whole morning, free from the amorous attacks of my boss who was with me. At around eleven she had woken up, taken a shower and then had breakfast. Sharply at noon, there was a knock on her door. It was Narges.


“Yes, Narges?”

“Do you know that you are to serve Imtiaz and Fateh today?”

Vidya nodded. My boss has told her this morning that she was to gift herself to Imtiaz and Fateh in the afternoon.

“Those two cuckolds,” Mr. Sarun had laughed. “They lead a wretched life. Whenever I am here I fuck and treat their wives like chattel in front of them, and they have to smile and endure it because I support their needy families back in the village. The least I can do is share my new maal with them.”

“Yes, Sirjee.” Vidya had said. Mr. Sarun had just called her a “maal”, or a product, and like all good products, she was to be shared. So Vidya now told Narges that yes, she was ready for them.

“Good.” Narges said. She turned to leave, but something made her turn back.

Then she beckoned Vidya to approach him. She did so and Narges told her to bend down.

“Get on all fours. Yes, like that. Good!” Narges approved of how quickly Vidya was obeying her now. “Now turn so that your ass points to the door. Now crawl back so that you are just a few feet from the door.”

Vidya did as she was told. Her butt was pointing to the door.

Narges then opened the door slightly.

“My husband Fateh will come here in about twenty minutes. Keep this door open and be in this very position when he enters. Be completely naked. I don’t want to hear that he saw a stich of clothing on you.”

“Yes, Narges.”

In about twenty minutes, Vidya had stripped so that she was now completely naked. She went down on all fours, just as Narges had ordered, and crawled back until her butt was a few feet away from the door. There she remained, like a dog, until Fateh opened the door.

“Very nice, Madam, very nice,” Was all he said.

“Thank you,” Vidya replied meekly. That was all the conversation they were to have.

Fateh squatted on the ground and brought his face close to Vidya and kissed her. Vidya was getting a little tired remaining on all fours, but she returned his kisses with enthusiasm. After all, Mr. Sarun had ordered her to completely satisfy the staff.

Fateh didn’t speak. He stood up and removed his clothes one by one. His penis was small, and as Vidya knew, Fateh was old — and his penis looked it. Still it was thick, waiting for some action. It was evident that he was looking forward to fucking Vidya — he was already aroused. After stripping completely, he started licking Vidya’s cunt lips furiously. Vidya began to moan.

This went on for about a minute, and then, Fateh walked around to stand behind her and entered Vidya’s cunt from behind, and commenced fucking her furiously. Even Vidya started to push her ass back into him. Pretty soon, Fateh had a good rhythm going and was porking my wife violently. With his second hand, he kept spanking Vidya’s ass cheeks. It was clear he had learnt a few things from watching Mr. Sarun.

Then suddenly, he removed his dick from her cunt and pressed it on her anus. There had been no lubrication, and Vidya feared he would hurt her — but Fateh was no Mr. Sarun. He pushed and pushed and soon he was completely in, his pubic hair brushing against her butt.

Finally, Fateh began to spurt semen and dump his cum into my wife. While he didn’t flood her insides like Mr. Sarun, the amount of cum he ejaculated was respectable. He pulled at her waist and held hard as he emptied his load into her gut. Then he withdrew. Vidya was in a delirium as she sank to the floor. As wordlessly as he had fucked her, Fateh left the room.

Imtia, being the younger man, was more adventurous.

“Here to fuck you, memsaab,” He announced as he entered the room.

Vidya by this time had gotten up, taken a shower and put on a bathrobe. Imtiaz reached for the sash of her robe and pulled. With the sash untied, her robe opened, displaying Vidya’s body from her huge breasts to her neatly shaved pubic area. As she reached behind her to regain the sash ends, Imtiaz slid the robe off her shoulders, which effectively locked her arms at her side. He put his arms around her and gave her a kiss. He then carried her to the bed, and rolled her on to it. She was now face down, with her arms still constrained by the partially open robe. Imtiaz by then had his own clothes off, and his cock was at full erection. Rolling her over and after running his cock up and down her slit, Imtiaz thrust his member into her.

Imtiaz was in no hurry and he settled into a slow rocking motion. Vidya’s clitoris swelled along with her vagina lips. Then she felt her womb tighten and vagina wall constrict. She lifted her legs high and whispered, “Push, Imtiaz! Push it all in me!”

This time her orgasm lasted well over six minutes. She came again just before Imtiaz drained his dick into her. Later that night, as Mr. Sarun alternated between fucking her thoroughly and spanking her severely, Vidya would reflect that she just had one day — Saturday — left before she was flying home on Sunday.

“Actually,” Vidya told me after I had typed up the above statement, “that afternoon wasn’t the only time the servants fucked me.”

“Oh.” I replied. “What other time?”

“Actually, they had sex with me again later that same evening,” Vidya recounted. “Remember, Imtiaz usually picked you up around 6 or 7 pm. But that evening, both you and Mr. Sarun were at work, and you called and told Imtiaz to pick you both up at 9.30 pm.”

“Yes, I do remember.” I recalled. “We were just finishing up the project.”

“Yes.” Vidya replied. “So anyways, after the afternoon fucking, I slept for a bit. I woke up around 5 pm, refreshed and ready for the evening (and night). I was actually glad that my body, and my poor vagina and my poor ass, was getting a break from Mr. Sarun. I freshened up, and had just put on my dress. Actually, let me correct that. What I had on was my bra, with my blouse on top, and my petticoat (no panties, of course, as per Mr. Sarun’s instructions). I was just about to put on my sari when there was a knock on the door.”

I could picture the scene — my wife, looking sexy in her blouse and petticoat, her midriff bare and her navel and tummy exposed — answering the door.

“It was the servants — Fateh and Imtiaz.” Vidya continued. “I was surprised; I certainly wasn’t expecting them.”

“Imtiaz barged in and immediately apologized. ‘Memsaab,’ he said. ‘I … we were wondering if you will allow us to fuck you again.’ I was shocked, to say the least. The man was blunt and crude.”

“So I immediately asked, ‘Isn’t Mr. Sarun home? Aren’t you going to pick up my husband, Imtiaz?’ He then replied that you had called and said to pick both of you up at 9.30 pm, so we had some time.”

“Hearing that, I couldn’t really find a reason to say no, and they could see it. They pushed themselves into the room, and shut the door. I guess I could have said no, but I wondered if they would have listened. They had that hungry wild look in their eyes. Besides, I had been told by your boss to satisfy his servants. And also, darling, I wanted them to fuck me. Something about being used as a chattel by two servants turned me on completely. And let’s face it, darling, they may not have Mr. Sarun’s cock, but they were still bigger than my husband.”

“They pushed me to a sofa in the room and immediately their hands were on my blouse. ‘Let’s get these babies out, memsaab!’ said Imtiaz, and soon one of them undid my blouse buttons and it was on the floor. I guess it must have been Imtiaz; he took the lead and Fateh was happy to follow. Then one of them unclipped my bra, and my puppies sprang free.”

“This time the two men took their time. They squeezed my breasts, pinched my nipples and jiggled my boobs. They pushed me down on the sofa and each of them took a nipple in their mouth and started to suck on it. Despite my initial reluctance, I started to get aroused as they bit and sucked on my breasts. They grabbed each breast with both hands as if they were chugging on a bottle, and started to milk me dry.”

“Someone pulled at my petticoat strings and soon it was on the floor. Here was I, naked as the day I was born, and these servants had their hands all over my body, sliding everywhere. They were like animals in heat. They squeezed my tits and tweaked the nipples as I moaned in delight. I closed my eyes and moved my head back. A hand went into my pussy unopposed and out again. One of them (I think it was Fateh) pulled one of my thighs, forcing my legs apart, and I shuddered as he drove several fingers into my exposed snatch. As he pulled out, Imtiaz moved his fingers in. My legs started to buckle as they pulled me up to a standing position.”

“Imtiaz was now holding me up with his hands cupped under my tits, his thumbs and forefingers pinching and pulling at my now rock hard nipples. Fateh was taking turns between fingering my pussy and clit, or probing my ass. My entire body was being ravaged by two sex crazed men.”

“By this time, their pants were on the floor and I held a cock in each hand. I rubbed and stroked them, even as they called me all kinds of names. You know the usual, raandi (whore), saali (slang for slut), kutti (bitch), chutiya (cunt) and so on. It was a turn on, being abused like this by your husband’s boss’s servants. I, a respectable lady, felt like a low class hooker.”

“So yes, as I said their cocks weren’t really as big as Mr. Sarun’s (no one’s is!) but darling, they were of course much bigger than you. I knew they were going to fill me up real good, the way you can never. So I was somewhat turned on, and excited, and I could feel my pussy dripping wet like a faucet.”

“Imtiaz then pushed me down so that I was on my knees, and their dicks at my face. I did the only thing a woman could do at that point, I started to suck their cocks. I would turn to my right and take one penis in my mouth and suck and lick it. Then I would turn to the left and take the other dick in my mouth and suck and lick it. And all this time I had my hands around one of their shafts and was stroking it, while the other was trying to gag me as I took it in my throat. I spit on their cocks to make it smoother.”

“Then Fateh sat down on the sofa, and positioned me so that my head was on his lap. He then placed his cock into my mouth and I went down on him. Imtiaz moved to be on the sofa behind me so that his dick was rubbing against my slit. Raising one of my legs to give him better access, Imtiaz pressed against me. With a grunt, he pushed himself deep into me!”

“Oh it was incredible! They had a rhythm going too — when Imtiaz would plunge in Fateh would lean back and when Imtiaz would withdraw slightly Fateh pushed his penis deeper into my throat. I was hardly being given an opportunity to breathe as the two men plugged each end of my body. All this time one of them was constantly mauling one of my breasts while another held my hair back in a tight grip as I was being face fucked and pussy fucked.”

“They took a break and then Imtiaz sat down and leaned back, while I was then impaled on his staff. I started to go up and down on his rod. Imtiaz was looking up at me as he fucked me, watching his prick alternately appear and disappear down my love tunnel. His tempo of thrusts was increasing, his balls slapping against my ass. His hands were on my tits, rolling them around in small circles in time to his penetrations.”

“Meanwhile Fateh walked over so he was now behind me — with my back to him. He aimed his cock at my ass hole and waited until Imtiaz was pushing in his dick. With the right timing, my ass went to Fateh’s waiting dick and as his penis head entered my incredibly tight ass, Fateh shoved the full length in with one quick stroke.”

“I felt an incredible pain — he had used no lubrication at all except my saliva on his dick, and I screamed in anguish. Fateh ignored me and buried his cock in my buttocks. I could actually feel my thin membrane straining under the weight of two dicks in such close proximity. Imtiaz and Fateh then set up a good rhythm with thrust and counter thrusts, so that one dick was driving into an orifice of mine at all times. Oh, I was in heaven!”

“Fateh then pulled out, and so did Imtiaz. They quickly moved me around so that now Imtiaz had his cock deep into my mouth while Fateh has his manhood buried in my pussy. At this point I was beyond caring, I just wanted them to cum, but they weren’t done yet. They switched me around again so that this time Fateh was fucking my pussy while Imtiaz was taking me anally.”

“Finally they couldn’t really hold out any more, so they made me kneel as they came on my face. It was so degrading really — I wish one of them had cum in me, but they wanted me to feel their juice on my face and then clean them off — which I did.”

“So when they left, I was exhausted and I lay on the sofa for a long time, lying in a cesspool of cum and my own juices. I had sucked Imtiaz’s cock and sucked Fateh’s cock, Imtiaz had fucked me in my pussy and Fateh had fucked me in my mouth while Imtiaz was in my pussy, Fateh then had fucked me in my ass while Imtiaz was still in my pussy, Imtiaz then fucked my mouth, Fateh then fucked my pussy while Imtiaz was fucking me in the mouth, and then Imtiaz fucked me in my ass and Fateh had fucked me in my pussy while Imtiaz was fucking me in the ass. And then both of them came in my mouth. I really couldn’t have asked more from them!”


It was Sunday afternoon, and our plane had just taken off from Calcutta’s airport. In 2 hours, we should be landing in Pune, and we would then be home. I glanced over at Vidya, who was seated next to me. She was fast asleep, of course.

It was to be expected. Saturday night, being her “last night” with Mr. Sarun, he had proceeded to fuck her mercilessly, and making me watch each time he took her. As a final act, he then asked Imtiaz to join him. As Mr. Sarun remarked, “I fuck Rukmani and abuse her more than Narges, so Imtiaz deserves a little treat.”

Mr. Sarun took Vidya’s hand and walked with her to his bed. She let him lead her and turned towards him when they reached the edge of the bed. “How do you want me, Sirjee?” she asked. “What do you want me to do?”

“Just lie down on your back, raandi, and spread your legs.”

Vidya did as she was told, climbing up on the bed and lying down in the center. She spread her legs wide, tucking her heels up against her ass so her knees were flat against the bed. Her labia lips were wide open too, giving me all a clear view of both of her holes.

Mr. Sarun drove a few fingers into her open crotch, soon burying his hand between her legs. He wanted to finger fuck her. His other hand grabbed one of her knees and drove her legs even further apart while he stuck his fingers deep into her hot pussy. Vidya moaned, obviously enjoying his attention to her own needs, and reached with her hands above her head and grabbed onto the headboard of the huge bed.

Mr. Sarun then popped his head up for one minute to bark an order.

“Imtiaz!” He called out. “I’d hate for you to waste a perfectly good mouth.”

“Yes, saabji.” Imtiaz said, as he moved towards the bed. Vidya had heard his comment and her mouth opened as he straddled her chest, kneeling just inside her armpits and forcing her to keep her arms above her head. Imtiaz wrapped his hand around his prick and started rubbing it all over her face, leaving trails of pre-cum on her chin, upper lip, and cheeks. Vidya’s tongue danced over his cock whenever it came near, her saliva adding to the juices he was rubbing all over her face. Imtiaz started stroking his shaft up and down with his hand, his every outward stroke bringing another drop of cum to decorate her lips and chin with. His stroking got faster and faster, and he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it off the bed until her chin was resting on her chest. He held his cock out of reach for a moment, and Vidya got the message and opened her mouth wide and extended her tongue, giving him a target to shoot for.

Imtiaz placed the head of his cock on the end of her tongue and continued to whack away for a moment or two longer. Suddenly he shuddered and a thick wad of milky white cum shot out of his cock and into Vidya’s waiting mouth. The next stroke brought another wad of cum shooting out, but Imtiaz’s aim was off and it splattered across her upper lip, nose, and by her eye. The third and fourth spurt again made it into her mouth, and I could see them hitting the back of her throat and sliding down out of sight. Few weaker pulses left a puddle of cum on her tongue, some running off the side and down on her neck.

Vidya still held her mouth open and her tongue out, letting Imtiaz cum where he wanted. Finally finished, he slid his cock along her tongue, pushing most of the cum off, letting it drip from the sides of her mouth and down her chin. As the tip of his penis entered her mouth her cheeks were drawn in as she sucked his tube dry.

Imtiaz then climbed off the bed, completely spent. I noticed that while I had been engrossed in watching her face get fucked, Mr. Sarun had changed positions. Both of his hands now held her knees wide, and he was now driving his cock deep into Vidya’s pussy instead of his fingers. He was looking down as he fucked her, watching his prick alternately appear and disappear down her love tunnel. With each stroke out her tight pussy tried to turn inside out as it gripped his pole. A large wet spot on the bed sheet under her ass showed she had at least one orgasm already. Mr. Sarun’s tempo of thrusts was increasing, his balls slapping against her ass as he bottomed out in her. Her breasts were rolling in small circles in time to his penetrations. Vidya was still grabbing on to the headboard, and I could still see Imtiaz’s cum all over her face, neck and shoulders. Her head lolled back and forth, eyes closed and mouth open. No doubt about it, she was getting her brains fucked out.

Mr. Sarun was pounding away in a frenzy now, and Vidya arched her back as he started shouting obscenities at her. His shaft was now covered with a white, creamy foam as he started to ejaculate into her.

Like always, he took a long time emptying his seed into her. As Mr. Sarun slowed to a stop, his shrinking cock popped out of her pussy and a river of cum poured out after it, coating her cunt and ass with creamy white juice. Vidya had passed out on the bed.

I recalled all of this as I watched the city get smaller and smaller through the plane window. No doubt Vidya was now sleeping — she could hardly walk this morning.

We had kissed all the way to the airport in the back of the car this morning as Imtiaz had dropped us off. As soon as we had gotten into the car and Imtiaz sped off, Vidya turned to me, and she and I kissed a deep, passionate kiss.

“We did it, darling.” I told her, even as we came up for air and then kissed again. “A very long week it was for you, but it’s over now.”

“Yes, dear!” Vidya’s eyes shone as she then proceeded to kiss me on my cheeks, my lips and my nose. “Your job is now safe, dear. Mr. Sarun has given us his word.”

“Yes, I am grateful to you for that Viyda. This is the second time you helped me with my job.”

We held hands for a while, before Vidya said, “I have something to say to you Rajesh.”

I looked at her quizzically.

“Yes, dear?”

“I made Mr. Sarun give some of his preferred share stock over to you, darling.” Vidya grinned. “I have the papers in my bag.”

My jaw dropped, my eyes became big, and I gasped. This was big. I was now a proper owner in the company, with voting rights, with a guaranteed source of income, and could never be fired! I could even apply for a position on the board!

“How did you do that darling?” I kissed her deeply. “This is the greatest news I got this week!”

“It wasn’t easy.” Vidya recounted. “So, on Tuesday night, so that was the third night, your boss had already fucked me a couple of times. So now we were in bed, and he was groping me — that’s when I first asked him about it.”

“What did he say?”

“Well, at first he thought I was joking.” Vidya answered. “But then he saw that I was serious. So he slapped me.”

“Oh.” I made a face. I still couldn’t get over how roughly Mr. Sarun had treated Vidya, and how willingly she had put up with all of that. The power of the cock!

“Yes, but I wasn’t deterred. Mr. Sarun slapped me a couple of times and then told me I was a rakhel, there simply to serve at his bed chamber and to know my place. And if I didn’t do that, my husband could find another job. He told me that my husband — you, darling — was a man who couldn’t keep his woman happy, and thus I needed a cock in my pussy, and that’s exactly my status in this house — a pussy to be fucked.”

“Oh, dear.”

“But you know me, darling. I wasn’t deterred.” Vidya smiled slightly. “I know I can take a man to heights of pleasure he doesn’t even know exists.”

“Oh yes, dear, that you do.”

“So I gave him a good, an excellent, blow job. I sucked him until he was ready to cum, and then slowed it, and then again increased the tempo, until he exploded in my mouth. And when I mean exploded, it was amazing the gallons of cum that I had to swallow. Then I asked him again.”

“And he slapped me again.” Vidya shook her head, as if to clear the memory. “After he slapped me a few times, he then proceeded to fuck my ass, hard. Whenever I said something to make him angry, he would fuck me in the ass. It was really painful, and I think I passed out once he got going. You saw his cock darling, it was huge. I am not used to having such a tool in my gaand.”

“I bet he didn’t stop because you passed out.”

“No! When I regained consciousness, I asked him again. And this time he caned me.”

Vidya paused, and we kissed again. I really could not find words to express my gratitude for all that she went through for me. After we kissed for a long time, she continued.

“I knew that caning me would make him happy. He loved to hit me because it gave him power and boosted his ego. After he was done caning me,” Vidya continued, “I pleaded with him. I told him, ‘Look, Sirjee! You have already taken a man’s wife from him. He is in the same house as his wife, but he can’t do anything as his wife is being held hostage and raped in front of him by another man. At least give him some morsels of dignity.’ He then laughed and said he liked my spunk, and then he caned me again.”

“I didn’t push it that night. First, I didn’t think he would agree and second, my ass really hurt. I couldn’t take much more caning. But I did notice that he liked when I said the word ‘rape’. He liked the idea that he was raping me, and you — my husband — knew about it but could do nothing to stop him.”

“Well, it really was rape, dear.” I tried to justify her words. “We never wanted to get into this arrangement.”

“Yes … but …” Vidya bit her lip. “I don’t know if we can really call it a rape. If I was being honest, I was looking forward to being … fucked … to being taken by him after we saw Rukmani — I mean after I saw his giant dick. I love you, darling, but sometimes a girl just needs a real cock.”

“Yes, dear.”

“So, on Wednesday morning,” Vidya continued. “After breakfast, he had his dick pushed into my ass. That’s when I asked him again. He took me off his dick, made me kneel down on my knees and proceeded to slap my face. Then he dragged me by my ears to the washroom, and made me lie down on the floor. There he urinated on me.”

“I have never been peed on before, darling.” Vidya made a face. “And that Wednesday was the worst day of the week. I know Mr. Sarun liked his girls to have some spunk — but I was wondering if I crossed the line. The whole day, he confined me to the bedroom and I wasn’t allowed to go out of the room. And on top of that, he used me as a pee dump.”

“A pee dump?”

“Yes, darling. All day, whenever he would have to urinate, he would take me to the bathroom, make me lie on the floor and pee on me. And not only that, he made Rukmani and Narges pee on me as well. I would be seated on the bed, when Narges would come in. She would take me by the ear, to the washroom, and make me kneel on the floor. Then she would roll up her sari, squat so that her smelly anus was on my face, and then urinate on me. Same with Rukmani. I really felt so low, that I abandoned the idea. And then you know what happened later after dinner.”

“The spanking.” I remembered.

“Yes, the spanking.” Vidya smiled ruefully. “I was never so humiliated in my life. And then to be fucked in my ass, after that spanking … in front of everyone …”

“There, there.” I hugged Vidya and we just cuddled for a bit.

“That whole night he fucked me repeatedly. The next morning — Thursday it was I think — yes, Thursday, Mr. Sarun woke me up by climbing on top of me and fucking me again. He really has some stamina, darling, I have to give him that. And he really knows how to make a girl scream in pleasure. In spite of all he had done to me all day, I enjoyed being taken like that. You will never understand that, darling, because only a real man can take a woman the way Mr. Sarun did.”

“Yes, dear.”

“Afterwards, we were in the shower, cleaning up, when suddenly Mr. Sarun made me fetch the cane, with me still wet and shivering. Then he made me bend over on the bath tub and asked me, ‘So, how much does your husband need?’ My mind was in a whirl. So maybe he was coming around! So immediately I said, ‘twenty percent, Sirjee’.”

“Then he started to laugh, and then caned my behind. Twenty strokes. He said that was for asking twenty percent. Then he asked me again how much. I grinned and replied twenty one. He laughed again, and this time caned me twenty one times. My ass was on fire. But I then said twenty two. Then he lashed me twenty two times. I was ready to pass out. I was holding my position, bent over, buttocks out, for over half an hour now, while he thrashed my ass. So then Mr. Sarun said, ‘Fine, if you satisfy me (and my servants) till this week, I will think about five percent.”

Vidya laughed.

“And that’s when I knew he would do it. So I agreed, of course. I was allowed to complete my shower, and then we went down for breakfast.”

“That whole Thursday, if you remember, your boss was home. Mr. Sarun actually told me, ‘I am going to totally rape you today, bitch.’ So I knew I was going to be a busy girl, and I was. And you know what happened on Friday with the servants.”

“Wow.” Was all I could say. “You endured all that for me!”

“Yes, darling.”

We kissed passionately. My wife Viyda loved me no matter whose cock was in her pussy, and she looked out for her husband at all times. Now, as our plane flew into the skies, and my dear wife slept, I thought about the last thing she told me about my new stocks.

“There is one catch, though, darling.” Vidya was biting her lip when she told me that, once we were waiting in the lounge near our gate. “I was wondering how to tell you, and I hoped you wouldn’t get upset.”

“How can I get upset with you, dear?”

“Well,” Vidya then blurted out. “In order to get Mr. Sarun to give us those stocks, I had to promise him one final thing.”


“On Saturday morning,” Vidya told me, “Mr. Sarun took out the papers that would make you the owners of those stock, and then told me, ‘Vidya, I’m a businessman, and a successful one, and definitely a ruthless one, and I don’t give up this kind of wealth out of the goodness of my heart. I expect something in return.’ I then asked him what he wanted. He said, ‘I will give you these stocks. But in return, I want you, say for a year.’ I was flabbergasted. Here I was, thinking my ordeal would be over in one day. But then he continued, while groping my tits, ‘I come to India once a month, and will get a chance to spend at most one week at home. So for that one week, I will need you at my disposal.’ This arrangement will continue for at least a year.”

I looked at Vidya, and she looked at me. Even in the depths of debauchery, Vidya had looked out for me. Yes, I realized the consequences of what she had done, but I loved her and she loved me. We kissed again, and then Vidya told me that she had agreed to Mr. Sarun’s proposal. She then showed me the stock papers.

Mr. Sarun had transferred 5% of the company to Vidya’s name (not mine). The preferred shares wouldn’t mature for a year. That meant that at any time, the stocks could be cancelled if the rest of the Board saw fit to do so. Thus, what Vidya had actually done, was agree to be Mr. Sarun’s slave girl, his concubine, for a whole year in return for the Board not touching those stocks. I knew Mr. Sarun visited India once a month, and as Vidya told me, he planned to stay in Pune next month for 3-5 days at our place. I better get myself prepared to be a long term cuckold now. I loved my wife.

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