An old Indian neighbour seduces hot Indian wife

An old Indian neighbour seduces hot Indian wife

This is part 2 of the story about how my Indian wife was seduced by an old man in neighborhood.


When we got home, I told Geeta that Mr Kumar seem to be too flirty and crossing the line sometimes. She thought I was just being over jealous and he is just a lavish old man who enjoys bit of chat. As per her, he will never take advantage of her. That night, I kept thinking of how it may go on Monday afternoon when Geeta will be alone with Mr. Kumar at tennis court. That worry was sorted in morning when Geeta told me the courts are always occupied with other players in weekdays so there is nothing to worry.

Geeta had a full week of lessons. She used to be tired in evening but it gave her social life and some much need exercise. She also befriended some other players so that cheered her up and took away her loneliness.

I called Mr. Kumar to thank him for his time and helping Geeta with Tennis. He was arrogant as always and said he enjoyed company of my hot wife. He also invited us for Dinner at a nice restaurant in city. He wanted to take us for Dinner and then visit some night clubs. Never thought the old man had such taste. I was not interested for another evening with someone full of himself but Geeta thought it will be rude to turn him down. Once we agreed for dinner and evening together, he called Geeta separately and asked her to wear short dress only as he is now used to admiring her legs and watching them swing. At this point I should have cancelled our meet but did not want to upset Geeta. She got a short dress out of wardrobe and wore them with high heel shoes and lot of makeup. She looked fit and hot when we arrived at restaurant. It was an upmarket place full of sexy people. Mr. Kumar was waiting for us, he gave an admiring look to Geeta and a hug. He shook my hand while passing compliment to Geeta about how see almost can pass as five star escort. He pulled Geeta to sit next to him. Soon we ordered our meal and started with some drinks. All this time, Mr. Kumar kept his attention on Geeta. He was touching up her shoulders, legs, back and once kissed her hands while telling me her backhand has improved.

He paid the bill and left a decent tip while walking out with Geeta in his arms. He got a taxi to take us to a nightclub on other side of town. Geeta was sitting between us and Mr Kumar was constantly caressing her leg while talking to both of us. At the club we were ushered in via a VIP entrance, he must be well connected. We were in a private area but it was still packed with lot of people. Lot of sexy bodies grinding into each other. Mr Kumar ordered us some drinks and asked me to chill and enjoy the evening. Soon he was on dance floor with Geeta. His body must be touching every part of Geeta while doing the slow dance. He had her boobs pressed against his chest and hands on her ass. At least he had decency to keep them above her skirt. He was almost slowly massaging her ass. Geeta seem to be happy to go along and not create a scene. Also the drinks she had was having an impact on her. When they came back on table, he winked at me and told me she has a great ass. At this point he dropped a bomb shell by thanking Geeta for wearing thong rather than panties. I guess he worked that out while he was massaging her ass on dance floor. Geeta went red with embarrassment and I was again looking for a place to hide.

Just as I was about to get up to leave, I saw a guy in his mid 40’s walking towards us. He turns out to be a friend of Mr. Kumar. This guy was an investment banker and worked on wall street. Mr. Kumar introduced him as Tapan, an Indian loaded guy who loves spending money on hot girls and cars. Mr. Kumar pulled up Geeta and put her on his lap to make space for Tapan. He introduced Geeta as my hot wife to Tapan.

We all set around and chatted for a while. Tapan bought a bottle of Champaign and we all were soon drowning alcohol at a good pace. All this while, my wife was sitting in Mr. Kumar lap and he was feeling up her legs. Mr. Kumar leaned forward and whispered something in Geeta’s ear. The look on her face was surprised and shocking at same time. She just gave him a blank look. She soon stood up and came around table to have a chat with me. She told me that Mr. Kumar has asked her to go to ladies, take her thong off and bring it back to him. After which he wants to go back on dance floor so he can properly feel her ass. I should be getting angry and punching that guy but I just froze. Mr Kumar looked at me and raised his glass in cheers gesture. The audacity of man was clearly visible. I could see Geeta getting weak in her knees and looking to me to take a decision. All I could blubber was – “well, may be it’s his fantasy. It’s not as if it can do much harm”. Before I could finish my sentence, Geeta was walking towards the ladies. Mr. Kumar gave me a thumbs up and said he can’t wait to take Geeta back on dance floor. During all this Tapan was not aware what was going on. Or so I thought. I surely did not want him to know my wife is going to walk back with her thong in her purse.

When Geeta arrived, Mr. Kumar put her back on his lap. He asked her if she got the thong, to which she nodded. He put his hand on table, instructing her to hand it over. I could see the light in Tapan’s eyes. He surely knew what was going on. Geeta opened her purse and got moist black thong out and put it in hand of Mr. Kumar. He opened it in full few and wrapped around his Champaign glass. He took few sips while touching the fabric with one hand and her legs with other. Geeta was sitting cross legged so he had no access to her pussy. He now guided her to dance floor, which left me and Tapan on table. He broke the silence by saying, don’t worry Mr. Kumar will look after Geeta.

I could watch Geeta and Mr. Kumar swinging their bodies in the crowd. I could also see Mr. Kumar’s hands on her ass, only this time he was also gliding them inside her skirt. When they got back, I said it’s time to get home. Mr. Kumar agreed but his agreement was for all of us to visit his home for some after party drinks. Tapan excused himself as he had some other date arriving. All three of us arrived at Mr. Kumar’s house. He got some cocktails out. Now he was openly flirting with Geeta.

He handed me her thong and said make sure next time she don’t wear anything at all. I put the thong in my pocket. He turned on music and soon was swinging my wife in his arms. Geeta was enjoying all this attention. In a sudden move he lifted her dress and pulled it out. Geeta was standing in a black bra and heels. Mr. Kumar asked me to unhook her bra so her boobs can breathe. I followed what he said without thinking anything. Now Geeta was standing in just her high heels.

Mr Kumar started sucking her boobs while fingering her. She was getting well excited. He guided her to bedroom and put her across the bed. He was quick taking off is clothes and soon and his old dick facing my wife. He asked me to fetch some drinks. When I got back, I could see Geeta enjoying a big Indian dick of old man in her pussy. He was screaming, Mr. Kumar give me a hard fuck and thanking him for making her a slut. He told her, he knew she will be a slut the moment he saw her. Mr. Kumar asked me to take some pictures from his phone while he was fucking my beautiful wife.

It went on for some time and when finished he got Geeta to put the dress back on and go home with me. We had best sex of our life once we got home. I could still feel the old man’s semen in her pussy. What a night!!

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