Making Dreams Come True

My name is Ned and I’ve been married to Robin for six years now. We have a two and four year old. Robin is a stay at home mother. My kids have me wrapped around their little fingers. When they say ‘Daddy’, I melt.

I’m usually a take charge kind of guy, but around Robin, I defer to her equally aggressive personality. That being said, around her friends and her family, I’m seen as a meek and mild, go with the flow, don’t rock the boat guy. It’s sad that people are so quick to pigeon hole a person.

It carries over into the bedroom too, as Robin dictates what our agenda will be on any given night. Don’t get me wrong, she likes sex and so do I, and I have no complaints.


As recently as six weeks ago, I was a sane normal guy. When I look in the mirror now, I see the devil. Maybe I’ll die in prison or maybe I’ll never be charged. I am not going to do anything other than put a couple of cheaters in a very difficult situation. I don’t feel all that bad about it. In a perverted sense, I’m making my wife’s dream come true.

I’m a big guy who works out regularly. I can easily bench press two hundred, probably more if I tried, but I don’t want to jack up my back. As I carried Spencer over my shoulder, I was glad that I was in great shape. He was kicking and wiggling around until I pinched his nose shut. With his mouth duct taped, that effectively cut off all of his oxygen.

“I can keep on holding your nose as long as you keep acting up” I calmly told him.

From that point forward, Spencer was very obedient. With the miner’s light on my forehead, I navigated through the darkness. The temperature change was drastic. Outside it was a balmy summer night, but now it was cold and clammy. The water drops helped to cool my body as this was more than a morning workout. I did have to stop several times, as this trip took thirty minutes to complete. At each stop I jotted down the course I’d taken. Once at my target destination, I less than gently dumped Spencer on the ground.

“This is what I think about guys that fuck other men’s wives.”

Spencer tried to protect his jewels, but to no avail. The built up rage was bubbling to the surface. I probably kicked him two dozen times, mostly near his crotch. Poor little Spencer was crying.

After I finished my water bottle, I headed back to retrieve Robin. I counted my steps carefully as I needed to not only get out but also get back. My shirt was soaked from the water drops and sweat.

Spencer, who until recently lived a few doors down from my house, is Robin’s lover. My hope is that IS becomes WAS in a few days. I found out by accident, which I guess is how we cuckolds usually do.

When Spencer and his family moved, a middle aged man bought his house. Paul is a likeable guy and I have a beer or two with him in his man cave. To date there’s been no reason to introduce him to Robin or my kids. He’s really into baseball, which was never my favorite. Nonetheless, about a month after he moved in, Paul helped to turn my world upside down.

“Hey Ned, you should see what the dude left behind. I found a box of DVDs behind a false wall in the laundry room. You will definitely want to watch some of these.”

“I’m game. Porn?”

“Yeah, looks like hidden camera stuff. I bet there’s sixty of these things dating back three years. This one is the most recent. It was taken a week before I closed on the house.”

Paul slid the disc in and the screen came to life. Sitting on the front of the bar stool, I took a swig of my beer. The camera angle was poor, but I could clearly make out that the man was Spencer and the woman was someone I’d seen at the neighborhood picnics. I think her name is Sandra, and I’m pretty sure she is married. Watching her suck Spencer to completion gave me a raging hard-on. After some rubbing and buffing on Sandra, Spencer pounded her from behind, which was not nearly as erotic.

“Do you recognize them?”

“Yep, that’s the guy who used to live here. He’s married and that’s not his wife. The lady is somebody else’s wife, and she lives in the neighborhood too. I think her name is Sandra.”

“This one is even hotter” as Paul changed DVDs.

Paul’s phone rang so he excused himself to take the call.

Ten seconds into this DVD I wanted to scream ‘WHAT THE FUCK?’

Naked as the day she was born, Robin was scooting into the middle of the bed. I watched in disgust as my marriage went up in smoke.

Spencer hopped on the bed, straddled Robin’s body, and then fed his cock to her. It was more Spencer face fucking her than Robin giving him a blowjob. The net effect was the same as Spencer filled Robin’s mouth. Whereas watching the first blowjob got me hard, I was as soft as cotton watching this. The pain in my chest didn’t leave any room for erotic excitement. My desire to kill both of them was running high.

After Spencer rolled off of Robin, they laid there giggling and talking.

“What’s new with cucky boy?”

“That hopeless wimp? I did get him to eat your creampie.”

“No way! How’d you do that?”

“When I got home on Tuesday, Ned was frisky and wanted a blowjob. I told him we should do a sixty-nine. He agreed so I got on top and leaked your cum into his mouth.”

It was all I could do to keep from retching. I just thought Robin was extremely turned on that day. Fucking bitch! She will pay. He will too. They were so fucking proud of themselves.

The hits just kept on coming “You know what I dreamed Spencer? That we ditched our spouses and lived the rest of our lives together.”

Closing my eyes, I seemed to disappear into my own little world. Paul’s voice brought me back to reality.

“You okay dude?”

“Yeah, just a little headache.”

Looking at the screen, Robin was bouncing on Spencer like a cowgirl. Her modest sized boobs jiggling as he pinched her nipples. More precious memories down the toilet. I’d seen enough so I told Paul that I was leaving.

“Hey Ned, before you go, do you recognize her?”

“Not really, another lady from the neighborhood. When was that one filmed?”

“Two days before the first one I showed you.”

Trying to hide my anger “Well this will save you some money, not having to buy porn.”

What a dumb slut. He was fucking everyone in the neighborhood and she thinks he’s into her. As quickly as I could do it gracefully, I left Paul’s place and started walking. If I went home now, I’d likely do or say something I MIGHT regret. Then again, it might be just what I need to do. By the time I passed through my front door, darkness had closed in, and not just the skies but also my soul.

Robin was quite miffed “Where have you been?”

Without making eye contact “I don’t feel well. I’m headed to bed.”

As I closed, and locked, our bedroom door I heard “That doesn’t answer my question! Where were you?”

Flopping down, in the middle of the bed, I heard the door handle rattle.


I couldn’t contain it any further. Quickly opening the door I growled at her “Listen SLUT, find somewhere else to sleep tonight!”

Robin’s eyes opened wide, not really in fear, more like disbelief. Slamming the door closed I returned to my prone position on the bed. My outburst had awakened the kids, which I regretted.

+ + + +

Whether I really got any good sleep is up for discussion. When the sun poked through the blinds, I was still beat. The hot shower helped, but my legs were weak. The kids were still sleeping, so I moved around quietly. Robin was waiting for me in the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee before looking at her.

“I don’t know what you think you know, but it was mean to call me a slut.”

“Oh fuck you! You’re a worthless cheating cunt. I’ve seen the video.”

“I don’t know what video you’re talking about. It has to be somebody else.”

“You stupid fucking whore. Spencer filmed your fuck sessions. I’m divorcing you.”

Robin went from total denial to aggressive bitch in the blink of an eye.

Spoken spitefully “Spencer says you can’t afford to divorce me. His brother is a lawyer so he should know. I’d get the kids, child support, and lots of alimony. Plus, you’d have to pay for somewhere for me and the kids to live. I’ve not denied you anything so only your poor little pride is hurt. So I had sex with Spencer, big deal, get over it.”

I threw my coffee cup over Robin’s head, shattering it against the far wall. Good thing the window wasn’t close by as that would have been an expensive release of anger. Robin ran out of the kitchen, slamming our bedroom door behind her. I grabbed her and my car keys, and then left the house. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew where I had been and not surprisingly, I didn’t like being there anymore.

Since I wouldn’t answer her calls, Robin sent text messages.

‘Why did you take my car keys?’

‘Because I could.’

‘Quit acting like a baby. It was just sex. You’re the one I love.’

‘I can live without your kind of love.’

‘You’ll get over this. Come home.’

Fucking bitch. I’m not about to ‘get over this’.

I knew I wouldn’t get to keep it, but I withdrew all of the money from our checking and savings accounts. It didn’t amount to much, but better me holding it than her.

Using the internet, to research divorce in my state, confirmed how screwed up the system was. Living in a fifty fifty state, her cheating meant squat. I decided to put off starting a divorce. I really couldn’t afford to move out, so I returned home, to find an empty house. Robin’s clothes were still here. My guess is that she must have found the other set of car keys and went to see momma. Her folks lived about thirty miles away.

+ + + +

Even though I hadn’t filed for divorce, I had no intention of spending another loving couple day with Robin. Our rented house was a three bedroom ranch, and all three bedrooms were in use. One of us was going to be sleeping on the couch. Since Robin wasn’t here, she didn’t get a chance to negotiate who that would be. When she gets back she will find all of her clothes in the living room.

The moon found me alone that night. No sign of Robin or my kids. Just as well as the desire to water board Robin was still coursing through my veins. Rather than sit and mope, I destroyed Robin’s wedding dress. Box cutters work really well, if you ever find yourself needing to know what to use. Our little paper shredding machine was up to the challenge of destroying any picture of Robin. Years from now my kids might wonder why there aren’t any pictures of them being cherished by their mother. I can always attribute it to Robin being camera shy.

Robin returned but didn’t stay long. I guess she doesn’t like the idea of sleeping on the couch. Spending time with the kids really helped to brighten my day.

“How long are you going to play the martyr?”

“How long are you going to play the slut?”

“Deal with it Ned. It started off innocently but once we had sex, well he’s better than you and I don’t intend to stop seeing him. Help me move my stuff back into the bedroom and you’ll get lucky.”

“My idea of getting lucky is you taking a steak knife and slitting your wrists.”

“How about I just divorce your whiney ass. Is that what you want? I can easily find someone else YOUR kids can call DADDY! Think about it. You’ll be giving me all of your paycheck and some other guy will be getting my pussy. Now get your head out of your ass or that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

When I blocked her attempt to reach our bedroom, she took the kids and fled the scene.

After a few days, Robin and the kids moved back in. Although we shared a bed, I’ve pushed her onto the floor every time she tries to snuggle.

“Look Ned, if you don’t start fulfilling your husband duty, of having sex, including you doing oral on me, I’m going to start bringing men home. Maybe that’s what you want. Is that it? Do you want to sit there wanking away while some REAL man makes love to me?”

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