Black Football Costumed fan fucks my wife in Phoenix

Black Football Costumed fan fucks my wife.


I think the good Lord gave me a pretty good wife. The two have and to hold bit had worked out really well. We met at church right after I came back from my Mission to New Zealand. My family had lived in the same Ward since I was a kid and Taylor and her family had moved into the neighborhood right before my return.

She had the love for God in her eyes and the figure of an angel. Your typical Mormon blonde with blues eyes. She was too young for me at the time so all I could do was sit back and enjoy her beauty. With me heading off to college and her mired in high school any relationship didn’t seem possible.

Actually I was twenty-one and she was fourteen, just ready for ninth grade. We’d see each other at Church when I had a weekend home at my parents. Although she remained the dutiful virgin I had quite a run with the ladies. I stayed in good shape and dabbled in sports. Contrary to what you would expect from a religious school getting lots of pussy wasn’t that hard at BYU. Freed from the rigid upbringing young freshmen ladies could be quite the little tramps. Putting out was one of the requirements in most circles. By the first time home for a holiday the young and sweet teens had tried a collection of cocks from the guys.

Lucky for me Taylor didn’t get the chance to be a little slut. The fall of my senior year in college was Taylor’s senior year in high school. The age gap still existed with me now at twenty-five and she just coming up on eighteen.

A big surprise awaited me later in the Sunday afternoon after Church. I was watching football on TV when my Dad answered the door and came back to me.

“Taylor from Church wants to talk to you.”

“I wonder what she wants?”

“You figure it out. You’re the college boy.”

Dad was a tradesman. He didn’t think much of college. I only got to go at my mother’s insistence and Dad seemed to have a grudge against it. Taylor was waiting at the door.

“Hi, Taylor. Want to come in?”

“No out here is fine. Would you close your door, please?”

I had the feeling that I might have run over her cat or it might have been her dog I had to kick at while I was jogging the day before. Instead she almost took me off my feet.

“I was wondering why you haven’t ask me out. Am I too young for you or do you not find me attractive?”

I could only stand, mouth open, as various words tried to come out.

Finally …

“Extremely attractive. I still keep thinking you are like maybe … fourteen.”

“Do I look fourteen to you?”

She did a pose that could remove any doubt about that. A pretty bold move from a very pretty young blond. The blue eyes sparkled.

“Well, do I?”

“Uh, no. Not fourteen at all.”

“So, are you going to ask me out?”

“Uh, sure. I mean …” I heard myself stuttering.

“You can take me for a burger. I’m not an expensive date.”

“Okay, when?”

“Well, it’s too late for lunch. How about a burger for dinner?”

“Uh, sure.”

I was still thinking about the age difference. I still looked twenty-five and she, well … okay, she looked seventeen. We should get some looks from people. Especially people we might know.

“Okay. It’s a date then.” Taylor smiled. “What are you doing right now?”

“Watching football.”

“Great. We can watch football until our date.”

I opened the door and followed her inside. Everyone looked puzzled. Probably me more that anyone. The old man was in his chair. One of my sisters and my Mom were watching the game.

“Taylor’s going to watch the game with us.”

“Hello, Taylor!”

Everyone knew Taylor. She was a neighborhood kid and we knew her family from being in the Ward. I sat back on the couch and Taylor settled in between my mother and me. It dawned on everyone that this was an usual thing that was happening. We cheered for the Broncos over the Chargers and Taylor was happy to cheer right along with us.

At the end of the half I made an awkward move to put my arm on the back of the couch behind her and she wiggled a few inches closer to me. I was already deciding how many kids we would have and when would be the wedding. She probably already had it figured out for me. Okay, to be honest I was thinking about how it would be like to fuck her.

When the game ended with the Broncos winning everyone seemed happy. I was a little afraid to announce our next move. Taylor handled that for me.

“Logan, we had better get going if you are going to buy that burger and fries you owe me.”

“Burger and fries?” I stumbled as my family snapped their heads towards us. “Burger, plus fries? I thought you said you were a cheap date. I have to buy fries, too?”

It was like talking to a little sister. Basically that’s what I was doing. I mean my little sister was even older than Taylor. I gave her an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day her senior year and was the old guy taking her to the prom.

In spite of both families being LDS Taylor insisted on a private ceremony with us being married by a notary at the local city park. I liked the idea. Her dad and I agreed on not having some bullshit Temple ceremony. That meant my bride and I didn’t have the wear the Jesus Britches, the famous Mormon underwear.

Taylor held on to her virginity until the wedding night. I saw her naked changing clothes a few times, felt her up and almost got a finger in her once. Finally getting to fuck her after the wedding was spectacular. Four years with BYU coeds and a few local girls my age gave me experience with about fifty young women before Taylor and I started dating. We never discussed my past experiences and teaching and learning from my new bride was truly amazing.

At first in the marriage the age difference was an effort. She noticed it too, but mostly it was me feeling like I was doing something wrong in fucking such a young wife. Taylor would joke and call herself my child bride and remind me that old men and younger women was the Mormon way.

After we married my company moved us to Oakland. Taylor got a job with an insurance agent and handled billing and claims. We got to be Raiders fans although we couldn’t really afford to go to an actual game. Snuggling on the couch and watching the games with my cock in my wife beat any stadium seat.

During our Oakland tenure we didn’t make any friends because we really enjoyed our own company. Fucking her was great. We seldom missed a night unless she was having a heavy period. The right birth control spaced that out so much it wasn’t a problem. I considered her childlike in her manners, making fucking her special. It was whenever/wherever with us getting in a lot of wake up sex and usually she wanted to fuck me three times during the Raiders games.

Her love for the Raiders carried on when I was promoted to Phoenix. Now that we had money for games, the bad new was that the team was the Cardinals. We had more money to spend so we got the TV channel for all NFL games since watching the Cards on local TV couldn’t make us a fan. We continued to associate multiple fucks during the Raiders games. It was the hottest sex of the week as Taylor really honed in on the Raiders.

Then the Sunday before Thanksgiving last year, November 18, 2018 the Raiders were in Phoenix. I splurged on tickets to surprise Taylor. That’s a lie because resale on the tickets could drop to as low as $15. I blew $80 and got us seats 4 rows from the field on the 30 yard line. I told her on Tuesday and by game day she had almost fucked my brains out.

We left way early. Got there three hours before game time to watch the stands fill and the players come out early on the field. Of course in the NFL now the idea of filled stands is a thing of the past. We had empty seats way around us. I mean that early there was not more than 100 people on our side of the field when we got there.

Of all things to happen we were sitting there this Raiders fan dressed in outrageous Raiders gear came in holding two beers and sat right next to my wife. The shocked look on her face turned to amazement, then amusement, then “Hello, Raider’s guy” all in a quick instant.

Even though the look was unarguably “Raiders” the guy was fairly good looking, spoke to us and sipped a beer. He paused and pulled out his ticket, looked around, checked the seat number and settled back.

“What’s the odds of that? All of the empty seats around us and here we are.” He questioned.

Taylor gave a confirming giggle and relaxed into her seat. I whispered to ask her is she wanted to trade seats with me. She turned me down. I noticed her nipples straining through her bra and poking her shirt.

“I’m fine, Sweetie.” She whispered. “I didn’t expect him to be black when he first sat down.”

I didn’t notice it then either until he spoke about us being the only ones in the seats. He was so dressed in Raiders black and had the silly head piece and some kind of other crazy shit race was the last thing to notice. Taylor and I spent the next several minutes glancing sideways at our new seat neighbor. My wife had herself centered in the seat and began to share an armrest with the man.

And, black he was though. Very black. Not jet black, but very dark. He must have been 6′ 5″ and with a great physique. We both kept glancing sideways. He spoke to Taylor a few times and soon she was no longer giving one word answers as she warmed up to the stranger in the next seat. Then I heard him say:

“If you are such a great Raiders fan where’s the jersey? If nothing else you should be wearing a jersey.”

Taylor laughed.

“We’ve never been to an actual game. We just watched on TV.”

“You need a jersey, girl. Let’s go get you a Derek Carr jersey.”

“Oh, no. I couldn’t afford it. It must be a hundred dollars.”

“My treat. I need to spend my money on somebody. The ex-wife has been gone almost a year. And, you can help me carry back more beer.”

More beer wasn’t what he needed. Taylor resisted until the stranger got her really interested. She looked at her husband that was looking on amusedly. He was looking at it as a free hundred dollars. He gave her a look to go for it.”


She looked at her husband and back at the huge black man. Both were grinning and agreeable for her to go. With a look like she’d been told to “pick any candy you like” Taylor popped to her feet and preceded the black man across the row of seats and up the aisle. Logan watched his wife’s ass as they she left. Women get this move when they think men are watching that they walk like their pussy is down on a pole, or a big cock, and they are trying to walk over and around it. In Taylor’s case it looked like she was trying to settle down over it.

He couldn’t help but smile. His little bride was pretty naive about just about everything and the excitement of going to get a free jersey with a black man she had met twenty minutes earlier had her almost giddy. Logan had to smile. Jealous? Maybe. He tried to adjust his hardon in his pants. In the back of his mind he had an imagine of his nineteen year wife old taking black cock.

It took longer than Logan expected. At almost forty-five minutes he stood up to go look for them. As he got to the end of the row and looked up the aisle there they were ready to head down. Taylor was wearing the number 4 jersey with Carr’s name on it with the black friend right behind her in his. Both were carrying two beers. He was holding a plastic shopping bag.

Logan kept standing and waited for them. As Taylor approached she got a pained look on her face.

“Sorry, Hun. We had to go across the stadium to find the Raiders stuff and the beer line is already getting long.”

She kissed him on the cheek and handed him a beer.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Oh, the jersey is a large. Cal joked about it being long enough to be a dress so I took off my shorts and top under it. I’ll have to be careful when I bend over or people will see my panties.”

Cal was grinning. The hem of the shirt was only about six inches below her pussy and really didn’t hide much when she sat down. Logan got that hardon again. Taylor seemed to sit a little more towards Cal in the seat than to her own husband. Logan imagined looking up her skirt. She had started shaving her pussy a couple of weeks earlier. Anyone that got the view would see a smooth cunt and a slit through the panty crotch.

He started on the beer and Taylor had finished hers. Cal poured half of his second drink into her cup. Taylor wasn’t much of a drinker. Beer to her was like a semi-annual affair.

“Oh, Hey man. We got you something in the bag.” Cal offered. “It’s a Chucky visor. If the game goes bad you can throw it and stomp on it.”

Logan looked in the bag. The visor was in the bottom. On top of that was his wife’s shorts and top. Taylor didn’t mention taking off her bra. No wonder her nipples were making points against the jersey. His wife winked at him. He put on the visor and tried to ignore the jerking in the pit of his stomach.

The whole conversation was between the black man and Logan’s wife. There was a lot of touching going on between them. Logan was doing the slide glance while his cock was throbbing from what he was witnessing. Then Cal showed off one of his smooth moves. He pointed across the stadium and off to the right. As she leaned up to look his left hand went to her bare right thigh. A light touch at first and when Taylor didn’t resist the palm went down and slid up towards her pussy.

Logan about shit himself. The idea of the old black man trying that on the young wife was surprising, but not as surprising as when she did not make him stop. Words didn’t work for Logan although he did think his lips might have moved.

The nerve of the bastard. The guy must be late forties and thinking a young women would let him get away with that! But, she did let him get away with that. Taylor’s like of older men was going well beyond the seven years difference between herself and her husband. This more like twenty.

“Why do I keep getting this hardon?” Logan kept scolding to himself.

The interaction continued. Taylor didn’t seemed phased by Cal’s hand on her thigh. The hand stayed in contact as Cal moved it along her thigh out to her knee and then back up towards her pussy again. This time it went higher. Taylor opened her legs a little wider. With no one near them in the seats around them the black man had free reign. Having her husband on her left didn’t faze her.

The hand went up her thigh again. The dark brown fingers looked huge. He had to be touching her pussy through her panties. The young wife sucked in her breath. Only his arm was visible now. Hand and fingers were completely up her short skirt. Logan hadn’t taken a breath in minutes.

The arm twisted as fingers were repositioned. Taylor whimpered and threw her head back a little. He had to have a finger or fingers in her now. Taylor was breathing in a short shallow panting. The arm movement could not be mistaken. Cal was finger-fucking Logan’s white wife. Logan barely heard her hiss under her breath:

“You’re going to get you fingers sticky!”

“I’ll make the stickier than that.” Cal tried to whisper back.

“Oh, God. You’re making me cum!

Taylor was a little louder this time. She lurched in the seat and leaned into him. She grabbed his arm as she nestled against his chest. There was almost a scream that muffled into a quiet screech. Cal had made her cum.

They sat there quietly for a while. Taylor’s hand was on the inside of Cal’s thigh this time. She was stroking him softly through his pants. Logan stared at a bulged knob that was way to close to Cal’s knee.

“Jesus Christ!” Again, the images in the back of his mind with Taylor’s cunt shoved full of black cock. “God Damn it!”

After some quiet reflecting while Taylor rubbed Cal’s big cock Cal wanted more beer.

“Time for another beer run. The vendors won’t come down here until there’s more people.”

He stood up and reached for Taylor’s hand.

“Come on, Babe. I need you to help carry.”

She took his hand and held it all the up to the top of the aisle and beyond. Again her ass moved liked she had a huge cock in her cunt. Logan thought about how soaked her bald little cunt would be. He wished he had her to himself and his face buried in her twat.

“Jesus Christ! God Damn it, anyway. What the hell is she thinking?”

They were gone thirty minutes this time. Each was carrying a cup holder with four beers in it. Taylor was smirking at her husband to acknowledge what Cal had done to her and daring him to do anything about it. The seats around them were filling now. The opportunity for Cal to feel up Logan’s wife any more had vanished.

“Here Honey. Have a beer.”

Logan took it and mumbled thanks.

God Damn it! They looked like a couple. One of those interracial couples where the wife jumps race to fuck a huge cock on a full time basis. Cal would probably fuck her if she would let him. Would she? It was looking like a yes. Bullshit!

The game was pretty good. The Raiders won by two, 23 to 21. Every good play Taylor was hugging Cal. By the end of the game they were kissing, too. Not just pecks either. And, there were times his hand would go up her bare thigh.. Not even a touch of modesty was in her to stop him for others not to see. At least she didn’t spread open and let him finger fuck her again with a crowd around them. Logan sported the continual hardon.

With the game over people hit the exists as the three of them, Cal, Taylor, and Logan stayed in their seats. That was the proper way to list them, Cal, Taylor, … and Logan.

One of the last of the others to leave was a couple in about their early seventies. The woman bent over and said something in Taylor’s ear. Taylor answered back in a regular voice.

“Thanks, I already did!”

After about ten minutes it was just the three of them like it had started out. Well, actually, it was just the two of them that seemed to Logan to be forever ago. Most of the talking between Cal and Taylor was drowned out by stadium noise before it could get to Logan.

On the way out Cal needed to hit the restroom to drain some of the eight or so beers he had downed. Taylor had drank five herself and the alcohol only added to her married cunt being hot for the new friend with the black cock.

“Want to come with me? The lines will be shorter.” Cal teased.

“Maybe not this time, Babe.”

Logan didn’t like him calling his wife Babe. It was him being way too familiar. It really got to him. Then there was that niggling grab to his thought, “What did she mean this time?”

Cal got out of the restroom first. Time for a little small talk. Should Logan say something about seeing Cal finger fuck his wife. That would admitting that he saw it and did nothing about it. Maybe he should let it be and years from now it can be one of those funny stories couples remind each other about. Cal broke the silence.

“Hey, Man. You are so lucky to have a wife like Taylor and being able to fuck her whenever you want.”

“Yeah, it’s great. But, the Taylor you met today isn’t so much the real her.”

“Maybe it is. Maybe you see the side that isn’t the real her and today is who she really is.”

The guy really knew how to push the right buttons. Taylor appeared out of the crowd at the lady’s room and walked directly to Cal to stand next to him, actually leaning into him. Cal put his arm around her waist and patted her butt a little. Taylor looked at her husband and turned back whispered something up to Cal’s ear, then turned back to Logan.

“Honey, we were talking earlier. Cal has come down from Flagstaff for the game. He rented a hotel room and paid for a ride over here on Uber rather than fight the crowd and pay for parking. It’s going to be tough to get a ride now. I told him we’d give him a ride after traffic clears a bit.”

Logan knew he was fucked. Or, rather knew his wife was going to be. He could see the scheming in her eyes. Once to the hotel she’s going want to go in a few minutes and Cal would fuck her right in front of him. After the afternoon of watching her let him get away with everything Logan was at the point of getting what he could from her activities.

“We can sit in the car and visit in the car for a while.” Taylor had everything in motion. “You and Cal have barely had a chance to talk.”

They walked out to their SUV. Logan used the remote to unlock the car.

“You can ride up front with me, Cal. You’ll need the extra room for you long legs.”

It seemed like a nice try.

“Oh, it wouldn’t be fair to have the lady sit in the back my herself.”

He got into the back and Taylor scooted up right next to him. When her husband looked back at them Taylor was giving the black man a full on kiss on the mouth. She had her tongue working and when they broke the kiss she sighed.

“It’s so good to be off to ourselves and not have everyone crowded around us.”

“Really, Taylor? It was a Cardinals game. Where did you see a crowd?” Logan scoffed.

Taylor began kissing again. Cal had his hand on a boob and brushed across her stomach down to those thighs. He turned with his right hand free and ran the hand up her thigh and onto her pussy. The young Mormon wife opened her legs to give him full access. The $100 Raiders jersey seemed like a small pittance as the wife rolled around inside it. Logan was developing an attitude.

“Hey, Taylor! What did the old woman say to you when they left and you said, Already did, thanks?”

“She said go ahead and fuck him. Your husband won’t stop you.”

“What the fuck does that mean?”

“In the restroom. When we went for the jersey Cal had to piss. He came to the door and said to come on inside that no one was in there.”

“And, you did?”

“I didn’t even hesitate, Baby. I wanted him inside me. I let him fuck me in a stall.”

“Jesus! Did you let him cum in you?”

“Why would I fuck him if I wasn’t going to let him cum in me?”

Logan was devastated. His head spun. She knew a black stramger 20 minutes and fucked him. Let him cum in her. Then fabric flew between the seats and landed on the passenger side. Cum soaked panties. Cal had already fucked her and she had sat next to her husband the whole time the game was going on. He held thepanties in his hands and felt the slick mess of black seed in the crotch.

“God? How much could still be in her?”

He turned to look between the seat backs into the back seat. Taylor’s legs were up and spread. Cal’s dark body was between them feeding his black cock into her. He had seen the length when she rubbed him at the stadium. Logan could see three or four inches not going anywhere as Cal was bottoming out of Logan’s bride. Cal probably had more in her already than her husband ever had.

“God Damn it. Taylor! How can you be doing this to me?”

“Sorry, Baby. It’s so fucking good. Do you have any idea how much cock he has in me?”

Cal raised his ass up and pulled out to show Logan with just the head nestled in her outer lips. It looked like nine or ten inches and pretty damned thick. Her juices and left over cum from the earlier black seeding clung to his black cock.

“Good luck getting all that in you!” Logan sneered.

“Oh, I’m going to, Baby. I’m going to!”

Cal plunged back into Logan’s wife. This time it was two or three inches left out of her.

“Oh, God Damn! Where’s that going? Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! Oh, Fuck me! Watch me take it, Sweetie. Watch me take all of it!”

She was taking it. Down to a couple of inches now and squirming for more. Cal made her cum. She squealed, and grunted and groaned as the black monster dove into her. The sounds were just gibberish as he pounded her. He slowed down and she clung her arms around his neck wanting more.

“I can feel your balls tapping against my ass when you’re so close to being in me all the way.”

Logan looked around the parking lot. A few cars were near them, but he didn’t see any people. With the tinted side windows only someone directly in front could she his wife being plowed into. He considered opening the door behind them so he could see Cal buried in her.

Logan looked back again at Cal fucking Taylor. Cal had been pretty good at holding his body in a position so that the cuckolded husband could see his big cock go in Logan’s wife. He was doing long and slow strokes to her now. Taylor seemed completely out of her mind in ecstasy. Each time the black cock would go back inside her it was going a little deeper. Taylor was too deep into orgasms to notice when she had all of it in her until Cal spoke.

“All in, Babe! Does that feel nice and snug in you?”

Taylor had been in one long orgasm since he had started to make her cum several minutes ago. He could pull out and she’d still cum for another ten minutes.

“Huh? What? Oh, my God. You are! You are all in me! Oh, Jesus Christ, Sweetheart. Look, Cal’s all in me.”

“Yeah. Nice Taylor. Real fucking nice!”

“Fuck me, Cal. Make me cum some more. I want to feel your seed shoot into me.”

Cal jammed it into her. No long slow strokes this time. He’d pull out a couple of inches and slam back into her. His ass cheeks were clenching as he delivered a load deep into her cervix. Taylor let out a low guttural scream and was silent for several moments.

“Is she alright?”

“Yeah, Man.” Cal answered. “It happens to most women when the go all out. It takes them to the full limit of what their sensory system can stand. I mean your wife went all out. Most women don’t take it all the first time like your wife did. They just go out on me.”

“Is she okay?”

“Other than being imprinted on black cock now she will be fine. She may want to jump every black guy she sees for a while. It’s kind of up to her. Some women just treat it as a life experience and go back to their marriage. Some women can’t. The never go back thing is true for most wives though. They’ll keep fucking black guys whether the husband knows about it or not.”

Cal gave a couple of little nudges into Taylor.

“I’ll leave my cock in her while she’s out of it. Give her a little poke to push my seed back up into her, you know. I’ve seen them totally unconscious and still cum on my cock. She’s probably feeling my sperm trying to impregnate her egg right now if she’s not on the pill. She’s got a uterus full of my seed by now.”

Cal went from pokes to fucking into her again.

“God Damn! She got me hard again.”

“Is she awake?”

“Not really, but she’s fucking back at me. That’s what women do. They want kids and family, but what they really want is fucking a man, and if it’s not her man … all the better!”

Cal was hitting her at a good rhythm, keeping it deep in her.

“She’s loving that, Man. Look at her face in a grunt. Watch her grind that little cunt. She’s dream fucking, Baby. She’s dream fucking. I can’t hold it. Fuck her! I’m going to come in her again!”

Cal almost bellowed as he sent more seed into Taylor’s tummy. Logan watch Cal’s hips flex as another load of black sperm surged into his wife’s uterus.

“She’s fucked good now. I leave it in her. That should have brought her around.”

Taylor’s hips were still grinding Cal’s big cock as she began to stir back to the moment. There was a look on her face as she saw it was Cal sliding in and out of her.

“You fucked me! I felt you cum in me. Did you cum in me twice?”

“You felt the second time. You were just off in another world.”

Taylor’s mind cleared. She looked around the SUV and into the front seat at her husband then down at the #4 Raiders jersey. If it wasn’t true that was one hell of a dream. She laid under Cal and flexed her cunt against his softening cock as she revisited the day. She looked at her husband, looking angry.

“YOU! YOU! You let me do this?”

Logan was shocked.

“Don’t worry about it, Man.” Cal laughed. “That’s white women for you. Always looking for a reason to fuck some guy, and then blame the husband.”

Logan looked back to Taylor. She looked mad. She really was blaming him.

“Don’t let her bullshit you. Your wife is a fucking predator. It was her all the way from when I first sat down next to her.”

Cal was looking at her and she was thinking about fucking him again. His cock was still in her and if he was up to it she was wanting fucked with it again.

“Oh, shit! Security is heading this way.” Logan panicked. His wife getting caught fucking a black man wouldn’t go over well with the family.

Cal only needed to pull up his pants and zip. Taylor only needed to get the jersey down to cover thighs. Halfway? Logan figured that would be enough.

The security cart was almost there. Logan looked down. His wife’s cum filled panties were still in his lap. The guard was looking at him while he shoved them between the seats.

“Good afternoon. You’re only allowed to be here an hour after the game.”

“We were waiting for traffic to clear on the highway before taking out friend to his hotel.”

“We’ll you have clear sailing now.” The guard smiled.

“What hotel?” The guard had a different smile.

“The Residence Inn.” Cal’s voice came from the back.

“Hey, nice. Two hundred and twenty bucks a night.”

“Traffic wasn’t that bad.” The guard told them. “It was a Cardinal’s game, you know.”

Logan searched the address for Residence Inn on his cell phone and hit GPS for directions. Cal and Taylor continued their banter in the back seat as Cal had the jersey up again and messing with her clit. Her husband scowled as he could see she was hot and ready to fuck again.

Logan stopped under the entrance canopy wanting Cal to get out and that be the end of it.

“We aren’t done yet. Are we, Babe?”

Cal already knew Taylor’s answer. He directed Logan to a space along the front.

They could have used other entrances. Cal wanted to go in the front. He turned to Logan.

“You may want to hang back a little bit and watch. Everyone that sees us is going to know I’m fucking your wife. Watch the reactions. If you drop back too far the room number is 238.”

The hotel was pretty fancy. It was easy to see the two hundred per night room fee. Logan waiting, watched Cal’s arm around Taylor’s waist as they walked across the lot together into the front door. He had given them a hundred foot head start. Taylor’s ass had a nice “I’ve been fucked” swing to it.

Logan could have found room 238 on his own. He wanted to see his wife go in to get fucked by this black guy. Cal was right. Guests were waiting to check in and people were visiting in the lobby. Everyone gave them the same look as they moved towards the elevator. The white woman is going to fuck the black guy.

The elevator door closed on him before Logan could get to it. Panic hit him hard. A major case of separation anxiety. He was separated from his wife and the black man that had been fucking her by steel and concrete. He nervously punched the up button time and time again.

By the time he looked at the door marked “stairs” he was ready to scream or cry. He started to bolt for the door before deciding the elevator couldn’t be much longer. Finally the button dinged and the doors started to open. Logan almost ran over two men getting off at the lobby floor. As he got in and started punching the 2 button frantically he could hear the men talk while walking away.

“It looks like that black guy is getting himself some white pussy.”

“Yeah, she looks like the kind of cunt that would fuck black cock.”

The doors closed. It seemed like forever before he started up to the second floor and forever for the door to open. He almost jumped out, looking both ways. Cal and Taylor were no where in sight. Panic again.

“What if he’s fucking her and won’t let him me in? What if?? What if???”

Logan finds the room direction numbers. <201 to 224 – 225 to 248>. Run right. Any faster and he would be at full trot. There it was … 238! He is panting for breath now. He tapped on the door. No answer for too long of time. God, they’re in there fucking. They won’t let me in, goes through his mind.

Recheck the room number. Yes, 238. Maybe he heard it wrong. Maybe Cal lied to him on purpose. Panic, panic, and more panic. Cell phone, yes. Call her cell phone. What if she doesn’t answer? He drops the phone on the carpet. Then starts to hit the speed dial number for her phone.

The door handle jiggles. The door opens. Taylor is standing there nude. The God Damned ugly Raiders jersey is on the floor.

“Hi, Sweetie. Where have you been? I thought you were right behind us.”

“Elevator!” He chokes out the word.

“We’re going to shower anyway. Look at what you let him do to me.”

Her pussy hadn’t tightened back a bit since Cal pulled his cock from her. Cum was seeping out of her and down both thighs. He thought about the guys leaving the elevator.

“Looked like the kind of cunt that would fuck a black guy.”

She did. She stood there swaying her hips side to side before even letting him in and closing the door. His wife looked like the kind of woman that would fuck black cock.

Logan could hear the shower water start. Both looked that direction.

“Coming, Babe?”

“Every chance I get!”

Taylor giggled, kissed her husband on the lips and went to join her black lover in the shower. Logan sat on the bed. Taylor kept making squealing and giggling sounds in the bathroom. Logan started pacing. Too long in there. Is he fucking her again?

The water stopped. The door opened and steam rolled out. Taylor stood by the bed to dry off and tossed her towel on the floor. Totally naked and ready to be fucked again she bounced backwards back on the bed, legs open, pussy exposed. Her husband had sat on a chair by the bed and Taylor had her cunt pointed directly at him.

“What do you think, Honey? What do you think of your wife’s little pussy now?” She teased.

With her husband showing some displeasure she dug in harder.

“How would you like to fuck me now? Cal put his seed so far up in me he said it may be up there the next time he fucks me. And, I don’t mean now or later tonight. I mean next week and the times after that.”

“You’re a bit of a whore. You know that don’t you. Taylor?” Logan spat out the words.

“And, a damned good one at that!” Cal was coming back into the room. “Not a lot of white chicks can take a black dick like Taylor can.”

“Well, you’re just jealous, Logan. So, fuck you!” Taylor almost spat the words at her husband.

“It’s not jealous. If you remember, you are my wife.”

By then Cal was between her thighs working his huge cock into her again. That shut both of them up with Taylor enjoying her insides bring jammed open and Logan stared silently as the black cock went into his wife again.

“So, this is the way it’s going to be?” Logan asked himself. “A Sunday afternoon to a football game outlines the rest of our lives, or will this be a one time thing and she’s over it?”

The action on the bed was showing that she probably wasn’t going to be over it. Cal was banging into her at full depth and she was wanting more. Harder and faster, her cunt was a blur against his crotch as she gave way to animal instincts. Breed with the strongest and biggest. Taylor looked like if wasn’t for the birth control pill she’d be fucking for triplets.

No longer the dainty lady overcome by the big bad black cock Taylor was in charge. She taking everything Cal had, tearing at his very soul. He cervix would soon be sucking the load right out of his balls and right into her womb.

Cal knew it. The domination he so craved was gone now. Fear almost shone in his eyes. Taylor was using him now. Instead of the master he was, now just a cock with the prize she so wanted about to blast deep in her wanton cunt. Taylor knew. She felt the shift. Do longer a death-fucked rag doll she had the power. Her hands gripped his ass with zero chance of his escape. Taylor rode under him to orgasm after orgasm while Cal looked like he’s give up a testicle just to have it over and done.

Cal roared. Finally he was cumming in her. Finally his balls gave him their release. When his cum started into her Taylor went into hyper-drive. Her whole body centered of his spurting staff.

“Cum in me motherfucker. Shoot that sperm into me. I want every single fucking seed. Every single fucking seed! Do you hear me, motherfucker? Do you hear me? Flood my cunt, motherfucker. Flood my fucking cunt.”

Logan was frightened. He had never imagined such fury and ecstasy in a woman. Cal’s spirit was beaten. Usually dominating a woman he was now the one learning how domination felt. Taylor’s presence commanded the room. Cal pulled his cock from her and went into the bathroom. Taylor smiled at her husband.

“What do you think, Honey? What do you think of your bride now?”

Cal came back into the room.

“Here, Sweetie. Lay next to me on the bed.” She cooed at her black lover.

Taylor attacked his cock, pumping the shaft and sucking the head, getting about a third of it into her mouth.

“Oh God, Babe. I need to rest.”

Logan watched his wife do something to the black man what she said would be dirty and nasty when done to him. Now she would suck a cock. She would jerk and suck Cal until he’d almost cum and then back off. He’d want to cum and she’s crush his nuts and not let him. After almost a half hour she took his load into her mouth, showed it to Logan, and swallowed.

Seeing a mouthful of black seed in his wife’s mouth and then knowing she swallowed it made Jason retch. He caught himself, but it left him very nauseated. It’s not easy seeing his wife gulp a stranger’s cum into her belly.

Taylor went into the bathroom. Leaving the door open Logan could watch her wipe Cal’s cum out of her cunt. She looked at her teeth and tongue and decided Cal’s cum residue was not a problem.

Cal was in a shattered mood.

“Why don’t we get dressed and we can go downstairs for dinner.” Cal offered.

“I’m not going down there wearing a cum cover Raiders jersey.” Taylor protested. “Honey, go down to the car and get my clothes from the bag, please. Don’t worry. I won’t fuck him while you are gone.”

It was the whole anxiety thing again for Logan. What if it is a trick. What if they were trying to ditch him? Grabbing the key card and assuring himself he was being silly he hurried to the SUV and back. Taylor was waiting naked on the bed and Cal had dumped the raider gear for street clothes. Taylor put on her shorts without the cum laden underwear. She started to put on her bra, but tossed it on the bed. The top showed the shape of her tits, nice C-Cups, and the nipples poked against the material.

Dinner at the hotel wasn’t cheap. Cal paid out almost $200 for the three of them. Taylor sat close to Cal and gave him her attention.

“I want people to know I’m fucking him.”

Afterward they ate she looked at Logan.

“I’m ready for him to take me upstairs and fuck me again before we leave.”


“Not you, just him!” Taylor glared at her husband. “You can wait in the car or the lobby.”

“How long is that going to be?”

“Not long. I want to go home with a load of his cum in me.”

When they got up from the table Cal led Logan’s wife hand and hand to the elevator. Logan watched them get in and the doors close. The feeling hit the pit of this stomach. Maybe when they come back Taylor will be his again. He stayed in the lobby to catch the first glimpse of them returning.

Taylor was correct. Twenty minutes seemed like forever, but didn’t seem so bad when Taylor exited the elevator alone and swayed across the lobby towards her husband. Taylor walked about six feet in front of him until they reached the SUV. Logan opened the door for her and held her hand as she got in.

Now behind the wheel Logan turned to his straying wife.

“What the fuck, Taylor! What caused all that?”

“I don’t want to talk about it now. Matter of fact I don’t want to talk about it at all.”

“Maybe when we get home then.”

“No! Damn it, Logan. This is just as weird for me as it is for you. I can’t give you my reason now. I’m telling you I don’t want to fucking talk about it.”

Logan didn’t know his wife well enough to know she’d let a black man fuck her, but he did know when to shut the fuck up. The ride home was in silence as Taylor appeared sullen as she sat with a sulking look on her face. All Logan could think of was all that cock going inside her and that cum … all that cum right up her snatch and into her uterus.

It was still early in the evening when they arrived home. Whatever Taylor’s plans were a mystery. Would she meet up and fuck Cal some other time? Was guilt bothering her? Logan watched her as she moved around the house not talking to him at all. Logan sat on the couch. Some inconsequential shit was play on TV. After a few minutes his wife cuddled under his arm and watched the TV with him. He started to brush his hand against her.

“Don’t fucking touch me!”

She got up and left the room. Logan followed and watched from the hallway while she went into the laundry room. She held up the Raiders jersey and then hugged it to her chest. She put her head down and muttered things to herself. She lovingly loaded it into the washing machine. Next she took off her clothes and tossed in her top, shorts, and bra. She held her cum stained panties, raising the garment to her lips and kissed the musky crotch. It looked like some type of prayer as she again spoke to things he had touched.

Logan knew better than to let her know he was watching. He scooted back to the couch. He heard their bedroom door close. He watched the news to give her some time. At ten he quietly entered the room. Taylor was lying naked on the bed unsurprisingly with her legs open and her cunt sticky with leakage of Cal’s sperm from their last coupling.

Logan joined her in bed. Nothing was said. Taylor rolled to her side and nestled to him.

“Taylor, are you okay?”

“I told you not to fucking talk to me.”

She was quiet for several minutes, trembling a little.

“I’m so full of black stranger’s cum.”

She went to sleep with him holding her.

The rest of the week was much the same way. Her not talking. Logan not talking, either except for some cursory conversations at time to time. Finally on Saturday they went shopping together and the young wife seemed to mellow a bit, talking, but with a bitterness. Back at home putting the groceries she came to him for a hug. He kissed her on top of her head. Then a bold and equally stupid move on his part.

“You know there isn’t a home game this week or next. They’re playing the Chargers and Packers on the road.”

Taylor laughed and looked up at him.

“Why? You wanting to see me get black fucked again?”

“Oh, no! Jesus Christ, no!”

“I think you are lying to me. Fuck me right now and I’ll tell you why that happened.”

With almost a week of thinking about his wife and Cal fucking Logan was on edge to need some pussy. He wondered what it would be like to sink into the mess of what once was his bride’s tight cunt. Taylor picked up the concerned look on his face.

“Oh, come on, Honey. You can’t really think it looks like it did when Cal last pulled his cock out of me. I was done leaking his cum by the second day. From the amount he put directly into my uterus that’s pretty remarkable in itself. The birth control pills have worked for us for a year and a half. I really doubt he impregnated me. Women know those things if he did. Sperm live for 3 to 4 days in a woman, so any remaining would be dead by now.”

Logan was silent.

“It won’t be the same pussy you married, but you won’t notice much difference. I was already pretty tight when his sperm quit leaking out of me. If you aren’t thinking of Cal when you fuck me you’re going to enjoy it. Come on, Sweetie. Fuck your little wife.”

Wow! Some sales pitch. Was she talking him out of fucking her or into it? Logan did want to fuck her.

She took off her jeans and panties and leaned with her chest on the countertop. Logan gazed at her exposed pussy. She was keeping it smoothly shaven. A little bit of moisture nestled between her outer lips. That pose did more than anything she could have said. Logan took off his jeans and underwear and slid his extremely hard cock into her waiting cunt.

“Oh, Sweetheart! It’s so good to have you inside me again. Still pretty snug for a wayward wife, huh?”

Taylor had her cunt grinding on him as it sucked at his shaft as she moved against him as fast as he could plunge his cock into her. They seemed to be in perfect unison. Jason had her gasping as he fucked into her. He had no reason to hold back. If he got off he wouldn’t wait for her. He’d just blow his load and leave her with her ass in the air and wanting more. Not that wasn’t the case most of the time anyway.

Something strange happened. When he felt his balls start to churn Taylor exploded against his cock. She had never cum before he had before. When Logan pulled out out Taylor turned around breathless and red in the face.

“Wow! I guess I learned how to cum!” She gasped.

Logan was still hard.

“Oh my, God. Look at you! Come on what I want to tell you I want to tell you in the bedroom.”

Logan made it to the bedroom with his cock still at full staff. Taylor had a surprised look on her face.

“Oh, maybe we can talk later.”

That was an easy invitation, an offer Logan couldn’t refuse as his wife rolled on her back and opened her legs. This time it was his cum that began to leak from her cunt. Logan moved between her spread thighs and went balls deep in her. He began to fuck her slowly. Having not spoken yet Taylor broke into words.

“Oh, fuck. Hair trigger. Sorry. Fuck me. Fuck me. You’re making me cum.”

Logan was stunned. She was right there. Not as wild as crammed full of black cock with Cal, but Taylor was after his load of seed. She had never been aggressive with him like this. A loud moan and she was there. Her previously black fucked pussy was gripping his cock. Logan spurted a second load into the voracious blond as she went wild beneath him.

“Whew! Maybe we better talk in the kitchen. You probably need to replenish some fluids anyway.” Taylor giggled.

Logan was proud of himself in spite of watching what Cal had done to her the previous Sunday. Taylor poured them soft drinks from a 2-liter bottle.

Taylor took a drink and sat down the glass.

“Maybe Mom was right. It did make it better.”

“What’s that mean?”

“I guess we’ll sit here naked and I’ll tell you.”

Taylor smiled. Her boobs looked bigger. The nipple still hard like pebbles.

“You know that my Mom is the most uppity Mormon around. She buys into the whole religion. Runs the Relief Society. Has her nose in everything. About shit a brick when I told her we weren’t having a Temple wedding.”

“I’ll have to agree on that.”

“So, the very week of my wedding I come from school one period early. I went in the house and laid my books of the couch to go in the kitchen for a snack. I guess they didn’t her my car pull up. There was Mom bent over the center island stark naked, clothes and church garments on the floor. Behind her was Mr. Jenkins from next door with the biggest cock I could imagine shoved up her pussy.”

“Mr. Jenkins? The retired teacher from next door? The black Mr. Jenkins? Like sixty some years old Mr. Jenkins?”

“Yes, he was giving it to her good. The language out of Mom’s mouth was unbelievable. “Fuck me. Pound my cunt. Shove that cock in me deep!”

“What did you do?”

“I should have screamed. Instead I stood there and watched, even creeping to the doorway to get a better view. He was big. Mom was taking it all. Even bigger than Cal as good as an eighteen year old can remember. The image never leaves me, her fucking him like that. They fucked for about ten minutes without them knowing I was in the room. Then he growled and blasted his cum into her. Mom apparently got even more that he did out of it.”

“Jesus Christ! Your Mom? The church lady?”

“Yes, my Mom the church lady getting fucked from behind by a black neighbor. They still hadn’t seen me. Mr. Jenkins pulled out. Mom was reaching for paper towels when this homogenous load of cum surged out of her and onto the floor. Mom laughed and told Mr. Jenkins since they hadn’t fucked with him behind lately she had forgotten how much cum he put in her. She put a paper towel between her legs and handed one to him to wipe off his cock. Then she bent down to clean up the puddle on the floor. That’s we she looked up and saw me standing there.”

“Holy shit, Honey. I had no idea.”

“Quietly Mr. Jenkins asked me how was school and gave me congrats on getting married. I guess the news had spread. He took his time getting dressed, not trying to hide the size of his black cock from me. Then he went home. Mom stayed naked and sat on one of the barstools and patted for me to sit next to her. Even at forty Mom hid a good figure. It was a very awkward start to a conversation.”

Taylor’s mother very methodically began to talk.

“Sorry about exposing you to that. I’ve been busy the last couple of days. We knew you’d be home in an hour so rather than hitting the bedroom we thought it would be fun to do it in the Kitchen again. We never expected you home early and see what you saw. When did you get here?”

“Quite a while ago mother. I heard the things you said and watched you do what you did!”

“You mean fucking Edgar Jenkins, Dear?”

“Yes, Mother! Fucking Edgar Jenkins! How long has this gone on?”

“It’s been quite the good while, Dear. When we moved here seven years ago the next day Mr. Jenkins said hello over the fence and ten minutes later I had him in the house fucking him. I guess you can see why. Anyway, the first few years we had to sneak around with his wife still alive. Then after his wife died and he retired I’ve been fucking him almost every day.”

“With you such a bitch about the Church and Temple vows I can’t believe you’ve been fucking our neighbor … our black neighbor.”

“Well, Dear. There have been others. In my defense, when the opportunity arises and it looks like a good thing I love to get my pussy full of black seed.”

“How many others? Jesus Christ, Mother! How many others?”

“Oh, I have no idea. I like to try new black cock a couple of times every month. When I was about two months pregnant with your older sister I fucked my first black man and was hooked. I’d been married to your father for about a year and a half.”

“Does Dad know?”

“I don’t think so. A lot of the others do though.”

“Others? What others, Mother?”

“Well, your three sisters. Their husbands. My four sisters, your Dad’s sister. Most of your cousins, both on my side and your Dad’s side. Oh, your grandma, my mother. She caught me fucking some black guy I had met at the supermarket when you were about two. She gave me an ass chewing like you wouldn’t believe. I explained my reasons, told her about how big some of the cocks were. About two weeks later she came to me a said something in the most funny way.”

“Sweetheart, I’d like to try one of your Negroes.”

“No way, Mom. Not your Mother! Oh know, not Grandma!” Taylor exclaimed.

“Next day I had one my “Negroes” over to the house. As soon as he showed her his cock she started talking off clothes. She spiked her garments to the floor like a running back spiking a football in the end zone. I let them use my bed and stayed to watch. You should have seen your Grandmother take ten inches of black cock and go nuts when she felt his seed in her!”

“This is so vile and disgusting. I think I’m going to be sick. How does this happen?”

“I think it is a rebellion thing about the way the men treat the women in Church. Nothing equalizes things more for a wife in a marriage than fucking a black guy. I’ll give you this advice for a happy life. Marry a Mormon man for home, house, and children. Find a few black men to fuck to save your marriage and make it worthwhile. Nothing compares to a Mormon wife full of black seed humming around the house with her husband and children. Get married. Honeymoon for a while. Then find yourself some black cock to fuck.”

Taylor was quiet while Logan reflected on what his wife had just told him.

“After all the questions from Mom and sisters and the like if I’d fucked a black man yet, this guy, this slightly dangerous looking black man in a Raiders jersey sat next to me and flashed his smile all I could think was to wonder what his cock would feel like in me.”

“And, you’re good with it?”

“Oh, hell yes. Baby, I’m good with it.”

“So, you fucked him for us. Made out marriage better?”

“I sure as the fuck did, Sweetheart. You ever been fucked like you got fucked today?”

“Are you going to fuck another one?”

“I’d say that’s 98% a sure thing. Are you okay with it?”

“Yes, Sweetheart. I see what it does to you. I like to see you with a black cock in you. And, like most of the other guys I know about it and I get the see the show.”

“Oh, so you’re one of those guys, huh?”

“I seem to be. When are you fucking the next one? We could go somewhere next weekend.”

“It’s only 4:30. We could go somewhere tonight.”

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