Frustrated housewife teases her peeping tom neighbour

The day was Tuesday. The time was almost 10.00 a.m. and Becky’s children were at school. Her husband, Mike, would be at his desk in the City, his eyes locked on his computer screen. Her neighbour, an older man, Jeff Miles, should be home by now, looking anxiously at his watch.

It was time for the daily ritual. Time for her to exhibit herself for her peeping tom.


It had all started a week or two earlier, when Becky had come out of the bathroom and had strayed across to the bedroom window while drying herself off with the towel. Her house backed on to the Miles residence and it had never crossed her mind that the occupant would be at home and staring up at the window. She had quickly moved away with embarrassment and put it down to an innocent coincidence. But, it had happened again, two days later, when Becky had gone to the window scantily clad. He had been there alright, watching for her, taking it all in.

She had thought about these two incidents a lot and realised that it had been rather exciting showing herself off like that. During the rest of the day she could think of nothing else. So, she planned to show herself again.

After those first two episodes, she came to the conclusion that if she was going to exhibit herself then she may as well do it properly. The bedroom window was O.K. but, unfortunately, she was hidden from the waist down. And her new found sexual bravado demanded that her long shapely legs be put on display. (Why hide one of her best features.) So the full length picture window in her dining room was now her new stage The curtains were pulled back as far as possible. It was perfect for what she had in mind.

She did a trial run wearing just bra and panties and was heartened to see that he quickly appeared in the opposite window watching her. Then, after that, Becky had confidently displayed herself every day at the same time wearing a selection of sexy items of lingerie for her enthusiastic voyeur.

She was sure her audience of one was appreciating her displays.

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She was right. Lordy, how right she was. Jeff had cottoned onto the change of windows real quick. This was much better he thought. Now I’ll be able to see her lovely body much better.

In fact, Jeff Miles’ lonely days had just lightened up considerably. Since his wife had left him three years ago he had been on his own in his big house, writing and submitting articles for a living. The money was fine, but, it was a lonely sort of life. He rarely went out these days. Glimpsing the bare flesh of his neighbours lovely young wife had been a godsend. Suddenly, he had a new interest in life. Now he had his fingers crossed that it would continue. His binoculars were permanently within reach and he wasn’t going to miss a thing if he could help it. He was heartened by the fact that her show seemed to be scheduled at 10.00am nearly every morning. No doubt right after her morning shower. He would be ready for that. In fact, he couldn’t wait…

At first, Becky had been shocked and revolted when she realised that her neighbour had been looking up at her window with binoculars. She had been so angry she nearly told Mike: But she hadn’t. In fact, she began to realise that the episode had excited her and awakened feelings buried for a long time. She knew that Jeff lived alone in that big house. His marriage break-up had happened years ago. Also, she knew he must be at least 10 years older than her. He was older than Mike, her husband who was 42. Being neighbours, the two men knew each other, of course, but did not socialise.

She checked her watch again and stood before the mirror for a final check. It was nearly time to present herself. She was wearing her new purchase, a short see through nightie with pink trim and a matching G string. Her long tanned legs were left bare as she put on her 4 inch pink heels. It was a very daring ensemble and once again, her heart was thumping wildly. It always did that. But, despite her daily nervousness she was ready. She wanted to display herself; wanted to look sensational.

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As she scrutinised her reflection in the long bedroom mirror, she saw a woman in her mid-thirties with a figure that was still lithe and curvy. Well, so it should be after all the diets and exercises she did day after day. She had always had good legs and a pert round backside and felt that they still looked good. Her breasts had never been as big as she would have liked, but, they were still firm and well-shaped and better than many of her friends and the ladies she saw down at the leisure centre.

She had already done her full make-up and applied some lipstick as if she were going out on a date. She did this every time. Silly really, but it made her feel sexy. Then she ran a brush through her curly auburn hair one last time, before turning to begin a slow seductive walk downstairs to the large dining room window. He would be there, she was sure of it. It was a regular arrangement they had now. As she got near the window, she picked up a white dressing gown where she had left it and slipped it on. She smiled, knowing that It wouldn’t stay on long. She knew men liked a striptease.

For a moment, she thought back to how the sexual relations with her husband had fallen away. Yes, they occasionally made love, if that was what one called it. There was a time when he used to romance her, surprise her and lust after her, but no more. Now all he wanted on rare occasions was efficiency, something mechanical and precise. It was a grunt in the dark, a release. Then sleep.

The excitement had gone out of her life and now all they talked about was their children and the endless complexities of family life – the class schedules, the pick-ups, the homework, the dental appointments and their leisure pursuits.

Her mother, the idle queen of the country club lunch, had told her that this was life and that Becky had everything a woman could want, that her expectations were simply unrealistic. The saddest part was that Becky feared her mother was right.

Now she stood in full view of the window preparing to give her Peeping Tom full value, her heart still pounding with excitement. She wanted to keep his interest so that he would keep on ogling her. This was a daily thrill that was keeping her going. Maybe it was doing the same for him? The highlight of his day.

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To her shame, Becky knew that she actually looked forward to this activity; being looked at and lusted after. It somehow gave her a buzz, a spark of excitement in her dull life. It was all the sexual excitement she had going for herself these days and she had no intention of stopping.

Jeff’s hands were trembling as he held the binoculars close. He was perspiring freely with just the thought of what he might see. Becky was moving about in the house opposite. He couldn’t wait to see what she was or wasn’t wearing. He kept his eyes on the large window which wasn’t far away. It had only been a couple of days since she had made her first appearance there. She had blown him away when she had appeared in just her bra and panties. And, wonder of wonders it looked like it was going to become a daily treat. What made his throat go dry was the knowledge that she was displaying her sexy body for him and him alone. What treat might be in store for him today?

The throbbing hardness of his cock was almost too painful, as he saw her move the curtains. She was there alright and right on time.

Becky was wearing a white dressing gown and stood gazing at her garden from the large picture window. As she did so, Jeff fiddled with the focus on his binoculars to get it perfect. Then, slowly and enticingly, she untied her belt and let her gown fall open. Jeff gulped and hoped she wasn’t wearing much underneath.

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