Frustrated housewife teases her peeping tom neighbour

The day was Tuesday. The time was almost 10.00 a.m. and Becky’s children were at school. Her husband, Mike, would be at his desk in the City, his eyes locked on his computer screen. Her neighbour, an older man, Jeff Miles, should be home by now, looking anxiously at his watch.

It was time for the daily ritual. Time for her to exhibit herself for her peeping tom.

It had all started a week or two earlier, when Becky had come out of the bathroom and had strayed across to the bedroom window while drying herself off with the towel. Her house backed on to the Miles residence and it had never crossed her mind that the occupant would be at home and staring up at the window. She had quickly moved away with embarrassment and put it down to an innocent coincidence. But, it had happened again, two days later, when Becky had gone to the window scantily clad. He had been there alright, watching for her, taking it all in.

She had thought about these two incidents a lot and realised that it had been rather exciting showing herself off like that. During the rest of the day she could think of nothing else. So, she planned to show herself again.

After those first two episodes, she came to the conclusion that if she was going to exhibit herself then she may as well do it properly. The bedroom window was O.K. but, unfortunately, she was hidden from the waist down. And her new found sexual bravado demanded that her long shapely legs be put on display. (Why hide one of her best features.) So the full length picture window in her dining room was now her new stage The curtains were pulled back as far as possible. It was perfect for what she had in mind.

She did a trial run wearing just bra and panties and was heartened to see that he quickly appeared in the opposite window watching her. Then, after that, Becky had confidently displayed herself every day at the same time wearing a selection of sexy items of lingerie for her enthusiastic voyeur.

She was sure her audience of one was appreciating her displays.

She was right. Lordy, how right she was. Jeff had cottoned onto the change of windows real quick. This was much better he thought. Now I’ll be able to see her lovely body much better.

In fact, Jeff Miles’ lonely days had just lightened up considerably. Since his wife had left him three years ago he had been on his own in his big house, writing and submitting articles for a living. The money was fine, but, it was a lonely sort of life. He rarely went out these days. Glimpsing the bare flesh of his neighbours lovely young wife had been a godsend. Suddenly, he had a new interest in life. Now he had his fingers crossed that it would continue. His binoculars were permanently within reach and he wasn’t going to miss a thing if he could help it. He was heartened by the fact that her show seemed to be scheduled at 10.00am nearly every morning. No doubt right after her morning shower. He would be ready for that. In fact, he couldn’t wait…

At first, Becky had been shocked and revolted when she realised that her neighbour had been looking up at her window with binoculars. She had been so angry she nearly told Mike: But she hadn’t. In fact, she began to realise that the episode had excited her and awakened feelings buried for a long time. She knew that Jeff lived alone in that big house. His marriage break-up had happened years ago. Also, she knew he must be at least 10 years older than her. He was older than Mike, her husband who was 42. Being neighbours, the two men knew each other, of course, but did not socialise.

She checked her watch again and stood before the mirror for a final check. It was nearly time to present herself. She was wearing her new purchase, a short see through nightie with pink trim and a matching G string. Her long tanned legs were left bare as she put on her 4 inch pink heels. It was a very daring ensemble and once again, her heart was thumping wildly. It always did that. But, despite her daily nervousness she was ready. She wanted to display herself; wanted to look sensational.

As she scrutinised her reflection in the long bedroom mirror, she saw a woman in her mid-thirties with a figure that was still lithe and curvy. Well, so it should be after all the diets and exercises she did day after day. She had always had good legs and a pert round backside and felt that they still looked good. Her breasts had never been as big as she would have liked, but, they were still firm and well-shaped and better than many of her friends and the ladies she saw down at the leisure centre.

She had already done her full make-up and applied some lipstick as if she were going out on a date. She did this every time. Silly really, but it made her feel sexy. Then she ran a brush through her curly auburn hair one last time, before turning to begin a slow seductive walk downstairs to the large dining room window. He would be there, she was sure of it. It was a regular arrangement they had now. As she got near the window, she picked up a white dressing gown where she had left it and slipped it on. She smiled, knowing that It wouldn’t stay on long. She knew men liked a striptease.

For a moment, she thought back to how the sexual relations with her husband had fallen away. Yes, they occasionally made love, if that was what one called it. There was a time when he used to romance her, surprise her and lust after her, but no more. Now all he wanted on rare occasions was efficiency, something mechanical and precise. It was a grunt in the dark, a release. Then sleep.

The excitement had gone out of her life and now all they talked about was their children and the endless complexities of family life – the class schedules, the pick-ups, the homework, the dental appointments and their leisure pursuits.

Her mother, the idle queen of the country club lunch, had told her that this was life and that Becky had everything a woman could want, that her expectations were simply unrealistic. The saddest part was that Becky feared her mother was right.

Now she stood in full view of the window preparing to give her Peeping Tom full value, her heart still pounding with excitement. She wanted to keep his interest so that he would keep on ogling her. This was a daily thrill that was keeping her going. Maybe it was doing the same for him? The highlight of his day.

To her shame, Becky knew that she actually looked forward to this activity; being looked at and lusted after. It somehow gave her a buzz, a spark of excitement in her dull life. It was all the sexual excitement she had going for herself these days and she had no intention of stopping.

Jeff’s hands were trembling as he held the binoculars close. He was perspiring freely with just the thought of what he might see. Becky was moving about in the house opposite. He couldn’t wait to see what she was or wasn’t wearing. He kept his eyes on the large window which wasn’t far away. It had only been a couple of days since she had made her first appearance there. She had blown him away when she had appeared in just her bra and panties. And, wonder of wonders it looked like it was going to become a daily treat. What made his throat go dry was the knowledge that she was displaying her sexy body for him and him alone. What treat might be in store for him today?

The throbbing hardness of his cock was almost too painful, as he saw her move the curtains. She was there alright and right on time.

Becky was wearing a white dressing gown and stood gazing at her garden from the large picture window. As she did so, Jeff fiddled with the focus on his binoculars to get it perfect. Then, slowly and enticingly, she untied her belt and let her gown fall open. Jeff gulped and hoped she wasn’t wearing much underneath.

She slipped the gown from her shoulders and let it fall. Now, she stood still, as he gazed at her lovely body clad in her scanty outfit. She was practically naked and he had a perfect close up view of…everything.

WOW! What a body…what a pair of legs…what a woman! He never got tired of looking at her.

She stood there a full forty seconds or more before turning away and leaving the window. Jeff groaned in disappointment. But, there was always tomorrow.

Later, he stroked his cock as he savoured the memory of the sexy vision he had witnessed. He couldn’t wait for the next time.

It was two days later that a large van pulled into the close. The driver looked around. He was impressed. Nice neighbourhood, big expensive houses and well – kept lawns. The sort of place he would love to live, but, couldn’t afford. Not on the wages he was getting.

Becky looked out of the window puzzled at the appearance of a van at her house. She saw the driver get out and walk up her drive. She jumped up from the sofa and went to open the door.

“Good morning,” said the man in blue overalls, looking at his clipboard. “It’s a piano for a Mr Swift…yes?”

Then her hand went to her cheek in sudden recognition. She remembered that Mike had bought the piano at an auction a week ago. She had forgotten all about it.

“The thing is,” said the man apologetically, “Ray, my partner has hurt his wrist and can’t lift anything heavy at present. Is your husband or anyone around who could help lift it?”

“Well no,” said Becky…then she thought of Jeff. “I could ask a neighbour? She volunteered.

The driver beamed. “That would be great,” he said as he turned and went back to his lorry.

Becky ran round to Jeff’s house. She felt strangely nervous and her heart was pounding again. It had been a mistake to say she would ask him. Unfortunately, she knew that there was no other man around at this time of day who she could think of to ask. She hesitated at the door…then knocked. As she waited she found herself blushing.

Jeff opened the door and his eyes widened in surprise when he saw her standing there. He had just been thinking about her that very minute. “Becky!” he stuttered. How pretty she was close up…he couldn’t help looking her over. Her curvaceous figure, those legs…

He forced himself to focus on her request for help. She had to repeat it before it registered in his brain. It was something about lifting a piano. She was obviously embarrassed about having to ask for his help. So he got his house keys, closed the door and went with her to where the van was waiting. He tried to think of something to say to her, but, the words simply wouldn’t come. Instead, he feasted his eyes on her legs and gently swaying ass, as she walked a pace or two ahead of him. He growled with lust at seeing her at close quarters. God, but she was a sexy bitch. What he wouldn’t give to get his hands on her…

The piano was heavy, but, easily handled under the guidance and know how of the driver. Mercifully, he had equipment which made it easier. Sooner than Becky had expected, they had it in position in the corner of the large lounge.

“That’s it then,” said the delivery man. “If you sign here, lady, I’ll be off.”

As she signed his paper he turned to Jeff. “And thanks Buddy,” he acknowledged.

When he had gone, they both stood and looked at the piano. She lifted the lid and hit a few keys to make sure it played O.K. It sounded fine.

She looked at Jeff, still embarrassed at having to involve him. “Thanks for your help,” she said. “I didn’t know who else to ask.”

“That’s fine,” he retorted “It was my pleasure.”

He stood there awkwardly. Now that he was here in her house he didn’t want to leave in a hurry.

Becky felt awkward too, but, she didn’t think she should just show him the door after he had helped with the piano.

“Can I get you something to drink?” She asked finally, “a beer or something?”

“A beer would be fine” he smiled, grateful that he was going to be staying a bit longer.

He perched on the sofa, while she disappeared into the kitchen. All kinds of thoughts whizzed through his head including seeing her posing at the window in that skimpy outfit only the day before.

Her expensive perfume lingered in the room and assailed his nostrils. He growled and felt his cock stir. …Oh man…

Soon, she reappeared with his beer and stood watching while he took a gulp. “Thirsty work,” he observed, “all that piano lifting.”

They stood, awkwardly, in silence, as seconds on the lounge clock ticked away.

“Do you play?” He asked, suddenly, sitting down again on the sofa.

Becky stood watching him. She really didn’t want him here, her peeping tom, it was so embarrassing.

“No…not me…it’s for Mike …and the children …to learn on,” she said. “He can play a bit and we thought John and Karen could have lessons.”

Jeff nodded. Now he was comfortable on the sofa, he didn’t want to leave.

Becky sighed and took a seat opposite. She would just have to wait until he was finished his drink so she could drop a hint or two about him leaving.

Jeff took another sip of beer and looked at her. Looked at her lovely legs as she nervously crossed them. She saw where he was looking, but, otherwise tried to avoid eye contact. It was strange having him in her lounge and not safely in his own house behind his window.

Jeff didn’t know whether to raise the subject with her or not. Those almost daily displays at the window. It was driving him crazy. Then he thought, “What the hell,” it was the only thing on his mind these days. He had to say something , but, the last thing he wanted to do was interfere with those daily displays.

“You’re a very beautiful woman, Becky,” he began.

She immediately blushed and looked down at her feet. This wasn’t what she wanted. Not now, not here, with him.

“I love your sexy outfits” he growled.

She jumped to her feet in a panic. “Look, I don’t want to be rude, but perhaps you had better go.”

But, Jeff wasn’t ready to go. He took another small sip of his beer.

“Seeing as I’ve been so helpful with the piano and all, I thought maybe you could give me a little reward.”

“A reward, what do you mean?”

“I thought you could maybe slip into something …nice…to show me.”

Becky gasped at his request. She opened her mouth to speak, but, stopped. A perverse and unexpected little thrill ran through her. And, although she was shocked at herself for even contemplating the idea, she knew deep down that she wanted to do it. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest. This was an even more exciting idea, to exhibit herself to him in the same room. And she knew him to be a well-respected , decent, man. So, she could trust him. She was sure of it. After all, it had worked out well so far, hadn’t it?

There was an awkward silence, as she continued to weigh up his request. She knew it was madness, even think about it.

“Alright,” she heard herself say, eventually, “What would you like?”

Jeff grinned, “how about a nice surprise…something sexy”

Becky looked at him and thought of what she had in her wardrobe. There were several possibilities. But should she be doing this at all?

But she felt that excited feeling again and knew what her answer was going to be.

“If I do this, you’ll have to be good, no touching.” She emphasised

“Cross my heart,” said Jeff, lying through his teeth.

She got to the door and thought of something else. “And you’ll have to go as soon as I’ve shown it to you?”

Jeff nodded, “absolutely, Becky, you can count on it.”

But, he was thinking…no chance of that…

“Stay there then” she ordered and hurried upstairs.

Meanwhile, Jeff sat back on the sofa, and grinned. This was his lucky day.

As she got to her bedroom, Becky started to have second thoughts, “what the hell am I doing? This is a step too far.”

But she couldn’t seem to stop the momentum she had started. Do this the once, then back to the window displays, she thought.

With trembling hands she opened her wardrobe door and began to go through her options. Nothing too revealing she thought with him being in her house…

In the end, she opted for a very short black skirt. One that she had never dared wear before. Also a white blouse that showed generous cleavage as well as 3 inches of bare midriff when tied at the front. The fantasy secretary look. She looked good…she looked sexy…Wear some panties? No, she thought wickedly. It feels better without.

Then, she examined herself in the mirror, pleased with how she looked. This was fun. She was enjoying herself. …She wanted to be downstairs now to see the look at his face. So, finally, she stepped into a pair of black 4 inch high heels…

Downstairs, Jeff waited. Never for a moment had he thought that he would be sitting in Becky’s lounge, waiting for her to model a sexy outfit just for him. His head spun. She was a married woman with 2 kids. What was going on? Was she trying to tell him something? Was she sex-starved like him? …Her husband not giving her any?…

His eyes closed and he imagined getting his hands on her lovely body…Could he be that lucky, him, an out of condition, old loner, now nearing 50.

Then, as if by magic, she appeared in the room. And, close up, she didn’t disappoint. His eyes started at her high heeled black shoes and slowly moved up over her long shapely tanned legs.

He gulped.

Then he took in the curves of her hips, the slim waist, the generous breasts, her pretty face and curly auburn hair.

“Gee whiz” he gasped, “you’re incredible.”

She twirled around, her heart in her mouth. She felt a thrill ripple through her body and suddenly she was glad she had done it. The sexy secretary look had been a good choice. Her female physic was alive and flourishing. She felt sexy and glad to be a woman. A few seconds more of display and she would run upstairs and get dressed. She looked at his face as he gawped at her. At least he appreciated what she still had. And it made her feel so good. She posed for him, legs apart, provocatively…

Too much! she realised… She was going too far…It was time to stop.

She smiled and mumbled something of an apology, then moved smartly out of the room and up the stairs. The show was over for today.

Jeff groaned in disappointment as he watched her lovely ass sway seductively up the staircase and disappear.

“Shit, “I’ve got a hard-on like an iron bar. That fucking bitch has teased me once too often,” he growled, as he stood stiffly to attention. Then clenching and unclenching his fists he moved slowly and deliberately to climb the stairs. Whatever the consequences now, there was no going back.

Becky had only just discarded her outfit, when she saw him in the mirror. She gasped in shock. “Oh my God!” She hadn’t expected this, in fact, had counted on him staying downstairs. So foolish of her.

Although she was completely naked, her hands flew to her cheeks. It was all the encouragement Jeff needed and he quickly got across to her, grabbing her round the waist. She started to protest, but, his bear like hug knocked the breath out of her. He was a strong man and she felt her knees go weak. “No, Jeff, no,” she finally managed.

But Jeff’s eyes blazed with lust and he ignored her. He just lifted her onto the bed. Then, with one hand he pulled off his tie and tied it round her wrist. She kicked and shouted as he tied it around the bedpost. She wouldn’t be going anywhere in a hurry.

Then, as she sobbed and pleaded with him, he looked quickly around the room. Spotting her dressing gown he yanked out the belt and used it to secure her other wrist to the opposite bedpost. As he did it, she kicked out and tried to bite him. But he just shoved her back on the bed. Finally, he made the knot secure and had her exactly where he wanted her.

She shouted and screamed and he put his hand over her mouth. “Shut the fuck up and stop kicking, Or, I’ll take my belt to you and give you the biggest thrashing you’re ass ever had.”

Her eyes widened in shock but the harsh warning had done the trick. She shut up and stopped thrashing her legs. She was beaten and she knew it. His threat had been enough. Jeff was now in charge.

She lay on the bed panting and tugging at her binds, her breasts heaving and her hair wild and dishevelled. Her eyes blazed with a mixture of anger, fear and something else. She was cornered and helpless and at the mercy of a man she had teased and tormented. And Becky knew in her humiliation and shame that she had never been more excited in her life.

She saw him grinning down at her. “Just relax Becky, you and I are going to have a lot of fun. I mean…this is what you’ve been wanting isn’t it?”

“Oh no” she whimpered. “Please Jeff I…”

“Oh yes I know,” he grinned. “You ladies always say no and really mean yes.”

“Jeff,” she pleaded, “you can’t …”

“Can’t?” He queried. “Why, baby, you’ve been tormenting the shit out of me day after day, showing me that sensational body of yours and just asking for it.”

She looked at him horrified, then, closed her eyes with shame. She couldn’t deny it, everything he had said was true. She was just a frustrated middle aged housewife whose sex life had waned. But, Oh God, how low could she sink. She had only herself to blame. She had brought it on herself.

Then she was aware of his hands roaming up and down her legs and feeling her thighs. She shrieked and kicked her legs, but Jeff meaningfully slid his belt out of his trousers and she stopped.

“You’re too hot for that dozy fucking husband of yours” he leered. “Why, I just bet he doesn’t appreciate what he’s got.”

His hand stroked up and down her smooth thighs. All she could do was lie there and let him do it. So, he went on feeling, fondling and kissing all parts of those perfectly shaped legs he had come to admire so much. He spent quite some time doing that. They were fabulous and he told her so.

Becky just blushed and bit her lip in shame. But at the same time she couldn’t deny that she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

Later, he set about fondling her breasts. “You’ve got great tits” he acknowledged, “I like that.” And to prove it he stroked and handled them for the next ten minutes. His fingers toyed and tormented her nipples until they were hard and sensitive.

“Jeff…Don’t,” she whispered over and over again.

But there was no real firmness in her protest.

“Alright,” he grinned, moving his hand south across her stomach and down, down to the wispy hairs of her pussy. “I’ll play with this instead. It’s about time I fingered your sex.”

“Oh, Oh,” she gasped.

He spread her knees apart and used his own legs to keep them like that.

“That’s one sweet pussy you got there, Becky,” he leered as his fingers started to drag up and down her slit.

Then his expert fingers found and manoeuvred around her clitoris, slowly and deliberately. He was in no hurry, no hurry at all…

Becky groaned as he played with her. On a whim she had recently shaved most of her pubic hair to leave only a few wisps just above her slit. She had done it to get Mike excited, but it had been a waste of time. Now another man was getting excited as he explored her. And there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

He kept on feeling her, probing her pussy, until she realised to her shame that she was getting warm and moist.

She kept on pleading with him to stop. She knew it was pathetic, but, felt it was her duty to do so. She knew he would ignore her and he did. Deep down she knew she didn’t want him to stop. Jeff for his part didn’t mind her weak protests at all. In fact he found it more exciting…

His fingers probed deeper and deeper into her sex and she bit her lip in shame as she became aware of the tell tale squishing sound and his wet fingers. At that moment she knew she was going to get fucked.

It was as sure as the slow ticking of the clock on her bedside table. So, sighing in defeat, she told him about the condoms in her dressing table drawer.

Immediately, he ripped off his clothes and lay on the bed beside her.

“Let’s do some fucking, baby,” he growled as he slipped on the protection.

He untied her then, and, almost before she knew it, his big cock was nudging into the sweet mess of her pussy. Soon he was thrusting into her, deeper and deeper, until he had it in all the way. Jeff had taken full possession of the vagina that rightfully belonged to her husband. Becky gasped as her cheeks flushed with shame. She had been faithful to Mike since their marriage, but now, another man was fucking her.

Jeff grinned in triumph as he started to pump in and out. She wasn’t protesting now.

Then like a smooth machine, he began to fuck her with deep devastating thrusts. All the fight had gone out of Becky now and she surrendered willingly to him. Her husband and family were forgotten, as she savoured the pure physical pleasure of a hard cock penetrating her vagina. Soon, she was thrusting back as they sought a mutual rhythm. The frustrations and longings that they both felt, locked them together as they frantically sought satisfaction.

Becky was gone now and past caring. She was sensing an orgasm that she had not experienced since who knows when. He could sense the change in her, willing him to go faster, deeper, harder. Their fucking intensified, as they worked together towards an ecstatic crescendo. As they reached it, Becky’s desperate cry filled the room, She was being carried away on the roller coaster of an orgasm. At the same time, Jeff groaned, shuddered and spurted into her again and again.

They lay together, shattered at what they had done. Their sweating bodies finally eased apart. He grunted with pleasure at his conquest of her, while she whimpered in the afterglow of sex.

“Wow,” he growled, “what a fuck that was.”

Minutes later he eased up off the bed and wandered to the doorway. “I’ll get us a drink of something. All this fucking sure is thirsty work.”

He left the room and went downstairs. Rummaging through the cupboards, He found a bottle of Mike’s brandy and took a slug from the bottle. “Well I’ve had his wife, I might as well drink his fucking liquor.” he grinned.

Then he filled up two glasses of water and took them upstairs. She sat up on the edge of the bed and gratefully drank the water. Then Jeff kissed her head as it bowed in shame and he stroked her curly brown hair. She was a different Becky now, all subdued and quiet. As she lifted her head up he kissed her full on the lips. Then they had a nice snogging session to confirm their new relationship.

She needed the bathroom and minutes later she was in the shower. Jeff was on hand with a large towel to dry her. “God you’re so beautiful,” he breathed.

She told him she felt weak, so he led her back in to the bedroom and let her lie on the bed. She was so exhausted she dozed off.

A short time later, Jeff was shaking her awake. I’ve got to have you again,” he said urgently.

She thought about protesting, but didn’t. They were past all that now. Dumbly, she nodded as he made it clear he wanted her from behind. So she knelt on the bed with her face down on the duvet and her ass up high. He parted her legs and got behind her. Then his fingers probed knowingly in all the right places until, amazingly, she felt her juices flowing again.

Soon, he was in her again and fucking her relentlessly, doggy style. Through glazed eyes she could see the clock as his thrusts rocked her on the bed, the same marriage bed where she slept with her husband. The shame of it rose quickly to her cheeks but faded quickly as Jeff’s rampant cock made her quiver with pleasure. On and on he pounded into her feminine core, giving her no respite. She glanced at the clock again and realised that he had been at her for a good 10 minutes and was still going strong. And what he was doing to her body was nobody’s business.

“Don’t stop,” she sighed as she surrendered to her new lover. “Don’t ever stop.” And 5 minutes later he was still fucking her as she felt half forgotten stirrings run through her body for the second time that day. She had not had sex like this for several years. To underline this, another massive orgasm enveloped her. Becky’s excited shriek marking its arrival. She sighed deeply and backed into the solid shaft that was dominating her pleasure. Her body glistening with perspiration, as she shuddered in ecstasy at Jeff’s final telling thrust.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned…” Ohhhhhhhh.”

Then Jeff also groaned as he reached his climax. Another load of sperm cascaded out of him, as he gripped her hips and ground into her.

Becky collapsed on the bed. He had fucked her to a standstill.

Jeff grinned and slapped her arse. This sexually frustrated married bitch belonged to him now, he was sure of it.

And Jeff was right, because, he got to fuck her regularly after that, usually 2 or 3 times a week.

She hadn’t really wanted to start an affair, but, Jeff made sure that she got all the sex she needed. And each time they had hours and hours to do it.

All her frustrations and unhappiness were gone at a stroke. Everyone agreed she looked better and seemed happier, Mike, her Mum, the kids, everyone.

But, Mike doesn’t know that his neighbour is, regularly, fucking his wife. In fact no one has the slightest idea that she has a secret lover. Only she and Jeff know and they are very careful. And because the backs of their houses are not overlooked, they are able to sneak into each others houses by the back door without being seen. No seedy motels needed, no dirty back alleys, no secluded parking places, because, he fucks her on her marriage bed and is ready to sneak out the back door on the rare occasions she has a caller.

Jeff still likes her to tease him at her back window with various skimpy outfits. And every time she does it she is fully aware of what he will do to her afterwards…


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