Sleeping wife fucked for first time

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The night spent fingering Linda while she was asleep played over and over in my head and within days I was fantasising about doing it again. Here was a way that I could not only get off voyeuring Linda, I could actually touch and explore her in a way that was completely forbidden when she was awake.

The next weekend I could not contain myself any longer, I had spied on her bathing during the week from outside our bedroom window so much that the cum stains on the window was becoming noticeable. It was not enough, I knew I was obsessing, but I had to repeat what I had done. On Saturday night Linda went to bed quite early as she was tired. She was wearing her usual nightie with panties. I waited impatiently for her to be well asleep before trying anything. This time she was lying on her back, and my heart raced with the expectation that I would get to explore her tits and pussy while being able to see her face, but sadly it was not to be. I managed to fold the covers up to her mid drift exposing her long smooth legs, and even managed to lift her nightie to put her panty covered mound on display, but as soon as I tried to slide the panties down she started to stir. It seemed that as deep as she slept without alcohol, it was not deep enough to allow me to explore the way I wanted to.

The disappointment served to inflame my obsession even more, I had to find a way to get alcohol into Linda more often. Unfortunately Linda seldom drank. Her drink of choice was Brandy which her previous husband had introduced her to, but when she did have a drink, it was typically “a” drink, which was not enough to put her into a deeper sleep. As the weeks went past I started to reconcile myself to the fact that I was unlikely to have a repeat performance, and had to be content with spying on her whenever I was horny, which was a lot more often now.

In December of that year we went to stay with her sister and husband for a week, and on the first evening while having a barbeque, her sister took out a wine cooler, which was white wine mixed with lemon. Linda took one when offered, and to my surprise she really liked it, saying it was refreshing and tasted like coldrink. My heart immediately started beating faster, had I discovered my solution? Over the course of the evening Linda had a few coolers, and while they were weaker than Brandy, she was not used to them and they tasted like coldrink, and before she knew it, she was quite drunk, laughing and enjoying herself without reservation. Later that night after we went to bed, I was treated to a rare occurrence of consensual sex. She submitted to my advances and allowed me to fuck her, of course it was still missionary and under the covers with the light off. I was not complaining though, and ploughed my cock into her with gusto. She kept on telling me to quiet down, but in her drunken state, she even allowed me to lift her legs up around me, which ensured that my cock drove deeper into her. I came with enthusiasm and because she was drunk, after I finished, she just lay there and started drifting off to sleep. She did not do her usual and go wash her pussy, nor put on a pair of panties.

I also soon drifted off to sleep lying holding her with my cum covered cock pressed up against her side, something else that she would have found distasteful if she were sober. I woke up sometime later with a huge piss on board and throwing back the covers got up to go to the bathroom. Luckily my brother in law had a large house so the guest bedroom also had an en suite. When I came back into the bedroom I immediately noticed that I had also partially uncovered Linda showing one long lovely leg. She was lying in the same position she had gone to sleep in with her mouth wide open, snoring quite loudly. Even though I had managed to actually have sex earlier, my cock immediately started to stir at the possibilities going through my mind. I quickly went to the bed leaving the bathroom light on and door open, and pulled back the covers completely. Linda was lying on her back, with her legs spread just over shoulder width apart, and her nightie up around her waist where she had left it after I fucked her. My heart was galloping like a race horse as I considered all that I could do. I was naked, my cock was now at half mast and still sticky from the combination of Linda’s cunt juices and my cum. I did not know how deeply Linda was sleeping, but considering she had let me fuck her, and considering she had not bothered getting up and washing, I suspected she was drunker than I had ever seen her, and therefore sleeping very deeply.

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