Wife shows college guy an apartment and so much more

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Wife shows college guy an apartment and so much more

I’ve been married to the love of my life for twenty six years. I’ve not been the most faithful husband but my wife has stayed with me despite my short comings.

The past four years have been lacking, in the bedroom. Our work schedules have been nuts busy so when we are together at home, we are too tired to even think about sex. Don’t get me wrong, when we do find some time and energy, sex is great. We’ve discussed having an open marriage lately, to add some spice and a little variety back in our lives. We had decided to tell of any adventures to each other that we may have, not hold anything back.

I am a busy corporate ladder climber. I work hard, I exercise hard and I leave no time on my clock idle. I am always on the go. I’m 6ft tall, 210lbs, and I have a clean shaven body that’s perfectly tanned, bought of course.

My 5’3″, dirty blond-haired, waist-length, wife has a cute body, not too big in the breast area, 32c, and her hips are about 34. She does exercise so she’s pretty fit. While she’s not a playboy model, she is just right for me. She is a health nut and that includes eating right, taking vitamins as well as keeping herself clean and bare all over. She’s a manager at a local apartment complex in a college town so she has seen and heard it all. College students these days have no filters and say whatever is on their minds. The other day she came home and told me about a college guy that she showed an apartment to that was flirting with her.

She said as they were walking around the apartment he told her that she was one fine MILF. “What the hell is a MILF?” I asked. I knew but didn’t want to let on that I knew so she would tell me more. I was curious to see where this story went.

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“It stands for a Mother I’d Like to Fuck. M, I, L, F.” she said as she blushed looking at me. I couldn’t agree more, I thought but didn’t want to break the scene. “After he said that, he asked if I had a daughter that looked like me. I told him no we didn’t have any children. He asked if it was me or you that was the issue and I told him it was me.” Truthfully, I was the problem. We had decided long ago that we didn’t want kids do I had a vasectomy. Since then, my wife has had a her tubes tied just to be extra cautious.

“So what did he say about that?” I asked as if spurring her own.

“Well, I was standing by the window in the bedroom, letting him walk around the apartment, and I felt him walk right up behind me and put his hands on my waist. He leaned close to my ear and said he’d love to get a piece of my pussy. This guy is about 6’2″ tall and must be on the football or basketball team, he was very muscular and very cute. At first I was shocked but then I felt his hand move down the front of my skirt and rub my mound. His other hand moved up to my breast as he squeezed it firmly. The feeling turned from shock to aroused quickly as he massaged my breast. The hand on my skirt quickly moved under my skirt and his big fingers wasted no time finding my wet hole.”

As I was listening to my wife unfold this story, my cock was straining against my zipper. I was shocked and aroused at the same time as she told me her story. I was afraid to ask any more questions for fear she would stop telling me anything.

“So then” she continued “he put two of his big fingers in my hole and quickly found my g spot. I wanted him to fuck me right there so I reached up and unzipped my skirt which he pulled off of me. Then I turned to face him and he pulled my top over my head. I stood before him in my bra and thing.”

“Honey, why don’t we get undressed while you tell this story. It will be way more comfortable for both of us.” She agreed without hesitation and stripped like she was in a race. I stripped and went back to masturbating while she told more of her afternoon adventure.

She went on to tell me how he took his shirt off and she felt his washboard stomach as her hands found the sides of his shorts. She pulled them down and his 10 inch cock sprang out. My wife is not one yo exaggerate so I surely believed he had a 10 inch cock.

As she looked at his cock, she wrapped both hands around the thick shaft. She licked the slit on the end and let his head slip in between her lips. “His cook was so big that the head was all I could get in my mouth” as she continued her story. My cock was about to burst from my pants.

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She used both hands to jerk him off as her mouth sucked his head like a big straw in a milkshake. He had his hands on both sides of her head slowly face fucking her. She felt his cock grow a bit more and she knew he was about to come but he pulled away from her. He knelt down beside her and eased her down till she was on her back. He maneuvered down until his head was between her knees then he gently pulled her thong off. He grabbed both ankles and pulled her legs up to his shoulders.

At this point in the story, I had unzipped my pants and was stroking my 8 inch cock. I didn’t care that she never broke eye contact as she continued talking.

As her feet were on either side of his head, his cock head was at her wet hole entrance. He slipped his cock up and down her now leaking slit, coating the head as it slipped between her lips. She let out a gasp as his large head entered her hole. She grabbed her breasts and began massaging them while she tweaked her nipples.

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“He must have known how big he was and how small I was as he took his time putting as much of his monster cock in me” my wife said without hesitating. She continued telling me how he filled her hole with his cock over and over till she came like never before. “It wasn’t long after I came for like the third time that he came. I have never had any man, you included, come in me as much as he did. I thought he would never quit coming. It made me come again while he was coming.” Her voice spoke as if she was about yo come again. Her breathing was increased and she had to be as wet as she could be down there by now. She was squirming around on the couch as she talked.

After they both came down from their excitement, he pulled out of her with his cock still hard. She sat up and licked and sucked his cock clean. She continued to stroke his cock “damn baby, you can’t get enough of my cock, can you?” He asked as he let her keep working his cock.

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She stroked, kissed and licked his cock and balks. After some time his balks pulled close as he shot another load across her face and breasts. Her open mouth caught all it could and the rest coated her breasts and she massaged it in like lotion. When she told of him losing his load on her face, I shot a rope in the air and my wife quickly sunk her mouth on my cock and I emptied the rest of my load in her mouth. She swallowed all she could then cleaned up what slipped out of her mouth.

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After we settled down I asked “so did he rent the apartment?” She said he did and that he would have three team mates living with him. He said they would be having a small party after they moved in and that I should come, without my husband of course. Not being a jealous husband, I encouraged her to go by and check it out.

She told me that they were all coming by the office tomorrow to sign the lease. She would update me on their sizes and shapes after they signed. I can’t wait till tomorrow.

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