Nude family gains a new family member

Who would have ever thought that just being in your own back yard could change the rest of your entire life?

I am a six foot, one hundred eighty pound man with minimal fat yet an average looking male. I live in a neighborhood with homes in pretty close proximity of each other. Yards are separated by three and a half foot tall chain link fencing. The lot immediately behind my house is vacant with overgrown brush and trees, hiding any direct view into our backyard from the adjacent street. The house to the vacant lot’s left, looking from my back door is occupied by a single female with long blonde hair. She’s probably 5ft 8in and has a very nice body. More on that later. The house next to my house, also left from the back door, is occupied by an older, single gentleman who owns his own landscaping company. He’s lived there for a long time and parks his company truck in the drive, that’s how I know his business.

So, yesterday was Friday and I had had a very long and stressful week. The weather had been picture perfect all week and Friday was no exception. No clouds in the sky, a warm breeze and no one home but me. I did what I always do on a pretty day, I stripped out of my clothes, then went out on the back deck to get some sun. I absolutely love being outside, soaking up the sun naked, it’s very cathartic. I lose all my cares as the sun bathes my body from head to toe with warm caresses.

I had been lying in the sun for about thirty minutes when I realized that where I was lying, I could be seen from my back neighbor’s driveway if she drove in but didn’t put her car in her garage. I figured that I had some time before she got home from work so I continued to absorb the sun’s warmth. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I hear is a woman’s voice. When I raised my head from the lounger, I saw her standing in the driveway talking on her cellphone. I froze. Had she seen me? I didn’t know this lady, we’ve never met. Was she reporting a naked man to the police? Should I move or cover? My brain was in overdrive trying to make sense of what to do.

I rationalized to move nonchalantly towards the door so as not to gain any attention from her way. All I had with me was a towel and my cellphone and, unfortunately for me, I was lying on my towel so it did me no good in covering up. As I begin to move I kept my focus on her as I watch for movement. She wasn’t looking my way so all was good, I thought. As my feet touched the ground, I stepped on my faithful dog’s tail resulting in a yelp. Spooked, I stood quickly and tried to grab the towel for cover. I turned to make sure my neighbor didn’t see me and sure enough, she was looking dead at me with her mouth open and her phone at her neck as she had lost focus on her phone call. Her focus was now on the entire front of my naked body as I stood with towel in hand. I had forgotten to cover myself when we made eye contact so there I was, on total display for my neighbor.

Slowly I raised my hand in an attempt to wave, to which my neighbor did the same as her phone remained at her neck. Her stare was broken by the voice on her phone. She looked down, raising her phone back to her ear and recovering the conversation she was having moments ago. At that queue, I dashed for the back door in an attempt to hide. I’m not sure if she looked back up but I was now inside my home, safe. As I stood inside the back door I realized why she was staring, I had a full erection. All eight and a half circumcised inches were at full salute. The thrill of what had happened made me stroke myself till I filled my empty hand with my juice. I then emptied my juice into my mouth and swallowed. I have learned to like my juice as my wife and I shared it over the years after she would suck me off. It’s not as bad a taste as you might think, an acquired taste I’d say.

Now this morning, I sit here drinking coffee totally naked wondering if she enjoyed the view she got. I do like the early mornings before everyone gets up because I get to be naked without my daughters walking in on me. My wife has seen me many times walking around naked. She either doesn’t say anything or she’ll say “you better get some clothes on soon before Chelsey and Chloe get up.” This morning I didn’t care if I was caught, I had a raging hard on and my imagination was in overdrive.

As I drank my last bit of coffee I stood to go get a refill. From the living room to the kitchen is a direct path with the hallway door to the bedrooms at mid-path. As I reached that halfway point, Chloe appeared from the hallway and ran right into my left side. My natural reaction was to reach out to buffer any impact and to brace myself so as not to fall. I also turned towards Chloe to catch her so she wouldn’t fall, forgetting I was totally naked, I grabbed her and put my arms around her.

It was in that instance that I realized I was not the only one in the family who enjoyed being naked. Chloe, one of our 19 year old daughters, is a beautiful young lady. She is 5ft 6in with full D cup tits and a cute bubble butt.

There we stood face to face with my arms around my daughter, tits pressed to my chest and my hard cock pressed between her legs. What seemed like an eternity only lasted about 3 or 4 seconds before we both came to a realization and Chloe said “well good morning to you too daddy!” She pulled back her upper body but left my hard cock buried between her legs. She tightened her thigh muscles squeezing my cock then pulled back away from me slowly. As she stepped around me, her right hand cupped my nuts then ran down the bottom of my cock. When we parted, I looked down and there was a wet line down the top of my cock. Did I make my daughter wet? Was she already wet when she ran into me!

I told frozen for a few minutes, processing what just happened. I was startled by Chloe’s voice asking me if I wanted a cup of coffee. “Dad, dad! Do you want some coffee??” I turned to see Chloe standing in the kitchen holding the coffee pot and she was still naked. I make no attempt to hide my hard on as I walk over to her and she pours my cup full.

“Thanks sweetie” I say as I lean over and give her a peck on the cheek.

“I slick your dick, stand in front of you naked , pour you coffee, and I get a peck and a thank you sweetie!? Lame dad, really lame” Chloe said as she returned the coffee pot to the coffee maker. She sat her cup on the counter, turned to me and reached up to put her hands on both sides of my face. She pulled my face down to her a gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue slipped between my lips and met my tongue. We French kissed for a few seconds then she ended it. As she pulled her head back she said “that was better but we will have to work to make it better.”

Chloe picked up her cup then headed to the loungers on the back deck. Again I stood processing what just happened as my cock lurched from the overstimulation of my brain. I took a sip of my coffee and joined Chloe on the back deck. So far I hadn’t worried about putting any clothes on and I really wasn’t worried if Olivia, my wife, caught me this way.

Out on the deck, I pulled a lounger closer to where Chloe was sitting. We sat and drank our coffee and talked about where we were on the nude scale. Come to find out Chloe has been walking around the house and yard nude for quite a while. She said she’s been avoiding bumping into me for fear that I would be mad. I told her that I had been a nudist for a long time and welcomed her to the club. We agreed that we would try to be nude around each other as much as possible. I told her I couldn’t guarantee that my cock would be soft and she was glad to hear it. “I’d rather see it hard like it is now as opposed to the limp version.” I looked down and my cock had shrunk to its flaccid state.

Sitting there with Chloe had my mind wandering about her body. I had noticed earlier that her pussy was clean shaven and I wondered what it would be like to sink my cock deep in her wet hole. It was like she could read my mind when she asked “so dad, since you already had your dick on my wet pussy, could I see what it would feel like to have it in my pussy?” I looked out across the yard trying to collect an answer when she said “judging from your instant hard on, I’d say your answer is yes.” Before I could think or speak, Chloe stood, pivoted on her left foot and was now standing straddled over me. As a reaction to her movement, I had unconsciously leaned back which gave Chloe more room to position herself over me. Before I could tell her to stop, she eased her wet pussy around the head of my cock then sat down on me until our pubic bones touched. “Oh fuck” she whispered “that makes me feel so good and full.”

I felt the wet warmth of her pussy around my cock as Chloe sat still while getting used to the feeling of my cock in her. Ever so slowly she raised up off my cock but stopped with just the head in her then she would ease back down on me. She started off slow but as her love tunnel became more compatible with my cock, her pace picked up. It wasn’t long before she was having her first orgasm.

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“Oh…daddy…fuck…me…good…yes…oh…yes…ahhhh” then she came hard. I was helping her all that I could as I sucked her nipples and fondled her big tits. I felt her wet pussy gripping my cock as she raised and lowered lower body. It was like her pussy was sucking my cock and I felt my orgasm building. As I sucked her nipple, my hands went to her ass and I squeezed her bubble butt checks as I pulled her into me. I inserted a finger in her ass for added pleasure. It was at that point I lost my load and filled Chloe’s tunnel full of my juice. We both held each other close as we came down from our orgasms. Long slow kisses were shared between us as our bodies lay connected by our sex. “Oh daddy, I’ve never had it that well. Your going to spoil me to that cock.” Chloe said as she wiggled her body on top of mine.

About that time the back door opened and Olivia stepped out onto the deck. My wife Olivia is about 5ft 9in tall with ass length brown hair and a body that could stop a freight train. She is smoking hot! We’ve been married for 21 years and have loved every minute of it. We tell each other everything, including our fantasies. As she walked over and sat on the lounger that Chloe was on earlier she asked me “well, how was Chloe this morning?” I talked openly about how great she was and the areas I thought she should work on.

“Her pussy was great at sucking my cock while we fucked” I told her. Chloe was slightly embarrassed as we talked about her abilities.

As we talked, my cock began to regain its normal flaccid size then slipped out of Chloe. Chloe rolled off of me towards Olivia before sitting up on the edge of the lounger facing her. “Judging from the amount of leaking, I’d say she did pretty good” Olivia said as she watched my cum ooze out of Chloe’s sopping pussy. Olivia leaned over, reaching between Chloe’s legs and scooped some of the leakage onto her two fingers then stuck them in her mouth. My wife loves eating my cum, she says the flavor is great.

Chloe watched then followed suit only she put her fingers in her own mouth. “Mmmm daddy, you taste amazing” then she proceeded to eat the remaining cum that was inside her. After she was cleaned up, Chloe stood to go get more coffee. “Anyone need a refill?” She asked as she walked towards the back door.

“No, we are good” I said as she walked into the house.

After she shut the door, Olivia asked how it went with Chloe and I told her she was just as I had told her, amazing. There was not really anything she did wrong, she just needs more experience to improve on what she knows. I think for a second or two she may have had a twinge of jealousy, then she said, “Well, if she need to practice, please help her learn. I’d rather you help her since you have years of experience on her” Olivia said.

I tried to change the subject to hide my excitement and I noticed that Olivia was only wearing a thong and it was a very small one, so I said Hey, that’s a cute thong, is it new?”

To which she replied “yes, I just bought several of these the other day and I really like them. They make me feel so sexy.”

“I totally agree. Oh, while I’m thinking about it, Chloe did say that she wanted to start being naked as much as possible. I told her I didn’t mind. Do you?” I thought I should give Olivia a heads up so she doesn’t think anything when she starts seeing more of Chloe, literally. She, as usual, was fine with it and said she was going to start doing it as well, or at least wear one of her new thongs. I just smiled, it was going to be a great Saturday.

As the sun advanced higher in the sky, the temperature followed so we got up to go back inside the house. We were met by Chelsey who confronted me on my morning romp with her sister. She was not happy that I had chosen to do her sister and not her. I explained that we could have taken care of her only if Olivia was okay with it. “Chelsey baby, I’m okay with it as long as it doesn’t interfere with my time with your daddy” Olivia stated matter of fact. “I’d rather you learn all you can from your father while you are at home and he can show you than to get out in life and be clueless as to how to take care of a man.”

With that, Chelsey asked if we could do it after she was fully awake and I agreed. Olivia leaned around the corner of the kitchen into the living room and said “Chloe, did you hear that?”

Chloe responded “as long as it doesn’t interfere…yes, I heard. Done.” She got quite again as she went back to the porn movie she was watching.

After Chelsey poured her cup of coffee she asked if we were all going nudist. Olivia said “we are all grown and we are all family, I don’t see why we should hide our bodies from each other. Besides, you’ve seen your dad’s cock now so there isn’t anything left to hide. Are you okay with seeing his cock?”

“I am!” Chloe shouted the living room, to which we all laughed.

“Yes Chloe, we know” Olivia said as she continued to giggle.

Chelsey walked over to me and reached out to fondle my cock and balls “I think I will be once he’s finished fucking me silly with this cock.” Her stimulating my cock caused it to begin hardening. “So can I be a nudist now” Chelsey asked waiting for Olivia’s approval.

“Absolutely” Olivia said and within a few seconds Chelsey was butt naked. Her body was much like Olivia’s body and they were about the same height. All my ladies nipples were a light pink and their areoles are about the size of a silver dollar. Their nipples are about the size of a pencil eraser when erect, sucking sized. I noticed that Chelsey was also shaved bare and both girls pussy lips were just like their mother’s. The outer lips covered the inner lips but opened up around their clit which gives me better access when I’m down there.

As Olivia said she was going to take a shower, Chelsey asked if she needed to be on birth control to have sex with me. Olivia told her no, that I had had a vasectomy shortly after the girls were born so there was no way I could impregnate them. Chelsey was okay with that and took my hand as we followed Olivia to our bedroom. Olivia continued into the bathroom for her shower as Chelsey and I stopped at our king-sized bed. We climbed onto the bed and I laid on my side of the bed.

Chelsey wasted no time taking my cock into her mouth causing me to become erect in short order. “Your cock is ligit daddy” Chelsey said between taking my cock to the back of her throat.

“I’m glad you like it baby” I said as I took her hair and pulled it behind her head. Chelsey has long beautiful blonde hair that is slightly wavy as it cascades shown her back. She sucked on my balls then licked her way up my cock where she took the head back in her mouth and sucked.

After a few minutes sucking my cock head, Chelsey moved up my body leaving kisses all the way up to my lips where we shared a long lover-styled kiss. Our tongues shared common space in our mouth as my hands roamed her well-shaped ass. Laying on top of me, Chelsey lowered her legs on either side of my hips and as my cock rested against my stomach, Chelsey slid her wet slit up and down the underside of my cock. I took a deep breath as I felt her sit wrap around my cock head. As her hips rolled down, my cock slipped into her tunnel and filled her till our pubic bones met. “Your cock feels amazing daddy. I’ve never felt this good with a cock in me. Granted I’ve only had two or three but, my soul!”

Slowly Chelsey began rolling her hips up and down causing my cock to leave then re-enter her pussy. She knew right when to stop so my cock wouldn’t come out, she was a better fuck than her sister Chloe and Chloe was a great fuck. “You fuck much like your mother and I love it” I whispered in her ear as we held each other close.

“I should be like her, I’ve watched you and her fucking for a long time. I’m glad I get to participate now” Chelsey said as she shuddered with an orgasm. I knew we would be fucking longer since I had already shot a load earlier in her sister. While we were in the middle of fucking, Olivia came out of the bathroom naked with her hair wet. She came over to the bed, climbed in and gave me a kiss.

“So?” Was all she asked.

“Somewhere between Chloe and you, closer to you than Chloe” I said between deep breaths. Olivia put her hand behind Chelsey’s head pulling her down and into a deep kiss. It was so hot watching my wife kissing our daughter, so much that I felt my orgasm build quickly.

I held Chelsey’s ass as I pumped my juice deep into her. I inserted a finger in her ass just like I did Chloe. I felt my load shoot through my cock as I pumped into her, Chelsey had a harder orgasm as her body stiffened as she came. “Shit…shit…shit…” she shouted. After her long climax began to reside, she breathed deeply and kept saying “oh my…oh my…oh my.” After she settled down, she rolled off me to the opposite side of Olivia.

“So?” Olivia asked Chelsey.

“That was fucking amazing!!” she replied as she wiped sweat off her brow.

“Certified honey!” Olivia said to me as she when down on my half hard cock and licked me clean. Chelsey watched as her mom effortlessly sucked and licked me clean. We all lay there on the bed for a bit just cuddling in the after glow then we got up and moved on with our day. Chelsey continued to lay in the bed as Olivia and I walked back to the kitchen. I needed to eat to restore my energy. If this morning was how my day would go, I was going to need it.

We prepared a quick lunch and as we sat and ate, I told Olivia about my Friday experience with the neighbor. She laughed when I got to the part about her mouth hanging open. “I’m surprised she didn’t ask you to come over and do her.” The girls had walked into the kitchen sometime during the conversation and were adamant about not sharing me with anyone else but their mother. They felt like they would lose time with me if I included our neighbor in the fuck circle. We assured them that I wouldn’t be going outside our family to fuck anyone else.

As the day progressed, we filled it with chores, the spontaneous quick fucks with Chelsey, then Chloe, then Olivia in various rooms in the house. Of course when Olivia and I were in the throes of fucking, the girls would watch at close distance. Several times they would finger themselves to a small orgasm. After one of my and Olivia’s sessions, Olivia had just released my cock and Chloe asked “daddy, can I clean your cock off?”

Who was I to argue “sure baby girl” to which she sucked and cleaned me up. When she finished I was already hard again. Now mind you I’m in my mid 40s so I still in my sexual prime but even after having had sex multiple times today, even I was surprise that I was hard again.

Just then the doorbell rang. I slipped on a pair of shorts and answered the door. It was the neighbor who saw me yesterday. “Hello, I’m Mia from the house behind you. I wanted to stop by and apologize for staring at you yesterday. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be outside and naked, especially a man.” When she said man, I noticed her eyes dropped to my obvious hard on struggling to break free from my shorts.

“Would you like to come in” I offered. As she came inside I introduced myself “I’m David, nice to meet you.” About that time Chloe and Chelsey came from the hallway dressed as they had been all morning.

Mia was startled at first “umm, good afternoon. I’m Mia.” The girls introduced themselves and sat in the living room as if there was nothing out of sorts. Mia couldn’t take her eyes off the girls as I invited her to sit and visit. The girls were very chatty with Mia, they told her that we were nudists and to expect seeing us outside in our yard naked. Mia assured them that she was totally okay with that and the girls sort of let down their defensive guards.

Olivia came into the room with a short robe on and Chelsey said “it’s okay mom, she knows we are nudists and she’s okay with it.” Olivia looked at Chelsey and gave her the ‘enough’ stare then turned to Mia and introduced herself.

Mia said “yes ma’am, I’m totally cool with you being nudists. Secretly, I’m one also.”

I noticed that during our visit that Olivia’s robe had eased open without her correcting it. She stood from the chair in the living room and asked “Mia could I offer you something to drink? We have water, red and white wine, beer, tea, and assorted soft drinks.”

Mia asked for a glass of red wine and as Olivia walked towards the kitchen, the robe opened like a curtain, revealing her beautiful body. I’m sure that Mia got an eye full. We continued our small talk about our time in the neighborhood and Mia told us about her. When Olivia came back into the room, she was carrying two glasses of wine and her robe was gone. I had my back to the kitchen so I couldn’t tell when she had removed it but o was not complaining. Mia looked Olivia up and down “you are stunningly beautiful Olivia.”

“Thank you Mia” Olivia said as she handed Mia her wine. Then Olivia sat next to Mia on the love seat. All the ladies chatted and I listened with the hopes that Mia would give in and get naked in our living room. “More wine?” Olivia offered.

“Absolutely, that’s a great wine” Mia said as Olivia took the glass from her. I noticed Olivia’s hand lingered on Mia’s hand as she took the glass.

“I’ll go with you” Mia said as she rose from her seat and followed Olivia to the kitchen. When the two left the living room.

Chloe said “daddy, I’d be okay with you fucking Mia as long as we get to as well.”

“Chloe, deal!” I said as I grinned from ear to ear. We laughed and Chelsey continued checking Mia out as she had a perfect view from where she sat. I did notice a big smile come across her face at one point so I turned around and saw Mia stripping out of her clothes.

Now, let me tell you about our neighbor. On top of liking wine and able to carry on a great conversation, she is tanned from head to toe, C cupped tits, small waist and a very cute ass. Her hairstyle is the Farrah Fawcett style and pretty much the same colors. Having shed her clothes, I was the only one in the house with clothes on. When the ladies came back in the room, I commented about being overdressed. Olivia asked Mia if she was okay with me losing my shorts.

“It’s not like I haven’t already seen that gorgeous cock…” she paused. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to..”

Olivia reached over and put her hand on Mia’s thigh “it’s okay Mia, it is one gorgeous cock, don’t you agree girls?” Looking at the girls, they both had huge grins on their faces as they nodded in confirmation. I stood and dropped my shorts and my hard on seemed to grow more. I was glad to be naked again.

“His cum tastes awesome also” Chloe stated and Mia almost choked.

“Awesome you say?” Mia said as she recovered from her wine choke. She wiped her mouth and sat her glass down. “I’d love to find out” as a smile eased across her face. She looked at Olivia, shoulders shrugged, biting her bottom lip and head slightly tilted. “Would you mind?”

“Girls, earlier we said we would not share dad’s cock outside the family. What are your thoughts?” Olivia looked at the girls.

Chelsey said “well, we did tell daddy earlier that he could fuck Mia only if we all get to fuck Mia.” Chloe was shaking her head in agreement.

“So I can fuck David, if I agree to let all of you have a go with me?” she pondered. Mia looked over the bodies in the room and said “I’ll agree only if we can do it if you’re at my house as well.” Everyone thought about it, looked at each other then in unison, we all agreed. The room lit up with sighs and giggles as we all got to know our new found friend.

Mia leaned over and whispered something to Olivia. Olivia listened, whispered back, then shook her head yes. I’m not exactly sure what was said then Mia confirmed it. “Well, when do I get to take my taste test David? Olivia is okay with right now if you are.”

Again, who was I to say no? The only question I had is “right here?” To which Mia nodded in affirmation. I leaned back in my chair, cock at full attention with pre-cum leaking from the slit and easing down the shaft. Mia wasted no time dropping to her knees in front of me and started licking the pre-cum off like an ice cream bar. I closed my eyes and enjoyed my new friend’s mouth as she expertly sucked me off. At one point I did open my eyes to see Chloe and Chelsey in a 69 position and Olivia had moved under Mia and was eating her pussy. I ran my fingers through Mia’s hair as she bobbed up and down on my cock. Her tongue was working wonders on my cock head when she pulled back. Her moans from being eaten by my wife shortened the time it took her to bring me to orgasm.

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It didn’t take long before I blew my load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. The girls came together and as quickly as Mia pulled off my cock, she whipped around and pulled a 69 on Olivia. They were going at it like hungry pups. Olivia began to moan louder and Mia never stopped moaning from earlier. As both ladies came, they held each other tight and their bodies convulsed wildly on the floor.

As they settled down, Mia turned around and the two kissed and cuddled each other on the floor for another 15 minutes or so. Without shame or hesitation they got up and sat back on the couch except this time they sat very close as their hands pulled fingernails across each other’s arms and legs.

We all sat in the living room quietly as our breathing slowed. Without a word, Olivia stood and took Mia by the hand. Mia stood to follow and when they reached the hallway, Olivia turned back to us and motioned us to follow. We all stood quickly and followed those two back to the king-sized bed where we all piled on and had the best free for all orgy you could imagine. After hours of fucking and sucking, we all collapsed on the bed, panting and moaning in delight. One by one we all drifted to sleep with various body parts laying across other body parts. During the night, the two girls woke one of us older adults up to either fuck or suck off each other then go back to sleep. One time I was awakened by Mia riding my cock. Her pussy felt like warm satin and I was very snug in her tunnel. When I came in her, she couldn’t breath for a few seconds as her orgasm overtook her. After we both orgasmed, she rolled off me and found Olivia waiting to eat my cum out of her wet pussy.

Sunday morning Mia left to go home. Later that day, we cooked out in the backyard and Mia came back over. We decided to put a gate at the back corner for easier access between houses. We also exchanged door keys and contact information for cellphones. The dessert for our meal was another free for all orgy in the master bedroom but Mia left late that night to return home. Monday was a work day for her.

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