Man enjoys sex with wife, sister and niece

On the drive home Stephanie recalled all the fun we had over the weekend. Her excitement overcame her as she recounted her new found liberation from clothes. She leaned her seat back, pulled her shorts off, and put both feet on the dash. She spread her legs and inserted three fingers into her already wet cunt. The smell of her sex filled the car causing my cock to stiffen.

As Stephanie pumped her fingers in and out of her hole I struggled to unzipped my shorts and dug my cock out. It was hard as a rock as I freed it from the cotton confines just as we passed a big truck. The driver honked his horn as I’m sure he got a great view of the masturbation session going on in the front seat. This attention made Stephanie giggle and coo as she worked her clit. She switched hands and put her soaking fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean. Her second hand was quickly bringingon a massive orgasm, gasping at her impending orgasm she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Just as she took me in her mouth, I blew my load and she sucked me dry.

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After swallowing my load she sat up and rolled her head back as she rode her orgasm on her fingers. With one hand, she pulled her tank top over her head, leaving her totally nude in the front seat.


“Oh fuck my pussy is on fire!” Steph screamed as she continued to cum. Her fingers were rapidly moving over her clit and her other hand was tweaking her nipples that were standing at attention. “Get me home. I need your cock in me” she said as she slowed her clit stimulation. I did not need to be told twice so I sped the rest of the way home. Luckily we were only a few miles from home.

Slender teen wears jizz on her face after being anal fucking in socks

I pulled into the driveway and Stephanie got out of the car and walked to the front door naked. I sat in the car trying to put my cock back in my pants. This gave Stephanie time to get to the front door only to realize she had no key to get in the house. She walked back to my side of the car as I finished buttoning my shorts.

“Come unlock the door please” as she stood there as if she had clothes on. I looked around to see if anyone was outside and I caught my neighbor next door frozen in his steps. I turn to Steph and said “let me pop the trunk so I can get our stuff to carry in.”

I took my time getting out and when I turned to face my neighbor he waved and tried to look like he was doing something. He never took his eyes off my naked wife as he fumbled around in his yard. Steph walked to the back of the car and got a small bag out of the trunk. It is midday and sunny and my wife is bent over into the trunk with her naked ass sticking out for the neighborhood to see. I reached over and slid a finger in between her checks and sunk it in her still wet cunt.

“Fuck that feels so good” she said as she spread her legs a bit. I heard my neighbor rolling his trash an out to the street. I’m guessing it was so he could get a better view even though trash day was three days away. I grinned and pulled my finger out and stuck it in my mouth licking it clean.

As I closed the trunk my wife waved at the neighbor then casually walked to the front door. I walked to the door and unlocked the door and Steph told me to go first since my hands are full. I think she just wants the neighbor to see her longer. Having seen my wife walk through the front yard totally naked and letting the neighbor’s see her made me do horny.

Once inside Stephanie had my shorts at my ankles and my cock in her mouth before I could put the luggage down. I tossed the luggage somewhere and ripped the remainder of my clothes off. I stood my wife up, flipped her around and bent her over the couch back. In one single motion, I sunk my cock to the hilt. “Oh my fucking…!” was all Stephanie managed to say as I pulled out till my dick head was left inside her then plunged back in her. “Fuck…me…hard…” she said as I pounded her cunt.

In a few minutes, I came hard in her cunt and she resounded a loud “fffuuuccckkkk!” I held onto her hips as I tried to drive my cock through her body as rope after rope of my cum filled her hot cunt.

“Damn that was sooo fucking good” I said as I lay over on her back. Stephanie was breathing hard as we recovered from our hard fuck session.

“I need to walk out in the front yard more often” Stephanie said as we began laughing at her truth. “So what now? Mom’s not here and neither is Tish.”

“We’ll figure something out” I said as I stood and slapped her on an ass cheek. Stephanie let out a squeal then stood as we went to the kitchen to get something to drink. “You know, my sister is coming soon, what do you think?”

“what do you me…oh!” Steph began to ask before reality hit. “So your saying your sister is..?”

“No but I bet if we play our cards just right, we may have a new member to our new club.”

“Isn’t she coming to stay while she goes to a conference?” Steph asked as she scooped my cum that was running down her leg then sucked it in her mouth. “I could live off your cum it’s so good” scooping more from her dripping cunt.

I needed water so I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle from the fridge. As I closed the fridge my cell rang so I grabbed it from the counter and looked at caller ID “well, speak of the devil.” I accepted the call saying ” what’s up Katie?”

“Hey little brother! Just wanted to confirm me staying with y’all when I come out for my conference this week?”

“Absolutely, looking forward to your visit. When do you think you will arrive? So I can plan to be at the airport to pick you up.”

“I should arriving tomorrow around 3:30. Any chance we can eat you that evening?” Katie asked. “I want to go eat at that awesome seafood place we went last time I was there.”

“We can do whatever you want” I said as I though about eating her out.

“Great! See you so tomorrow then, love you!” Katie said.

After I disconnected I turned to Steph and she had the biggest shit eating grin on her face. “I can’t wait for her to get here!”

That night Steph gave me a masterful blowjob and swallowed all of my cum. I ate her to orgasm five times and we finally fell asleep with my cock buried in her wet cunt.

The next morning when I woke up, I heard the shower running and I knew Steph was getting ready for whatever might happen. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. Through the glass shower door I could see my wife’s gorgeous figure all soaped up as she slid her hands over her body. She was clearly enjoying her shower as I opened the shower door to see her slip two fingers in her soapy cunt.

I stepped up behind her and wrapped my arms around her. Both of my hands enveloped her breasts and I lightly pinched her nipples between my fingers. “Ohh baby, yes that’s it, make me want it” she said as I caressed her breasts and nibbled her sensitive earlobes.

My cock was already awake from my morning wood and now it was between her thighs and the top side was rubbing against her fingers and cunt as she continued to fuck herself. When she was just about there she removed her fingers and pushed my cock head between her lips. As she did I pushed my hips forward sinking more of my cock into her warm cunt. It didn’t take but a few strokes and she was spread eagle against the wall in full orgasm. As she rode her orgasm wave I held her to the wall and pumped faster. I came pretty quickly causing her to have a second orgasm.

When we settled down, we finished our shower and dried ourselves off. We didn’t bother with clothes since we started going nude at Steph’s mom’s house. It felt so good to be free of clothes except when I started to go get the mail. I froze but Steph had no problems going out, in fact, she stood at the mailbox for a few minutes to browse the mail before she walked back to the house.

I’m sure there were some very nice plants being mowed over as the neighbor men stared at her while they were doing their chores. I was beaming as she sat the mail on the entry table and gave me a passionate kiss. “That should hold the neighbor’s for a while” she said as she left me and walked to the kitchen. My phone dinged about then, my sister had text me yo say that flight was going to land in the next hour. I told Steph that I had to get dressed to go get Katie and I thought her smile would wrap around her head. I also noticed her nipples stand up hard as rocks.

After dressing in a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops I popped Steph on the ass as I went to the garage. Driving away I smiled as I hadn’t told Steph that Katie’ daughter Courtney was with her on the flight.

Katie in the All-American girl who was both smart and drop dead gorgeous. Perfect body with a solid 36D cup with matching ass. A dark tan finished off her body and if I know her like I think I do, she will have minimal tan lines, if any at all. She has a perfect life but not a square when it comes to having her fair share of fun.

Growing up, Courtney was the oldest niece and my favorite. I taught her to swim in my parents backyard pool when she was younger. Now having graduated from high school and just turning 19, she was shopping for schools. Lucky for me there was one close to where we lived. It would be great if she went there, she could live with us and cut her cost down for her parents. Courtney had a body much like her mom but her legs were longer and she has a much more athletic build.

I knew that Katie couldn’t use her phone while the plane landed so I text her that I was at the airport so she would see it when she looked at her phone again. It wasn’t long before I got a response that they were on the Tarmac and taxiing towards the gate. I told her I would be at the pickup point as I pulled into the airport. I was so looking forward to seeing my niece. It had been since New Years Eve at my parent’s house since I saw her last. That midnight found her with no one to kiss and when I caught her in the kitchen alone afterwards, I told her that I would kiss her.

I thought she might be grossed out but she turned towards me with mistletoe in her hand “Uncle Steve, I hoped you would. I have always had a crush on you. I hope that doesn’t gross you out” she said with puppy dog eyes. How could I resist as I took her cheeks in my hands and caressed her face lightly then our lips met. It was a tender kiss shared by lovers and she seemed to melt as our kiss broke free. “Oh my god, I have never been kissed that way” she said as we back away from each other only slightly. “That was the most amazing…” and Katie called her into the living room.

As I was replaying this in my head, I heard a voice say “what do two lonely women have to do to get a ride!” I was jolted by my sister’s voice to see her standing at my car door with Courtney and all their luggage. I jumped out of the car and went around hugging Katie and getting a quick kiss then looking Courtney up and down “you are more beautiful than ever. Get over here!”

Courtney ran to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist “Uncle Steve! I’ve missed you so much!” Courtney had on a long tee shirt and leggings and needless to say my second brain was responding quickly to my current circumstances.

As I was “rising”to the occasion, the weight of Courtney’s body caused her body to ease down my body stopping with her spandex covered cunt pressed against my rock hard cock. My back was towards my sister so she couldn’t get a good view of our situation as Courtney pulled her head from my neck, kissing me on the lips with a peck and pressing her cunt harder against my cock. As she did this, she bit her bottom lip and raised her eyebrows while staring into my eyes.

“Courtney, hop down and get your stuff silly. Steve can’t carry you, you are as tall as I am, you’ll hurt him” Katie said as she drug her luggage to the rear of the car.

“Spoil sport” Courtney said as she eased back to the ground. When her feet hit the ground, her eyes cut to my hard on raising her eye brows again. She mouthed wow as she reached for her luggage and moved to the rear of the car. I watched her rear as she did then snapped to and moved to the rear of the car and opened the trunk. The luggage was stowed and shortly after, we were on our way to the house.

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