She teases your boss to turn you on (Audio sex stories)

Audio sex stories from Asian girl… Hi baby. I know you’ve been waiting for me come to you tonight. I know you woke up this morning and knew that tonight I’d be here waiting for you, and all day you’ve felt the anticipation build in our body, the excitement of tonight in the back of your mind, turning you on, as you allow yourself flashes of the pleasure I’m going to give you tonight…my lips on your cock my hands on your balls, my young, sweet, tight little Asian pussy fucking your cock…

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You’ve been waiting for this all week, because Tonight I’m your naughty kinky little sex toy, coming back to report to you of all the sexy, slutty tasks you’ve given me this week. and I have a surprise for you…not only am I going to tell you about them…but I’ve videotaped every single second, you’re going to get to watch your little kitten play a nasty little slut.


Audio sex stories from Asian Girl

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