Holiday fun: London trip fun part 1

It was a nice summers day so I had dressed for the warm weather. A shortish denim mini skirt, white blouse and a pair of moderate heels. I had a new set of white undies to go with it. Frilly and lacy white panties and a white bra.

I set off from our hotel once the two other girls had left for their overnight visit to their aunts house.

My first stop was a coffee shop for some refreshment before doing a little bit of shopping on Oxford Street.


I hadn’t had any cock for a well over a week or so and I was ready for a bit of nookie.

On finishing my spending spree in the early afternoon, I headed back to the hotel, happy with my purchases and also feeling a bit fruity and up for some fun.

On arrival back at the hotel I settled in to the bar area for a wee G&T to unwind following my shopping trip. There was a large conference room/hall adjacent to the bar and I had noticed in the morning that there was some type of business seminar being held in it.

A few of the business men and women had already begun to filter into the bar area and I noticed that they all appeared to be winding their meeting down.

I was sat in a window area looking out onto the grounds of the hotel and as I sat looking out I noticed a few guys at the bar giving me the once over. I was beginning to get that naughty feeling that maybe some fun was on offer here, and I started to glance over in their direction, hoping maybe they would make eye contact, and see if any of them were brave enough to approach.

I needn’t have worried because within a few minutes one of the three men approached asking if I would mind if they pinched the other seats around my table.

I of course said, “help yourself.”

To which the man asked me if I was waiting for some friends or would I like too join his small group for a drink or two?

I gleefully accepted, explaining about my friends being away and about me being on my own. Very quickly the other two men joined us and we introduced ourselves.

The three men were in fact two brothers, Sanjit and Dillip and one of their suppliers Ian.

It transpired that they owned a small chain of shops (ladies clothes/boutiques) in the south of the country, the conference was on some managerial technique or other and they were staying overnight in the hotel afterwards.

I would have placed the two brothers in there early 50s and Ian in his 40s. They were all well turned out in suits and lovely smart shoes. Rather on the paunchy side, not fat exactly, but a little bit overweight.

We chatted and I was asked why I was down in London, why I hadn’t gone with my friends, and what had I been buying etc.

On answering them I could tell that the elder brother Sanjit was straining to try and get a glimpse down my top as I sat chatting, and as I motioned forward to pick up my drink this got me thinking to myself.

‘Ah so the randy bugger wants to have a peek eh.’

I then began to make sure I lent forward just that little bit more and that my tits were jutting out wards as I did so, hoping the randy fucker would get a bit of a titty flash as I did so.

I think I was managing to do it quite well,and making it look quite accidental, because he certainly got flushed around the face, and I don’t think it was just from his glass of whiskey!

By the next round of drinks it was becoming obvious that they were all flirting with me and that I was openly responding.

The usual moves had been employed by me: flicking of my hair, crossing and uncrossing of my legs, which seemed to particularly entertain Dillip, the stretching across to reach for things accentuating my titties and making Sanjit go redder and redder in the face.

We had a pleasant chat and flirt for a good hour or so, the conversation becoming more suggestive with the passing of time and the consumption of another round or two of drinks.

I had informed them of me buying myself some new shoes, undies and a new dress whilst out shopping in the morning. Ian was the first to respond, asking if they were sexy undies for my boyfriend, and if the dress was short enough to be interesting.

I had been giggling away with him saying that he was a ‘cheeky so and so’ adding that the dress was ‘far too short for in here anyway!”

He was responding by telling me that would be a sight worth seeing. as I had ‘nice legs’ and he told me he certainly enjoyed them in my mini skirt.

By now it was obvious they were trying to pull me and that I was certainly open to the idea.

They asked me what my plans for later where, and I said I would probably have a shower and may well be popping out for a meal somewhere and then probably be back at the hotel again for a couple of drinks.

At this point Sanjit asked me if I would like to go for a meal with them, as they had planned a trip out for a meal and then had hoped they might ‘get lucky’ and meet some nice ladies.

I said I would love to join them but that if they were hoping to meet some ladies they may be better without me tagging along.

Ian replied by saying ‘well we’ve already met one’ and that I seemed like fun. By this point I had already made up my mind … I was fucking them all that night.

I then said, “Okay I will go and get changed and meet you in an hour or so?”

This was greeted with a welcome round of yes pleases and I was soon headed off to the lift. My shopping in tow, and giving my best wiggle as I was making my way back to my room.

Ian decided he needed to go to his room at the same time and so we headed off together to the lift. Sanjit and Dillip were sat finishing off their drinks and smiled as Ian made his way with me.

Once in the lift Ian asked if I was okay with having the three of them so obviously chatting me up.

I responded by saying I was a big girl and could handle the three of them no problem.

Ian then simply asked, “And would you?”

“Would I what,” I asked back, knowing full well what he was meaning.

“Well if the three of us fancied a bit of fun, could you handle us all?”

I looked at him and gave him a wry smile, “I have handled more than three before don’t you worry,” and with that I gave him a wee peck on the cheek and told him I would meet him and the others in an hour or so.

I could tell he was desperate to make a move on me there and then, but the tease in me just wanted to keep him waiting.

Once in my room I was little bit giddy from one too many G&Ts and also from the familiar feeling of sex taking over me. I knew that if I played this right I was getting a lot of attention that evening and that just made me feel even randier.

I showered, pampered my self, gave my cunny a fresh shave and cream and then started to get ready.

I had bought a nice black dress in the morning. Mini length but quite elegant, strapped and backless. I had also bought some new black wedge style shoes and also some nice hold up stockings and undies from one of the ‘posh shops’ on Oxford Street.

Once dressed and made up I was beginning to feel that warm, wet tingling sensation that my fanny gets when I am in the mood for some real fun.

By this time it was well over an hour and a half later and so I thought that I should make my way downstairs to see if they were all talk and no action or if they were going to take me out.

They were all sat in the lounge area. They had all changed into different suits and had obviously made the effort. Aftershave was heavy in the air and I could see a couple of shaky hands as I walked over too them.

“Oh hiya Anna, gosh you look lovely,” was the response I got as they all admired me in my dress.

I gave them a little twirl and told them, “Thanks very much, you all look lovely too.”

Ian had already ordered a taxi for us and informed me that they had taken the liberty of booking a restaurant as well if that was OK.I said if course it was and within a few minutes our taxi pulled up.

It was a private hire cab rather than a black London cab, and Sanjit admitted that he knew the owner of the firm and so we would have the ‘best of service.’

I wiggled my way into the back,in the middle, Sanjit and Dillip sat on either side of me. Ian was looking disgruntled by having to sit in the front.

In the back I made sure that as I sat down my dress rode up displaying a hint of the pattern on the tops of my stockings.

Dillip again seemed fascinated by my legs and Sanjit again was getting a good glimpse of my boobs as we drove to the restaurant. Dillip then put one hand on my leg and gently patted it, not trying to get his hand up my dress, just resting it on my leg and giving a gentle squeeze every now and again.

Ian was chatting away to the taxi driver and we all were feeling rather merry and things were getting off to a good start.

Dillip then lent over and whispered in my ear, “Are you wearing stockings Anna?”

I whispered back to him, “Yes they are the new ones I got this morning, do you like them?”

He then whispered back to me, “Oh yes, I love stockings and your legs are lovely in them.”

With this I wiggled a little bit and let my dress ride up a bit more, now the full tops of the stockings were on show to the two guys in the back seat.

I whispered back to Dillip, “I hope you like the view now!”

He replied in a hushed whisper in my ear, “Oh yes Anna you have my cock hard already just looking at you.”

I glanced down to his crotch area to see the tell tale bulge pointing upwards!

“What are you two whispering about?” came the response from Ian in the front.

“Never you mind,” I said. “That’s our secret,” to which Dillip gave a huge grin and a playful squeeze on my stocking top.

Sanjit was sat on the other side and his hand had strayed on to my left thigh as well.

I smiled and them both and whispered to them in turn, “Don’t worry you will get to see and feel a lot more later!”

“If you both have bulges that size all night the waiters will be worried,” I then said as I looked at their crotches.

We all laughed and I straightened myself up and the rest of the cab journey was spent with us three in the back having a laugh and a smile to each other.

We arrived at the restaurant and once seated at our table the flirting began in earnest. Ian had obviously been feeling left out in the front and he sat next to me, eyeing up my tits at every opportunity and also commenting on ‘How sexy you look’ and telling me ‘You have a lovely pair of legs.’

The compliments flowed along with the wine. the three of them appearing to enjoy having me as their ‘date for the evening’

On chatting they all admitted to being married, now I feel slightly ashamed of this, but at the time I thought to myself, ‘Ah fuck it if their wives cant keep em happy.’

Sanjit and Dillip both said their wives were very sexually inactive and that they only had sex rarely with them. Ian said his wife was more of a game one and admitted that she had once taken a younger lover whilst on holiday.

They asked if I had ever been with an older man and I told them a little about Eric my previous lover and also intimated that I had enjoyed some fun with a few of his friends as well.

They seemed genuinely taken aback at this and Dillip in particular wanted to know more details

We sat and chatted and the talk was quite raunchy, as I told them of my times acting as waitress at Erics poker nights. I could Tell they were all getting hot under the collar.

I was certainly getting hot down below, my pussy was starting to get very moist.

The conversation continued throughout the meal and during this time I was playfully ‘fondled’ under the table.

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