Their first night together, lots of foreplay, public orgasm

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Two people had met online, spending weeks talking before the opportunity to finally get away with each other arrived. This is how their first night away together went, at least the first part…

This story aims to be more erotic than explicit.

She is thinking of your first night out together. A nice hotel, a spacious pillowy bed, fluffy hotel robes so that room service do not get a fright when opening the door to a hungry couple in need of nourishment at 3am.

And of course, a deep spa bath with plenty of room for 3, or for 2 creative people planning on being intertwined in many ways.

The lady wants to go out for dinner before retiring to the room for the evening. Since checking in, there have been hot and heavy moments. Passionate kisses… Wandering hands… Wandering mouths. All too soon, we glance at the time and see we cannot afford to get too carried away right now.

Since we were so carried away, we don’t have time to wait for the huge spa bath to fill, so we have to settle for a shower. As the lady needs time to get ready, she takes care to not get too close, just in case the previous shower fantasy were to be acted out, in which case she may be too sore to walk to dinner.

Although we don’t have the time for much, I take my time soaping your body. Paying especial attention to a particularly hard part which seems to be needing it. Using my soapy breasts to make sure your back is done, my hard nipples tracing patterns in the soap suds while my hands caress your front. Allowing you one last kiss, I rinse off and jump out to begin getting ready.

You’ve taken your time washing off those soapy body parts and getting dressed, but I can see you still have a problem that needs to be dealt with. And the sight of me isn’t helping…

In a short skirt, a respectable but deceptively revealing top, wearing classy but definitely fuck me heels, with stockings. You’re trying to feel up my skirt to see if they are staying up by themselves but I swat you away, leaving you to wonder. My eyes are blue and filled with lust at this game and my lips are a deep sensual red you can’t take your eyes off.

We go somewhere close by, and sit side by side. Our booth is private enough to be comfortable but there are always people walking past. Your arm around me, I slide closer to feel your warmth. Under the pretense of looking at the sign past me, you lean in and kiss my neck, finding that secret spot that makes me moan ever so softly. Your fingers moving up my silky smooth thigh determined to find the answer to your earlier burning question.

I gaze into your eyes as your fingers find suspenders, and your eyes shut for a half second picturing what you are feeling. Not wanting to draw attention to ourselves, napkins are placed in laps, enabling me to ascertain your level of discomfort… And it’s pretty solid. Your fingers continue their journey upwards and you get harder than I thought possible when you encounter nothing further but skin, just stockings and suspenders.

Our order arrives but we’re not paying much attention. Your fingers dip down to find an invitingly wet pool, and you have to feel further for yourself. You remove my hand from your crotch and tell me i need one hand free to at least pretend to eat. You can tell my other hand is busy, clutching the seat as you explore.

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