Creampie surprise

I feel that you reach a certain stage in your life when you feel like, and need, a change. I suppose that is what happened to us. Sally and I had both reached our late forties and our children had […]

Hunky Gogo Boy And Stripper Derek Tyson

I was greeted at the door by a very hot nude male stripper for a birthday party I was invited to over Memorial Day weekend. I found out that his name was Derek Tyson and that he entertained for different […]

Nude family gains a new family member

Who would have ever thought that just being in your own back yard could change the rest of your entire life? I am a six foot, one hundred eighty pound man with minimal fat yet an average looking male. I […]

Saving mom by fucking her

Saving mom by fucking her, Jeremy clutched his knees to his chest, “Oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God…oh, God.” He kept repeating as he rocked on his ass on the floor of his closet. His eyes kept darting around the room […]