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Tony,my elder sister got married as she left her parent’s home and now living a life with her hubby,so her illicit relationship with me (Mohit) diminished as i thought it will not happen again,but her video call with me was just like a shameless act but it’s a well revived relationship .so as days are over and she will come here for a week alone,i am too excited as i am counting hours to see her lovely face it’s a nice morning,as i wake up early and after having refreshment,i walked to balcony as mom & dad is sitting there,so as i sit there mom walked to kitchen and looking at me , dad asked………

Mohit,you have to be on time at airport
(Me)sure,i have booked a cab for airport and will be back also ,he will pick me at 10:00 am.”


And as mom came there with a cup of tea for me,i hold it as i am reading newspaper and after my morning tea,i moved towards my room ,so took out my blue denim jeans with short shirt and now inside washroom,i have my i put my jeans as well as shirt ,while came out of room to dinning space as it’s 09:20 am and mom is preparing breakfast for both of us as dad have to go his office and i have to leave for airport to receive my sister as our breakfast finished,i washed my hand as i am sitting in dinning space ,so while looking at watch it’s more than 10 minutes for cab to reach here and now i took my mobile phone as put my shoes on legs and after a while,car is out of home as i left my i sit on front seat as driver drove the car and i know heavy traffic till highway will take more time to reach i am sitting voiceless as my eyes are dreaming of something unusual but as car is driving at slow speed on heavy traffic on road,my eyes are going on mobile looking at it’s time,so 11:15 am is the time Tony will walk out of airport’s lounge as i have to receive i am feeling bored in car and than i put ear phones in my ears as i started watching a cricket match played earlier on my mobile,so spending my time in car as driver is moving car smoothly and after 30 minutes car is on highway as driver moved it in great speed,so i can see less time but enough to reach there and now i put my mobile in pocket as i reached airport at 10:55 am , so i asked driver to park car inside parking zone as i walked to airport’s lounge and there i sit on chair as too many passengers are leaving out of lounge and i guess may be one flight have arrived i am eyeing at sexy lady as it’s my weakness and lastly,as announcement of Pune Kanpur flight have been made,now my eyes are on entry gate as it’s a restricted place for passengers,so after a while ,i can see Tony holding her trolly bag in hand as her purse is in shoulder,so looking too hot and sexy in her sleevless crop-tops with black leggings,her eyes are now on me and she walked to me as i smiled ,now hold her trolly bag as both walked out of airport ,going towards parking zone as she asked…….

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“how are you ?
(Me) fine and how’s your life going on?
(Tony)he have met my expectations.”and so as our conversation ends , reached the parking zone as driver is there,put luggage in dicky as we got inside,so sitting on back seat as driver moved the car out of parking zone and now it’s moving forward to highway,she is sitting closer to me and our arms are touching ,so thighs are also rubbing eachother and now as car is moving speedily on road,i put my elbow on her soft boobs as getting soft touch of it,so she is voiceless as i am pressing her soft boobs with my elbow intentionally and her face is straight as i am feeling hot,so after a while , looking at him ,i put my hand down as she hold my wrist and put my hand on her waistline,so i moved it down to her vaginal zone as i started rubbing it hard on her two layers covered cunt but she is feeling hot and as my hand is rubbing her sexy vagina gently,i can see him looking out of windows and lastly, driver stopped the car near roadside as he left ,so Tony took no time to hold me in her arms as her lips are sealed on my face and she is kissing my lips hard,so i hold her lips in my mouth as i am sucking it hard,her boobs are pressing hard on my chest as i got aroused but feeling bit scared,i pushed him and so we are sitting on seat far driver moved the car as we both are feeling hot as well as shy,so we are sitting voiceless and we reached home after 30 minutes ,now driver took out luggage as i walked inside home with bag and both mom as well as daughter,is walking towards dinning space ,so after putting sister’s luggage in her room,i frisked inside my room and changed my dress ,so put bermuda on waist as took refreshment .later on ,i am in dinning space as mom is in kitchen,so Tony is not there , may be have moved inside washroom for bath or to get mom came there with a tray full of cups as i hold it to put on table,now i hold a cup as mom is sitting near me ,so drinking coffee as Tony walked out of room and sit on opposite side on sofa ,she have put a long night wear as looking at mom,she said……..

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“mom, it’s 12:30 afternoon, haven’t taken bath
(She)now i will have it soon.”and as we three are drinking coffee,i finished it and walked inside my i am on bed to take rest for a while, sister came inside as she sit near my face and i put my both arms on her waist as i hold it and than make him sleep on bed.Tony is in a long night wear as i took him by surprise ,now put myself on her top and starts kissing her lips to face ,she have put her hand on my back as she is rubbing her palm on it and than i starts licking her lips with my long tongue as she is looking sexy with her eyes closed and now her mouth opened as i pushed my tongue in it,so she hold my neck as sucking my tongue hard,my chest is putting pressure on her soft boobs as i am on top of my married sister’s body,her hand is moving on my ass and after a while ,i freed my tongue as i moved downwards .Her night wear have V necked as my lips are sealed on her neck ,going towards chest but it’s a covered part and now i put my face on her boobs,so she smiled and put her one hand on waist as she removed it’s fronts and as she put it in parts,my married sister’s hot body is visible as i hold her nude boobs and starts licking her nipples with my tongue,so my cock is gaining the strength and now i swallows her boobs as i am sucking it hard , Tony’s hand is pulling my bermuda as i am sucking my sister’s breast after 4 months and so my lower parts are nude as she have hold my penis ,now her sexy voice”uh ah suck suck hard “is making me horny and i left her right breast as i hold left one to swallow,so as i put it in my mouth to suck,my lower parts are on my knees and Tony is jerking my penis hard as i am squeezing her other as i left her boobs and turned my body to sleep adjacent to her,she have hold my cock and i am sleeping straight on bed ,so she is too horny as she have put her night wear’s on shoulders, it’s in two parts as her sexual organs are nude and now she leaned on my top as her face is on my penis ,her sexy buttocks is on my face and she have put her legs wider and in opposite directions,so we are in 69 position as i hold my sister’s waist and put my lips on her vagina ,while kissing it wildly ,i can feel her tongue licking my glans and so i put my crossed fingers on her vagina as i starts licking it fast and she have swallowed my whole cock as she is sucking it hard ,my other hand is moving on her bum as i am licking my sister’s vagina like a stray dog,she is spinning her head fast as we lovers have waited for 4 months to get our love but she is a married lady as my cock is growing hard in her mouth,now i put my long finger in her cunt as i am fingering it fastly and so my tongue is rolling on her ass hole,really i am too possesive about him as her body got love for three months, it’s her beauty with sexy figure that have made me her admirer .now i can hear Tony’s sexy voice “oh ah um i will cum soon”as she is rolling her tongue on my wet cock and now i took out my finger from her glory hole as my tongue is fucking it fast ,so i can feel her tongue loving my penis and after a while,she screamed louder

“oh ah it will cum soon”and i swallows her fleshy vagina as i sucked it for a while,so i got her vaginal fluids tastes and now i licked it ,so ask him to leave my i walked inside washroom as i put bermuda on waist , urinated as well as washed it and so too desperate to fuck her. Tony’s 22 year’s of young age with her lovely face , busts of 34 inches with waist of 26 inches and her round dome shaped buttocks measures 36 inches ,is making me too horny and i came back in room to see her on bed while night wear is on her i asked………

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