Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss

Wife Customized by Black Lover and Boss

I am Robert 27, my wife Bethany 28.


Chapter 1

I am a writer of fiction stories. Beth was my classmate. After a few years, I proposed, and we have been married for 3 years.
She is a college lecturer, very boyish pixie haircut, slightly dark skin tone, whitish. Always smiling and very much attractive. She loves the company of friends. She attends parties with her friends. She always wears an attractive normal dress. In the evenings I write stories and she watches tv or prepares notes for the lecture. We enjoyed sex on the weekends. She was very much active in it. And we loved it.

Kimberly was her friend from her college. She moved to our neighborhood along with her black husband Gayle. Beth was surprised to see her. The next day Gayle went for a business meeting.
As Kimberly was new to the area she found it scared to live the night alone. She asked Beth to stay with her for the night as Gayle will be back the next day. The next morning she came home. I asked about the stay. She said they had talked about both of their lives as they were not seen each other for 3 years after our marriage.

I said, “It’s strange to have a black husband.”
“She met him after a few months of our wedding. She falls in love with him. She said it’s his big black cock.”
“How big,” I asked out of curiosity the next moment I thought why am I asking this to my wife.
She surprised. “it’s 9 inches long and 3 inches thicker.”
“How do you know that!”
” Kimberly said so and I don’t believe it then, she showed me a photograph of him naked she did it quickly I didn’t get enough time to turn my face away and it was true and I stared for a few seconds she said oh you are interested I didn’t understand what she meant by that.”
“I didn’t understand it either.”
“She showed me her photo album it looks very beautiful to see her cute white body along with his dark body.”
That night she was sucking me I felt she was thinking something
“What was it?”
“It’s nothing.” she shyly smiled.
“Honey you know we are open to talk about anything, I just thought I and Kim have about the Same mouth size how could she fuck 9 inches and 3 inches thicker cock that my mouth is about to be filled with your 5-inch cock.”
“Maybe they were not sucking.”
“She said she sucks him.”
“When?” I exploded!
“She said when she shows me the photo.”
“You said she loves to fuck him.”
“I think she said both.”
“You can ask her tomorrow now give me your sweet pussy.”
We made love, and I got excited in the sex she also enjoyed it much rather than our previous nights.

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The next day was Friday I went shopping for some groceries and beer. And found that Beth was not home. I opened a beer and cool off. Then I got a call from Beth’s phone it was Kim.
She said, “as Beth said you were working in the evenings and you two are not going out together regularly. She would like to come to a party with me and Gayle, are you okay with that.”
I said, “it’s her decision, and I likely to be working in the evening she could have all the fun she wanted. I said it out of drinks.”
Kim said to Beth, “what did I tell you he will be okay with it.” And cut the phone. A few minutes later Beth dressed in jeans and shirt casual wear and kissed me on the cheek and said,
“Are you okay with it?”
“You can have all the fun you want.”
“Love you,” And she left.

At 11 pm she came back. I couldn’t even believe it. She looks very hot in a one-piece party dress. her perfect body shape was extremely showcasing.
“What happened to you?”
“I am very tired I dance a lot I am very sleepy we can talk about it in the morning goodnight honey.”
She gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.
In the morning I passionately looked to herself. She shyly smiled I asked about the evening.

“When I came back from college you were not home and Kim called me to come over and she said it is important. I went to her home and I saw Gayle and his friend. Kim said it’s Fernando. She called me to ask for a favor. Fernando is divorced and they were all going to a party. And Fernando’s ex will be there having a date with some other man. So he wants to show his pride to his ex that he is with someone hotter than her. And Fernando asked me will I do the favor. I said I am a married woman I can’t date him.”
“Is he black?”
“Yes he was, Kim insisted that Fernando is a good friend and I don’t have to date him. Just to pretend.
I said, “you won’t like the idea.”
“She asked me to call you and ask. After I dialed. She picks up the phone from me. I didn’t hear what she said to you. But she said you are agreed.”
“What? I didn’t say that. She said you like to go out with Kim and Gayle. She didn’t mention Fernando and you are going as his date for the evening.”
“Just pretending!”
She was very Moody. And in a sad tone said, ” thought you will let me have a date…pretending!”
She went quiet a bit.
I asked her to tell me about what happened.
“Now I have no reason not to go along with it as you are already given permission, I thought so. I came here to change the dress and left. Kim and Gayle mocked me that is this the way I go to the party. We are not going to a business function Kim said. And she was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress 5 inch above her knees. She looks hot. She takes me into her wardrobe in her bedroom. And ask me which one I like. Every one of them is shorter or much even shorter than what she wore. I said I always wear bigger ones. But she insisted on trying it. And I wear one, she said I look hot and beautiful I said I can’t go out in it. I tried to call you and she said to me that am I asking you everything about what Ido? and pick up my phone. And take me out of the room forcefully. Gayle and Fernando gave me big applause which raised my confidence. We go to a party. We drank. Then we see Fernando’s ex she was hotter than hell. Fernando asked me to pretend I am his girlfriend he hugged me, kissed me a deep passionate kiss. Now, I think it’s the drink that made me do it. And he was very gentle after all and got oh am I saying it to you. Oh it’s stupid”

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“Go on honey.”
“We came back to Kim’s home. Fernando left. When I am with Kim I asked about how she sucks Gayle that he is having such a big cock
She asked ” will I be wanted to know,” I said yes then what she said made me angry. And I left.
“Honey, what did she tell you?”
“You will get angrier also, leave it, I am going to make a coffee.”
“Is am I looking like an angrier guy after you have a real date.”
” it’s just pretending.”
“I won’t angrier with you for what Kim said to you, tell me?”
“It makes me nervous If I wanted to know how she does it she will show me but won’t tell me.”

That day Idream of Beth seeing Kim and Gayle fucked. It made me hot in bed. I asked are you interested to see Kim suck Gayle’s cock. She said no. And Ifucked her in between I asked her to go give it a thought.

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