Realised Dream with Mom- Part 1

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This is the story of my life and of my love for my mom. It all started when I left my wife or rather forced to leave her because of an extra marital relationship she is in. I felt it was better to live alone. After leaving her I came back to the place where my parents lived. My mom supported the act and said she would find a new bride for me. At the age of 45, I had no intention to marry and flatly told them so. Being alone I am an ardent reader of sex stories and had read quite a number of invest stories. In fact, I like incest stories very much. Reading these stories developed in me a desire for my mom. She is 67 years old and is rather plain. But she is very special as she is my mom. Invest for me can happen only with her.

I started to touch her more and more and hug her and kiss her on her forehead in the pretext of taking care of her. Then one day my dad informed that he would have to be out of town for a fortnight . This was the time I felt I must use. After dad left I woke up the next day and placed a porn book under my pillow. The book was kept folding in such a way that a mom son incest story would be the first thing one would see on turning the book. I went to the toilet and took my bath and went to my office. I came back earlier and saw my bed neatly done. The book was in its place but it was not open on the same page.

Kom came to me with tea and asked if I would like some snacks. I said negative and requested Mon to sit by my side for some time. She did so and when I asked her how she was, she said she had a back pain. I offered a massage but she denied saying it was not necessary. But I insisted and she obliged. She then told that she wanted to talk to me. I asked her to proceed. She said that she wanted me to marry. The asked why I was not interested in marriage. I told that I don’t want to marry as I don’t want to leave her and go away with my wife again. She told I could stay in the house with my wife and I immediately answered that I did not want anybody to fight with and abuse my mother and I cannot take the tension of my wife and my mom fighting.

In the meantime I was gently massaging her back. After some time I told her to lie down as that would help me to massage her back better. She did so. Slowly I started to massage her waist. She did not respond. I also did not do anything more. After some time I asked her why she had been using an antifungal ointment. She told it was because of a fungal infection on her genital area. This was the moment for me. I pretended to be very concerned and discussed about the development of cancer cells in the genital area of old women. I also showed her some pics. I continued till she was extremely worried about her state.

Then I asked her if she would allow me to see her genital area as I could see better with a light the nature of her infection. She was hesitant but I told her afterall she was my mother and we are both mature and this was for medical purpose. She reluctantly agreed. I immediately told her to pull up her petticoat. As she was doing so I helped her and pulled it up to der navel. Her entire region down her navel was open and exposed in front of her eyes. I switched on the torch of my mobile and gazed at the place which I coveted for long. The pussy of my mother! I slowly touched it and pretended to examine the rashes. I was actually exploring the clitoris and the hole of her vagina. She had hairs. I told her that the hairs must be shaved as the area must be clean. Then I brought my ready shaver and told her I must shave it for her. I just asked her if father would be angry. She told me there was no chance. I inferred that sex was over between them.

I shaved her pubic hairs and cleaned the area with Betadine lotion and told her that this dressing must be repeated for a couple of days. She agreed.

That night I told her to sleep with me in the AC as I wanted her to be comfortable and not suffer from the heat and sweat at night.

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