A playful mother awakens her son’s basic instinct

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“Ryan please… your dad’s right here for God’s sake!” Nicole protested as Ryan inched closer to her.

“He’s passed out mom. He’s not going to wake up…” he replied having finally cornered her.

He took a hold of her bikini shawl and firmly pulled on it causing her to spin like a top.

Nicole instantly felt embarrassed and tried covering up her lower half. At the river she had managed to blend in with all the other women in bikinis. There was no blending in now.

Ryan stared hungrily at his mother’s curvy body. The sun had left her with a healthy blush and the sunscreen left her body shiny and smelling of summer. She hopelessly tried to cover her cleavage but it was hopeless. Ryan watched her hungrily and began to undo the strings in front of his shorts.

“Wait Ryan! Think about you’re doing…” she pleaded once again.

Her words hung in the air as Ryan pulled open his shorts revealing his young and hard awakening cock.

Nicole squeezed her legs involuntarily.

“Oh God…,” she thought to herself as the throbbing member grew in front of her.

She had felt it rub against her earlier in the day but now here it was, bare naked and calling out to her. Her mind began racing on what she should do.

“What if your sisters come back?” she asked with a slight tremble in her voice. Ryan could see that her eyes were still locked between his legs. His erection had reached full mast and Nicole found it herself short of breath.

“They have a room key but I’ve locked it from the inside. Besides you heard them, they’ll probably go out to get some food before coming back here,” he replied as he began to stroke his cock.

The 43 year old mother of three let out an exasperated sigh. She was conflicted, confused, but now dangerously tempted. Her eyes refused to look away from the girthy pole that now pointed up towards her face. She felt her knees weaken and before she knew it, she found herself gradually kneeling down until she was practically prostrated at her son’s feet.

“Why am I kneeling down? What am I doing?” she asked herself as she rested on her supple haunches.

She shook the the questions from her head and instead concentrated on the veiny man meat pulsating in front of her. She looked up at her son and bit her lower lip.

“Am I really going to do this?” She thought to herself..

She could feel her bikini bottoms digging between her legs. The taut material felt lovely and she wiggled slightly and unconsciously to let it dig harder against her clit.

“I responsible for this behavior… I did this to myself,” she thought as she clenched her legs together.

She had deliberately teased and flirted with him throughout the day. It had started as a joke but the alcohol had encouraged her causing it to evolve into something that was now beyond her control. She had assumed that because she was his mother, he’d be grossed out or reluctant to joke around with her. Instead she had inadvertently seduced him and triggered his most natural basic instinct… the instinct to fuck.

She felt guilty for putting them in this situation. She was after all his mother, the adult and authority figure in their relationship.She could’ve stopped it before it had devolved to this, yet here she was now, practically venerating at his feet. Her conscience screamed at her one last time to get up and to get dressed. It urged her to wake her husband up so that he could remind their son what their rolls were. At the same time however, she found her hopelessly aroused by the reaction of her son’s body. She couldn’t deny it felt great to be desired by a younger man, even if it was her own son.

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