I have to take Dad’s Place 3

Hello Everyone, I am niyar Borah back with my love life with my mom. Thanks for your feedbacks and suggestion regarding the writing style of mine. If anyone missed my previous experiences then go through them first to better understand my life.

As I was transferred to my new branch in Dibrugarh, Mom seems to be very happy. She was so happy that her excitement was clearly visible from her actions. All day she was speaking about her plan in our new home and things she will do. I contacted a agent and luckily we got a small house on rent for our stay. As mom is going with me, we planed to put our house on rent and the agent took all responsibility of it. At bedtime mom came to me and placed her face on my chest, slowly she started to rub her chick against my chest. I know it’s her signal to make love. Mom has some unique ways to express her desires like when she want to convince me for something she use to blink her eyes in a symmetric manner, when she need lovemaking she will quietly rub her face against my chest , when she feel lonely she will come and sit in my lap by putting her arms across my neck.


As she was rubbing her face I patted her hairs and run my fingers along her hairs. Slowly she closed her eyes and parted her lips. I kissed lips and started to suck her lower lip. She grabbed me tightly and bite my lip, its paining but the pleasure its carrying makes me go crazy. After a long passionate kiss she broke the kiss and opened her eyes. Innocence in her eyes makes her more desirable. She grabbed me and come on top of me. Sitting on my stomach she caught my hands and kissed my neck and chest. She was Kissing me like no tomorrow.

Me: Swapna, It seems you are in good mood. Mom you need a passionate love naa?
Mom: With you I am always in mood. Your love making me crazy, Sometimes I became wet even with a kiss. Your love is making me forget my identity. I became horny by just imagining you. You had make me yours completely.
Me: That’s sweet to hear from you that you are always ready for me. Otherwise you can file for a marital Rape.
She slightly slaped me and kissing that area and said to me
Mom: Marital Rape………That’s was good, good joke. A mother filing for Marital Rape against her own son.
Me: Mom, You forgot. We are married now. As a wife you can file for it.
She kissed my lips and loking at my eyes said to me
Mom: I am all yours; I had told you earlier that you own me. You have every right on my body. I am living for you only otherwise I don’t have any wish to live . Swapnalekha always belong to Niyar. So, don’t worry and love me as you wish.
Her words made my eyes moist, Her emotional words made me hug her tightly and kissed her deep.
Me: Swapna, Why you love me so much? You have suffered these many years only for me. You have sacrificed your life for me. Your love is more precious than my life.
Me: I love you….. Now rest. No words, Just sleep. You are tired from setting our new home.

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She tried to speak something but I closed her lips with my finger. She closed her eyes and placed her head on my chest. Hugging me she gone to sleep. Inside I am dying to make love and I know she is in mood but whole day’s work made her exhausted.

Next Morning I woke up early, mom was sleeping like a child hugging me. Her innocent face is glowing with happiness and satisfaction. Slowly I got up of bed and gone to bathroom. After freshen up, I prepared tea and placed the cup on side table. I gently kissed mom on chicks, she opened her eyes and smiled. Her smile always carries her heartfull of love and affection she is carrying towards me. She kissed my lips and chick.
Mom: Sweety, why are you preparing tea for me? You don’t need to do these things. I just want love from you.
Me: Its not a big deal, I had woke up early so I prepared tea. There is any rule stating husband can’t prepare tea?
Mom smiled on my words and hugged me. Her hug was tight. It seems she is trying to blend herself in me.
Mom: Its not like that, I love doing things for you. I loving doing everything for you.
By this word she pulled me over her and placed her lips on mine. She hold my right hand and placed it on her breast and I pressed it slightly, A small moan released from her sweet mouth. I pressed it again, she grabbed the bed sheet with her fingers, Her lips were trembling and it became dry. She closed her eyes and grabbed the bed sheet more tightly. By both hands I fondled with her breasts, pressing them slightly. She is releasing small moan and her whole body was trembling. She is trying to speak something but no words were coming out of her mouth. At last with a small moan she said to me

Mom: Sweety I am not going anywhere, Before enjoy me make me naked first.
With her words I removed her nighty in a flash. Her nipples were erect and inviting. I grabbed her right breast and started to suck the left one. After some sucking and pressing I sucked the right breast by pressing the left. She started to beg me to fuck her
Mom: Sweety, Please fuck me…..Please give me your dick. I can’t control more. Please make love to me.
Me: Mom, How can I fuck you? I am your son, It is a sin.
Mom: Honey, don’t tease me, Please put your dick inside me. I wanted it last night but you asked me to rest. Now, Please give it to me.
Me: Mom, What are you saying? How can I fuck you? You are my mom. It is a sin.
Mom: I am wearing sindoor of your name, Lying naked under you, my husband and you are asking how can you?
Me: So, What is the thing my sexy wife wants?
Mom: Your dick my dear hubby.

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I smiled at her and unbuttoned my shorts, She just grabbed my dick and placed it against her pussy. She was wet so with little pressure I was fully inside her. She left a moan and closed her eyes. I placed my lips on hers and caught her fingers with mine. With slow and long strokes I am fucking her. She opened her mouth and welcomed my probing tongue. After some minute , Mom started to tighten her body as she was reaching close. I left her fingers and grabbed her Boobs and started to press them hard. She grabbed bed sheet again but this time more tightly. I increased my speed, with every stroke her moan became louder and louder. After some more strokes she screamed loudly and tightened her grip on me. As I was close to orgasm I continued to fuck her with and I deposited my load on her pussy.
After our love making, I collapsed on her and resting. She got her senses back and hugged me. She placed her face on my chest and her both arms around my neck. She is singing “soch na sake” song from the movie Airlift with hardly audible sound. I am patting her back and rubbing it with affection. A question came into my mind.

Me: Mom, you are a hot and sexy women, you are even hotter on bed. How can dad always find you dull? How was his taste on girls?
Mom did not replied to my question and continue to sing her song. I asked her the same question once again.
Mom: Can you change the topic sweety, please don’t talk about him. He has left me when I needed him most. He preferred to fulfil his desire than looking after his family. He left me when I am pregnant with you inside me. Now, I don’t need him. You are giving me all the happiness a woman can imagine. I am living my dream happy housewife life with you. For me, I have only one husband in my whole life……its you. He is a sperm donor for me. You are my true and only husband. You look after me so well, you care for me, you love me so much…..your affection towards me. This all are amazing. What more should I demand from a husband.
By speaking her last words , her eyes seems to be moist. She kissed my chest and again placed her face on my chest.
Me: I have one more question, Please don’t mind if it hurts you. Can i?
Mom: You can ask me silly, you don’t need my permission every time.
Me: You are beautiful, Sexy and so so so much hot. How can you manage these many years? I mean, How can you manage without a man these many years?
Mom looked at me and from her expression I can tell that she will cry in next moment. Tears started to flow from her eyes and she is sobbing. With her broken voice she said to me
Mom: Sweety, Are you having Doubts on me? Are you doubting on my character? Please don’t tell me that you think me as slut, whom any one can fuck. This woman is not a easy target to get laid. Believe me or not you are the second person to have me……. Your dad was first.
I realised my mistake and tried to apologies to mom but the damage is done. She got up from bed and tried to leave me. I got caught her hand and stopped her.
Me: I am sorry mom, Please forgive me. I should not have asked you that. Its your personal life, I should have respected that. Please forgive me this time.
She tried to got away from me but my grip on her hand was strong and she was unable to got away.
Mom: Niyar, leave me. You are like your dad. He was unable to have trust on me in fact he has no trust on any women. If by sleeping with you made you think that I am slut then forget everything. I am removing this sindoor and every romantic relationship with you. If I can manage this many years then I can manage in future too. First learn to trust your woman then come to me.

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Her words made my whole world go blank. My every dreams seems to be broken. Top of this, My most respected and loved person is upset with me. That thought made me cry. I had hurt the lady, I worship as goddess. My mom, My love, My wife is upset with me that made me cry. Tears rolled from my eyes and I just hugged her tightly. She is trying to resist by saying “ leave me….Leave me niyar” but I silenced her with a lipkiss. At first she was resisting my kiss but after some moment she started to respond to me. We broke the kiss. She looked at my eyes started to paunch my chest, continuously for some time. After that she became calm and hugged me. She kept her head on my shoulder and she is sobbing. I have no idea other than patting her back.

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