Getting fucked by mom

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Hi myself samroy from Bangalore i study in 10th its my first story here in this page and i like to share a real incident happened in my life
So without wasting lets get started:-

My mother name is Geetha size 36-32-36 really so sexy and hot i am glad that she is my mom
recently in 2020 my mom got an operation of getting stopped periods, and it means that she will ever get pregnant and i am so happy that i can cum inside her pussy

story began:-We live in Bangalore recently because of this covid we shifted to my village and after 5 months ,we came back to bangalore and brought a small house
were i , my brother , dad and my sexy mom.

from many days i wanted to fuck my mom and tear her pussy i tried many ways to fuck my mom but it failed but i didn’t give up
so you are reading this story please don’t give up try u r best to fuck u r mom

One day my dad and my brother went to our relatives marriage and in home it was all alone with my mom , in my brain there were many ideas to fuck my mom
but this time i didn’t try but it was my lucky day.

My mom usual don’t wear panties just bra inside ,but that day my wore the panties and put them in our laundry,that night i was awake and wanted to masterbat
it been 11 or 12 i dont remember but i silently took my mom panties and started to masterbat man that smell was really awesome i was in heaven and suddenly the door crack and it was my mom
i thought that she wanted to use washroom i was acting sleeping and she went inside the washroom and i started again to masterbat and my mom came out of washroom and she was searching something in laundry
and suddenly she came near me and took my blanket and i was caught red handed and was so feared that my dad will kill me
but my with a angry voice shouted my name and asked wt the hell are you doing ,i am your mom:

Mom:- What’s wrong with you ,i am your mom
Me:- Mom really so sorry , i will never do that
Mom started to cry and i was all naked with my mom panties in my hand and i also started to cry
we both did not talk a word and i broke the silent said

Me:- Sorry mom never do that again please don’t tell dad or he will kill me
Mom: what made you do that?
Me:- mom your a sexy women i have seen in this whole world
and right there i got a heavy slap
Mom: you mad i am your mom and any slut
Me: sorry mom please don’t tell anyone
Mom: didn’t speak a words
Me:-i started to cry
Mom:- now why the hell are you crying
Me:- mom forgive me never do that again
Mom:-So from now don’t masterbat it is harmful to you and your health
Me:- okay mom i do what ever your say
Mom:-Good now go to bed back
Me;- was silent
Mom:- go to your bed and me that panties
Me:-mom can i masterbat a last time with them
Mom in angry voice: i just told you not to masterbat
Me:please mom just a last time and never so that again
Mom:- do that fast and it the last time
Me as i took my dick in my hand and started to masterbat my mom was shocked and said so big

Mom: woh so big and its nice
Me: do you like it mom
Mom:shut your fucking mouth u dirty boy

and i continued to masterbat and i was noticing mom reaction she was horny too like me
i usual take 15 to 20 minutes to finish but i had any other idea that i will carry above 20 minutes
it has been 10 minutes and my mom asked me you still did not finish do it fast and i acted like

Me:Mom i can’t do anything
Mom: your dad cannot handle 5 minutes u r above that
Me in fear :Mom do u like to get fucked
Mom again slapped me so hard that i started to cry in the spot

Mom didn’t speak any word and after 2 minutes ,she came near me and told it’s a sin we our society we should not do this

Me: please mom dont give a fuck to society
Mom: i know and sex is common nowadays
I was shocked to hear that word from my mom

Me: mom please just once
Mom was quite for 2 minutes and told do me a promise it will be between us

Me: sure mom i promise you
mom toke her nighty and first time i saw real boobs in my life
Mom: close your mouth or mosquito will go in
Me: really so sexy
Mom:tq will you just talk or do something
her pussy was too hairy and dirty

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