A couple having open relationship

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Hello everyone, This is my second story on Sex4Stories. I hope you like the first one “Sex with wife and step daughter”. This is also a hypothetical story so don’t mind it. Now, let’s come to the story.

I am living in London. I studied Engineering in a famous college of London. My batch consist of 25 boys and 15 girls. I have a crush on the most beautiful girl of the batch. Her name is Jennelia. She is an introvert person that’s why she has very limited friends. I always try to talk to her but she is not interested in me. I am the very intelligent boy in the class. I have a good fan following because of my smartness. Many girls try to become friend of me as I am the one who helped them in the exams.

As London is very open city that’s why I have no shortage of girls and sex. I did it several times in my life. I also fucked my land lady in the absence of her husband. I will share this some other time.

Now, In college, I am interested only in Jennelia. She has big round boobs, thick thighs which I like the most in girls, milky white body (BTW I am not racist), pink lips, beautiful legs.

One day, I am sitting in the library, studied for upcoming semester exams. I am so much involve in studies that I don’t look in my surroundings. Jennelia comes in front of me and said something. But I didn’t focused on her then she touched my hand, at that moment I like that touch so much that I can’t believe what happens with me. Then she told me that can you help me in studies. I said to her yes, afcourse why not. When you are free you can tell me so that I come. She tell me this. I told her if you want we can start from this moment itself. She became very happy and said thankyou so much.

After that I started to teach her the simple concept of Economics. But she is very weak in studies. I thought how she able to manage to pass previous semesters. Then I changed my pattern and start with some real life examples.

Now, she able to understand something. I am happy with that that atleast she start. In this way I am devoting some of my time to her in her studies.

One day, she was not come to college. I thought may be she goes to somewhere but atleast she has to inform me so that I can’t wait for her. After some time, my phone rings I pick it. There was a lady that side. She said that she is Jennelia’s mother Jacqueline. I said hello aunty.

She said that jennelia is not feeling well today that’s why she is not able to come. I think you are waiting for her so I call you to inform about her condition. As exams are come near and she has a lot of unfinished syllabus. So can you come to my home and teach her here as well. I said, Ok aunty I can come. Send me your address. She sends her address and I am leaving to her house.

After an hour I reached there. Jacqueline welcomes me and kissed me on my lips may be that how they greet the guest. Then we both goes to Jennelia’s room. Jennelia say hi to me and said thankyou for visiting to her house for teaching her. I said no problem I can also revise the topics in this way.

After that I started teach the difficult concept of economics, as now she is able to understand. Then exams are come and shs is able to pass with good grades. She come to me and say thankyou. That without you I am not able to pass but because of you I pass with very much good grades. She tell me can I asked you one question. I tell her yes. She asked me that many girls want to teach from you. You teach them also but not with such dedication as you teach me, why?

I said because I like you. She didn’t said anything and goes from there. I shouted on myself that why I always so hurry.

Now she didn’t talk to me. Next day, she came to me and said I also like you. I didn’t believe on myself. She continue that I like you from the very first but I am introvert and you are always surrounded with so many girls that’s why I am not able to said. I become very happy and hugged her. She hugged me back. Now we are become girlfriend and boyfriend. We talk so much with each other. Goes for movie and shopping as well. One day while watching romantic movie a kissing scene comes, we see each other and then I put my lips on her. She also start to kiss me. We kisses each other for so long. After that we come out in the middle of movie. We both come to my apartment and again started kissing.

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