My hubby’s boss :part-4

Hello readers, Bina Mishra is enjoying her life as I am living with my hubby Anish and a young guy of neighbour hood have been with me for last 5-6 hubby’s boss Nishant is in extramarital love with me,what love means here , every one hubby have forced me to sleep with him

Sex with my Lusty Old Boss – 2

Hi Guys, I am back. Sorry for posting late the continuation of my previous sex story, “Sex with my Lusty Old Boss”. For guys who don’t know me am Maya. I work as a secretary. Let me continue the story. The next day my boss woke me up. Maya get up the taxi has come.

Sex with my Lusty Old Boss

Hello guys. I am Maya. I am from Mumbai. I am a happily married woman. I am 36 years old and my hubby is 37 years. I have a voluptuous body and my figure is 40c-30-41. I am 5’9 in height, fair looking with long hair. My hubby is also a smart guy. He works