My hubby’s boss :part-4

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Bina Mishra is enjoying her life as I am living with my hubby Anish and a young guy of neighbour hood have been with me for last 5-6 hubby’s boss Nishant is in extramarital love with me,what love means here , every one hubby have forced me to sleep with him once but we both enjoyed our hot nights as we have promised each other for sexual pleasure. It’s a nice morning as my hubby left for a 3 days trip to Bangalore as Nishant have made plan for us in my hime . I took a nice bath and put traditional outfit of saree as well as blouse with peticote ,it’s 10:05 am as door bell started ringing and I moved to door as I open it ,I can see Nishant standing there with a small bag on his hand. I took him inside my dinning hall as I locked the door and turned back to see Nishant standing there ,I hold him in my arms as he is kissing my lips and face. I am in Nishant’s arms as he is kissing my lips as well as face and his hand is on my heavy ass ,now I am kissing his neck as he opened the pin attaching my saree with blouse and pulled my saree down to earth .now he is eyeing my big boobs as I put my hand on saree to put it on my chest but he put his hand on my waist as my saree’s some portion is inside peticote on waist ,he removed it and let saree fall on earth.looking like a hot blonde in blouse as well as peticote ,we moved to sofa and now I started removing his shirt and jeans .
Nishant is now in his brief only as his penis bulge is making a hot rod imagination on I sits on his thighs as my hand is on his shoulder ,he have hold me tightly as my left boobs is on his chest and he is putting his lips on my face and my cleavage of breasts are easily visible as I have put a deep neck blouse ,which is backlash and sleeveless Nishant took my lips in his mouth as he is sucking it with his hand on my back ,I can feel his hand rubbing my soft back as he opened the strings of blouse but I have pushed my long tongue in his mouth to suck. He is sucking my tongue as my blouse is out of my arms ,now my boobs are caged in white brassiere as he left my tongue . I put my head on his shoulder as Nishant asked…….”darling are you ready for blow job ?
(Bina) sure I love sucking cock .” And I left his thigh and sit on ground ,he is on the corner of sofa as I pulled down his undies and his long cock is nude .now I put my lips on penis as I am kissing it with my hand masturbating it fastly ,I removed it’s skin as I am kissing it’s shaft to glans and now soft glans is moving on my face as I put it near my nose to smell it.looking at Nishant ,I took his glans as well as 1/2 of cock in my mouth and started sucking it as my head is still ,I am pushing his cock towards my deep throat ,love to have hard cock in my mouth as I started moving my mouth fast ,he is shouting………”oohhhhh aahh Bina oh you are really a nice sucker aahh suck it hard darling.” But I took out the wet penis and my tongue is rolling on it to lick it. Nishant have put his hand on my breast as he is pressing it hard,wearing a white brassier only ,I can see my breasts coming out of it and I took his cock again in my mouth and sucked it for a I am too hot as well as horny ,standing in front of Nishant,I removed my peticote as it comes down to my legs . I am complete nude as I removed my brassiere also ,I have put my legs crossed while standing as my vaginal parts can be seen easily.
Nishant stand in front of me and hold my one leg ,putting it on sofa as my legs are wide open ,he started pushing his long cock in my vagina . Nishant’s 2/3 Rd cock is in my cunt as he have hold my waist tightly and now he pushed his cock fastly,I screamed……”oh Nishant your penis is too hard .”as he started fucking my cunt with speed as well as power.our waist is meeting as he is fucking me from below and I have hold her tightly ,as my lips are making love on his face and he is penetrating his tool hard as I am shouting…….”oohhhhh uummm Nishant fuck me fast dear ,I will cum soon .” And after a while my vagina become wet as I sits on sofa with my legs apart ,Nishant put his face on my vagina and started licking my vagina with his tongue. I am waiting for him to fuck as he make me stand on ground and my hand is on dinning table as I am standing like a four legged animal ,he pushed his penis in my cunt from beside as he is fucking my vagina fastly while holding my wet pussy is enjoying his dick as I am swinging my ass fastly ,Nishant have put his hand on my boobs as he is penetrating my vagina for 10-12 minutes and after a while ,he screamed…….”oohhhhh Bina have my cum I will pour .” And his sperms filled my cunt as I took it in my mouth to taste it.

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