My hubby’s boss :part-3

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I think you all have enjoyed my previous parts of this story. I am a lady loves to change bed and want 4-5 deep penetration in a hubby Anish have always satisfied me on bed but his frequency of fucking me is low .it’s a nice evening as my hubby Anish came from office,he is in a drunkun State as I put a glass of water on table and moved to kitchen to prepare coffee . I came back with cups of coffee and sits near him ,he walked away for his refreshment and came back after changing his dress,looking at him……”Anish you are in drunkun State ,why? ,He put his hand on my thigh and having cup of coffee ,he started drinking it…….”my boss is so dirty,I can’t believe
(Bina)but what he have told you,is there any problem in your promotion
(Anish) yes he want bribe again
(I smiled) oh Anish I think your boss is in love with me and a hot night can give you promotion ,are you ready for paying bribe?
(Anish in anger) I think you are ready for him ,have you both planned this ?
(Bina) no never but Anish I think you have trust on me.” And he gave his approval for a weekend hot night. It’s my plan to make my hubby jealous as well as to enjoy his boss Nishant’s company.
Its a nice Sunday as we both have some oral sex in the morning hour after breakfast and I frisked inside my washroom with my clothes as well as hair removing cream. I shaved my armpits hairs and of vagina also before having a nice bath and than we both have a lunch as we rested for a day. In the evening after having coffee together ,I put a mini skirt covering my half thighs only with a crop tops giving our physical appearance’s hot and strong thighs are semi nude ,one can see my nude legs and flat tummy to waistline.looking at me hubby said…..”looking too wild Bina love to see you nude ,but I put my sandle on legs and said……”my hot nude body will be for Nishant sir only for a night,I think we shall move.” And putting a purse on my arms I walked with him ,he locked the door and we are in car Anish is on driving seat as I am sitting near him on front seat,my skirt have moved up while sitting as Anish is driving the car smoothly on a lonely path, traffic is smooth as it’s a weekend holiday and we both reached cannaught place while Nishant is waiting for me near a coffee shop and we three have coffee all together before my hubby left me for Nishant to enjoy a hot night.we both reached hotel and a service guy is with us while holding our bag and a kye.we moved to third floor via lift and service guy opened the door of a luxurious room. He put our bag and moved away to serve our order.
Nishant is looking at me as I walked towards him and took him in my arms ,I started kissing his face as well as lips and he is holding me tightly just to press my soft boobs on his chest. I started kissing his lips and took it in my mouth to suck as I can feel his hand on my mini skirt,he have lifted my skirt upto waist and his hand is on my nude ass ,slowly I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking my tongue and I am feeling the soft touch on my nude ass ,I have covered my vagina as well as ass। Cracks and hole with a G string but my ass is nude . He is sucking my tongue as I am pressing my breast hard on his chest ,Nishant left my tongue and while holding my waist tightly he hold me in his strong arms and put me on bed . He started unbuttoning his shirt as I am lying on bed like a hot lady ,my skirt is near my pelvic zone as he put his hand on his jeans…….” Nishant wait for some time till our orders deliver
(Nishant) sure baby but you are looking too hot and wild .” And I pulled my skirt down to cover my thighs ,after a while door bell started ringing……..”come in door is open.” Nishant shouted and service guy put a bottle of wine and soda on table ,he left our room and Nishant walked towards door to lock we both are sitting on sofa as Nishant started putting wine and soda in two glasses ,my hand is on his jeans and I slowly removed it to see the bulge of penis on his undies.looking at me ,Nishant give me a glass full of wine as we both started drinking it ,it’s a large pack of wine for a lady like me. Nishant gave me glass full of wine again as I am bit unconscious with a single pack but I started drinking it slowly and Nishant started removing my dress ,my crop tops is out of my hot body as he is pulling my mini skirt also .after a while in a drunkun State ,I stand in front of him and stretched my legs like a whore ,put my hand on my back and removed my brassiere as well as G string . I am a nude lady now as I moved closer to him ,he put his arms on my waist and I put my one leg on sofa ,he started kissing my labias as his hand is moving on my nude ass.nisant is loving my vaginal zone as he put fingers on it to open it’s vaginal mouth .now Nishant is licking my glory hole as I am screaming in pleasure…..”ooh aahh Nishant lick my cunt fast .” As my legs are shivering and he is penetrating his long tongue inside my vagina to taste it.later on Nishant took my cunt in his mouth as he is sucking it fast and I am too hot and wild ,he left my cunt and I am sitting on floor.
My hot body as well as mind is unconscious as I am in drunkun State ,now I pulled his undies and hold his long hard penis in my hand ,looking at him I kissed it and now glans is moving on my face and lips ,Nishant have put his hand on my breast and while pressing it hard ,he is screaming.. ….”oh you bitch suck my cock darling .” And I took his penis in my mouth to suck ,my mouth is giving the jerk on it as his glans is hitting on my deep throat but I love licking the cock , so after a while I took out his wet cock from my mouth and my tongue is moving on it . His long penis is too hot and hard as my tongue is rolling on its base to shaft and lastly I took his cock again in my mouth to suck but my mouth is still as Nishant hold my hairs tightly and started fucking my mouth with his dick from below and after a while ,I left the dick and walked away to washroom.
We two are nude inside a hotel room as Nishant started drinking wine again ,he forcibly put some wine in my mouth as I am unconscious ,I said….. “Nishant I need your cock in my vagina ,just fuck me ,no wine needed .” And Nishant made me stand as I am on my four legs ,my upper portion of body is flat but my hot zone is upwards ,like a four legged animal I am standing on ground and Nishant is now standing on my back. He pushed his long cock in my cunt and while holding my waist ,he fucked me hard ,his long hard dick is in my vagina as he is fucking me with speed as well as power and I am swinging my ass fast …..”oohhhhh aahhh Nishant fuck me fast aahh hit my vaginal depth aahh .” And he is penetrating my vagina hard ,after a while my pussy become wet but Nishant took no break and he is giving me hard time but after a 10 minutes deep penetration ,he screamed louder……”oohhhhh aahhh Bina my penis is going to pour cum aahhh.” And my vagina got his sperms and I took his dick in my mouth to taste the cum.our sex journey ends after one more fuck session.

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