Hot secretary bangs a confident, muscular intern

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Hot secretary bangs a confident, muscular intern, Jade slumped back in her chair and swivelled around to gaze out of her office window.

She was 35 levels up in the third largest law firm in New York City. The city lights glowed beautifully in the evening and she sighed as she saw the clock tick past 7:30pm. A noise from her computer made her reluctantly turn back around, and she got back to work.


It had been almost a year since her nephew Brad had come to stay with her and her husband. Brad had awoken a burning, constant sexual desire in Jade and they had started a whirlwind affair. However, Brad had gone back to London and left Jade back in her boring life, frustrated.

Her husband bore the brunt of her anger, and eventually they had decided to separate temporarily. Jade had packed her bags and booked a flight to Europe. She told her husband that she was going to Paris, but instead, she went to London… To Brad. She spent a week with him, fucking relentlessly until it was time to go.

She decided to go to New York and work for a few months. She ended up at her current job through friends in high places, and was enjoying her new life. But at the back of her mind lurked the problem of her marriage, of Brad. She was lonely.


“Jade! Over here!” came a shrill voice over the blaring music.

Jade had just entered a bar. It was Friday night, and the company had rented a room for the employees to socialise and have after-work drinks.

The voice had come from Mary, a fellow secretary at the firm.

Jade greeted her wearily, the long week having taken its toll.

Mary slid over a margarita, with an empathetic smile.

“They have no idea what they’re in for…” Mary said, looking over at a group of twenty-something year olds, talking loudly and making full use of the open bar.

They were the new interns at the firm, and after their first week they were blowing off some steam.

Jade’s eyes settled on a young man towards the back of the group. He was grinning as he watched his fellow interns joke around, and Jade had the feeling his eyes had just been on her.

His hair was perfectly styled, his jaw strong, and his tight shirt showed that he managed to balance his busy work life with an intense gym schedule.

He reminded her of Brad. Jade immediately felt something stir inside of her.

“Earth to Jade! Hello!” Mary’s voice brought her back to reality, and as she followed Jade’s gaze, she frowned knowingly.

“I’ve seen that look before hun, do yourself a favour and resist it. It never ends well- the age gap and working at the same company just don’t mix.” Mary said, sternly.

“I know, I know!” Jade said hurriedly.

“It’s just been such a long time since… you know!” Jade finished, breaking into laughter.


As the night progressed, Jade and Mary drank more and more, and eventually Mary had to call it a night. She hugged Jade goodbye and turned, saying “behave yourself!” over her shoulder.

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