Granny need sex

Once a woman reach a certain age is like society believe she is no longer a woman, is a granny, and for them grannies are not allowed to have a sexual relation, they have to dedicate to their grandchildren and die but you know what fuck that. I don’t care if the call me the

Sex with Sas

Mera name amir hai or me karachi se hun meri shadi hui 4 saal pehle or me apni sas ka ashiq hogaya q k wo kam umar orat hein or bala ki khobsurat. Mere susar Pakistan me ni hote wo dubai me hote hen or saal me aik bar he chakar lagate hen. Meri wife

Fun in train

Heya guys i am back,actully you guys coudnt have found my first blog as i am new and i have entered some unusual tag….by the way i am pranit 23 yrs old a bit dark but perfect with my body and a 7 inch dick…….. so guys lets begin with the story……… I was going

True incident Relationship with a married woman

I am Balaji age 37 married, this is a true incident nothing to bluff , i live in Chennai, I 175 cms in height , 80 kg weight, very fair and good looking. I live in a appartment, there to my next door is a family of 4 , husband , wife and 2 kids

How I Become Call Boy Or Gigolo

Hi, my name is Manish, 25 from Bangalore how I Become Call Boy or Gigolo. This story is about how I’made out with a mature lady in a marriage function made me Call Boy or Gigolo. My friend Ram had invited me to his sister’s marriage which was going to take place in Hubli. So

New neighbor

Hi sex cravers, this is Varun again. I appreciate your comments in my mail and thanks for the likes on my stories. For all who don’t know me, I’m Varun, 25yrs old with 5.9” weighing 70kgs which is neither skinny nor fat. I’m open for sex chats so ladies start pressing keys on your phone

Seducing and getting seduced…cheating and exploring with hot lady

This is one part story of a long term affair I am involved in. My name is Rahul (name changed). I am 5.7 height and 65 weight. I am a north indian, born and bought up in bangalore. I have few businesses that i own and i am 38 and happily married with 2 kids.

Sex with a hot Gym lady

Let’s introduce myself, I am Vicky 24 years young from Bangalore, Karnataka. I’m a freelancer and I work for graphic designing. Days were going dull and dry. It was the time when I met the beautiful aunty in the gym where I used to go regularly. Her name is Seema (name changed). I usually go

Unexpected sex with colleague

Hi Hi guys, myself Mojo (name changed) for privacy reasons. Iam a regular reader of this site. I have many experiences, but today i got enought time to narrate my experience. A small request :- Any married or unmarried, unsatisfied girls and women can contact me anytime for personal private sex or any group sex.

Massage to housewife at her home in Pune

Hello friends, Irfan here from Pune age 28. Today I am going to narrate about recent sex incidence happened on 1/5/2018. I am professional massage expert and provide my service in Pune, Kolhapur and Sangli (all in Maharashtra) and nearby places, this is not my main business I do it part time or when I