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It was during mid August I’ve seen that lady. Describing her: She was 32 years old lady who shifted their house from somewhere to the nearby place where we stayed. Her name is Simran Chowdary. Yes, she is a marvadi by culture or tradition, whatever. She looked like she was 24 year old girl. She has stunning structure. As you know, most of the marvadi ladies or girls look sexy with that 8 curved figure.

Coming to face, she is charming with sizzling clear smooth fair skin with pink lips and her eyes to which anyone would fall for. She ties her saree below her belly button and exposes her flat stomach as if she was working out or something. I cannot describe her more but I can give you guys a reference of how she actually looks. She looks almost similar to “Amanda Cerny” but a little chubby. I never thought I would get a chance to sleep with someone so beautiful.

Coming to the story…

It was when one day my mom woke me up in the afternoon to get some groceries, so i went to buy from a nearby general store. I usually wake up in the afternoons or evenings since i work for night shifts. So after doing my chores, I went to this general store near my home, two blocks away and there I’ve seen this lady who seems new to our colony. She came there to buy something and the shop keeper started a conversation with her. While I was waiting there for my turn, i was listening to their conversation. She told the shopkeeper that she was new here, her husband runs a gold shop of their own and she has a daughter who is studying class 2 and etc.

We’ve been living there since 20 years so we pretty much know everybody and everything in that area. Shopkeeper is our close acquaintance so he introduced me to that new lady “Simran” and told me she’s new here. I said hello and she smiled at me. After it was my turn buying the groceries, she started a conversation with me.

Simran: “Where do you live exactly?”
Me: “Just one block away from your place, mam”
Simran: “You can just call me simran. What’s your name by the way?”
Me: “I’m Varun”
Simran: “Nice meeting you Varun.”
Me: “Nice meeting you too. And just in case you need any help from me or my mom, don’t hesitate to knock the door”.
Simran: “Sure. See you.” and she left.

After I bought the stuff, I went home and told my mom about the lady.

After that I had my lunch and was watching TV.
The door bell rang. My mom went to see who it was and to my surprise, it was her. Simran was standing there and I went behind my mom welcoming her in.
She introduced herself to mom saying that she came new to the colony and she want my mom to come to house warming function the next day. She put kumkum sindoor or bindi (or bottu in telugu) to my mom and asked her to come to the function tomorrow. She even asked me to come if I’m free.

Cutting short, the next day I woke up and went to the function. She looked beautiful in the saree. She introduced me as her neighbor to her husband. I played with her daughter for sometime and then came back home. After I came, I was imagining her. She really looked cute in that yellow color saree. I glanced at her waist a couple of times in the function and she noticed it but since she was busy, she didn’t mind.

Few days passed and it was an usual day, I woke up in the afternoon, and searched for mom, she had gone out somewhere so I had my chores done, sat infront of TV and door bell rang. I opened the door and it was her again. Simran came home. I was awestruck looking at her. She asked if she can come inside. I welcomed her and offered her cold water. She drank. She asked where my mom was and I told her she went out and I don’t know where she went as she was not there by the time I woke up.

Then she explained the reason she came. She said she wanted to go shopping with my mom to buy sarees for her cousin’s wedding. I called my mom and asked her when she is gonna come because Simran was waiting to go shopping with her. My mom told she is gonna come in another 15 mins so told her to wait. I told Simran to wait so meanwhile we were having a conversation.

She asked me about my studies and job. I told her and I asked her about hers. She studied degree and then her parents got her married when she was 26. She was not allowed to work after her education because in most marvadi families, girls are not allowed to work, she told. I was shy looking her into her eyes and talk. She noticed it and asked me why. I told her that I’m shy wtih strangers first. But once I’m used to daily talking, I would be comfortable, I told her. She kept smiling at this. I asked her about her husband. She told he has gold business so he is mostly busy during day time, she told.

A while later my mom came and they had a chit chat and left shopping.

A month passed by, and we became more comfortable to talk about anything.
We used to text each other on whatsapp. We used to send those naughty jokes and laugh at them. She once called me and asked me to come to her home as her internet was not working and wifi doesn’t get connected. So I went and since I have few knowledge on computers, I fixed the issue. She told me to sit and brought me biscuits to eat. Since we became more comfortable, she asked me if I had any girlfriends. I straight away told her that I used to have the love of my life once but she broke up with me and left. Ever since then I’m just being physical with girls, I told.
She put a “Whatever!” expression on her face. I didn’t mind that. And then I asked her about her boyfriends in college and stuff. She told she had a boyfriend in college but it didn’t work out that well so they broke up.
Immediately I asked if she had anything physical with him.

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Simran: “It’s better we don’t discuss more detailed into it.”
Me: “I was just asking casually. Come on! We are grown up adults, it’s okay to discuss”
Simran: “I’m married and this talk is something which can be done with boyfriends or husband. Not with my neighbor”
Me: “Why don’t you consider me as your boyfriend, then?”
Simran: “You? Haha. I’m having a husband. Sorry. It’s late now, go home.

So I went home, and the next three days I didn’t receive any text from her. I’ve texted her hi hello but she didn’t respond to any texts even after seeing.

The next day she texted me ” What’s up?”
I replied back “nothing much, you chose not to talk to me so didn’t want to disturb you”
Simran: “It’s not like that. I was having rough days so didn’t get a chance to respond back.”
Me: “Okay, what happened by the way? what rough days are you going through?”
Simran: “I can’t text all the story here, I will tell you when we meet”
Me: “I can meet if you are free now”
Simran: “Pagal, come home.”

I went to her home and sat on deewan. She sat right next to me. So I asked her what happened and she told that her husband being busy all these days and not caring her is making her feel like she is alone. Also they both had a fight on it so she didn’t want to talk to anyone, she told.

I comforted her saying “Don’t worry about that, he might be busy with his business works. What if he doesn’t care about you, I’m there for you”
Simran: “You won’t understand the type of care I’m talking about.”
Me: “Oh Well, I do know. I know you are talking about your physical satisfaction”
Simran: “Yes, Varun. He doesn’t have time for me at all.”
Me: “Can we talk like adults now?”
Simran: “Like what?”
Me: “How long has it been that you guys had sex?”
Simran: “It’s almost 5 months.”
Me: “I know how hard it might be for you. But I have a better plan. I can be your boyfriend.”
Simran: “What kind of boyfriend?”
Me: “I can help you physically. I mean, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever talked to this closely. If I get a wife like you, I would not let a day pass by without having sex with you.”
Simran: “No, it would be sin if i do that even after having a daughter.”
Me: “Nothing is sin unless you stop thinking it is.”
Simran: “But what if he finds out about us?”
Me: “See, I wouldn’t msg you unless you don’t. When you’re free or alone, you can call me. I’ll only come when you call me. And we don’t text about our relation in texts. Let’s keep it simple in the conversations. ”
Simran: “What are you gonna do if you be my boyfriend?”
Me: “Anything you want, I can pamper you, I can care you, I can satisfy you..”
Simran: “Are we going to have sex?”
Me: “Yes, that is only when the body would be satisfied. Isn’t it?”
Simran: “Yes, but I’m afraid.”
Me: “You don’t need to be afraid. Lets be in a secret relationship where only you and me know the affair between us and no one else.”
Simran: “Okay. You go now, I will call you when there is no one.”
Me: “Where’s your husband and daughter?”
Simran: “Suraj(her husband) went out of station for a day and diya(her daughter) is in school”
I was about to leave but I was not able to control myself so I turned back and
gave her a hug. She didn’t hold me for the first 30 seconds. Then slowly put her arms around me and hugged. When she gave that hug, her 36 sized boobs were touching my chest and they were so soft. I hugged her as tight as possible and slowly put my hand on her waist. She insisted to remove but I didn’t. She liked it after few seconds while I was pressing her waist. She gave small moans.

Me: “I’m not able to control myself. Can we go inside the bedroom?”
Simran: “But you have to leave in an hour. Not more than that.”
Me: “That would be enough for today.” and then we slowly went inside bedroom.

The windows of the bedroom are closed and curtains are closed as well.

She went inside and turned on the lights, I went behind her. She told she would be changing her dress and come and grabbed a nighty from the cupboard and went inside bathroom which is in the bedroom itself.
While closing the bathroom door, I told her to change it infront of me.
She told she’d feel shy and want me to go wait inside the bedroom. I went and waited there. After 5 minutes, she came to me in that nighty. It’s a black nighty with yellow flower printed on it. Although she wore bra inside, I could see the shape of her boobs curve so perfect.
She came close to me and first made me promise her that it would just be between us. I did and then pulled her towards me grabbing her waist. While I was sitting on the edge of the bed, I pulled her close and started sniffing her stomach from above the nighty. She grabbed my hair putting her head up in ecstasy. I grabbed her ass with both my hands and started pressing them softly. While she was standing, I told her to put her left leg beside me on the bed. She did. I slowly started kissing her from her ankles, going up and up until i reached her thighs. Her pussy was smelling good from a distance near her thighs. I put my hand inside the nighty near her pussy area. It was very warm there and also wet. I pulled her grabbing her hand and throw her on the bed. Slept on her and hugged her like she’s all mine for that hour. Then I turned her head sideways and started kissing her neck. From neck to earback and her soft ear lobes. She was not able to control herself so she pulled my head towards her and kissed me on my lips. I made my lips wet and started sucking her lips and we were kissing like mad. We touched each others tongue while kissing and I kissed all over her face. Trust me, she was looking so hot in bed with that black nighty and fair skintone. I was sucking her baby pink lips inside.
She started giving me love bites on the neck.
Slowly I grabbed the edge of her nighty near her chest and dragged it down. Half boobs were out. I started kissing that warm area. Dragging it slowly down until i reach her nipples, I sucked those light pinkish brown nipples. Her tits were a bit bigger than the size of teen girl. I unhooked her nighty completely and undress her completely. I removed my tshirt and with my bare upper body, I slept on her. She was warm and my cock was already releasing pre cum. Removed her bra and started pressing one boob with one hand, my mouth sucking other boob, and my other hand on her pussy which has little hair on it.
She trimmed down the hair though but it was giving a neat look down there. I put my middle finger on her cunt and started rubbing it. She being so horny, dug her nails in my back and started digging them deep.
I started sucking other boob and then slowly shifted to her waist. I started kissing her belly button and slowly moved down to her pussy. By now, she was completely wet and I can smell that beer like vaginal odor from there. I went super crazy after that smell hit my nose. I spread her legs hard and put my tongue on her cunt and started sucking it. While sucking, I was biting that extra skin off slowly with my teeth. Rubbing that little cunt vigorously with my tongue, I was fingering her. She was moving her complete body up and down while I was licking. She lifts her legs and placed on back of my body and pushing me more and more into her. She had her first orgasm there and released all the juices on my face. Yes, she squirted on me.
She pulled me onto her, made me remove my pants, made me sit on her near her face, grabbed my cock, gave it three strokes, pulled the foreskin back and put it inside her mouth. She was giving me a head, blowing my pink thing circling with her tongue.
I never had that kind of fantastic blow jobs ever before, at all.
After foreplaying for like 40 minutes or so, I put my penis near her pussy and started rubbing the outside layers for a while. I was afraid of putting it inside since it would be unprotected. So she bought me a condom from her cupboard. She dressed my penis with that condom. Spread her legs for me and pointed me to insert in that love hole. I did not put it soon inside her, I turned her backside, put a pillow under her waist area, pulled her ass up, and started fucking from back. My penis slipped its way inside so smooth due to her wetness down there and I started fucking as fast as possible. While fucking, I grabbed her hair and started giving a rough fuck. She was enjoying it so well and started moaning. She didn’t sound loud but her breathing was making ssshhhhh aaahhhh sounds. I fucked her from back for almost 5 minutes and then turned her back towards me. Spread her legs, hugged her so tight and did it in missionary. While I was fucking her, she was slapping me on my back to do it as rough as possible. A few minutes later, I ejaculated in the condom but didn’t remove my penis from her pussy. I slept for sometime like that. She whispered in my ears to leave and she would call me when she is alone again.
I removed the condom, flushed it in her toilet and wore my dress back, went near her, kissed her again and left the place.

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After I went home, I texted her, “Thanks so much for that!” and got a reply back saying “Anytime, I’m all yours. Don’t text me anything here. Let’s just have casual chat here. I will call you when I’m alone.”
Me: “Sure! We will meet some other time when you’re alone”

And then I took a nap for a while. By the time I woke up, it was around 7 in the evening. I went to take a shower. Since it was no work day, I came back and was watching TV. While watching TV, my phone rang. I went to see who it was and Simran was calling me again. It was around 8.30 PM. I picked up the call. She told me to come to her home since her husband is out of town and she sent her daughter to her mom’s place. I was so happy that she called me the same day again. She also told me not to have my dinner as she would prepare something for me.

I told my mom that I was going out with my friend and will be sleeping at his home only and went to her home.
She opened the door and pulled me inside so that no one would see us. She closed the door, locked it, made me sit on the couch. Came to me. Sat on my thighs with both legs apart, hugged me and my face was between her boobs. She lifts my head up and starts kissing me. We started smooching again. When I tried to put my hands on her boobs, she said “Not so soon! The night is all ours. Let me make something for us to eat” and she went into kitchen.
I followed her to the kitchen and when she was cooking something, I hugged her from back and pulling her ass to touch my penis. She was moving up and down hard with ass, playing with my penis. I put my both hands on her both boobs from back and started pressing them pinching nipples. She turned back and started removing my shirt. Even I made her remove her nighty again. She was not wearing bra inside now. Now we both are completely nude. I told her to prepare food without clothes on body and we promised not to wear clothes until its morning.

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I gave her time to prepare the food. Meanwhile, I was watching TV without my clothes on. After the food is prepared, we went to shower. She wanted me to fuck her in the shower.

Like she wanted, we went into bathroom to have shower sex. She turned the shower on, pushed me to the wall, went down on me and started sucking my cock. My erect cock was asking for more so I hold her head tight and pushed it in and out until I came. After that I made her face the wall, bent a little and inserted my penis inside her pussy. After a few strokes I wanted to try anal since it’s been so long that I’ve had anal sex. So I put my penis in her ass hole and tried to push it as hard as possible. She screamed when I pushed my penis hard. But it failed to go in as she never had anal before. She told she doesn’t wanna do anal as it pains. So I closed the toilet seat and sat on it. I made her sit on me with her legs apart. She inserted my penis inside her pussy and sat on me. She started jumping up and down. Her ass was hitting my balls hard and on top of that her weight, that both made me moan louder. She put her lips on mine to stop my moans.

After we were done, we came out. She wanted to take some rest as her pussy was burning with my shaft going in and out for almost 3 times today. So we came out, dried ourselves and went to have dinner. She didn’t let me eat by myself. She fed me with her hands. While she was feeding me, I was teasing and tickling her body. She came and sat on me again with the plate of food holding in one hand. She wanted me to suck her boobs while she is feeding me food. I did what she said.

After dinner, we went to bedroom, turned on fan and slept on each other for a while without doing anything. After 30-40 minutes, she hold my penis in her hand and started stroking it. For the second stroke my penis became rock hard now. I made her sit in doggy position and from behind I started fucking her again. Since it was my fourth time today, it took long for me to ejaculate so I had enough time to have sex with her. During this period, I had fucked her in various positions. I had sex with her in doggy style. Then we changed to woman on top. She made me lay flat and sat on my penis moving and jumping up and down. While all me and she were doing aaahhhh ssshhhhh sounds. While she was getting all pleasure from me, she was shouting “fuck me, as fast as you can. Be my bitch forever. Cum inside your girlfriend”. This time it took me almost an hour to cum.

After all we had done for the day, she went to wash her pussy. Cleaned it with towel, came to me and put her pink pussy on my mouth and ordered me to suck it. I pulled her as inside as possible and started playing her cunt with my tongue. She was feeling all the burning go away slowly as I was sucking. It was one night of a heaven, literally. At 6:30 in the morning I left the place. She gave me a hug while going and told me She would call me in the afternoons when she wants to have sex. I nodded my head as yes to that and left the place.

We’ve almost had sex for over 12 times until now. She is staying in the same house and we keep meeting regularly but we have sex once or twice a week.

I hope you liked my story.

I appreciate your time for reading this. If you liked my story, or think I have any mistakes, please do write your thoughts or correct me in the comments or mail me at “[email protected]”. I’m open for sex chats. Single girls or ladies and married ones who’re not satisfied with husbands can drop me a mail or text me on hangouts. I would make you more hornier than ever.

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