And the cleaner made two. (Follows on from Auntie made a man of me)

About a year after my beautiful aunt moved to Canada (see Auntie made a man of me) and I was now fo***een, my mother engaged a new cleaner who came in three or four mornings a week. I didn’t usually see her because of school, but during holidays I was often in the house alone with her.
Her name was Carole, and she was 32 when she first started working for us. She was pleasantly plump, and although I’ve never really been a breast man I do have to admit hers were magnificent, a real Wagnerian heroine. She also fancied herself as a bit of a flirt, and as it turned out too much of a flirt for her own good!
I used to take every opportunity to be close to her, brushing against her as I passed, and being quite obvious about eying her up every time. She must have been aware but didn’t complain, so I drew the obvious conclusion. One Monday at the start of the half term holiday she was cleaning the stairs, so I climbed up quietly behind her and gently took hold of her. At first she thought I was just trying to get past, but I gently lowered her onto her back on the stairs and started kissing her. She was too surprised to say anything for a moment, and was not angry exactly but very embarrassed, and she started to say that this was really not acceptable. Pausing only to cop a delightful feel I let her go and she got on with her work without another word.
I waited for a telling off or a threat to tell the Old Bitch what I had done, but nothing came. I took this to mean that things were not all that unacceptable after all, and the next day she was working I made a point of taking hold of her and kissing her at every opportunity. She didn’t fight me off, but did tell me that this was all I could expect from her, a bit of a kiss and cuddle but nothing more, and particularly that I couldn’t have access to her magnificent tits. No way was I going to settle for that.
Next time she came I had just come out of the shower and was naked under my dressing gown. I went into the kitchen to get some breakfast and when she came in I pinned her in a corner and opened the gown to show my erection. I couldn’t get her to hold it, but I was able to dry hump her and I could see that there was a reaction. Still couldn’t get my hand inside her clothes though, so had to be patient again.
By the end of the week I got her in a position she couldn’t get out of. She was cleaning in the spare bedroom, and when I took hold of her she lost her balance and sat on the bed. Straight away I pushed her down and got on top of her, lay with my left arm over her right and behind her head so I could hold her left hand as well. That gave me my right hand free, and my knee to push her legs apart. I pulled up her dress and got my hand to her lovely white cotton panties, just like a schoolgirls I thought. Pulling them to one side my fingers were straight into her. Because of my hold she couldn’t struggle, but she did say “No, this is too far”. I said that I had hardly started and began to wank her the way my aunt had shown me during that happy time. She continued to say no, but not very convincingly, so not wanting to waste this opportunity I pulled my dick out and slid it gently into her. Her eyed opened wide and she became really anxious because she was not on the pill and was terrified I might get her pregnant. I carried on gently, being careful not to come, and made her an offer she couldn’t refuse: I could carry on and she could risk pregnancy, or she could come with me into my room and I would get a rubber. She agreed a little too quickly for me to trust her, and I wondered if she intended to make a run for it as soon as I let her go, so I insisted that she took off her dress and shoes and gave them to me before we went next door. I really couldn’t see her running down the road barefoot and half naked, let alone trying to get on the bus home in that state. Reluctantly she gave in and started to strip and then went next door with me.
I got the rubbers out of my drawer and turned back to her. Over her underwear she had on what we used to call a slip, so I pulled it over her head, unclipped her bra to release a pair of superbly pendulous breasts, eased her back onto the bed and slid off the white cotton panties which by now were exhibiting a really encouraging damp patch. This was the point at which I knew I was home.
Rubber sock in place, I parted her legs and slid back into her. She was trembling slightly, because as I found out later she had only ever fucked her husband before. Time for her to find out what she had been missing. From Aunt Mari I had learnt that fucking was better done slowly, so I took my time and took care to use my hands to give plenty of attention to her clit at the same time. As I pumped gently away I could feel her beginning to relax, and she began to kiss me far more deeply that she had ever done before. This may have begun a little too close to rape it but was clearly something else now, and the refrain of “No, no” became “Oh, yes”. The sense of satisfaction this gave me increased my arousal so much that if my dick had got any bigger I would have been afraid of splitting her in half.
All good things have to come to an end and finally I could hold back no longer. I felt her breathing quicken, her nipples harden and she began to shudder so I let go and felt as if I was cumming pints. I fell back to her side soaked in sweat and she took hold and pulled me close to herself. “Where do we go from here?” I said. “I want this to go on,” she replied, “but the house is going to have to look as if I’ve been working hard so you will have to help me with the cleaning each time”. “Deal”, I said, although being a terminally priapic teenager (look it up) I just had to have seconds before I went anywhere near the vacuum cleaner…
I had to do without for a few weeks because I was back in school, but then the Easter break came round. On the Monday I was there waiting for Carole with a dick a yard long, and was delighted to find that she wasn’t having second thoughts: in fact she explained why she had thrown herself into our affair so quickly. As I have said she had only ever fucked her husband who had been her childhood sweetheart but two years previously he had abruptly stopped fucking her without explanation. Two dry years had made her quite desperate and once I had overcome her fear of the unknown she had taken to it like a duck to water. That first week of the break we fucked like rattlesnakes, and on the Friday we had only just got our clothes back on the doorbell rang. It was my mate Steven with whom I used to share porn and wanking sessions, and when he saw Carole’s delicious jugs I could see he was smitten. It must have been clear to her as well, because she took me to one side and said “If you want to call him round on Monday I’ll catch the earlier bus and you can both do me” Once again I had seen that sort of thing in wank mags, but had never really believed it was real life possibility, and when I told Steve what later what she had said I thought he was going to faint. Just the thought of it had me soaking my bedclothes all weekend too.
Monday came round and we couldn’t wait, Carole hardly had time to get her coat off before we were all over her peeling off her clothes and rolling her onto my bed. I didn’t know at the time what some of the things we did were called, but despite a lack of experience on all our parts we discovered spit roasting, double penetration, face sitting and anal in no time at all. The added bonus was that Carole had by this time gone onto the pill, so we were now both experiencing the joys of skin to skin fucking as well as the massive creampies we were now able to give her. All that week and into the next we went at it till we were all sore, and didn’t mind at all that we had to race round afterwards to help Carole clean the house. It was a price well worth paying.
In the third week of the break something changed. When Carole arrived on the Wednesday morning she had her tw**ve year old daughter in tow. Steve and I were crestfallen at the thought of missing our last fuck before the next half term break, but we couldn’t have been more wrong.
“I’ve found out why I’ve had no sex from Clive for the last two years. Turns out he’s been fucking this little whore since she was ten, and I’ve only just caught them. It means I’ve got him over a barrel, since I can turn him in to the police anytime. Now I can do anything I like and he can’t say a word. In the meantime as her punishment you two can do what you like to her.” We were stunned.
Steve and I pulled off her clothes and lowered her onto the bed. She had tiny little puffy nipples and a naked cunt which was as tight as my aunt’s had been. Well, at least it was tight when we started. We fucked her missionary and used her mouth, we put her into 69 over her mother and did her doggy style so that our cum ran onto Carole’s face and then made her lick it off, then we reversed them so that our cum dripped from Carole into her mouth. By this time she was crying her eyes out, but Carole kept urging us on to “Teach the little whore a lesson she’ll never forget.” Although Carole never brought her again, that one time gave me a love of young pussy and threesomes that I’ve never lost to this day.
But that was only the start…. ( see ‘and mother made more’ soon to appear.)

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