How I Become Call Boy Or Gigolo

Hi, my name is Manish, 25 from Bangalore how I Become Call Boy or Gigolo. This story is about how I’made out with a mature lady in a marriage function made me Call Boy or Gigolo. My friend Ram had invited me to his sister’s marriage which was going to take place in Hubli.
So I went to Hubli on Nov -2018 along with him in the car prior to marriage for preparation. Soon I got introduced to his family and relatives. There I’met Ram’ Aunty Megha. She was a sexy desi Indian lady who had perfect flesh in her body and pure fat at perfect parts.
Megha Aunty was in the late 30s around 38. She was a classy woman. After a couple of days, I got to know that she owns a beauty parlor. As I used to help their family with the preparation all their family members got close and known to me. But I had this urge of trying Megha.
I don’t like calling aunty as I feel I like treating them more like a lady. Maybe because she had perfect body shape and every guy would want to bang her. She used to wear saree in a very ethnic way. She had big boobs of 36b. She wore saree such that her boobs shape would clearly be seen as a shape of a pot.
Her boobs hugeness would be seen from the side where she had her pallu over the shoulder. It would reveal the size and shape of her boobs. Whenever she used to lift her hands I used to look in that space to see her big boobs. I don’t know if she knew of my intentions.
I tried to talk to her as much as possible with different excuses. After the 3 days, I was told by Ram to wait. I need to take his mom to get some bangles for the wedding from the market. Ram and his other friends went to the marriage hall where preparation was being done.

Ram mom called me and said beta go to market with Megha. She will come with you to get items. I was surprised that instead of Ram mom Megha was coming. I was happy and inside I was craving for her. She came and sat with me and I asked her.
Me: Aunty shall we go?
S: Did you call me aunty? Call me Megha.
Me: Sorry, ok.
While driving there was silence which she broke.

S: Actually Sumitra (Ram Mom) wanted to come but I insisted I will go.
After some time.
S: What’s your name?
Me: My name is Manish, Megha.
S: Oh you seem to be full fast, you calling me Megha now.
I was all hard as her boobs were touching me and her flesh was making me go crazy.
Me: Nothing like that. You don’t look like Aunty also.

S: So how old are you??
Me: I am 25, have Working in MNC.
S: Oh I see you must have had so many girlfriends in your office.
I didn’t say anything and understood that I can fuck this woman easily. The shop came and I had to stop.

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S: Give me your phone I need to click pictures and send on Whatsapp.
I gave my phone and then she told Whatsapp these pictures to me. After that, we took those bangles and went home. And later I got busy with work. Suddenly I got a message on my phone.

S: Hi Megha here save this number and don’t tell anyone.
Me: Ok.
After this, I realized she had wild pussy inside her saree wanting to be drilled. After ok I didn’t reply and after some time.

S: I think you are not interested to chat with me.
Me: Nothing like that dear, actually I’m happy to get your number.
S: Why??
Me: You are so beautiful, if you were mine I would marry you.
S: But I am old and you don’t like aunty types I guess
Me: My ex-girlfriend was also of your age.

S: So you are aunty boy, did you satisfy your ex-girlfriend??
Me: Do you want me to prove you how I satisfied her?
S: Ok today evening there is no function. You come to drop me home and prove me. Let me see how this young generation is growing.
Me: Sure Megha.

After this we kept making excuses to see each other, give looks to each other and smile in public from either corner And after dinner, she came to me and asked me to drop her. She was guiding me to her place. While I was being funny and making her laugh. We reached her place.

It was an independent house. I asked what about your hubby. He will be with Prakash (Ram father). They are going to booze so he won’t come and he has informed he won’t come home. You don’t worry about all that. It’s my problem. After this, she welcomed me home and was standing to lean on the door.

“So mister handsome,” she said. In one second I dropped the vehicle key near her leg and purposely went to take it. I held her legs and kissed it. She knew I had come fully planned to fuck her. She just remained silent. She was standing and I was sitting on both my legs (as if we sit while praying). Then I kissed her legs.

I held both her legs and kissed them. Then I slowly started moving to her knees to which she started lifting her saree. I told her don’t do anything. I’m going to make you tired. Then I lifted her saree and I went inside her saree. She was standing. I was inside her saree between her legs in the space of her petticoat.

I kissed her knees, and then slowly started to raise my tongue from her knees to thighs. I was doing all this slowly. I was sweating as I was inside and then with kisses, licks, and bites. I moved to her inner thighs. While I was licking her inner thighs I was pushing my head over her pussy perpendicularly.

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I guess she had spread her legs and because I was inside her saree. I kept licking her inner thighs. Then I grabbed her ass and with a sudden jerk. I kissed exactly on her pussy from the center. I don’t know what was happening to her as she was pressing herself deep down to me. I kissed her panty and bit it.

She was all wet. The good thing was her pussy was neat and clean. I had become very wild and wanted to taste her as much as I can. I took my teeth and dragged her panty downwards. I didn’t use my hands as these kinds of stuff are usually loved by a horny woman.

Using my teeth and mouth wasn’t that easy job. So I was moving here and there. These movements would make her wetter. Her pussy had these two big lips wrapped along themselves. Like those shabby lips which wanted to get wet and soft and they tasted delicious.

I took her one leg and kept it on my shoulder from inside the saree and continued my licking. She suspended her saree. Meanwhile, I guess and she was only in her petticoat. I was squeezing her big butts like the ripe mangoes and their juice was coming out of her pussy.

I have always been a lover of a big woman, mature erotic and sensual. Especially if she is desi and modern it’s like heaven. I kept eating her pussy for around 10 minutes until I was sweating fully inside. I hope you can imagine how that was me sitting on the floor and she standing with her legs widespread.

I’m inside that tent of her saree licking her pussy like never before. After a while, I came out of saree as she had loosened it all. I came out stood up and saw the lust in her face. She grabbed my face and she started kissing me all over. I smooched her like I smooched a young girl of my age.

I placed my lips over hers. With the gentle fight between our lips, I surrender and open my mouth. Her tongue came and landed on mine. We both had this jugalbandi of our tongues. We kept eating each other like a crazy horny erotic couple.

Out of hurry, love, lust, hunger, and everything both of us rushed to undress each other. Soon we got naked. Her space of door wasn’t that wide. So I made her bend on the shoe rack and inserted my dick in her pussy standing in doggy style. I took my dick in my hand and hit it on either side of her inner thighs to make it hard and stiff.

Then she took it in her hand and it went inside her pussy. Her glory hole was warm and juicy. I had worn a condom though. I then slowly inserted it and started stroking her. Then I took the support of the wall. She stood on her legs with her hands on the shoe rack. I slowly started increasing my pace.

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I started banging her slowly first and then increased the pace. Her breath started getting heavier and her moans were coming out slowly. I then for once pushed my dick full deep inside to see how deep it goes. I placed it there itself for around 2-3 seconds.

Then I started to bang this filthy lusty wild erotic horny lady with such wonderful tight boobs. I started to bang her hard with all my energy. Pressing her boobs and pressed them so hard. I took off her bra hook and squeezed her tits even more.

She slowly started moaning and the hit of my dick over her butt was making periodic noise. I now took my hand from her bra and then inserted my fingers in her mouth. I still haven’t been able to understand why a woman like licking fingers while being licked.

I kept fucking her for 15 minutes in that position near that shoe rack. I was sweating in love lust and this crazy fuck. After a while, I moved her towards me and kissed her smooched her. And then pushed her towards the other side and made her sit on the shoe rack.

And again I put my dick inside her, took one of her thighs in my hand and kept rocking and drilling her pussy. We kept kissing each other every now and then. Whenever I used to get chance I used to squeeze her tits and lick her nipples. I wasn’t comfortable in this position.

So I took her other thigh and held it in my hand. Now she was on the shoe rack with her hands on either side. I was holding her legs and pushing my dick in and out of pussy. I fucked her for around 30 minutes and then I cum inside her. After this, we just rested and drank Slice (cold drink).

She insisted me to sleep but I was like – no I have to go meet Ram. I wanted to sleep with her. But then I had this bad thought about what if her hubby comes and hits me or what if something goes wrong. So I told her we will be in touch on phone and Whatsapp.

She was very happy with me and the sex adventure with me. We both tried kissing smooching during chances we got alone in the marriage. After that, she gave me 10k I refused to take but she kept in my pocket.

Such women are rare to find but true heaven is having to share the bed with them. Please leave your feedback comments or if you want an idea to satisfy your partner mail me at [email protected] or hangouts at the same address. (Privacy is most important to me)

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