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Heya guys i am back,actully you guys coudnt have found my first blog as i am new and i have entered some unusual tag….by the way i am pranit 23 yrs old a bit dark but perfect with my body and a 7 inch dick……..
so guys lets begin with the story………

I was going for summer holidays to dharwad by train with my cousines.One of them was my family crush Aakriti she is a bit taller than me and fair with a charming face and figure and with a wounnderful base….we started our journeyat 8:45 pm at Dadar terminus,before the train left the station we were all settled and i was sharing my compartment with Aakriti as we always loved eachother’s company,the train started and we were talking then she took her phone and started taking our snaps and started to post them on instagram,then after some clicks we started taking crazy pics and while clicking selfies some times she was behind me hugging me and i was feeling her boobs on my back and some time i was behind her where i was able to feel her base on my dick which was making me horney……then we clicked some more clicks and then went to our other cousin’s cabin where all had gathered and we were playing truth and dare game in which they literally made me rome the compartment shirtless and in that mean time i saw her and she was looking at my body carefully…. we played a few more rounds and then all went back to their cabins.When back to our cabin i was teasing her that i know that you were looking at my body and just in a kiddish way i said her that if she wants i will take off my shirt just for her and giggled and then like insane we started a pillow fight in which somehow her hair clip opened and she was in her most beautiful atire….and i was freezed and was looking at her when she banged me with her pillow then laterly we were talking for a long time about how we will stay if we have to live together…..then i started to feel sleepy but also wanted to talk but then she insisted to sleep and i had some plans for the night as i was already dreaming about her in my mind and was thinking to slwwp with her so i made a plan as the atmosphere was cold and we were in tire 1 ac it was quiet cold so i tried to search my blanket knowingly that it was in other bag and kept on searching and hoping that she wont be carrying any extra blanket,after some time of seaching for the blanket she offered to share me her blanket together,i acted like i was heasatating but i agreed and i went on….
As we were sharing a blanket we had to share a single bed and there was enough space for two but when we were close enough then i asked her that if she is comfortable then can i take off my shirt as i dont have the habbit of wearing it while i sleep and she said mado dont be too formal and i can take it off so i did and joined her to her bed and after some time i started to tease her and said i dont wanna sleep and then we started to beat each other mischively and sometimes my hands were going on her boobs and i was enjoying those moments,then i started to tickle her from her tummy to her neck and then as i was biting her hand and neck suddenly i felt her hand in my hairs and i gaved her a kiss on her neck and she felt it and pressed herbody near me to kiss and so do i kissed and licked her neck while she started to caress my back and neck and then she holded my neck and we started to kiss and it went hard and then we both stopped for a while and gaved a smile and again started to kiss and this time i started to caress her body and started to move towards her boobs and grabed them…. and as she didnt said anything to me i understood she was also horney and so i started to massage her boobs slowly and then i turned to her neck and begained to lick and then to spice up things i took off her top and started to bite her bra gently and was pressing and then i went down licking her tummy to her belly button i love doing this as it makes them to loose control overthemself…..then she took off her bra and let me lick her boobs i just loved licking and playing with her mellons while i was playing with her boobs i took her hand and puted it in my pant and she holded my dick and then begain to kiss me and then she kissed my neck and i was now loosing my control…. i took off my pant and pushed her down near my dick and pressed her on my dick but she said she didnt liked suckink dicks so i took her up and hugged her and said we wont do anything that you dont like and we started to kiss and then i was rubbing my dick against her pussy when she asked me that weather i have protection or not and so i said her that if its ok that she can take pills and also i assured that i have a good control and i will cum outside…..and so she agreed and took off her pant and i applied some saliva on my dick and pressed and rubbed on her pussy which made her moar out of pleasure and then i pressed my dick inside her and she grabbed the blanket out of pain and as i entered fully in her she said me to go slowly as its too big….holding her one leg in my hand i started to give her slow and gentle stroks which made her moar sweetly.then i turned her up in cowgirl and let her fuck she was in motion down and up and it was really feeling great and then after some slow stroks she started to move a bit fast and i loved that deep fast pace of her and then she hugged me and i started to fuck her harder and as her moars were going louder i started to kiss her and removed my dick and then i turned her back and started to fuck her pussy from back her pussy was already tight but it felt more tight in this position and i grabbed her boobs and pressed them whiled i was fucking her harded and then i took out my dick and stroked it with my hand and i camed on her back….then we cleaned our self and dressed up and then again i kissed her and we promised to keep it in between ourself and slept… was really amazing to get intimate with her……rest i will write later on in other blogs about how we had more sex…….

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if anyone wanna contact me here is my email id…[email protected]………i can provide fun without any charges……….hahaha……


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