My mom got fuck by a mulla (Indian)

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I m abhi back to the story of my mom.

So my mom in a religious Hindu bengali women her name is Bandana sen. As Hindu women r so religious so mom always go to mandir while going to the mandir mom has to go through a narrow path which is a short cut and there is two builder in both side and a small house .

Now I do story in boarding school in Delhi cane to home town Kolkata… so mom asked me to go to mandir ones.. so next morning I went to mandir with the same path mom ( wearing a saree and sleveless blouse as she always wear ) . After few distance I found a man following us .. I do not tell to mom about this.

Then mom and man went to mandir . Mom doing her Puja I was just staring who is that man. He was ( wearing a lungi a muscular body but little old and beard is little long yipical mulla look ) . He was staring a mom . Mom blouse which is sleveless and mom armpit r not shaved so armpit hair a giving sexy look to my mom. Thn that mom looking at my mom ass mom sat on floor thn again went up watch her big ass that muslim man rub cock from his lungi .my mom is so careless that her white milky nevel can be seen by any one .I watch mom she was looking damn sexy . Like Vidya balan . So I took initiative went near to that man.. asked is there any cigarette shop uncle.

That muslim man first get shock as he was busy in watch mom .
Muslim man- no , but do you want cigarette
Me- yes
Muslim- gave one cigarette to me and light up
Me – thank u uncle .so what r u doing here uncle
Muslim man- nothing I just come every day for walk. You r new here with that women.
Me- yes she is my mom . She came here daily to mandir very religious you know .
Muslim man- I know she came daily here .
Me-do you know my mom.

Muslim man – no no just saw every day came here noting mutch.
( a cunning thought coming to my mind ) I asked him uncle can u give your mobile I will call mom does her Puja finish or not I did not brought my mobile.
( I intension do so that he get my mom mobile number and I try to give a chance to muslim man to seduce my mom) .

Muslim man- sure then he give his mobile I called mom to come .
Muslim man said – what is your mom name and your
Me- her name is Bandana paul and my name is Rahul
Thn my mom came with finishing Puja.
Thn I introduce mymom with him mom this uncle came every day for a walk. Mom said hello.

Thn I asked his name. Muslim man said his name is Ahmad mulla .
Mom say him in very angry way as he his muslim.
Thn we came to home but I saw this man followed me and went yo a house in that narrow way .
Next day I m going using facebook Mom came to me asked me to to open one facebook amount I have done so.

I give my mom some pictures I intenstionly give mom slevelesd blouse pics.
Suddenly I get a friend request oh naming ” Hindu saurat ka diwana” name account I check that I get a close that it is Ahmad account and mane sex pic r given at that account …. I accept that and I also like some of sex pages. Hindu Muslim sex pages . Thn I gave it too momit was night I thought him how to chat … I became friend to mom and thought how to chat .thn we have our dnr and went to my bed room but I have my mom account password .
I open that I say mom watch that pages … in that muslim man r touching Hindu women books. Try to touch her cock to her ass , some nasty fuking notes , mom like them thn All of sudden a msg came from that account .

Account – hii ap kya Hindu aurat ho.
Mom- Haan ap kon ho.
Account- mai ek muslim mard hu.
Mom- ooo tho Mai kya karu dekhiya humko msg mat kijiya … mai aaysi aaysi aurat nahi hu.
Account – mai v aaysa aaysa admi nahi hu bas dost Karni Hai.
Mom- ooo par koi gand chiz bologe tho msg nahi karungi.
Account – accha Tik hai .apka nam kya hai
Mom- Bandana sen . Or apka.
Account – Hindu aurat ka Diwan
Mom- hat ye tumhara nam nahi hai Asli nam
Account – Rafik mulla .
Mom- accha .
Account apka gar mai kon kon Hai.
Mom- mai mera beta or husband.
Account – ap ek sadisuda mammy v ho dekh ke nahj lagiti go.
Mom- q
Account – apka badan or slevless blouse se apka gat dekh ke ap jawan lag rahi ho
Mom- nahi mai ek bacche ki maa hu .
Account- tab tho ap expense honge.
Mom- Matlab
Account – Matlab Humalog mai ek karat hai ” baccha ka maa ko chudna mat sikhayiya ” .
Mom- ap Ganda bat mat kijiya
Account- nahi sorry ek bas ek kahawat hai ki ap expense hone iss mamle mai.
Mom- wysa kuch nahi hai…. sadi ke bad sab hote hai.
Account – nahi asysa nahi Hota Hai jiska picha Bala Bara Hota Hai wo Jada expense Hota Hai.
Mom- Haan tho mai nahi hu .
Account – apka picha ka ghost dikh nahi raha mai kyse mane Al expense nahi ho…
Mom- tik hai dekhne ka jarut nahi .
Account – tab tho man libia ap expense ho .
Mom- nahi rukiya…
Mom ek purana pic diya jismai wo picha muh kar ke khari thi…mujhe nahi laga tha maa ye pic degi….
Mom- dekho Jada Bara nahi hai….
Account – wow, kya mast hai apki gand
Mom- delet her pic chup karo mai bas ye dikhayi mai wysi nahi hu.
Uncle – Haan apka husband gadhu hai.
Mom- q kya hua.
Uncle – bura nahi manigi tho bolenge
Mom- bolo.
Account- ittna sundar gand kon chorta hsi … mai Hota tho ….Mera kata hua Lund se gand or chut mar ke Pani nikal deta …
Mom- chii chhii chup karo….
Account – ap hi bolne bole the .
Mom – tik hai chup Raho.

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