Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 4

Supriyadevi and her husband Pritam were lying naked on their bed. Actually without having any sex during his stay at Bombay, Pritam had been extremely horny…. and so reaching in his house, he jumped on his wife. They fucked each other’s brains out, and he was just recovering from one of the greatest orgasms he’d … Read more

Mami ki chut aur gand mari

Mami ki chut aur gand Mari Hi doston mera naam Akshay hai main Delhi ka Rahane wala hun yah baat 6 mahine purani hai jab lockdown Laga hi tha to main apne Mami ke ghar chala Gaya Rahane ke liye lekin mujhe nahin pata tha use lockdown mein main apni Mami ki gand aur chut … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 38

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 37 ). Now let’s continue I said “oh yes then Rizwan would have come”. She burst out laughing at this, she said “oh yes, now my tailor will also deliver my groceries”. Now again after getting beaten to my own guesses, I asked “then … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 37

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 36 ). Now let’s continue I only smiled stubbornly and nodded convincingly at her. She stared at me for a moment then finally gave in. she placed her hands on the wash counter pushing her butt out while I got between her legs with … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 35

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 34 ). Now let’s continue After our class got over she caught my hand and gave me a naughty smile. I knew because of dad we both had missed our bedroom adventures from last night and today morning. Uma tugged at my hand again, … Read more

Unexpected Sex with younger Sister Sonam

Life is Complex and Desires are endless. Hi I’m Arun Dikshit (Name Changed Ofcourse) I’m Male 26 from Pune (Location Changed too). Right now I’m a Freelancer and has experience on multiple field professionally and accademic. My Family consists of My Father Mohit Dikshit a cool dude who had his share of fun when young, … Read more

Hello Mommy

Hello My Dear Readers… The following is a Text Message Conversation between 19 Year Old Nirmal and his Mother, Vimala. This Story will be told as a Series, and each Episode will focus on a New Set of Short Chats, exchanged between the Two Protagonists in Public, yet discretely. The Plot is set in India. … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 34

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 33 ). Now let’s continue My pleas fell on deaf ears, papa had already pulled his cock out and was grinding it hard against the lips of my pussy. Soon his cock found its destination and he aggressively pushed it all the way inside. … Read more

Secrets of Chowdhury Family : 3

Just after two days of that grand party…. it was 5:30 pm and the sun was about to be set down in the west. Supriyadevi’s husband just left for Bombay for five days outdoor shooting while her daughter went back to her in-law”s house with her husband. Lastly her Bouma ( daughter-in-law ) Protibha went … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 33

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 32 ). Now let’s continue Neither of us were pressed for time so we made passionate love for as long as we both could climax together. Now interestingly despite cumming, I did not loose my hardness and continued into our next round. Now Uma … Read more

Catching my wife video chatting

2 years ago my wife and I were going through a rough patch in our marriage fights every other day it seemed as though we were a mere few fights away from divorce. We sat one day and had a conversation about things that could be done to fix the issue her solution was maybe … Read more

Maid from Heaven – Part 30

Please read the previous part here ( Maid from Heaven – Part 29 ). Now let’s continue Papa then let go of my nighty and pulled out quickly pulling up his night pants. Just then mummy opened the door and called him. Papa said he is coming and slowly whispered in my ears asking “will you … Read more

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