My Wife My Life-13

Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-12 ) I smooched them both and our games resumed. After a few minutes C stiffened pumping my ass full of his cum till the last drop before letting go of me. E did not need an invitation and he … Read more

My Wife My Life-12

Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-11 ) There were a few men and boys around us, they were all ogling at me with wide eyes, Ramesh said “looks like you are giving all the men a hard time already”. The women seeing me hurriedly took … Read more

Rest-stop cruiser

There are 4 rest-stops within 50 miles from Minneapolis that I cruise weekends all of them are great places to suck strangers cocks at night but was surprised when one horny morning I thought why not see if anybody hangs out in daytime I’m 22 nice sexy petite body 5’5” 95lbs I look like I’m … Read more

A quickie in a public restroom (Audio sex stories)

Audio sex stories – A quickie in a public restroom

We went out to eat at a nice restaurant for date night and we both became suddenly horny. We needed to be with each other, and it could not wait.

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Hypnotized continued….

It’s Saturday night I’m on my knees sucking a old fat stranger in my mom’s driveway moaning like a little girl begging pleading for his hot cum to fill my belly Two hours ago I was on my knees in a public restroom sucking this same strangers cock.. my first time ever and instantly felt … Read more

Foursome Fun – Me and my best friend double date

My best friend is Tracey. We have been friends since high school and have had a fair amount of fun together over the years. Tracey is married, but not happily. She has had a string of affairs during her married life, not that I fully approve of her cheating, but her husband is an arrogant … Read more

My First Public Washroom Sexual Encounter

Hi All, my name is Amethyst and I am a transgendered female and lesbian. I have brown hair and eyes and I’m about 5 foot 10 and 175 pounds with somewhat broad shoulders, a small chest, and a big butt, hips and thighs. This is the story of my first public sexual encounter in a … Read more

Sucking in the woods

He sat there drank several cans of my beer, small talk do you come here often? Such as that, he said he never seen me before, I told him I lived in the apartments, He asked if I had go piss, I said yes, he said come on, leading me to the brush area, I … Read more

Mom gang banged in Shopping mall

Hey guys my name is Aryan.I have written a lot of stories earlier. My mom’s name is Anita and she is a big slut,she likes to look hot in order to be admired by people. She has big boobs and big ass. Her figure is 34-30-34. Just an heavenly figure my mom has. My dad … Read more

I fuck my wife outdoor in a hotel

You may call me a pervert but it is fetish. i like kinky wife is a punjabi which says it all. they have great asses and boobs and are fair pretty and fuckable. priya my wife is five feet with short hair. at 45 she looks 30 despite two kids and has perfect body. … Read more

After lockdown two friends get it on in the office

It had been three long and lonely months in lockdown. The fear had changed. After weeks of pining to be back to normality, back to how life was before, somehow normal seemed so scary. She giggled wondering whether her social skills had completely left her, not knowing how exactly she would react when seeing her … Read more

Unexpected encounter of aunty in bus

hi am abhi cool person loves travelling.6.ft athletic body fair and handsome. This is my own experience happened to me while travelling from Hyderabad to vizag. This happend in 2016 when i was going to my home town. that was a super luxury bus i boarded the bus at MGBS bus stand i was sitting … Read more

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