My Wife My Life-13

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Thank you for all your encouragement, please read the previous part here ( My Wife My Life-12 )

I smooched them both and our games resumed. After a few minutes C stiffened pumping my ass full of his cum till the last drop before letting go of me.

E did not need an invitation and he quickly took his place resuming fucking my ass. He too lasted much longer than his first time even though he went full speed right from the start.

All this sex underwater had made my shorts to slip further down my legs and come up floating next to us. A quickly saw it and grabbed it before the ocean took it away for good.

This was the first time I was enjoying with 5 men together and I am sure if we were in a better setting like on a bed then they would have ensured all my holes were constantly busy.

The full speed pounding E was giving my butt brought me to the edge of my next orgasm but sadly he didn’t last long enough to help me enjoy it. He too pulled out and I let flushed my ass letting out the loads of cum into the ocean.

A gave me my hot pants while I cleaned myself underwater and wore my hot pants and corrected my top. All of them thanked me for the wonderful experience and I gave them each a lip kiss and boob press in return.

I turned to go back to Ramesh who started grinning as I got close. He got up and covered me with the gown, he said “looks like you have had your first gangbang that too underwater. Did you enjoy it”?

I said “yes it was very thrilling because of a public space. I really enjoyed it because of the five who did me twice each, 3 of them were real studs giving me great orgasms”.

Ramesh asked “do you think you want to have them again? We still have lots of time left in Goa, what do you say darling”? I looked at him astonished, I asked “did you get excited watching me darling”.

He said “yes my dear, actually watching your action got me so excited that I couldn’t control cumming. I used your clothes as cover and dropped my load on the sand, see there” pointing to where he was sitting.

I saw a sizeable quantity of cum, Ramesh surely had a great time watching. I said “now that I know how much you liked it, let me get their numbers”. I walked back to the young men nearby and took A’s number.

I asked “are you all from here only”? A said “yes”. I asked “if I want to meet you again then is there a better place where we can go”? He said “yes, I stay alone and have a big place, we can all meet there”.

He asked “how long are you here Rekha”? I said “I am here for a week”. He stepped closer and asked “can we meet tomorrow, see your hot sexy figure has made me hard again” showing me his bulge.

I placed his hand on my crotch and said “I am again wet too. We will surely meet tomorrow afternoon”. He pressed my boob gently saying “we will all be eagerly waiting for you Rekha”.

I gave him a quick kiss on his lips and walked back to Ramesh. Ramesh asked “where do you want to go now”? I looked at the huts behind us and said “let’s go there, I am sure Ravi will be there too”.

As expected we met Ravi there and he took us to the same hut. Once inside he shut the door and I hugged him in a lovers kiss. He said “madam I was praying that you should come again and god granted my wish”.

I said “I have also been waiting to be with you again”. Ramesh said “Ravi bring two beers quickly, then she is all yours”. Ravi rushed out while I stared at Ramesh thinking for the first time today he was telling someone to enjoy me.

I asked “darling looks like you are very horny now, can I take care of you first”? He said “no dear, I am fine. I will ask you when the time comes. Right now I want to enjoy your live show again”.

Ravi came quickly with the beers and served us both, he stood by the closed door waiting for his turn. I saw he had a very prominent tent in his pants. I went bottoms up on my beer and called him to me.

I opened his trousers letting them drop with his undies. I opened my top spreading it and removed my hot pants completely. I took his stiff cock in my mouth giving him a blowjob for a few minutes while he played with my tits.

Ramesh gave him a condom, then I bent on the table facing Ramesh and guided Ravi’s cock in my pussy. He instantly went full speed fucking me. I said “slow down Ravi or you will cum too soon”.

He said “madam you have no idea how many times I have jacked off thinking about you since we last met. Even if I cum soon I will fuck you at least once more. I hope you will oblige”?

I said “yes dear, I am always ready for you”. I saw Ramesh was also rubbing his crotch while sipping his beer and watching us. Ravi was far better than the last time.

His stamina and the power of his thrusts had improved significantly probably due to excessive masturbating. He may not be as good as Vicky but he was close.

He made me cum once while he continued nonstop. Finally, when he was close to his release, I too was nearing my climax. He came moments before I did but continued thrusting into me a few more times till I got my orgasm.

He had really satisfied me very nicely today, I got up and turned around to face him, we were both profusely sweating and panting hard. I threw away the condom and sucked him clean.

Then he pulled up his trousers and left to bring us more beer. He came with the beers and said “I will be right outside, no one will disturb you here. You can enjoy as much as you want” and left.

I knew he was saying this because last time Ramesh had fucked me before Ravi did. I got dressed now and again sat in Ramesh’s lap sipping my beer. I asked “so darling I am sure you want to do me now”.

He said “I would love to dear but I want you to save your energy for David. You want to do with him once more right”? I said “yes I want to but today Ravi was something, he really got me tired”.

Ramesh asked “does that mean you want to go back to the hotel and take rest”? I said “I can still handle David but provided you are present watching. I don’t know how you will do but figure something out”.

We finished the beers and called Ravi for the bill. Ravi asked “Madam why you both did not do today”? It clearly looked like Ravi was peeping inside from somewhere keeping a watch on us, this was too much invasion of our privacy.

I curtly said “Ravi I gave you what you wanted, now don’t you think you are going way overboard talking ahead of yourself here? What I do or with whom I do is my business, you keep out of it”.

This was more than what Ravi was expecting so he apologised and left. While we walked back to the car I told Ramesh “let’s find another place tomorrow, I don’t want to come back here again”.

Ramesh said “ok darling, I understand”. While we were walking all the men had their eyes locked on me and the women were having a hard time controlling them.

I asked “so have you figured out how you will watch me with David”? Ramesh said “I am out of ideas because we surely cannot take him to the hotel and I don’t know of any other places which offer good privacy”.

I said “let me think of something, now when we get to the car you sit normally and let me do the talking”. We got in the car, I said “David do you know of any place not too far from here where we can enjoy sex in total privacy”?

David looked stunned staring at me thinking how was I talking about sex in front of Ramesh. I repeated myself again and he understood I was serious. He said “madam there is a place I know but when you have the hotel room why do you want to do it outside”?

I asked “Is that place safe”? He said “yes madam”, I said “ok take us there now quickly”. In about 20minutes we reached the place. It was an isolated lodge surrounded by thick trees.

David spoke to someone on phone, he said “you can go inside, they will give you one room”. I asked “how much do we need to pay”? David said “nothing madam, this is my friends place. They will not charge you anything. Maybe if you want you can tip them”.

I took my earlier clothes thinking I will change back into them after I finish with my two lovers. I said “David you also come with us please”. He was confused as hell thinking why I am calling him and got down from the car.

I held David’s hand and walked towards the entrance with Ramesh following us. David was shitting bricks already seeing me hold him like this in front of Ramesh. We met a middle aged lady at the reception.

She was very friendly and polite and David had a quick chat with her. She gave him the keys, David turned to me handing me the keys. I grabbed his hand again pulling him with me towards the room.

He unlocked the door and we entered a big bedroom decorated with tasteful antique furniture. David said “you both can enjoy here for as long as you want, no one will disturb you. After you are done please meet me outside”.

As David was turning to leave I pushed him against the wall and kissed his lips. I took him so much by surprise that he didn’t know what was going on. After a long one way kiss he said “this is not right madam”.

I was still holding his face, I said “Ramesh knows everything, he will not bother us as he is here to only watch”. I tried kissing him but he was still not kissing me back.

I reached below and sure felt his growing bulge, I was opening his trousers when he held my hands. I looked at Ramesh who was sitting on the couch watching us.

He said “I already know about the bathroom incident at the restaurant. Give her what she wants or she won’t spare you”. I tugged harder on his trousers while staring at David.

He stared at me in disbelief and let go. Within seconds his pants and undies were on the floor and his big cock growing in my mouth. While I continued sucking him I felt his hands in my hair.

To be continued….

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