I fuck my wife outdoor in a hotel

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You may call me a pervert but it is fetish. i like kinky stuff.my wife is a punjabi which says it all. they have great asses and boobs and are fair pretty and fuckable. priya my wife is five feet with short hair. at 45 she looks 30 despite two kids and has perfect body. i’m not that bad but look my age.

We went for a holiday to lonavla bear mumbai. hotel is in the hills with lots of trees around. priya is shy of having sex in open and i like it. i have to trick her and the only way is to get her high. we went to the dam and then stopped at a cheap bar in the night. she had on a short black dress just covering her ass. it was low cut. i told her to wear for ne as we would be in the car. as it got dark i said i wanted a drink and she reluctantly agreed.

We went to this bar and sat down. most of the crowd was men and they ogled. i liked it while she felt uncomfortable. i asked for a gin for her and after the drinks we went to play pool. she wanted to go back but i told her one game and it would be over.she sipped her drink while i went and spoke to the manager. i told him to take photo of Priya as she bent to play.
she became easy as the drink had effect. she had to bend and i winked to manager. he sent me photo later. it showed her ass tiny panty. he has put it on xvideos too.
after we finished i held her by waist as we left. i made sure i lifted her dress so others could see her ass. in car i kissed her and opened more drinks, . she now enjoying it.

we came to majestica hotel. i tookroom which had open balcony. trees outside but the workers rooms were there. as we had dinner chicken and biryani. then we went to room. i kissed her while walking up stairs and as we went up i winked to waiter. after leaving her in room i went out and told waiter of my plan.
i went back and took off my clothes. i had only my jockey which hid excited cock. i opened door of balcony and called priya. she was shy. i said come, no one is there. she came out and saw only darkness. i know without lenses she can’t see and plan when we left was today it is short ride and you don’t need.

I put on sexy music and kept room light on and danced and kissed priya. as i got more drunk i lit a cigar and she took puffs. vodka plus cigar gives high and my cock was angry. i held priya and lifted her out of dress. she looked around saying someone will see. i said fuck it no one is there. priya in tiny red panty with crotch netted and her pubic hair coming out. i made her face outside and kissed her so the boys could see . i turned her around and her tiny bra barely covered her boobs.i took it out so that her tits wee exposed. i put hand in panty and finger fucked her.she spread her legs and was in ecstasy. i soon took off her panty. here was she standing naked and looking outside and i took my cock from my jockey and pushed into cunt from behind. she was in ecstasy and took another sip as i fucked her.i took out my cock and stood on the table and asked her to suck my angry cock which was standing, she sucked and i made sure the boys could see her sucking. i held her head and then forcefully fucked her in mouth until my cum went into her throat. i got down and then mad3 her bend on the railing and fucked her in cunt. her cunt was wet and my cock beacame hard and i poured my cum in her.

she went in to have bath. i sat outside smoking and thinking of the tuck made my clock big. she came back in a small nighty. i said darling my cock wants your pussy and i kissed her first and removed her nighty and rammed her pussy like a hyena. she started yelling as my cock burst again.
we finished fucking that night.

Next day early morning before sunlight i brought her out in blindfold. i told the boys to be ready at 6. igot her naked to the balcony and waved to those motherfuckers. they took out their cameras as i fucked priya like mad. her boobs shook as i rammed her. after ten minutes i took off the blindfold and she realised what was happening. i said let them enjoy and gave her pussy a nice thrashing with my cock. three videos are there on xvideos which you can see myfuckable wife and me.

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