Foursome Fun – Me and my best friend double date

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My best friend is Tracey.

We have been friends since high school and have had a fair amount of fun together over the years.


Tracey is married, but not happily. She has had a string of affairs during her married life, not that I fully approve of her cheating, but her husband is an arrogant brute of a man.

She has had many flings and affairs but I have never really been involved in any of them, up until now that is.

We had many a holiday abroad in our 20s and had plenty cock whilst away, even having competitions to see who could pull the most guys whilst on holiday.

She is fully aware of my marriage arrangement with Mike and has met Frank, Bill and Ron on a few occasions, never joining in the fun but fully knowing the details.

She has flirted like mad at these meetings and all the men fancy her rotten. She is a little taller than me, long legs and big titted.

A real ‘blond stunner’ as Frank describes her.

Mike and I get on great with her and our kids also get on well (she has one son.)

To me she has been like family ever since we met all those years ago.

Now recently with all the fun and frolics I have been enjoying with Louise and Simon, it has certainly confirmed to me that I am much more than just bi curious.

Tracey had invited me on a double date the weekend that they actually came up so I had to cancel. We rearranged it for a couple of weekends later.

On our previous holiday fun Tracey and I enjoyed same room fun and have been fucked side by side, swapped guys and shared the same cock, kissed and felt each others tits but had never gone further.

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Tracey has been screwing this lad Nathan from her gym for a few weeks now. He is 6 Ft 5, built like the proverbial barn and he also has a younger brother called Jason, or Jase to his mates apparently.

Tracey had mentioned me to them both, and well it ended up with me agreeing to going out dancing and for something to eat with them on a ‘double date.’

Nathan has a flat in the town centre and it was here that we all met.

Tracey had dressed in a green short mini dress, bare legs, matching heels and her ample cleavage was well on show.

As usual I had been set up as her alibi with her husband who was away with his football loving mates for a boozy weekend.

I had dressed to try to impress in a new short red mini dress, matching slutty heels and had on this occasion also left my legs bare, with my gold anklet around my right leg.

I wore a red bra and matching bra set. Tracey wearing a very see through thong and white bra.

After a few drinks at his flat, plenty chat to get to know each other and a bit of flirting, it was out for a meal and then on to a nightclub for a spot of dancing and general fun and some smooching.

Nathan could hardly keep his hands off Tracey and as they danced his muscular arms engulfed her and soon his hands wandered openly over her ass and tits as they smooched. Back in our booth area me and Jase had gotten to know each other pretty well.

He isn’t my type as a rule. He’s far too muscular and tanned for my liking, and I’m sure he spends more time in the mirror getting ready than I do. Certainly the amount of hair and skin products he and his brother used in getting ready way exceeds what many women do!

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