A Friendly Foursome

Hi everyone. I’m Raj Kiran. I’m a regular reader of S4S. Since I saw many people sharing there stories I’m here to share a story of my own life. I have a small but close batch of friends. My friend Sridhar is my best guy buddy whereas Sakshi and Manisha are my best girl buddies.

Rashmi: The lucky charm mallu. Part 1

Rashmi: the lucky charm mallu. Part 1 Hi everyone. This is AJAY DEV, 29. From beautiful city belgaum of karnataka state. This is a real story of my friend mahesh who helped his college juniors. Publishing it with his permission. Hopefully you will like it. The name and place all are real in the story.

Innocent college girl has wild sex after Halloween show

I was forcing myself to read a painfully dull book for my political science class, only because I was dreading studying for statistics even more, when the landline phone in my off-campus apartment rang. Glad for any distraction, I picked up with a too-perky “Hello!” “You are way too excited for 9 a.m. on a

Hardcore Sex With My SwathiNaidu From Hyerabad

Hello friends this is praveen pandu from tirupathi. Again I am back with my experience to share with you. Firstly I completed my MBA and Am at Hyderabad right now. Nenu epatikii varakuu mugaru 3aunties tho baga enjoy chesanu. Vallu kuda naa dengudiki baga alavattu padaru. Naa modda size 6.2 Inches. Am I expert in

Tiffany wants to fuck her Daddy and his sexy girlfriend too

Tiffany wants to fuck her Daddy and his sexy girlfriend too, “So, when are you going to make an honest woman out of me?” Lucy asked her boyfriend. They had just spent the last three hours having sex that had almost exhausted both of them — emphasis on the “almost”. The sensual brunette was in

Family orgy, house of family secrets

Family orgy, house of family secrets, family taboo… I can still remember how jealous I felt when my sister Lucy started going out with boys because I knew that one of them would eventually steal her away from me. It was Mark who stole her away. Mark was different from her other boyfriends. He was

I Love My Sister, What one sister won’t do for the other

Family taboo, I Love My Sister, What one sister won’t do for the other, Looking back on it, there were a lot of unusual events that night, but the one that stands out the most, to me, is my sister licking her husband’s cum out of my pussy. Not that I hadn’t been fucked by men other