Foursome fun – Continuing the fun in the taxi and at flat – Part 2

Once we had another couple of drinks and all had calmed down a little bit we decided to leave and get a taxi back to the flat.

In the taxi queue there were further kisses, cuddles and sly feels of my arse by Jason and Nathan was doing the same to Tracey at the same time as well.

Our little mini dresses were receiving plenty pawing and straying hands as the lads massaged our bums, caressed our legs, and generally had a good feel of us as we waited.

Once inside the black cab the same was to continue for the journey.

We all had sat in the back seats, me and Tracey facing the two brothers who sat on the fold down seats with their backs to the driver.

In this position the lads could see up our dresses and as we both teased and taunted them the heat began to rise again.

I had slightly parted my legs, letting my little red dress ride up again, showing plenty of bare leg and thigh to Jason, Nathan and the driver as well I’m sure.

Tracey had gone one step further and with her dress literally up around her hips she had spread her legs and her dripping wet, shaved cunt was on full display to us all.

Her bare legs were spread fairly wide by this point and again it was obvious she was becoming increasingly turned on.

Her slit was glistening in the taxi light and small beads of her juice could be seen clearly on her lips and dribbling down her leg.

“Fuck I feel horny,” she said in a very loud and audible voice. As I looked ahead I could see the taxi driver checking his rear view mirror.

‘Dirty bugger,’ I thought to myself. ‘I bet he’s getting a good eyeful.’

Nathan had by now sat forward a bit and his right hand was beginning to work its way up her leg.

“You’re fucking soaking Tracey,” he said to her. “Look I can see drips of your fucking fanny juice.”

“I know!” she laughed. “I’m dripping like a tap here. Go on then do it!” she added, as his fingers had reached her wet quim entrance. “You know you want too.”

With this he slipped two fingers easily up her cunt. An audible slurp could be heard as her lips closed around his fingers and he lowly began to finger her out right there in the back of the cab.

Not to be outdone I splayed my bare legs, lifting the right one up and hooking it over Tracey’s left leg.

“Lets give them a wee show,” I smirked as my dress now joined hers in riding right up to my hips, giving Jase, Nathan and undoubtedly the taxi guy a view right up to my snatch.

With our bare legs now hooked onto each other and our legs well spread, the two brothers both got their fingers busy as we drove along the roads to Jason’s flat.

My gold anklet hung around my red high heel, shining in the taxi cab light as Jase had three fingers, then four squelching in and out of my fucking soaking wet slit.

My legs trembled and shook as he finger fucked me. My breaths becoming increasingly heavy and panting. I looked up to see the taxi driver staring at us in the mirror. My eyes had begun to glaze over, the sound of ‘slop, slop’ increasing as his four fingers pistoned in and up my soaking fucking twat.

“Oh fucking hell,” I mumbled perhaps a little too loudly as again I saw the driver staring at us through the mirror. By now he would have had a perfect view of four fingers slamming in and out of my cunt.

Our eyes met briefly as I continued to be finger fucked. In my hazy state I’m sure I saw him smile at me. My cunny was now sending audible slurps, slops and sprays of my cunt juice

Both Tracey and I were really heavy breathing by this point and both our pussies were sloppy, wide and wet by this stage.

Tracey had slipped a hand inside her dress and was gently massaging her tits as she got fucked harder and harder by Nathans fingers.

After a few more minutes of having our cunnys plundered by the guys we had eventually reached home.

The driver pulled up and as we tidied ourselves up, Jason paid him.

“Thanks for the show as well lasses,” he said cheekily as we got out of the taxi.

“Hope you enjoyed it,” we both chirped back at him.

“Oh aye he,” said in reply. “But not as much as you did I think,” he laughingly added.

“Have fun!” was his parting shot at us as we walked up the driveway to the front door.

Jason had his hands all over my arse, roughly feeling me up as he did so.

“We will he,” replied. “I will give her one for you mate!” he shouted at the driver as he began to pull away.

Within seconds we were inside and at each other.

Tracey and Nathan occupying the settee and Jason and I canoodling on a big comfy chair.

Again his hands were up my dress playing with my sopping cunt as I wantonly spread my legs as wide as I could.

I could see Tracey fumbling with Nathan’s belt buckle. The action was clearly going to heat up and quickly.

“Lets get more comfortable,” I said to Jason, Tracey chirping in that she wanted to see more of Nathan as well.

Both Tracey and I then removed our mini dresses. This left us both just in our shoes, our knicks already off, and soon our tits were bare too.

“Is this what you guys want?” I said as we both paraded and posed in just our ‘come fuck me ‘ shoes.

“Hell yes!” both the guys responded.

I then lent over to Tracey and gave her left tit a little lick.

“Ooh that’s nice,” she replied. With this I took her nipple into my mouth and gave It a little suck, fuck she has big tits!

This was the start of us getting steamy with each other for the first time.

Quickly we were in position on the settee where she was sucking on my tits as I then sucked on hers and vice versa.

Having her huge titties slapping about my face and suckling on my friends big nipples was a massive turn on. She lovingly responded by milking my tits with her tongue and sucking hard on my really stiff nipples.

Soon our hands had drifted to each others very wet pussies and a couple of fingers of mine had soon found their way up Traceys wet, frothing cunthole.

She responded likewise and soon, for the first time ever she had three fingers plunging up my soppy gash.

“Oh fucking hell” Tracey I said to her in between moans of pure pleasure

“I know!” she laughingly replied. “We should have done this years ago.”

As we fingered each other our heads moved ever closer and in between panting we began to exchange a nice soft kiss. Our mouths then opened and soon my tongue was snaking its way down her throat as she did like wise.

This had the effect of juicing me up even more and my cunt was fucking soaking as she eased a fourth finger up my cunny.

We then really began snogging in earnest and as I found a way to get my fourth finger up her absolutely dripping wet snatch, she eased her thumb alongside her fingers and with a slop her whole fist was soon ploughing up my fucking cunt.

“Oh fuck Tracey,” I begged. “Go on fist me to a climax. Oh fuck that’s great!” I implored her to carry on.

“Christ you dirty bitch,” she said. “You are fucking soaking, I’m easily getting my hand up your twat now.”

“I know, I’ve told you when I get wet Frank likes to fist me. I get so bloody turned on. Oh fucking hell Tracey, go on do it harder!”

We were almost oblivious to the two brothers who by now had stripped fully and were both sporting huge hard ons.

“Suck this at the same time,” Nathan said and soon his cock was flapping about my face

“Hoy that’s my boyfriend!” Tracey joked. “Well in that case let me have yours then,” she quickly quipped, and with that Jason offered her his cock to suck.

At this point Tracey was fisting me as I sat with my arse overhanging the settee, Tracey was on the floor with Jason kneeling beside her, she was eagerly sucking on his rock hard prick as she roughly waggled her hand and wrist as she plundered my cunt with her fist.

“Oh fuck yes,” I moaned in between mouthful of Nathan’s cock.

“Fucking fist me Tracey, go on I’m cumming. Oh fuck I’m cumming!” I screamed at her.

She then sped up slightly to meet my gentle hip thrusts as I began to cum heavily, spraying my juice over her hand and sounds of my squirting cunt juice filled the air.

At this point Nathan was still feeding me his cock as he stood with one leg on the settee.

Tracey was sucking on Jason as he now stood beside her. One of my shoes had slipped off my foot as I was fisted and sucked greedily on Nathan’s throbbing prick.

Jason temporarily removed his cock from Tracey’s mouth to retrieve my high heel and slip it back on me.

My climax was subsiding as he popped it back onto my foot.

“I like your legs in heels,” he said to me. “God I wanna fuck you so bad!”

“After me though!” was Tracey’s rebuttal. “She’s had a cum and I want one now.”

She slipped her hand gently from my puffy fanny and then preceded to lick my cunt juice from her sticky fingers and wrist.

“Oh you dirty bitch,” I said as I moved over to let her join me on the settee.

We then kissed again as I tasted my own love juice on her lips and tongue. The guys had raging hard ons by now, both cocks shiny with our spit from sucking them off.

Tracey now splayed her legs, putting her high heeled legs as wide as she could.

I climbed onto the floor and got between her legs on all fours ready for to lap at her already extremely wet quim.

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