Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party, Mom will never forget her 42nd Birthday

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Mom’s Surprise Birthday Party, Mom will never forget her 42nd Birthday, “Happy Birthday, Mom!” I said over the phone as soon as my mother answered. “How old are you again? 25? No… Wait, you couldn’t be a day over 21!”

“Oh, Matthew. Would you stop! You know I’m 42 today. We couldn’t possibly be the same age.” My mother joked back.

“Well, I stand by my statement. You don’t look a day over 21!” I continued. “Are you getting into anything tonight?” I asked.

“Oh, you know me. I’m just a boring old woman; I don’t have any plans for tonight. I think some of the girls want to have a get together this weekend and celebrate but nothing too crazy.” She answered.

“Alright, well have fun! Happy Birthday, I love you.”

“I love you too, honey. Thanks for calling.” She replied.

When I turned 18 I moved out of mom’s house and into my own apartment, I picked up a job as a male stripper and have been doing that ever since. I’m currently 21 and live in Los Angeles, California; Mom was never much of a big city kind of gal and had relocated to Palmdale, which was about 40 miles outside of LA. Palmdale was much nicer than LA, she had a huge house and a good job with way more friends than she ever had in LA; I hated visiting because it’s basically the middle of nowhere, in the desert. Mom had no idea that I had been stripping for all these years; when I moved out I told her I was starting my own online marketing business with a friend… Which was partially true. The business just turned out to be an “adult entertainment” business.

A few days prior to Mom’s birthday, I got a call from a client who wanted to hire me for a party the upcoming weekend. The beauty of my business was, it wasn’t a club; each performer was available for hire by the hour anywhere in the greater Los Angeles area and even some parts of Orange County. Basically, there weren’t too many places in SoCal we wouldn’t travel to.

Anyway, the client had scheduled for me to arrive at 9 PM in Santa Monica. We have various outfits, characters, and scenarios that clients can choose from; this specific client had chosen the “kidnapping” scenario for a friend. She told me it was for her friend’s birthday and she was desperately in need of some excitement; I invited her in to our offices and we discussed the details.

The party would take place on Saturday night at her house and all of the guests would be arriving around 8 PM. I was scheduled to arrive at 9 PM in a blacked out car, a black outfit, with a black ski mask; I would then wait outside the house and the client would send her friend outside to grab something from her car and that’s when I would grab her. I’ve done this scenario countless times and had no problem at all pulling it off; every woman I’ve done this to has absolutely loved it. We signed the legal agreement and she was on her way!

Fast forward to Saturday night…

I arrive in Santa Monica a few minutes before 9 PM and park my car across the street from the Clients house; I kill the headlights and watch the house closely. There’s a large window at the front of the house that peers into the living room and the blinds were open, giving me a direct view into the house. I see the back of four heads sitting on the couch in front of the window and across from them in a chair is the client who hired me. The client had texted me about half hour prior to inform me of what the client would be wearing; she was wearing a bright pink button up blouse and a long black skirt, along with a pair of black lace stockings. I laid eyes on the target, though I could only see the back of her head; I waited for my cue to strike… While inside the room:

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