How my mother and I started our affair

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How my mother and I started our affair, I moved back in with my parents after finishing college because I was waiting for some job offers to come through and didn’t want to waste money on an apartment. Not the most ideal position for a 22 year old, but sometimes you do what you have to.

My parents had redone a lot of the house and let me have their old room. I had to clear some stuff and set it up to my preference, but I didn’t much mind since I only planned on staying here temporarily. I eventually got around to clearing out the closet, and there it was.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I had found it – a whole cache of porn that my parents had all but forgotten. I was really starting to develop my sexual hunger and hadn’t really been focused on chasing girls or sought much exposure to social environments that would allow me to. Mostly, it was because I bought in to staying focused at school a little too much.

I mean, I’ve had my sexual encounters before. I had the same girlfriend my sophomore and junior year in college, sure. Outside of that, a hook up here and there, but nothing outrageous.

But, damnit, I loved cumming. I love looking at a voluptuous woman and going through the fantasies and what I would want them to do to me.

That’s why this stack of porn was such a treasure trove.

In the year before I left for college (I graduated at 18 and took a year off after high school), my mom would actually give me a magazine here and there and would talk pretty openly about sex with me. She encouraged me to look at the magazines because she wanted me to be sexually knowledgeable since she thought it was important for a young man to be. These conversations shaped my sexual tastes and appetite.

She was an average looking woman, honestly. But, to me, she was beautiful. She stands about 5’7″ with a thick build. She certainly was voluptuous; I couldn’t tell you her measurements… although, I did know that she wore a 34F bra size. I knew that because she asked me to come into the room one day because wanted my help with something.

There she was in jeans and just a bra.

“What do you think?”

I immediately blurted out, “Those are nice…” I was staring right at her tits and I could feel the blood rushing to my face – and my dick.

“I know, I love these jeans! I just got them! Do they look right on me?” She started to do a spin so I could see them from all sides. I was loving how her hips were looking in those jeans.

Her wide hips gave a wonderful platform for her full butt. Her breasts sagged a bit; but, they were firm, full, and heavy. Her skin had an almost permanent tan from being a beach bum most of her adult life and her long brown hair complimented her crystal green eyes. I was getting lost from looking at her.

“Was that all, mom?”

“Yea, thank you, sweetie.”

I went straight to my room, shut the door, laid down, and barely had my cock in my own hand before I started cumming. I wanted her.

I was starting to realize that I found her sexy.

I recalled a moment while laying in my bed where we were having a conversation about being able to perform in bed and she had looked at me a certain way that started something for me.

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