I give my father my virginity and he gives me two children

Incest stories, I give my father my virginity and he gives me two children, I sat on the sofa next to my mother watching the news while holding my five-year-old son, Clinton, thinking this would be one of the last times it would happen before I completely moved out after I got married in three days. For years it had been our ritual to catch the national evening broadcast as delivered by the man on the screen. Since I was eighteen, by the time the hour-long show was over, I was always wet with arousal.

Now in his mid-forties, the anchor had become well known as a reporter covering a hurricane early in his career. He leveraged the recognition into jobs subbing for other anchors on the network before getting his own show then was finally tapped to anchor the flagship news program. With a square jaw from which issued a deep, steady, calming voice, and steel blue eyes, he was classically handsome. If you looked closely, you could see that his straw colored hair was greying slightly at the temples. Despite his age, he had a solid body beneath his tailored suit that my mother and I knew well. She called him her husband, I called him dad and I often wondered if he still had the same effect on her as he did on me.

After the program was over, he arrived home just over an hour later and greeted us with hugs and kisses. We sat down and had a late dinner together as a family then I put Clinton down and retreated to my room to send some emails and call my fiance before going to bed.

The next morning while waiting for Clinton to wake, I went to the kitchen and saw my father at the table. He held a newspaper open in front of him—real paper, not an e-version—with his reading glasses perched on his nose. His thin lips were pressed together tightly. Most people saw it as a frown, but I knew it was just his serious, thinking face and that it could relax into a genuine smile at any moment. An empty bowl of oatmeal and mostly empty cup of cold coffee were on the table in front of him. In the sink I saw another set of dirty dishes that must have been used by my mom. I poured a bowl of cereal and glass of juice for myself and a new cup of coffee for him before going to the table. We didn’t say much beyond greeting each other while I ate. He, as usual, was focused on reading about the previous day’s events and the commentary from the print journalists.

After I cleared our dishes I checked on Clinton who had always been a late sleeper then returned to my dad. I removed his hand that was closest to me from the paper so I could sit across his legs.

“Good morning, princess,” he said with a smile as his free hand rested on my bare leg and the thumb began tracing lazy patterns on my skin.

“Morning, Daddy,” I said. With a shy smile, I leaned in and gave him a light kiss on the lips. “Mom already leave?”

He released the paper from his other hand and moved it to my back. “She did. She said she had to run an errand before meeting you at the dress shop.”

I was only wearing a pair of men’s boxers—one of the many stolen from him—and a bra and his hands were hot on my skin. Hearing my mom was gone, I leaned into him and again touched his lips with mine. This time our kiss was deep and passionate. His tongue easily conquered mine and I moaned against him. My hand moved to the boxers he was wearing and found the slit of his fly. I pushed the fingers of one hand inside and felt his flesh already stiffening as I pulled it out into the open to stroke while my other hand moved across his bare chest. A decent forest of greying blonde hair covered it and I loved the soft yet scratchy feel of it. Beneath the hair was a broad chest that had been tighter a few years ago but was still nice to look at.

While I was doing that, I felt a pair of his long, thick fingers slide into the fly of my shorts and unerringly find my slit. With gentle determination, he pushed them inside me and pressed his palm against my hidden nub. He immediately began to finger fuck me with a lazy rhythm as he said, “You’re going to be late and you know how your mother gets.”

I sighed heavily against his lips. “I know. But I have just enough time to thank you for watching Clinton while we’re out.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’m happy to do it. I don’t get to spend enough time with the rug rat.” His tone was simultaneously paternal and teasing.

“I know, but it’s also been a while since we’ve had some time alone.” Even I heard the needy tone in my voice.

“But you know that’s not what we agreed to,” he said even as he continued to work his fingers inside me.

“I know,” I said with disappointment. After starting college a year late due to the pregnancy then failing my morning class my first semester, my mother had gone ballistic. She did not understand why I kept missing class or why my father had not helped me with Clinton since he was home at the time. He and I had then talked and agreed that we had to be smarter about our encounters. Ever since, we managed our time better. And with my impending wedding that upcoming weekend, we seriously dialed everything back as family and friends appeared without warning. “You’re right.”

We sat in silence for a moment. His fingers continued to move through me while mine stroked him and we shared a few more quick kisses.

“Promise me that if I give in this time, you won’t try this again,” he said seriously. “At least not until after the wedding.”

“I won’t,” I said quickly. “I promise.”

A corner of his mouth lifted. “Liar.”

My father watched intently as I stood to lower my shorts before I straddled his lap facing him. His lips parted slightly as he sucked in a breath and I moaned as I sank onto his length sticking out of his shorts. As his thickness moved deeper into me, it reminded me of the first time he entered me…

It was a few days after my eighteenth birthday and I had just been dumped by a guy because I wouldn’t put out. At the time I was a virgin and while I was eager to have sex, I wasn’t into the guy enough for him to be my first.

“No more moping, baby girl,” my father said as he entered my room and sat on the edge of the bed.

It was a Saturday morning, three days after the breakup and instead of hanging out with friends I was still sulking in bed.

“I’m not really upset because he dumped me,” I said. “I’m upset with myself. I knew he was a jerk and that he was only dating me so he could try to have sex with me but I kept dating him anyway. It was stupid.”

“I’m not going to argue with that,” my dad said with a teasing smile. “But don’t be too hard on yourself. Sadly, it’s something you had to go through and you’ll probably do it again. And he’ll be even cuter next time. Dating is a learning process. That’s what being a teenager is about.”

I gave him a blank look. “Was that really supposed to make me feel better?”

“No,” he said bluntly. “But it’s the truth. It’s also true that I’ll always be here if you need me.”

“With advice like that, I don’t think I want you around.”

He placed an arm around my shoulders and pulled me against his side. “Too bad, you’re stuck with me.”

“Thanks.” I wrapped my own arms around him truly thankful for his presence. As he often did in the mornings, he was only wearing a pair of boxers and my hands began to absently play with his thick chest hair. “Why can’t all guys be like you?”

His hand began to stroke my side. “They’re out there. It just takes a bit of looking to find them.”

“I know. It just seems like I’ll be a virgin forever.”

“That’s not a bad thing.”

“I know.” Unaware of what I was doing, my hand had slipped lower and was playing with the hair around his belly button. “And I know I shouldn’t worry about what my friends think, it’s just they’re all talking about it and I feel left out.”

I didn’t feel awkward discussing sex with either of my parents because they were open and not judgmental about it with me. As they had with my older sister and brother, they had given me condoms and made sure I knew how to use them. I also had been given the option to start taking birth control pills, but because my periods were regular and because I had been dating that jerk with no intention of having sex anytime soon, I had declined figuring it was one less thing for me to worry about.

“When the time is right, the right guy will come along.”

I took a deep breath and sighed. “I know it’s weird to say, but I wish you were single and younger. You’re the perfect guy, Daddy.”

“I’m flattered, baby girl. You’re so much like your mother that it’d have been difficult to choose between the two of you. And I guess I’d end up the jerk in this relationship because I probably would have dated you for a bit then married your mother.”

I sat up and pulled away from him with a frown. “You’d have sex with me then dump me?”

He shrugged. “Not right away. But yeah. Look at you. You’re a smart, beautiful girl and like most guys, I’d kill to have the chance to be your first. But I also know that I love your mother and would marry her all over again. So, yeah, I’d willingly be a jerk to have a chance with you. I think most guys would.”

Without being conceited, I knew I was attractive so that was never an issue. Standing five feet nine inches tall, I had enough weight on my body to be curvy but not so much that I looked overweight. My breasts were smaller than I would’ve liked on my frame but nicely balanced the curves of my hips and ass. I had inherited my father’s straw colored hair that hung to the middle of my back and my mother’s green eyes which were set in her heart-shaped face. Unfortunately, I had also inherited my father’s thin lips but none of my boyfriends had ever complained when we kissed so I kept that a private complaint.

“I guess that’s okay,” I said reluctantly. It made sense but part of me was hurt that even my father had openly admitted that he would fuck me then dump me.

“I would’ve made your first time great, though. At least that way you wouldn’t feel like you had been used.”


“Oh, yeah. It would’ve been all about you. You probably would’ve wanted to do it a few times after I finished. I don’t talk about it, but before your mother I was quite the ladies’ man.”

I couldn’t keep the skepticism out of my voice. My father was an attractive man and had been really cute in his younger days but because of his current clean cut image, I couldn’t see him out on the prowl. “Really?”

“Chelsea, hon, forgive me for being crass, but there were enough women into me that I could practically fuck two different women every day for a month and never have the same one twice. It’s not enough to have the tool, you have to know how to use it. Every woman that I’ve been with was never satisfied with one time and mourned the day I met your mother.”

“Well I guess it’s a good thing that never happened.” I was slightly stunned by his words. While I knew there were women before my mother, it was out of character hearing him speak about them in this manner.

“If that makes you feel better,” he said lightly. From the twinkle in his eyes I could tell he was back to teasing me. “You’re a virgin. You have no idea how great sex can be. Especially with a guy who’s packing. Sometimes all I’d have to do was whip it out and they’d fall to their knees.”

Feeling he had taken things too far, I rolled my eyes. “Daddy! Now you’re being ridiculous. And disgusting.”

“Maybe. But it’s true.” He gave me a wink that seemed less than paternal and sent shivers through me.

“Whatever. Get out, you dirty old man.”

He laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s get something to eat.”

Despite how our conversation ended, I felt better and followed him out of the room to have a late breakfast with him. I sat at the table and as he moved around the kitchen, I was surprised to find myself eyeing him. I had innocently watched him a number of times as he did things while not seeing anything except my father. However, that morning, I saw a very attractive man. His body, while not ripped and toned like guys my age, was solid. In a way, the slight softness under his skin accentuated his masculinity. His legs were thick and powerful yet his footfalls were soft as he moved gathering items for a light meal. Standing at the stove, his broad back flexed and shifted with untapped strength. When he bent over to grab something out of the refrigerator, I was taken by the way his ass filled out his shorts. However none of that matched the shock I received when he turned to bring me the quick meal he had prepared.

I was used to seeing him around the house in nothing but boxers and had never thought anything of it. After the conversation in my room, for the first time I noticed the way the thin fabric fell over his crotch. It became even more eye catching when he sat. Resting on the chair there was a noticeable mound between his legs that distended the fabric. And beyond that, just before the end of his shorts, stretched a thick tube that seemed on the verge of peeking out. I don’t remember what we talked about while we ate but I will never forget that meal as being the moment I knew my father was the one.

While I knew nothing could ever happen between us, I found myself flirting with him and trying to spend as much time as possible with him. Instead of waking up late and grabbing a granola bar for breakfast as I ran out the door, I woke up early and sat at the table while he read his newspaper. He commented a few times on my joining him so early in the morning and each time I just put it up to needing to get used to it for college.

I was happy living in my fantasy world, thinking nothing would ever happen until I had a really bad date one Saturday night. The guy had been a jerk and barely half an hour in I was done but kept trying thinking it might get better. It didn’t. Though I knew it wasn’t my fault, when I finally did get back home, I spent the rest of the night and all of the next day moping and wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t attract decent guys.

That Monday was a school holiday and I had planned on doing some more moping, but my father dragged me downstairs to have breakfast with him. When I arrived, I saw he had already poured me a bowl of cereal and some juice. I stood for a moment thinking how sweet he was and what a great guy he really was and how much I wanted a guy like him.

With butterflies in my stomach and shaky legs, I walked over to where he sat. As I approached I saw him watch me with a curious look. When I drew up next to him, I lifted his head and leaned mine down to touch our lips together. It started out soft and tender then quickly progressed to be something a father and daughter should never share. With our lips joined, I moved to sit across his lap in a way that I had done many times over the years. Eventually we broke the kiss but leaned our foreheads against each other while catching our breath. Wondering if I would ever get this chance again, I was the first to speak.

“I want you to have sex with me, Dad. Please.”

He sat silent and I began to wonder what he was thinking. Around the house his eyes had always been expressive yet this time I couldn’t read anything in them. For a moment he had become the dispassionate anchor that I saw on TV and was not the father that I knew.

After a long, tense silence during which I began to acknowledge to myself the mistake I had made, he asked, “Are you sure, Princess? If I do, it’s all going to be different afterward. We can never go back from this. And I don’t mean just because you’re not going to be a virgin anymore.”

I took a deep breath. “I’m sure. Scared, but sure.”

He gave me another kiss then pushed his breakfast setting out of the way before lifting me to sit on the table in front of him and removing my sleep shorts. Back in his chair, he leaned forward and tentatively began to explore the tight slit between my legs. His fingers lightly traced along the outside of my shaved, tight lips next to my thighs before moving them closer to the opening. He licked a large, thick finger which he lightly moved up and down the slit without pushing inside. After moving the finger back to his mouth to wet again, he repeated the movement, playing with my tight pussy lips. As he slowly stroked and pulled at the folds he moved his head between my legs. I felt his warm breath between my legs and a shiver coursed through my body. When his tongue darted out and quickly touched me, I let out a cry that was part surprise and part happiness that it was happening.

I bit my lips and stifled my sounds while watching intently as my father began to eat my pussy. His tongue and finger worked together making me feel things that I had never felt before while never penetrating me. Occasionally, he turned his eyes upward to meet mine which enhanced the arousal I felt. Either because of his expert work or the taboo nature of what we were doing—or most likely a combination of both—I soon found myself whimpering and shuddering from the first orgasm another person had ever given me. My body tightened and I closed my eyes and threw my head back as a pleasurable heat coursed through me. Through it all, I was remotely aware of my father continuing to gently lick and finger me through my climax and it served to prolong the experience.

After catching my breath, I turned my dazed, unfocused eyes to look at him where he was still playing between my legs. His eyes twinkled up at me and I smiled back weakly.

He pulled back and sat up straighter, keeping his fingers lazily working me. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Though I heard his words, I was focused on his mouth. There was wetness surrounding it like a shiny goatee and moustache and I found myself aroused by the sight of my pussy juices on my father’s face. Though the idea had come to me only minutes before, I was certain this was the right thing to do. “I really am.”

As he stood, he lowered his shorts and I saw his hard cock for the first time, and as he had said, it was huge. Since our conversation after my breakup and having noticed the way the bulge filled out his pants, I knew it was something impressive but I had not actually expected what was in front of me. It curved upward like a banana but was even thicker and was capped with a circumcised, blunt helmet that had an even thicker ridge around it. There were a few bumpy veins running along the length making it look very much like a muscle that had been regularly worked out, and its random twitching and bobbing solidified that thought. As I looked at it, a bead of wetness grew at the tip and I could see more of it smeared across one side of his crown. Though I was a virgin, I had seen a few dicks before but none were like this.

Seeing my apprehension, he said, “We don’t have to if you don’t think you’re ready.”

I tore my eyes away from my father’s dick and looked up to see him watching me with concern. My eyes moved back and forth a few times trying to come to terms with everything. Not only had my father just eaten me out, but he was standing in front me displaying a hard cock that was easily twice the size of any that I had seen before. Even though I had been the one to make the request, he obviously had no qualms about putting it inside me, to deflower me as I had asked. After giving it a final look I realized his dick wasn’t going to ever be smaller. If this was ever going to happen, it had to be now. Not attempting to keep the growing nervousness out of my voice, I responded, “I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”

My father took a deep breath and stepped closer to me. I felt his cock touch between my legs, depositing some wetness on my skin, and it sent a shiver of anticipation through me. He said softly, “I wish I could say this is going to be easy, but it’s going to hurt. Maybe a lot. Just breathe through it and try to relax. Okay?”

I bit my lips and nodded.

I watched intently feeling a good amount of fear as he spit in his hand and slicked his length with it then grabbed his cock and lined himself up. He gave a small push and I felt my lips separate around him. A bit more pressure from him brought him into contact with my entrance. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pressed his lips to mine while pushing me so I laid back on the table with his torso atop mine. As we kissed, I felt myself relax into him, feeling the safety I had always felt in his arms. It was short-lived as he began to push into me. My entrance reluctantly spread around him and I let out a sustained moaning wail as I was breached for the first time. As he continued moving forward, I felt something stretch within me that suddenly snapped. I cried out because of the pain and tried pushing him away. He ignored my pleas for him to stop and continued to move deeper while holding me in place.

“It’s okay, princess,” my dad said softly against my lips. His eyes were filled with both understanding and determination to complete the task. “I know it hurt but that’s the only time it’ll ever happen. The pain’ll pass. Trust me.”

Though I didn’t stop whimpering from the discomfort and felt tears running out of the corner of my eyes, I did quiet down somewhat trusting that he was right. My father had always taken care of me and I knew he would now. As more of his length entered me, I could feel his thick cock head pushing open the walls of my pussy, relieving me of my virginity with each fraction of an inch. Looking back, I wasn’t sure if I would’ve preferred him penetrating me in one swift movement or the slow, gentle motion he used. When he was finally completely inside me, I continued to pant as my body became accustomed to his presence. Even though he was only in my pussy, it felt like my entire body was filled by him. Through my own shifting and quivering flesh, I could feel my father’s steady and relaxed body being betrayed by his twitching cock. As he waited patiently inside me, I could feel his cock flexing and jerking as if it could fuck me of its own accord.

“How do you feel?” He asked in his deep, confident tone after my breathing calmed. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” I said between breaths. “I guess.”

Still buried inside me, he moved me back slightly so he could climb onto the table above me. Once we were positioned as he wanted us, he pulled out a little then pushed back in. “It’s going to start feeling better now. Not great, but better.” Repeating the motion he set up a steady pace moving gently inside me. One of his hands held me in place by the waist while his other began to fondle my clit.

As he fucked me, my breathing became deeper and my moans louder as I became accustomed to the lingering pain while focusing on my growing arousal. It seemed like I was hyper aware of every bump and ridge on his dick as it stroked my raw pussy. Looking between us where his length was a piston moving inside me, I could see his hardness was streaked with a small amount of blood, evidence of my cherry being popped. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath as the realization hit that I was no longer a virgin and that my father was the cause of it. I knew I should have had a problem with it but I couldn’t find it in me. Even though I hadn’t thought it all the way through, he truly was the perfect choice for me. I loved and trusted him more than any other person and knew that he would never do anything to hurt me. Coming to terms with that, I relaxed more into the fuck and it began to feel better than I had expected. I could feel the heat of another orgasm spreading through my body and was torn between letting it out and holding it back to enjoy this first time. He noticed this and made the decision for me.

“Not yet, princess,” he said softly as he removed his hand from my clit and gripped my other hip. “Wait for it.”

I met his blue eyes and saw him give a small smile. He slowed his thrusts, dragging his length through me with the intention that I feel all of him. Though I had never seen this side of him, I could tell he was enjoying himself and that gave me even more pleasure.

After a few more slow thrusts, he rolled us over on the narrow, wooden surface then moved so his legs were hanging over the side. He shifted into a sitting position then stood on the floor with me still impaled on him. As he started to walk, he said into my ear, “Let’s go upstairs.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck for support and peppered his face with kisses, some that he met with his lips. During the trip to my room, I found my arousal growing with each step he took. Seated on his hard flesh the entire time, our movement caused his dick to shift inside me, continuing to fuck me with short, erratic thrusts. Much like the first time I actually saw him as a man and not just my father, as he carried me I was struck by my father’s masculinity. I had always known he was a strong guy but this was something more than a show of strength. In my primal self, I recognized the display of his manhood. This was not just a fuck to rid me of my virginity because I had asked, this was him asserting his dominance over me the way a man takes a woman. I might have been his daughter, but I was now also one of his women. More than anything else he had done or would do, the act of carrying me to my room impaled on his dick sealed my fate as his.

Upon arriving in my room he gently laid me on my back on the bed. He moved with me to maintain our genital connection, lowering his torso along with mine. After settling in, he resumed gently moving his hips against mine, gradually lengthening his thrusts until most of his cock was moving through me. I didn’t realize until he lowered his head to suck one of my tits that at some point during our journey he had remove my bra. I arched my back pushing my chest against him while he mouthed one nipple and used a hand on the other.

Even though I had never had sex before, my hips began to move instinctually against his. It took a few moments before I matched his rhythm but when I did I immediately knew I had found the solution to a problem I didn’t know I had. I let out a relieved sigh that bordered on a soft moan that I quickly cut off in embarrassment.

“It’s okay, princess,” he said around my nipple. “Let it out. When I fuck you I want to hear I’m doing a good job.”

Hesitantly, I let out another moan. Something about releasing the sound enhanced the situation and another, deeper one followed. Soon, I couldn’t stop moaning. Every part of my body was now alive and awake in a way I had never experienced before.

It also seemed to spur on my father. He removed his mouth from my chest and raised up on his arms. With the change in position, he had better leverage and began to move his hips faster against mine with shorter strokes. “That’s it. Now you’re ready. Come for me. I want to hear you, princess. Let me know that this is what you’ve been waiting for, what you wanted. Show daddy this was worth it.”

That was all I needed. The bubble of growing arousal popped and flowed through my body more intensely than the earlier one. My body convulsed and shuddered and I gripped my father’s arms tightly as I heard him grunt above me seemingly in the distance. Even as my orgasm began to wane, I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as the warmth of his release entered my body for the first time. He continued to gently rock his hips against me, only stopping once he fell onto me in exhaustion.

We lay together breathing heavily and, while I knew what we had done was wrong, I was happier than I had been in a while.

“That was amazing,” I finally said drowsily through my afterglow.

“Not really,” he said in his own thick voice.

I tensed feeling like I had been struck.

Dad sensed it and rose slightly to look down at me with a teasing smile. “This was great. But once you loosen up, then it’ll be amazing.”

Without thinking I asked, “Can we do it again?”

He leaned down and kissed me. “I warned you that you’d be hooked.”

I already knew that I was. But what I didn’t know until later was that he was, too.

After we caught our breath, he took his time showing me how much better sex could be. My pussy was still raw and hurt but he spent a good amount of time soothing me with his mouth and broad hands. He explored my body touching and tasting me and in the process he exposed me to areas of my own body that I didn’t know existed. What he did to me without the use of his cock made me feel like I had become a woman more than when his dick penetrated me for the first time taking my virginity. And when he finally slipped back into me, I immediately felt how great it was having him moving inside of me. He took his time fucking me gently in a few different positions before he finally put another load in me. By the time he pulled out and left me to get ready for work I had lost count of the number of orgasms he had pulled from me.

While I wouldn’t say we had become lovers, we were definitely fuck buddies. I had no illusion that we were going to run off together or anything like that and still went out and dated guys my own age. He was still my father, the man who gave me advice, chastised me, and took care of me. Only now he had another need of mine to pay attention to.

Most of our encounters were quick, happening in the mornings after my mom left for work before I had to leave for school when we were alone. Occasionally we had more time together on school holidays or weekends when Mom was out running errands or with friends. But no matter what, he was always attentive and made sure I had my orgasm before he did.

It wasn’t until a few weeks after graduation that things took a slight turn. I began feeling unwell and a few weeks later I missed my period.

“Are you serious?”

I looked down at the ground unable to meet my father’s eyes. “Yeah. I’m pregnant.”

Everything was silent for a few moments.

I knew I should have started taking birth control once it became apparent that we were going to continue having sex or asked him to use the stash of condoms in my nightstand, but all of that would have invited questions from my mother—his wife—that I couldn’t answer. And despite what my father and I were doing, I didn’t want to lie to her.

I wasn’t sure how he’d react to the news but what I didn’t expect was for him to place a hand on my chin to raise my head then lean toward me and take my mouth in a deep, possessive kiss. We’d made out a number of times but none had been like this. It was like he was trying to crawl inside my mouth and I honestly wanted him to.

Like a man possessed, he ripped my sleep shorts off then lowered his boxers just far enough to release his hardening cock. With it still swelling, he mounted me and began to fuck me with quick, hard thrusts. Even though I was already pregnant, it was like he was driven to mate. There was nothing tender in the act and I could see the animal desire in his eyes. For the first time in the months that we had been fucking I was there solely for his use and he came hard inside me while my own arousal was still building.

“I know I shouldn’t feel this way,” he said as he nuzzled my neck while he caught his breath, “but you being pregnant is the fucking hottest thing ever.”

While I couldn’t articulate it at the time, I felt the same. The man who had seeded my mother to produce me and my siblings had now made another child with me. I held him tightly while I fought back tears thinking about the fact that I was going to be a mother. “I’m excited but scared.”

“It’s okay. We’ll work it out. But, obviously, no one can ever know.”

“I know.”

My mother was livid when I finally told her, but she helped me—as did my father—deal with everything. I ended up putting off college for a year because of my due date and got a part-time job. When the child came, I named him after my father, which my mother thought was sweet.

After giving birth, we resumed having sex as soon as I was able to. Even though I enrolled at a local university, with the combination of caring for an infant and being with my father, my first semester of college was less than successful. Honestly, it was the need to be with my father that caused my habitual tardiness to class. When my mother dropped the hammer on me, my father and I realized we couldn’t keep going the way we had been…

Straddling my father, I rose and fell on his cock and saw him watching me with a smirk plastered on his face.

I rolled my eyes. “What?”

“You’re about to get married and can’t even go three days without wanting this cock inside you. Or is it because he’s that bad?”

“Dad! You know that’s not true.” I’d been engaged for a little over a year to a man I loved and never thought I’d meet. I did enjoy sex with my fiance, Brian, but still came to my father whenever I could. “Brian’s good but you’re better.”

He smiled and pulled my head to his to gave me a kiss before pushing me off his lap and turning me around to face the table. He pushed on my back slightly bending me forward, and as he slid into me from behind he asked, “Did you tell him?”

I shivered as I felt him pepper my neck and back with kisses. “Not yet. I want to wait until our wedding night.”

“Okay. How far along?”

He wrapped his arms around me and I looked down to watch him rub my midsection. “Six weeks. But there’s just enough uncertainty that it covers the night when he got back into town after his trip.”

He let out a deep groan and ground his crotch against me. “That’s perfect. Fuck.”

“Please do.”

He pulled back and I felt him wrap my hair around a fist. He began to hammer his cock into me, riding me hard.

I braced my arms on the table as he fucked me without restraint. I could hear his groans, grunts, and curses over the sound of our slapping flesh as he moved his cock in and out of me. For as gentle as he usually was when we had sex, I had come to prefer this side of him. It was so rare and such a contrast with the father and news anchor that I had known for so much of my life that I still was surprised that he had it in him. While I didn’t have intimate knowledge of my parents’ sex life, I had never heard sounds like the ones he was making come from their bedroom.

Slowing his hips to give me a few hard thrusts, he said, “Brian better appreciate you and how sexy you are. Does he? Does he take care of my princess’s pussy the way a man should?”

“Not as good as you,” I answered between moans. “But I can’t complain, he’s been better than all the other guys I’ve been with.”

He pulled back until just the tip of his cock was in me then slapped my ass hard before resuming a slower but no less determined fuck. “How many guys?”

His question held a tone I had not heard from him before. “Are you jealous?”

He slapped my ass again. “I’m a concerned father.”

“Well, Dad,” I said the title pointedly, “I don’t feel comfortable discussing the number of partners I’ve had with you.”

He slapped my ass again and this time it wasn’t an erotic tap. “Don’t make me ground you.”

I looked over my shoulder and raised an eyebrow. “Now it really sounds like jealousy.”

He hit my ass again then gave me a particularly hard thrust. “I’m your father. I’m not jealous.”

“Well you shouldn’t be considering you were my first and I’m carrying our second child.”

He slid all the way into me and pulled my hair back hard causing me to rise my torso. With his chest pressed against my back, he used his other hand to turn my head to look at him. Mixed in with the obvious arousal was a love and pride that he never failed to express. He pressed his mouth to mine and I felt all of that love along with more than a little possessiveness in the kiss. “No matter how much we fuck you’re my baby girl and always will be. It may not seem like it, but I’m your father first and just want to make sure you’re okay. Because if any guy hurts you, including Brian, I’m coming after them. That has nothing to do with how good your pussy feels around me.”

“Sorry,” I said feeling chastised then immediately saw the twinkle in his eyes.

“It’s okay. Anyway, there’s no need for me to be jealous. You’re hooked on this dick so I know you’ll be back.”

I rolled my eyes. “Jerk.”

He slapped my ass playfully then adjusted his grip on my hair enough to allow me to bend forward again as he resumed fucking me with determination. The force of his thrusts caused me to buck back against him involuntarily. His other hand reached around and began to work my clit in a way that no other guy ever had.

Almost too soon he gave a deep grunt followed by a stream of curses as his cock stiffened and he began to shoot his load into me while still moving his hips. Mine followed quickly and I felt him drop his chest to my back and nibble my shoulder while his hips continued to lazily thrust against me massaging his cum into my pussy with his dick.

After we caught our breath he placed a hand on my belly. Gently rubbing it he said, “I’m going to have a hard time walking you down the aisle knowing that my second grandchild is inside you. I already want to fuck you again.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Is it really your grandchild if you’re the father?”

He laughed. “It’s all so backwoods West Virginia, right?”

“Just a little.”

After picking up my dress and running around making final checks for the wedding, my mother and I returned home so Dad could go to work. That evening I sat down with my mother in front of the TV for the final newscast my father would anchor before the wedding that weekend while Clinton played on the floor in front of us. As the program began, like one of Pavlov’s dogs I felt a tingling between my legs upon seeing him dressed in his suit as his deep voice welcomed his viewers. While he delivered the news with the gravitas it deserved, I found it so hot thinking he—a man who regularly fucked his daughter and had now impregnated her twice—was sitting there in front of a national audience appearing to be so normal and “respectable.” By the end of the program, I was moist and shifting uncomfortably as I dealt with my arousal and wondered if Brian would find it weird to have sex with me while having the TV tuned to my father reading the news.

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