More confessions of my hostess antics

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I had been contacted by Gordon, one of the men who had been at Fred’s birthday party night, where I had previously acted as a stripper for the evening.

He had got my number via Fred who said he was sure I wouldn’t mind him getting in touch with me.

Gordon had a business night planned for a couple of his work colleagues and also for a couple of prospective clients.

He worked for stationery suppliers as some sort of sales manager. He told me he regularly wined and dined a few clients and that on the last visit from some of his European clients he had let slip about my performance at Fred’s birthday bash.

The men he had told had all been incredibly excited by the telling of the nights activities, and were all horny as hell on hearing about me!

One of the men had cheekily suggested that maybe I would do something similar for them the next time they were over in the UK.

Gordon explained to me that the night was planned for a private members club that he belonged too.

He had pre-organized a private session in one of the function rooms and that an evening of cards had been organized following a business meeting the same day.

I was told that on confirming the trip one of the guys, Pieter a Dutchman, had asked if he had spoken to me about acting as a hostess for them.

The upshot was that I tentatively agreed to do it.

I felt a bit awkward at first as whilst I had met both Gordon and Jack at Fred’s party, I hadn’t clapped eyes on the other three men who were to be in attendance. These men were Pieter, Gunter and a chap called Raj.

The two Dutchmen were staying over in a local hotel, whilst Raj was a local Asian businessman who had a chain of stores/ shops in Scotland.

After a chat with Gordon and a lengthy discussion about what he wanted me to do and what I agreed to in return it was all arranged.

I was to be paid a fee for my participation.

Now, I know that sounds really cheap and slutty and the fact is that I felt a bit odd about it.

At first I thought it was akin to selling myself. A chat with Fred and a couple of the other guys eased my mind somewhat. Basically I was being offered expenses for my time and travelling etc.

I already had my car repaired for “favours” done in the past, so why not accept a little bit of money too?

The fact remained though: I was probably going to have sex with men and this time I would be directly be receiving cash for it.

To be honest the thought not only worried me, but also thrilled me a little bit too.

The night in question drew closer and I had decided on a couple of outfits for the evening. I thought once at the venue I would let Gordon decide which one I would wear for my hostessing.

I chose a tiny French maids outfit as one of my choices and the other was a kind of sexy secretary get up. A very short and I mean very short, black leather mini skirt, white see through top and a pair of black high heels.

I had also bought two pairs of black seamed stockings, one fishnet and the other silk. I also had a nice matching suspender set, panties and bra.

The evening came and I was collected by taxi to be driven to the venue. I was instructed by Gordon that I had to be sensibly dressed to arrive, so had chosen a smart white trouser suit. He informed me that a changing room would be available for me to get changed into on arrival.

Once at the club, I was quickly ushered up a luxuriously carpeted hallway and up some stairs to a stylish meeting room.

I was introduced to the men one by one, each of them being thoroughly charming and exactly my type. All older males, all married and all of normal build. No body builder types.

Raj was about 6 ft. tall, stocky without being fat and he had a charming smile and seemed a real gent.

Pieter and Gunter were very similar. Both obviously sharp business men, they wore expensive looking suits and smart shoes, the mark of a true gent I always find! Both men were blonde, about 6 ft. tall and slim built.

Gordon and Jack I had obviously previously met and knew fairly well. They both scrubbed up well as we say, and had both made the effort.

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