Foursome with mom and family

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Hi all, my name is Ishan. This about how a super fantasy came to reality at once. I live in sri lanka, is an Asian country for those who don’t know.
Let me give you an idea of my surrounding.

Me, Ishan 20 years old. Was in university. I’m 5.8 feet tall chubby guy. I didn’t have a girlfriend, because I’m shy sort of guy.
Dad – He was a sales manager, so normally on weekdays he’s out of town on visits. (he doesn’t play a part in the story)
Mom – she was 57 years old housewife. Her shape was 36-34-38 (spoon type body) had a wide hips and super ass and height 5.4 feet & fair. She was a traditional woman, wears dress, gowns, etc.
Sister – she’s married and away (don’t play a role in the story)

In the same land of our was my dad’s uncle (my grandpas brother) he was age 70 years and retired lived with his wife (I called her granny) and was 62 years old, she about 5.2 feet tall fat women with big breast and ass. (even they were old, was much active than the others who was same age).

I was addicted to watch porn from the day I got access to internet. In that I liked mature and anal most. I started reading sex stories. Which was also very interesting. I like incent stories most. But in reality I knew it was not possible. Sometimes seeing panties and bras around the house got me to a mood. But they all ended up in a good porn and masturbation.

Days passed on, and weekdays I used to attend lectures and come home in the afternoon. One day as usual I went to university. But that day they had some strikes and staff didn’t work. so the university was closed. So me and my friend had breakfast and decided to go home. As we didn’t have anything to do. (no new movies in cinema also to watch). So around 11am I was home. When I got home the front door was locked, but windows were open. So I though mom must have gone to the shop nearby and went to grandpa’s house. Their doors were also closed too. So I again went to backside of our house and kitchen door was open. So I went in, I heard some sounds from our guest room. So I thought mom must be in the room and maybe in a call. So I went and open the door at once. And was shocked.

It’s that grandpa was fucking mom. They both was naked, in missionary position. They were also in shock, looked at me. I just kept looking and felt blank. Then both sat in bed and mom covered herself with the bed sheet.
Mom- Son don’t panic I’ll tell everything.

I didn’t say anything and went to my room. I was in room till lunch and mom called me for lunch. I went and ate the food and we didn’t talk.
In the evening grandpa came to our house and called me and mom to the living room. And mom said “son don’t tell this to dad, please” and grandpa also said the same. I asked where is grandma? isn’t she home? Then grandpa answered, no she’s at her sister’s home today. Then both said keep this secret at any cost please. I said ok. Because from inside I always understood that people have needs and likes. It’s a normal thing. As I was attracted to mom after reading incent stories. (Actually I don’t remember mom naked as I was in shock, only remember her boobs).
So I went to my room, in bed was checking random stuff in my phone and was trying to remember naked mom (was in a mood to masturbate). Then some ideas crossed my mind. I though this is a good chance to get my long waited wish come true. So when dinner time came, grandpa also came (as grandma was at her sister’s place). After dinner we was sitting in the living room. I said “I know people have needs & likes, it doesn’t matter if its mom, dad, grandpa/ma etc. if you 2 enjoy it, you can carry on, it will be a secret from dad”. They both smiled. Then I said “as grandpa is attracted to mom and have sex, I’m attracted to grandma and would like to have sex with her. You both must help. Is it a deal?”. Their smiles went away and looked at me. Mom asked me “what are you talking? Are you crazy” I said “no if you enjoy, why can’t I also. I’m just being open”. Mom “but this is not possible”. I looked at grandpa and said “grandpa you are also a male, as you have feeling and enjoy mom, I’m also the same”.

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