Foursome with mom and family

Hi all, my name is Ishan. This about how a super fantasy came to reality at once. I live in sri lanka, is an Asian country for those who don’t know.
Let me give you an idea of my surrounding.

Me, Ishan 20 years old. Was in university. I’m 5.8 feet tall chubby guy. I didn’t have a girlfriend, because I’m shy sort of guy.
Dad – He was a sales manager, so normally on weekdays he’s out of town on visits. (he doesn’t play a part in the story)
Mom – she was 57 years old housewife. Her shape was 36-34-38 (spoon type body) had a wide hips and super ass and height 5.4 feet & fair. She was a traditional woman, wears dress, gowns, etc.
Sister – she’s married and away (don’t play a role in the story)

In the same land of our was my dad’s uncle (my grandpas brother) he was age 70 years and retired lived with his wife (I called her granny) and was 62 years old, she about 5.2 feet tall fat women with big breast and ass. (even they were old, was much active than the others who was same age).

I was addicted to watch porn from the day I got access to internet. In that I liked mature and anal most. I started reading sex stories. Which was also very interesting. I like incent stories most. But in reality I knew it was not possible. Sometimes seeing panties and bras around the house got me to a mood. But they all ended up in a good porn and masturbation.

Days passed on, and weekdays I used to attend lectures and come home in the afternoon. One day as usual I went to university. But that day they had some strikes and staff didn’t work. so the university was closed. So me and my friend had breakfast and decided to go home. As we didn’t have anything to do. (no new movies in cinema also to watch). So around 11am I was home. When I got home the front door was locked, but windows were open. So I though mom must have gone to the shop nearby and went to grandpa’s house. Their doors were also closed too. So I again went to backside of our house and kitchen door was open. So I went in, I heard some sounds from our guest room. So I thought mom must be in the room and maybe in a call. So I went and open the door at once. And was shocked.

It’s that grandpa was fucking mom. They both was naked, in missionary position. They were also in shock, looked at me. I just kept looking and felt blank. Then both sat in bed and mom covered herself with the bed sheet.
Mom- Son don’t panic I’ll tell everything.

I didn’t say anything and went to my room. I was in room till lunch and mom called me for lunch. I went and ate the food and we didn’t talk.
In the evening grandpa came to our house and called me and mom to the living room. And mom said “son don’t tell this to dad, please” and grandpa also said the same. I asked where is grandma? isn’t she home? Then grandpa answered, no she’s at her sister’s home today. Then both said keep this secret at any cost please. I said ok. Because from inside I always understood that people have needs and likes. It’s a normal thing. As I was attracted to mom after reading incent stories. (Actually I don’t remember mom naked as I was in shock, only remember her boobs).
So I went to my room, in bed was checking random stuff in my phone and was trying to remember naked mom (was in a mood to masturbate). Then some ideas crossed my mind. I though this is a good chance to get my long waited wish come true. So when dinner time came, grandpa also came (as grandma was at her sister’s place). After dinner we was sitting in the living room. I said “I know people have needs & likes, it doesn’t matter if its mom, dad, grandpa/ma etc. if you 2 enjoy it, you can carry on, it will be a secret from dad”. They both smiled. Then I said “as grandpa is attracted to mom and have sex, I’m attracted to grandma and would like to have sex with her. You both must help. Is it a deal?”. Their smiles went away and looked at me. Mom asked me “what are you talking? Are you crazy” I said “no if you enjoy, why can’t I also. I’m just being open”. Mom “but this is not possible”. I looked at grandpa and said “grandpa you are also a male, as you have feeling and enjoy mom, I’m also the same”.

Grandpa said “give me sometime son” he acted cool. But mom said “no this is wrong, you are too young”. I said “I’m not asking to marry a girl mom, just sex. I’m also an adult boy with feelings & this will not affect my studies”.
Time passed on. I didn’t catch them red handed again. So after about 2 months I was having a random chat with grandpa in his house in the evening. I asked him “do you still fuck mom?” He smiled and said yes we do. Then grandma came with tea for us and we 3 had chat for about 10 minutes (I noticed a different in grandma, than normal). Then she took the mugs and went to wash them. I asked “What about my request”. Grandpa said “give me a week.

Then after about 2 weeks, I was coming home after lectures (we have to cross grandpas house to come to our house). Grandpa was doing gardening and came behind me to our house. Then mom came and open the door for us. Grandpa “are you having lectures tomorrow or when will you be home” I said tomorrow I’m home and asked why? Then he smiled and looked at me and mom, “the request you made from me that day. It’s ready. I didn’t even tell mom, just wanted to surprise you” I was over the moon with a big smile. Mom asked “how did it happen?” Grandpa “I took me some time but I told her everything and she’s cool with it. I even told about us and she was fine”. Moms face looked shy + surprised. Grandpa continued “we don’t have to hide it from 4 of us, but it will be a secret to dad”. Me and mom said yes it should be. Grandpa asked “are you a virgin?” I said yes. Then all laughed. Grandpa said “then tomorrow morning will be a day to remember” and went.
So that day I was so exited, I didn’t masturbate also to save the cum and energy. I normally trim my pubic hair, so that day while in shower, I trimmed the hair and shaved my balls. (too much porn maybe).

The morning I woke up with excitement. While having breakfast mom was making fun out me (seems mom was cool now). Around 10.30am grandpa came to our house and said “time for males to switch houses” and laughed. And said “front door is locked, go from kitchen door”. With a big smile I said looking at mom & grandpa “then you 2 also enjoy”. All 3 of us laughed. Grandpa said will meet by lunch.
I entered from kitchen and went to lobby area and called “grandpa where are you?” She answered “come to room” (my dick was 75% harder by now itself). So I went and opened the door. Grandma was sitting on bed. She with a big smile “come in”. I went and sat next her. I didn’t know what to speak. She asked “are you ready?” I said yes. And grandma told me to take my t-shirt off. Then I did it, then she pulled my shorts down to legs and looked at my dick, my boxes were like a tent and wet with pre cum. She smiled. Then I thought I should start mine. (all the porn I watched crossed my mind).

I unbutton her top and removed it. She had huge boobs held by white cotton bra.
The I asked her to stand up, and pulled the skirt down, she was wearing a white petticoat, I can see her pink panty through the cotton petticoat. I pulled it down too. Now she’s in white bra and pink panty. It was my first time seeing a woman in such.
So I knew I have to make the movements, So I removed my boxes and my dick was 100% up and pre cum dropping down.
Then I unhocked the bra, her boobs were hug and hanging. Then I lowered and removed her panty. It was my first live pussy. It was very hairy. Her thighs were big, with no gap.

Both with a laughed, I lied her on bed. Kissed and licked her neck. The slowly went to her ear and started to lick her ears, I took my tongue deep in to the ear. She stared moaning. Then I kissed her face and went to lips. Slowly I inserted my tongue to her mouth, had a good French kiss for about 10 minutes.

Then I reached down to her boobs, and started to lick and slowly bit the big black nipples. Licked in between the boobs. They were very soft and shaggy. Then I lifted and arms and started to lick the armpits. She had shaved armpits. Then licked the side of the tummy, which ticked her and she started to laugh + moaning. It took more than 30min for the top of her body.
Then I was trusty and drank some water from the glass next to bed. Then I moved to the bottom of the bed. Grandmas legs was close together, I couldn’t see her pussy, but can see the black long hair. I messaged her pussy hair by my hands. The I slowly spread the legs. Full pussy is covered in hair and the whole area (pussy & thigh) is dark in color. I made my way through the hair and started to lick the pink pussy lips. She had big pussy lips and it was like salty in taste. I licked the upper thigh area and pussy and also put 2 fingers into it. Grandma kept moaning and rubbing my head. The to the area I like more, the ass. I lifted and spread the legs, I can see her dark wrinkled ass hole. I put my tongue and licked the full area. And turned her around, face down, and spread the ass cheeks and licked it up and down. For a good 1 hour I was doing that, and was bit tired. So I lied next to grandma on bed.

Then grandma said “you are awesome, I enjoyed a lot” and took my dick to her mouth, she was going up and down. The feeling was great, as it was my first. Then she took my both balls into her mouth. As they were clear shaved. It was much easy. She did the magic for more than 15min, then she reached to top and started to suck my nipples while giving a hand job. I wanted a rim job too. So I asked “grandma can you lick my ass” She with a smile, went down and held my legs apart and started to lick my ass, while give a hand job. The feeling was so magical. Then She asked me to fuck her, with some saliva as lubricant we did missionary, then doggy then cow girl. Then grandma asked me “do you want cum inside?” I said yes. Then we got back to missionary position and I cummed inside her. We both was tired and was wet with sweat. We both laughed and stood up from bed, I can see cum dripping in her legs from pussy. I kissed her lips and I got into my shorts and grandma went to bathroom. I came home and to see mom and grandpa was sitting in our house living room, they have finished early.
Both asked me how was it, I said it was magical, all of us laughed and mom asked me go get a shower and come for lunch. That day evening me and mom went to grandpa’s house for tea. Grandma said she enjoyed it a lot and I was a great man.

Then while having tea, we all talked that this should be a secret and sex should not affect my studies. So time passed by, like 2 times a month I got sex with grandma.

Few months passed by, I got into my 3rd year in university, Still I enjoyed porn and sex story. Then with reading more incent, I wanted fuck mom. I mean, I knew grandpa fucked her weekly and seeing that ass I needed to come up with something. So I was thinking of a plan. Then this crossed my mind. As grandpa was so cool with this, he convinced grandma for sex with me, maybe he could do the same with mom. Casually while have chat I said “grandpa, I need a favor from you” he said tell me, “grandpa you have being fucking mom for some time now, I also like to fuck her, can you help me as you did before”. Grandpa laughed and said “will she let you fuck her?” Then I said “that’s why I need your support”. He said give me sometime ill come up with a plan. I thanked him and came home.

Few days after, grandpa asked me “I got a plan, shall we all 4 have sex in same room, halfway we will change” I asked will it be possible? He replied “let’s try, when are you free next?” Because I was waiting for this I said tomorrow I can. Then grandpa “ok tomorrow morning we’ll come” As said I was waiting figures crossed. Then next morning they both came to our house around 10am. Me and mom was having a chat in the living room. Grandpa took the first step, “shall we have some fun?” all of us laughed. Grandpa came near mom and asked shall we, then mom also stood up from chair and went towards the room. Before entering mom asked “don’t you 2 going?” Then grandma said “yes we are, in his room today for change”. Mom acted cool and both went in. Then myself and grandma came to my room. Grandma “grandpa said me the plan and laugh, your naughty boy”. I was blushing. Then I asked, how is it going to work. Grandma said “let us 2 start, grandpa will do the needful”.
Actually grandma wasn’t wearing any panty or bra, we striped and started kissing and oral sex. In about 20min time grandpa came to my room, I felt bit shy as I was naked and same time seeing an old hairy man naked. Grandpa “come join us”. Then grandma said “let’s give a try with a smile”.

Then we all 3 went to our guest room, mom has gone to bathroom, as we entered she also came out. Mom “what is this?” Grandpa said “don’t worry, let spice things for me, I like to have 2 at once, please come” mom looked shy and so as I, with a fully harden dick. This was the first time me seeing mom naked. Her boobs were hanging down with dark brow nipples, then had some fat on her tummy, then a hairy pussy with wide hips. I had the front view (had some stretch marks). Grandpa directed mom to bed and made her sleep, she was looking at me from side of her eye.

The grandpa folded mom’s legs and spread them apart, wow, I was frozen, to see her dark pussy, she also had big outer black lips and pink inside. Grandpa started licking mom pussy, and grandma went and started sucking mom’s boobs. I was standing and enjoying the view. Mom started to moaning eyes closed. Then after about 5min, grandpa asked “son take this over, and went and stood near moms face and asked her to suck his cock, so I slowing bent and started licking the hairy pussy. Then mom at once said “don’t” but grandpa said “please concentrate on this”. So I tongue deep into the pink pussy, and from top of my eye I was watching mom sucking the dick.

Then grandpa came near me and said he want to fuck her, so I let him. I sat on the chair next to me and was enjoying the view. Then after few minutes, grandma was like “son come her and fuck me too”. So both the ladies were lied on two sides of the bed and me and grandpa started fucking. Actually me and grandpa had the straight view (eye to eye). Then we tried doggy style. After good sex for about half hour. We both cummed in each lady’s pussy. Then grandpa said “let’s wash and finish this”.

Even though I wanted to fuck mom in pussy or do anal, actually I didn’t get a chance. I only enjoyed the view & taste of pussy. I was satisfied for the day, as for someone with nothing, came this long. And also I knew that I was be able to satisfy my fantasy soon and this was the first step. Please share your ideas “[email protected]

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