Rakhsh: I am 37 years old widow beauty woman and had not any sex relation after separation

I am 37 years old widow beauty woman and had not any sex relation after separation(2000) because I grow up in traditional & religion family and society that think sex with anybody except husband is illegal addition in our culture the girls should being a virgin on our wedding night can be so awkward–and even so shaming ?!
Really in my first marriage since I was so young without any sex experience and haven’t sex relation so I was not sufficient sex with my husband .Unfortunately he has not experience in make love and sex with his woman and he was thinking all times to fuck me without thinking what do I need?! After separation since I am attractive many guys were looking to be my boyfriend but I thought they were looking to have only sex relation without any respect to my personally and woman right . I was running from all man because I thought they are looking to fuck me not thinking about me or my feeling so I was alone about 12 years without boyfriend or any sex relation and slowey I forgotten my feeling.
Suddenly two years ago (2017) I invited to go to profession conference in my city . The Professor had come from Tehran (Capital f Iran) that he was one of the top professor in finance (he had has come in my city in 2015 and I couldn’t attend to his conference despite I liked to see him) . I heard his name before in university and profession magazine and read his articles in economic newspaper and also majority of people read his manual book in all Iranian university about finance and investing and I wished to see him . Although he was 64 years old but it seem about 55 years old and was handsome and top lecturer. I was sitting beside his seat in conference and feel he looked me .Despite it was first time I saw him I feel I know him several years and I get nice feeling about him! I understood he has married but his family are living out of country. I was challenging with myself in period of conference since I was thinking how was if he was my man!? When I saw him for the first time my heart skipped a beat. Everything around me just suddenly stopped. i just couldn’t stop staring. he looked right back at me and flashed me a smile that melted my heart. I asked myself constantly is this love?
It was fun without any information and in the first meeting this feeling was happened. I fell I love him but couldn’t say to anybody since he was married and also very famous that many girl and woman were thinking about him. After meeting I introduce myself to him and invite him to show seaside to my city. Against my expect he accept and we were going to walk into special park and I invite him to tea. He accept but pay the tea and said it is his prestige that must pay table fee all times so he paid menu. I was flying with him since may audience and student was looking that I am walking with him. It was my dream to have a man same him despite has not any information about him unless he is very famous professor in my profession and also he is married and his family are out of country. I ride him to airport and after his flight I feel something was happened to me. I tried to connect him by telegram and email and find he is also was interest to know more about me. Since I should went to capital country to pass some profession examination try to arrange a meeting to see him in Tehran (Capital of Iran). He was so happy to see me and kiss my face slowly that I feel all f my body become hot and hot. Really I wanted to hug and kiss him but I was ashamed and afraid. I invited him to come to my city although didn’t believe he accept. next some days he called me and said he is coming tomorrow night to my city I. went to airport and feel it is several years that I know him. He wants to go to hotel but I invited him to come to my small & simple apartment. He accepted and finally came over to me and asked some questions about my life and family. As I had a special problem in my pussy so we couldn’t have real sex till three months after surgery but we make love and I reached to fully orgasm by him. His finger is witch to my clit and pussy. I also coming soon first lick, but I push his head inside and raised his hip. With kisses deep inside and strong lick makes me moan to the core and enjoyed so that I cried to be loved forever, this help his strong dick penetrates my softly and he urge for my love more and more till the climax.. At that point I realized that it’s ideal to startup by lick my initially to satisfy
He holds my hand, it was all of a sudden and my heart was about to pop up through my mouth. I somehow acted normal. He took my hand to touch his cock and really I wanted to hold his cock but I was so ashamed to do it . I am so horny right now, somehow controlling myself. Will he kiss my lip and touch my body and play with my breast, it would feel so good. I passed first night with worry since I was very worry about his behavior since however he was a man and I was widow woman that any men were want to have sex with me. Although we sleeping together but when I explained my sex problem that name was Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and told him it needs small surgery that I didn’t do so I don’t feeling to have sex relation he accept to haven’t real sex unless some kiss and he hug me silent without any push and didn’t try to enter his cock to me even despite he could fuck me on asshole but he didn’t do anything!!

I didn’t shaved myself because I didn’t think might be he accept to come to my apartment! I was in my thoughts when I felt his lips on mine. Oh god I am kissing; kissing for the first time. I was too shocked to response. I could feel his hands roaming on my back. Slowly opening my blouse and then my blouse came off and follows my pink bra, which I wore specially for this night, butIi guess his point of interest were my boobs and not my bra. I went red for this was the first time I was exposed before someone. But the moment his tongue touched my nipples my tension vanishes and came a surge of pleasure. I wanted to grab his cock but couldn’t gain the courage and instead grabbed his hairs and began caressing them. He was so make loving good, biting my nipples licking my boobs all over, smashing it and running me wild all the while. He suddenly stop and I was bit offended for this halt of pleasure. He come closer and we kissed again this time he could sense my wilderness. I just couldn’t resist more. I hugged him so tight and kissed him, sucking his approaching lips, licking his invading tongue and put his tight between my legs to push more and more that suddenly my cum wet his tight . I was fully orgasm and allow him to go to see my pussy and also touch my ass hardly without doing any sex action! He took me on his arm and laid me straight on the bed, and slowly my saree went off and then my petticoat. I was in lingerie only. He removed his kurta and his vest. But his pyjama remained there will a big bulge, adding to my disappointment. I want to see his cock. He began kissing my feet and it feels so good .I think we couldn’t sleep so we were thinking about my landlord that was a crazy woman was looking to understand who is in my apartment but he suck my nipple ill morning and said these lemon are so beautiful and juicy .
My heart leaped for joy and I was soaring in the skies. That night I lay on my bed unable to sleep, thinking only about his breathtaking smile. Our first dates were perfect and beautiful memory in my life. I felt like I was living a fairy tale where I had met my king charming. He was the sweetest man ever, and he really was incredible. I knew he is interested to be with me with all his heart just as much as I did because when he left soon support me to rent a good apartment o feel I am in depended and free woman. He pushed me to go to hospital to surgery my case and solve my pussy problem but after surgery doctor recommend can’t have real sex till three months .When I was in hospital despite our meeting was about two weeks but he send special flower bouquet that was very beautiful and all patient in hospital thought my husband has send it but I was very happy to receive his flowers those were so expensive and beautiful.
It is about two years after first night that I want to explain what appended to my life. I thought all times is it possible to find a man that he would be excellent in everything for me. Handsome, famous knowledge man , nice, kind, understand woman secrete, expert to make love and ,……. For example he teach me how can I make love well more and more with talking and testing. Finally I felt I need he lick and suck my beautiful pussy. He was so professor in make love and how I am going to top spot of orgasm that never have been before. Also he was expert in playing with my pussy and ass. He rented special apartment and invited him to come again to my apartment . Two week after first night he came late in my new apartment .When he knocked at the ring I was so surprise and happy o see him again! I opened the door and hug him with many kissing and invite him to my bed.
He sat on the edge of the bed, talking to me, and I asked him how his trip was, he nodded his answers, and then he came over and gave me a massage, as I must of looked exhausted from work. He then began massaging me, and I was in heaven, it really relaxed me, as I began to lay in bed, he continued to comfort me with his hands, and they began to explore my body. I was eager to see where they would go. I have wanted to make love to him for a long time, he looks so sexy with his cute smile. The way he looks at me, it just melts me. He just lay in bed while his hands roamed over me, caressing my body, as he gracefully removed my clothes, I lay in bed with just my panties on, and even then those didn’t stay on for long. He began sucking on my tits, that made me feel so good, and he squeezed and sucked on my tits for what seemed forever, and his kisses was like honey.
As he moved his way down to remove my panties, he slide a finger into my tight pussy, and I began to moan with ecstasy, as I began my desire to have him fuck me. He brought his lips to my pussy and licked my clit slowly, using his fingers to bring me to orgasm. I look at him with a lazy smile, and I told him I wanted him to didn’t push his cock to my pussy till after surgery but doing suck pussy and lick all my body that my pussy was all his, he could do whatever he wanted to do with me. As he took his cock out, I was shocked to see how big and long it was, I imagined how good I will feel with it inside of me, how tight my pussy is, and how fat his cock is, as he began to ease his cock slowly inside of me, it hurt at first, he was gentle and keep it and put it between my legs and when he was inside, I could feel my pussy tighten around his fat cock.
He began slow strokes at first to let me adjust to his cock, and when I began to enjoy his cock inside of me, he began to fuck me faster without putting in my pussy, I wanted more, I began moaning to him, “More, Fuck Me!” he just control himself despite he was so libido and erotic . I play with his cock so much that his cut was coming two times fully.Really I was very angry and depress that can’t allow him to go to my pussy so I decided to go to hospital to solve my problem as soon. However we passed a difficult period in three months that my pussy was ready to hosting his cock. In the first meeting after my surgery I was dressed for him when we lay in bed exploring each other’s bodies. He was the luckiest man on the planet. He said you have new bride had several things to admire. First, you are gorgeous. Second, you are tall and slender with long legs and perfect for me with smallish delicious breasts. Third, you are now my lady. I said him that you are the first man after my separation that could touched me and see my naked aside and explain really I feel I am beautiful bride was a virgin. He brings me a package gift includes woman watches, ring and special quilt and bedding that he taught that night is or marriage night .It was the greatest gift I have ever received. I have very few regrets but this is my biggest to that night. I felt to compensate his kindness so pull him to bed to kiss and hug so much. I removed his cloths and underwear and find his wonderful cock fit to my small delicious pussy lips. He admit me that when we are going to make love , first at all we are going to bath to clean each other and even use smell soap and gel in our hole since he likes suck my pussy and also my asshole with his toung.I open my legs to anticipate the joy of having his mouth and face between my lovely thighs. I close hardly my leg when he is sucking my pussy and pushed his head and his hair to be suck more my pussy till my honey cum is coming . I love the smell & taste of hot clean his asshole and meanwhile he is crazy to taste and suck my asshole with putting his mouth to into .He told me that he is so nice to lay there beside me, kissing me, fondling my cute little breasts, sliding his hand between my legs to rub me sweet little bud and penetrate me a little with his fingers. As I was tired to ask him to massage and he massaged my whole body and when he got to my legs, he didn’t stop his hands from wandering up my inner thighs. I was in heaven because of the massage, and really turned on because he was very good with his hands. So when I felt him reach under the dress, I didn’t stop him. And I didn’t stop him at all when he pulled my panties down and started groping my ass. And while I was shocked, I also didn’t stop him and he spread my cheeks and gave my puckered little hole a nice long lick. Oh God he was so expert in massage similar his sex experience. He teaches me how can do massage him and I and he always give each other massages. We like massage oils so being naked is kind of necessary. Generally before doing sex and he massaged me first I was laying on my belly so he started at my feet and worked my way up. When he got to my beautiful round ass he slowly started rubbing it and then gripping it tighter. I was loving it. He didn’t push things and continued up my back, once he finished both arms he rolled my over. He massaged my feet, my legs, my hips, and then worked on my sides a little. He put a little more warm oil on me and moved slowly towards my breasts. He went all around them and then put to my shoulders. He worked my way back down again and put some oil on both of my breasts. I just let out a deep sigh and smiled as he worked the oil in. When he took my nipples in between his fingers and started to massage them I began to quiver and make little moans. He continued alternating nipples with one hand as he massaged my thigh with his other hand. He came up real close to my pussy and I arched my back. He teased me and kept alternating thighs. He work all around my pussy and kissed my cheek until I lifted my ass and opened my legs a little. He gently slid his finger up and down my wet pussy and circled my clit. As I began to move he slowly slid one finger inside of mine. I moaned and started to wiggle on his finger. He held it till and made me move my hips to slide it in and out. I brought both of my hands down, opened my pussy lips with my fingers so I could circle my clit while he fingered me. I looked really sexy lying there moaning and gyrating my hips on three of his fingers. Finally I arched my back and raised my ass up off the table pushing my pussy tightly against his knuckles. I wrapped my legs around my back as my body began to shuter. He could feel my pussy contracting around his cock. My pussy was squeezing his cock hard and pulsating as I started to cum. He could feel the pressure of each of my squirts. Which made his cock explode right inside of me. His legs got so weak he almost fell.He fuck my with long slow strokes at first. My sensual moans were driving his crazy as we picked up speed. The harder he fucked me the more I moaned. Until we both reached another orgasm together. By the end of the night we reached three mind blowing orgasms together and I had a few in between. I will tell you after I discharged from hospital despite we had about six times meeting but he comply doctor recommend and although we were crazy to have fully real sex relation but he avoid to put his cock to my pussy and even when I said my ass is ready for him he told me it is not possible to fuck you before would be healthy. His resistant to avoid sex was strong that I understand he really love me and take care about my healthy because he tried I am going to be fully orgasm without real sex but he avoid to put his beauty cock in mine. It was wonder in first year I didn’t eat his swallowing or even sucking his penis fully but he was not angry and tried to teach me how I can doing well that he will go to top spot. Theses point were unbelievable for me that I heard my friend has been fucked by their husband even when they are sick or are not ready for sex!
I was in love. I was shaking and quivering with his hard penis inside me. He didn’t stop after his orgasm. He continued sliding in and out of my insatiable pussy. I could feel his sperm leaking out and running down the crack of my bum. 15 minutes earlier and this would have grossed me out. At this point, it made me hotter and I wanted more. And I got more. Two more times he came inside me, filling me up with his love.
He collapsed on me, panting and shaking. We were sweating and a total mess. I’ve never seen him more handsome than while lying on top of me, sweat pouring off his face and dripping on me, his throbbing penis losing it’s hardness and his sweet cum inside me. I knew this is the man who would always be there for me and I would always know I made the right choice.
After several minutes of catching our breath, kissing and groping, he rolled off and cuddled up behind me. He rubbed my entire body and fondled my breasts. We fell into a very sweet sleep. I was leaking all over her hands. I was a little disturbed by that. He just love to go down on my body when he is still concentrating on something else, He open my legs slowly until I put both my hands on top of his head to push it to his labia’s for more pleasure and I will moan and groan to show that I’m doing a good job and repeat several times that I want to get my pussy licked by him since never been licked for 12 years after separation before that was thirsty and hungry !
Three months after my surgery that my pussy was hot and ready he invited me to special free zine and I never forget when I arrived in airport e was pick up me to his apartment. I was ready to be fucked and I felt I am virgin and was hurry he fuck me. He bring me to bath and clean me and similar pervious massaged me to be relax and we drink some wisky that was te first time I drink alcole. After a short nap, his cock was hard again, and he wanted to fuck me again, I was ready and spread my legs for his cock to go in my pussy, as he rubbed his cock on my pussy, I was excited to have that monster inside me again, but this time, he said he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I was nervous, because as he fucked my pussy, he cock is so big, it actually hurt, but I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I asked him to be gentle and go slow. I let him play with my asshole, he rubbed his cock on it, and it was feeling good, then he began to push it in, and I could feel my asshole stretching to take his cock inside of me. He began to move faster, and fucked me harder and deeper, I must have had several orgasms during our first fuck. As he fucked me, I began moaning, more, fuck me, don’t stop I don’t want you to stop, your cock, it feels so good inside my pussy, as he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out and shot his cum on my tits.
He got about an inch inside my ass, and he stopped moving to let me relax my ass as his cock was inside. After several minutes, he began to fuck my ass with slow strokes, it made me feel so good. He fucked me for what seemed forever, as he was about to cum, he didn’t pull his cock out, instead he shot his cum up inside my ass, I could feel the warmth of his cock and cum inside me, as he layed me down on my side, he left his cock inside my ass still, and held me close to him.I was thinking about my pervious years without any sex and In was so thirsty he fuck me more and more since my pussy was crazy to fuck . AS I underrated he will be my man and he was so nice man I let him fuck me anytime and anywhere, I know that no other man will ever give me as much pleasure as he gives me, if only every girl has a boyfriend like mine. I’m lucky indeed. It was my first trip in that free zone and he bring me to seaside all land and I was so happy spent time with him in two days .When we back home I told him please do anything you like but try I can do it same you!
He did everything was surprises for me since I didn’t go out of country so he suddenly call me and said he is in Dubai and send ticket for me to flight to bre join him! It was excellent. I was afraid since it was first travel out of my country so didn’t understand what do I do? But he was smart and arranged everything from Iran airport to Duba airport. I was worry abut if he ca;t come to airport what can I do despite he has send hotel address . When I arrived in airport saw he was there with beauty flowers . Even he brought me special cloths that I changed my cloth in bathroom and we went to hotel that our room was decorated by flower, kite and funny pictures with fully wine was written happy birth day . We went to bath and wash with 5 wine battle and he put some wine in my pussy and asshole and lick and suck my pussy that I become crazy to be fucked!? I decide allow him to fuck my asshole despite I didn’t do it before . I think it was special gift for him ,for his excellent sex relation , for his respect to me and for everything .He is so smart to fuck my asshole and he suck my ass before so delicious and slow by slow without using any oil or gel put his big cock to my ass that really it is wonder and delicious for me never heard about that. I promise him every time he can fuck my ass but he is so gentle and accept only in memorial days same my birthday, his birthday and our anniversary date can do it.
I was thinking that I am most fortune and so lucky woman after 12 years alone find a man he was fully attention to my life that I didn’t remember my birthday but he was arranged my birthday private party in hotel . He kissed me and said happy gorgeous lady birthday .I was in his hug and we begin make love so hard . he put down me on bed and pour ice cream and win in my pussy and asshole and sucking same thirsty and pushed his toung.I to my pussy around and clit. I was nicely to be fucked . I kissed all his face . He suck my neck and nipple so hard that my orgasm was happened soon. He loves to eat my pussy he can make them cum less than ten minutes. He just have the magic tongue I will goes just crazy till I say oh damn u but turn me out I will put my hand over my mouth to hold back my moaning three minutes I will push him away putting his hands between my forehead trying to stop the tingling sensation to the brain but all times I’d rather be licked then to get a cock in my sexy pussy…ohhh my GOSH! . I miss those days when I got licked the whole night by him is my love. He loves to lick suck my clit and pussy all day along but really despite I am younger I can’t accompany with him since his experience are excellent. He loves to eat my pussy better than any form of sex. His fantasy is that I commands him to lick my feet and then slowly pushes his head to my pussy fucking his face. He likes I sit on his chest with legs wide open to let him lick my clit. Then I asked him to lick clean my asshole and continue sucking my clit and pussy until I squirts and pisses in his mouth and his swallow it all. In the second times I pushed him and got top of him and my kisses trail downwards. I kissed his chest his neck and then I came to my dream destination. His cock stand tall before me, I kissed it above his underwear. My ass was facing him and I could feel his grab on them and they come his tongue. He licked it so good ummmmm. I pulled his underwear down and then his boxer. First cock ever I saw in real and it is so beautiful, throbbing hard with nerves all over it. It was about 7 inches and I want it all in me. I kissed its huge tip and licked the pre cum of it. It tastes something i never tasted before. I wanted him more and more and took cock full in my mouth and what I did was gag and gag and gag. His tongue felt so good in my pussy and i was moaning with his cock in my mouth awk awwwkk..AAAHHH.. And then his finger came there and as he tried to enter my hole pain ran through my body.
I remember in first New Year holiday we were in honey month vacation and I proposed he fuck my ass. he was so happy so bring me to bath and washed my body and asshole with red wine and we drink wine and back to bed that he ride me slowly but strong and after 20 minutes make love turn my body and wet my ass with ice cream and red wine then suck my asshole with his toung.I that my ass was ready to fuck then put and pushed his big cock to my ass that really I didn’t feel any hurt so he was expert in fucking ass . he poured his hot cum to my ass and I said push more till end of your cock going to my ass. It was first time that my ass was fucked! Since it was so comfortable and delicious I learned how to allow him to fuck my ass next times since he can fuck my breath, my objective, my brain, my body and my heart and my existence. It is very important to me understand my partner will come to my heart not only my pussy or ass.
I love the feel of his slippery tongue on my clit and he keep his tongue flat and soft, not pointy! Wondering is when he feels my clit swelling ,he gently suck it into his lips, I love the feel of gentle sucking on my clit! Then he slowly back off and leave his soft wet flat tongue on my clit. He climax nears me begins to thrust against his tongue, this brings on an earth shuddering climax for me that leaves my breathless!
It was wonder for alone widow woman that was never been licked sucked or fucked in past 12 years but the when he make love, makes me cum more than two times in a 20 minutes! It is my sex feeling that said I love when he licks my pussy and lounge so hard that I start to fucking cum in his mouth and then I suck his dick, and now I’m an amazing cock sucker, I’ll make him cum so hard he will be sore and come back for more and I will suck him dry. It is wonder sometimes he become orgasm 4 times in a night by me and he believes that is special accident for his sex life after 20 years he could come more than twice in a night. He believes this effect of my hot pussy, my sex behavior, my sex attractive, my sex gravity and his feeling about me.
I learned to suck his cock and eat his swallowing despite I felt his cum essence is not delicious test in first time and his cum was salty but when I remembered he eat my ass and pussy so hard and In would be fully orgasm , forget his test cum and eat all of his cum with fully sufficient and in the other time I really eat his cum with happy that is so delicious for me specially when he used ice cream and wine to his cock and put all his cock to my toung. I am sure my action will be pay back by him?!!
I love to swallow his cum and I will let him ride my lips while laying on my side until he explode. I like to suck his dry and keep sucking him till he become aroused again. Which really turns me on. I actually love the taste of his cum and seems to prefer cum swallowin to vaginal sex. Sometimes he wants to fuck me but I ant to swallow his cum . I actually begs him for it and never chokes on it. Also I squeals while he ride me throat like I am coming himself. As I suck him off, he often fantasize verbally to me about sucking his asshole that I loved it so much. It is worthy to attention to all woman that don’t forget to eat your man’s swallowing. Just do it. The payback is tremendous. Your man will do anything for you. From my experience, he feels the greatest pleasure for that 2-5 seconds when he is coming. That is when the woman has to keep licking the head of the penis and keep swallowing to maximize the pleasure. I can’t complain because I absolutely love the taste of my man’s cum, especially when he forces his cock down my throat and comes, saving some for my tongue!!! So, girls & woman, if you’re going to do it, then for god’s sake do it properly. You will found that if you let him cum all over your face and then use your fingers to eat the cum, it’s soooo sexy and I just think of ice cream when I eat his load. I am sure when I am doing it my man respect to me and he will never forget what I am doing for his sufficient in bed. My partner explained all about sex position and sex behavior so we use no contraceptives for intercourse. During my fertile period, my partner pulls out when he is about to ejaculate, moves up my body, and I take him in my mouth. He pushes his dick right to the back of my mouth and shoots it all straight down my throat. I suck the last few drops out and swallow this. There is only a slight aftertaste. We have done this from our past two years till now and enjoy it especially, as this way I can take his seed into my body without any worry .As sometimes he avoid that I eat his swallowing Because I loved him I did it with, I wanted to taste him and it was mind-blowing having him cum in my mouth after he had fucked the face off me. I love going down on him and tasting his pre-cum … and then sucking him to the point of no return. I could feel him Cumming, and then I thought how much I loved him, and that was it for me!! Only do it if you like the guy lots or you are in love with him. Any other way I think would be horrid. I feel he likes to be sucked so I love to give blowjobs more than anything. I don’t feel complete unless my lover cums in my mouth. It is incredibly sexy to me. It’s not the taste, it’s the idea that I have completely satisfied him. I always let him know up front that I want him to cum in my mouth. It takes any worry out of his head and it makes me feel sexy to let him know I love to swallow. If you love to give head, love to swallow! But one thing is very important that women will do it when their man respect them, love them and are not looking only fuck them?!
We were going to Istanbul for my birthday in 2017 and he decorate room in hotel same Dubai with special flower, kite and pictures that really I was so happy and decide to do everything for him. We went to bathroom to take the shower to gather and he washed my body with wine and we drink so much wine to back to bed. I hold him to bed and eat his horney cock that so so big ,hard and put it in my mought to pour all his sperm to my mouht Since I love him so I always swallow his cum and I love the way it tastes. He was so drunk and cry eat more and more that I felt e has been cray and then slowly went to beside his body that was so hot. He kissed me and went down to my body to begin suck my pussy and retuned me to suck mu asshole. I was foolish when he pushed his top toung to my asshole and play his finger with my pussy . I felt it is heaven that I am so happy with sex and love and my orgasm was fully and fully. I am only two years with him but he is the only guy I have been with. I love him and do everything for him.
I have drunk his cum before and I love to lick his ass. We do everything and anything and I can’t get enough of him as I am sure he has been doing for me till now.
When I think to past 12 years without any man , any sex and any support and compare with my current situation , I pray the god that I find my man that addition he fully support me also he make love as profession man with me to suck my tits before he start to eat my pussy . I really love to be suck on my clit gentle & then back & lick my r ass put his tongue in it & go back to my pussy again!! I had such great orgasm in this period after that I get a good fuck.
So after two years relation and several meeting that we are couple fun I feel I am super horny so I directly ask my man to lick my pussy and he do it so slimy after that he made me cum all over his face and I was moaning and groaning at the way through and after my cum is coming turn to his body and slowly suck his cock fully to eat his swallow that is very delicious for me and now I am fully widow with sexy orgasm! . I can’t explain my sex relaton to my friends since I afraid they will try to steal my man to have nice sex ?!
We are loving together and all times I say really you are professor not only in finance but even in sex and love relation.Rakhsh: My now boyfriend Rostam


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