Like Mother Like Daughter, A fun time at a swinger’s club leads back home

Sex stories, Like Mother Like Daughter, A fun time at a swinger’s club leads back home. In the half of a century that I have lived so far, I have had the fortune of living in interesting times as the ancient Chinese curse/proverb says. There have been some tough times and many fun times since I was born in a backwater along the southern portion of the Great Mississippi. Fortunately for us all, this missive recounts a few of the more pleasurable experiences. As with many in the deep south, I was raised fearing the wrath of God, and still do, and was taught to keep my mind clean and my pants zipped. I succeeded in the latter but failed lustfully in the former.

Midway through the second decade of my happy but sexless marriage, I decided to unzip, so to speak, for women other than my wife. This was done with a tacit understanding from said wife that I could have my fun but be discreet and keep it away from her. At the time, I was traveling a lot for work so I had opportunities that definitely kept it from her. My first dalliance, though not the topic of this missive, was at an on-site swinger’s club in the heat of the desert southwest. In addition to satiating my lust, for at least one night, my swinger club experience put me on the path to enjoy meeting other open minded purveyors of recreational sex at such establishments.

Fast forward almost a decade later, while traveling on business across the Pond to merry ole London, I made my first visit to Kestrel Hydro – a mixed gender Naturist Spa who caters to the lifestyle. That means that there are people running around nekkid and fucking for those of you from my neck of the woods 🙂 And whoa, what a cock hardening sight it was. They have a pool, a dungeon, hot tubs, private cabanas, public play areas and of course a dungeon! What swinger’s clubs in London would be complete without a dungeon.


Being in my late 40s at the time, I was a bit on the mature side of the hedonists in attendance. So I admired the lithe bodies of the 20 somethings running around or being pinned down by a playmate or two or three. After a look around, I began to feel like the proverbial pervert with my erection that was inspired by Kestrel Hydro’s sex filled atmosphere. I climbed into the hot tub for a bit. While it was still technically a sunny summer afternoon in early September, there was a bit of nip in the air. The hot tub, which could comfortably seat 10 or so, was occupied by a couple muscular male siblings from Nigeria and a couple of English ladies about my age. After joining, I learned that they weren’t together, but had just popped in the tub a few minutes before me.

We chatted a bit. One of the Nigerians popped up and sat on the edge of the hot tub with a fair size snake in a sweater.

One of the English honeys exclaimed, “Oh my, may I?” with a sexy leer.

We all laughed, and Ade flexed his semi-hard cock and responded, “Please do.” Ade was probably in his mid-20s and Myra, like me, was pushing fifty. She put on quite the show for us enjoying playing with Ade’s cock, which soon became hard. It wasn’t long before she slid her thin English lips around his bulging cock head. Given Ade’s response, Myra knew what she was doing.

Not wanting to be outdone by his brother, Martins slid up on the edge of the hot tub and his cock, so dark skinned that it looked purple, was already fully hard.

The other English lass, Lisa, said “May I.”

Martins responded “of course.”

Lisa moved over and immediately engulfed his long, hard cock in her mouth. I sat back and enjoyed the show and listened to the brothers describe the blow jobs that they were receiving from women more than old enough to be their mothers. Myra repositioned herself in the hot tub to get a better angle on Ade’s cock. This resulted in her lovely bum pressing against my thigh. Without thinking about it, I began to caress her sexy bum with my right hand. Given the way her hips started weaving back and forth she was enjoying the attention. I slid my left hand down and started to rub her slit. She had quite a nice sized clit that enjoyed the attention. She was quite well lubricated inside making it easy for me to slide a couple of fingers into her.

Ade enjoyed watching me finger fuck Myra while she continued to slide her mouth up and down his cock. Myra was becoming more and more agitated from the pleasure of sucking suck a stupendous cock, while getting her pussy finger fucked. She had already shared with us that she had been an exhibitionist all her life, loved being watched when having sex and loved to be talked to dirty.

So I started asking her if she like sucking that big black cock.

She mumbled yes around that big prick without it ever leaving her mouth.

I told her that she looked like a fucking cock slut that would take any cock any time any where.

She responded by clenching her pussy muscles around the three fingers that I up her cunt.

Both Myra and Ade were about to explode. Martins had quit talking and had a hand on either side of Myra’s head and was literally fucking her face. She was steadying herself against the side of the tub with one hand and fingering her own juicy pussy with the other. In what seemed to be perfect unison, Myra and Lisa started to come. While their bodies were twitching in ecstasy, the two Nigerian brother began to unload what seemed like a pint of come into each of their welcoming mouths. Both women tried valiantly, but neither could swallow the amount of cum the two brothers had released.

Both women pulled their mouths off the cocks they had been sucking and looked at each other. Without thinking about it for a second, they locked their lips together and began swapping the brother’s cum. I was thinking to myself, Damn what a hot sight! Just as the thought cross my mind, I heard a woman’s voice just behind my head say, “Damn, what a hot sight!”

I turned my head and smiled at one of the sexiest red headed women that I have ever seen in my life. I laughed and responded “yes, it is.”

I stood, held out my hand and introduced myself. She laughed back, told me her name was Maggie and seemingly reached for my hand. But, she missed my hand and kept on reaching until she wrapped her petite, delicate hand around my rock hard cock.

She then looked me in the eye with her beautiful green eyes and asked me, “What is your friend’s name?”

For one of the few times in my life, I was speechless. Ade and Martins burst into laughter as did the rest of us. I then realized that there was a man standing behind her. Maggie introduced me to her husband George. We shook hands while Maggie continued to hold my cock. I invited them to join us in the tub. The four sexual performers had already slid back into the warm water. Maggie sat down beside me, facing me. I think I stared at her dumbfounded.

She would never win a beauty contest, but there was something about her that was just totally sexy. She was very petite, a spinner at just under 5′ and weighing just under 100 lbs. Her breasts were a full B cup with puffy pink nipples that were erect and stood out at least ½”. And she had a stupendous full red bush – yes, fire in the hole! I would later learn that she carefully trimmed and shaved it around her slit. Her butt was a bit large for her size, but looked just right. Actually, it looked just right to bend over and fuck.

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