Manu Enjoying Sex Journey With Ankita

I started using Ola share regularly for my office commute. I met many people in the journey. But one girl got close and infact too close. This ola journey led us to thrilling sex journey and enjoyable affair.

I’m Manu.. I used to live in Koramangala.. On regular Monday I chose Ola share for office which is in Whitefield. After two streets there was one more pickup. Here enters the my heroine. She was so beautiful and wearing Green Chudi dress with deep neck. Beautiful eyes and long hair.. so silky and shining.. I loved those eyes and lips.

I was admiring her beautiful hair and sharp eyes.. she is not slim but has fat at right places.. Her hair clip fell down and she bent to pick it up, I saw her huge cleavage.. got a small peek of two huge white boobs trapped in black bra.. Those were packed.

She bent for few seconds to find the it.. could make out that she must be 36D.. Her ass too was big and round.. must be 38.. and waist may be around 28.. much later I measured them myself.. 38D-30-38.. very tempting figure.

Finally my stop came and I stopped the cab, to my surprise she got down first. In hurry she dropped her id card and crossed the road before I called her.. I took her card and crossed the road after a minute. From her office tag I found that she is working in the same building. At her office entrance she realized that her card was missing.


I went to her office entrance saw her there and called her by name.. “Ankita, u forgot your id card.” She was surprised that I called her as if we both knew each other for long time. She took her card and rushed inside. She didn’t even say “Thank you”… but got to see her big shaped ass.. bouncing up and down while she was running.

In the evening to my luck I found her in the near the exit (She was waiting for cab). This time she saw me and came to Thank me. Ankita: Hey Hi, Thank you for your help and sorry for my behavior in the morning. There was an urgent meeting for which I had to prepare lot of stuff and rushed without saying anything.

Me: No problem, I can understand. She then shook my hand introduced ourselves.. Ankita: So, you are waiting for ola? What is the cab number? Me: No, I’ve not booked yet, I wanted to have tea and then start.. after few mins peak charges will also not be there… Though ola says no peak charges for share, they vary a lot by timings.

Ankita: Then I’ll cancel and book along with you.. Since we both are nearby we can book single cab and share right? Me: Yes, it’ll be even just over half price.. good idea.. then cancel and let’s go for chai. She cancelled the cab and we did some chai pe charcha to kill some time..We talked about our families.. and etc., Later we went in same cab and I was enjoying her beauty and her talk.

She maintains eye contact and it’s difficult to look at her parts.. couple of times she caught me staring at her boobs, but she didn’t say anything.. I shown her my kid’s pics in my mobile and while doing so, my arm I touched her hand and once her side boob.. but she didn’t move away, but was talking very freely. She liked my sense of humor and our tastes matched.

Exchanged our phone numbers and planned to start same time tomorrow.. Though my timings are flexible, I synced with her timings. We traveled for couple of days and have become very good friends.. Learnt from her that she is not really happy with hubby and always have fights.. but don’t know the exact reason.. but she was slowly opening up with me now a days.

One fine day I walked up to her pickup point and we both boarded the cab. She was sitting on left and I’m on her right side. Today she was looking even more sexier. Blue color sleeveless top and tight leggings. Couldn’t take my eyes off her bulges.. while talking to her I kept staring her boobs.. even she noticed it.. she raised her eyebrows and questioned with eyes.

I told her that she looked very beautiful today.. she smiled beautifully.. I couldn’t take off my eyes on her cleavage.. she didn’t mind I guess. After few mins there was one more passenger pick up and he tried to board from left, so she wanted to come to my right side and tried crossing me, I touched her legs and while moving to my right there was a jerk by car and she was falling,

I caught her waist pulled back and she again fall back while doing so she fell on my face.. in contact with her ASS below her top.. slightly caressing her ASS cheeks.. when she sat on seat, my hand was exactly below her pussy point.. unknowingly or instinctively I cupped her pussy with closed palm.. I felt the softness of the PUSSY and her panty line too.

She would have felt my hand too and made her eyes big.. While taking my hand back, her weight fell on me and my palm rubbed her complete pussy and left ass.. This was all just couple of seconds.. But touching her ass and pussy made me real horny.. I could see her expression as surprised, shocked and embarrassed too.

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There was a silence for couple of mins, she was looking outside window and I kept mum.. I kept my laptop bag on my thighs to cover the bulge. She noticed it and immediately looked outside the window. After 30 mins or so, to break the ice, I sent whatsapp message “Sorry, it was unintentional”.

She replied “it’s ok”.. After few mins cab stopped behind the bus and one girl was groped badly while she was getting down from the bus. We both saw it and looked ourselves.. I was confused to weather to laugh or not.. After few mins she hit my elbow with hers and gestured me to see the phone. There was a message.

Ankita: Today I’m seeing all perverts only 😀 Me: yeah the ppl groping that girl are perverts.. but I promise, mine was accidental.. Ank: But you took advantage didn’t you Dear? Me: (I could make out that she is playful mood and horny) Hmm not really dear, I’m promise that was unintentional. Ank: Hey don’t lie.. You were staring at my ___s all the time and I caught you many times.

Me: What is in the blank? Hmmm.. “eyes”.. yes I was looking into your eyes.. those beautiful eyes.. 😀 Ank: Very funny.. in blank it’s not eyes.. Me: Then what? Ank: Leave it.. I know what your intention is (angry emoticon) Me: I’m really sorry.. By then our stop reached and we both got down, she was walking fast. I tried to call her, she said don’t talk to me and left.

But there was a small smile which made me happy.. After reaching my office, I couldn’t get away with those thoughts.. I went and shagged off watching her pics in FB.. I kept reading her chat many times and after some time she came online.. She was “typing” for a long time.. I understood that she is hesitating.. Then I took initiative.

Me: Sorry dear… Ank: Accept it then.. Me: Accept what? Ank: You stared at my BOOBS (Angry emotion) Me: Hmmm.. Ank: “Hmmm” what? Yes or No? You made me spell it..Now u give proper answer.. Me: Yes dear.. Ank: you pervert. Me: Sorry, I couldn’t take my eyes off.. You were looking extremely beautiful..Ank: Thank You..What did you do after going to office? Tell me frankly.

Me: If I tell frankly, you may not talk to me!! Ank: No I won’t mind.. don’t you think we crossed that stage? Come on dear.. you can be open with me. Me: Woww darling.. Thank you.. Yes.. I couldn’t get thoughts away from you.. I went to restroom and shagged off 🙂 Ank: I observed that you were hard in the cab. I expected you would masturbate 😉

Me: OMG! I never thought you were so open type.. Today is my luckiest day. Ank: No no.. I’m not that open with all.. infact I never chatted with anyone like this.. I chatted like this with ‘this’ pervert only… you too looked very innocent in the beginning.. your face looks very innocent.. your looks are deceptive.

Me: Tell me you were wet down there, didn’t you? Ank: Yes (shy smiley) Me: You fingered after going to office? Ank: No, I won’t do that in office.. It’s not possible. Me: Oh my poor darling.. I can’t control it.. Ank: “Darling”.. It feels so nice when you call that.. Thank you DARLING. (I could make out that she is deprived of love and sex) Ank: You imagined me now?

Me: Yep, I saw your FB pics and shagged off.. Me: Thank You darling.. Now your chat made me hard.. I’ve to go to restroom again 😀 Ank: Again!! You shameless.. Enjoy maadi.. Prove me that you are hard.. send pic 😉 Me: No, first you send me some good pic of urs.. PLEASEEE.. (She sent me her hot pic with a navel exposed in a saree and deep neck pic without dupatta, showing cleavage…

She sent them with caption “For the Innocent PERVERT” … that made me too hard and took some time to shagg off…) Me: WOWWWWW.. I always wanted to see your navel.. it’s so beautiful.. I’m a big navel fan… I wish to see it real… It’s amaazzzinnnng… Thank you.. I’ll ping you later..Ank: 🙂 After some time.. Ank: Is it Done?? How much time??

Me: Aahh..Finally done.. Thank you for your beautiful pics.. Then I sent her my dick pic..Ank: OMG!! It’s nice… I like your black dick.. It’s making me wet now.. Want to stop the chat otherwise I can’t control. Me: Finger yourself imaging me. Ank: I can’t do it in office.. Infact I imagined you yesterday 😀 Me: Really? You had these thoughts yesterday itself?

Ank: I imagine some one while fingering.. but after we met, it’s only you coming into my thoughts.. Me: Oh my dear.. Same pinch.. Ankita: Hey let’s stop this. Me: Why? Ankita: I’m already wet down, If you keep tempting me I may leak now.. I don’t have extra inner wear.. No pls.. Bye Me: 🙁 Ankita: Don’t worry, tomorrow we can chat.. I’ll promise…

(She told me that she will carry extra pair of inner wear). In the evening after coming out of office I was very happy to meet her, but she controlled well and didn’t show much happiness on her face. After getting in the cab she kept bag between us, I kept it aside. I took her hand and held it. Was pressing her hand and looking into her eye.

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She was surprised and pushed me away and with smile she told “you are too fast.. hold on..”.. then she saw my sad face and pulled my biceps and hugged it in sideways. Then pulled my cheek and said in low voice “Sorry dear.. but they can see us” and pointed to driver and co-passenger. I enjoyed her soft boob hitting my elbow. I was giving little pressure and she was too.

I was rock hard down and she was giggling looking at my tent. While getting down from the cab she brushed my hardon with her palm and said “nice.. “. Later in the night we had sex chat.

Next day in the cab, we were bit excited, She was wearing a yellow saree, with sleeveless blouse and was looking damn sexy.. Fitted properly and showing her curves clearly. Boobs were bouncing on the bumps of road.. I put my hand inside her tummy and groped her boobs and she too groped my dick.

We couldn’t do much in the cab as driver can see us. After reaching office.. Ankita: Today you were in the mood in the morning itself? Me: Yes dear.. You are looking very sexy in this dress, couldn’t hold myself. Ankita: Thank You.. You too look handsome today.. I love you darling.. Me: Want to see you now.. kiss you.. I’ve been dying to kiss you.

Ankita: Kiss me? But how? I don’t want to take risk.. Anyone can see us in office and at home my husband will be there… you have to wait for few days.. his shift will change.. i’ll give more than a kiss.. Me: I can’t wait till then.. I want to kiss you today.. let’s go for a movie.. Ankita: I’ll check my meetings and will go.

I borrowed bike from my colleague and went to PVR next to Pheonix mall..Booked a kannada movie.. hall was almost empty.. Went to corner seat and settled. She was little nervous.. I turned her face and kissed her lips.. “Ankita… I love you a lot ra..” She kissed me hard and said “I love you too dear..”

We kissed a lot and I pressed her boobs.. I said “Your boobs are so soft and so big and firm”. She closed her eyes and said “Hmmm.. Thank you dear.. They are all yours.. Enjoy them..” I opened hooks and brought the left boob out and sucked her nipples.. in the dark and film light couldn’t see them properly, but those were pretty big and her nipple was very erect.

I don’t know what happened but we cared very little about others and kept kissing and sucking her boobs.. she gave me hand job.. We cleaned ourselves and left for office.. (later in the night) Ankita: Hi.. Me: Hi..Whats up? So late in the night, still awake? Ankita: Yes.. You made me wet.. Couldn’t forget the movie scene. Me: Me too.. you are too hot.. want you badly.

Ankita: Me too.. I want your dick in my horny pussy. Me: WOOOWWWW.. I love the way you say… Yes dear.. Take it.. it’s all yours.. imagine mine entering yours. Ankita: Not the sex chat dear.. I want it in real.. I can’t wait till next week. Me: Shall we go for long drive tomorrow? I’ll bring my car. Ankita: You have a car? Then why coming by cab daily?

Me: Yes, I’ve a car.. I usually drive 2 days a week, 2 days cab, 1 day WFH. I don’t like to travel so long. After meeting you, I’m coming daily by cab to sit next to you and see you throughout the journey… can’t waste a second.. If I drive, I’ll miss all these.. And I wouldn’t have met such a beautiful lady. Ankita: Ooooo nice… Thank you dear.. I’m lucky to get a good man like you.

I wish I was married to you…Let’s meet asap.. You plan and let me know where. Me: Then be ready by 7:00. I picked her up at 7:00am in my car.. She was wearing tight v neck tee and jacket over it.. Her boobs are protruding in that and her navel hole is visible in that.. I complimented her.. she quickly kissed me and I started the car.

Nice music.. beautiful lady.. extra marital affair.. it was an amazing feeling to drive a car with such a hot lady by my side.. We checked in to a resort in the outskirts of Bangalore.. right after entering the room, we hugged and kissed passionately.. It was a kissing marathon for 20 mins.

I was pressing her boobs and ass while kissing.. she was holding my head and neck.. put her leg around my waist and sucking my tongue and lips.. I opened her t-shirt and inserted my hand in the bra.. it was difficult then she understood and stood up finally after 25mins of kissing.. She lifted her t-shirt completely and removed her pants.

She was wearing pink lingerie.. netted bra and thong panty… hugged me tight.. I pushed her on to the bed.. kissed her on lips and came down.. slowly kissing and licking the neck, over boobs on bra.. and licked navel.. she was shivering and moaning while I was licking her navel and gently caressing her ass and inner thighs.

She was pushing my head down.. I gently kissed on her pussy over the panty.. then kissed all over her thighs till legs.. again came back towards her thighs.. she was pushing my head towards her pussy.. I moved her panty aside to get a peek of her pussy lips.. kissed and ran over my tongue.. she gasped and moaned very loud…

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“Darlinggg…. Pleaseee don’t tease meeee…. plssss do somethingggg…” I removed my dress and jumped on to her and kissed her lips.. she kissed my chest and bit my nipples.. I removed her bra and was amazed to see two most beautiful tits of my life… very big, round and firm… white boobs with dark brown nipples and brown erola…

her nipples were very stiff and poking my chest while she was hugging and kissing me.. my dick was poking near her entrance.. She removed my underwear and took the dick and just kissed it.. “It’s very hard and nice.. it’s big.. I love this”.. then gently ran her tongue over it.. I pushed her back to bed and started licking her nipples and pinching the other one.

After sucking tits for few mins I moved down kissing her tummy and navel.. then removed her panty.. it’s was cleanly shaved and shiny.. beautiful pussy lips and a little pinkish inside.. I parted lips with my fingers and placed my tongue.. she moaned very loud and cussing me in excitement.. I liked her expressions.

I started licking and fuck with my tongue.. meanwhile I kept pressing her left boob with left hand and right hand in her butt hole.. She had orgasm and jumped over me and collapsed on me. She kissed my lips and she had taste of her juices. I kept pressing and sucking her boobs and she then started to suck my dick…

it was an amazing feeling… she was sucking like a pro.. licking the head slow and nice.. caressing and massaging balls gently.. I then asked her to come on me to position ourselves in 69.. We licked our love parts for quite some time.. I was reaching climax.. I stopped her and took break to hold for some more time.

I then pushed her to the extreme corner of the bed and started sucking her cunt lips by sitting on the floor while fingering her cunt and rubbing her gspot.. this position was giving me good access of her love hole.. she stayed in that position and then put her legs around my neck and pulled my hairs in excitement.. she had another orgasm…

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“Heeeyyyyy dearrrr… can’t hold… need your hard dick in my pussy.. Can’t bear it anymore.. pls fuckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeee” she pleaded.. I pushed her to the middle of the bed and positioned myself in missionary position…Slowly I entered my dick in the pussy and it was rubbing her pussy walls and going in… she was moaning and shouting me.

I gave a sudden jerk and pushed deep inside and she was like “aaahhhhh ooooooooocccccchhhhh….. baaapppppp reeee…. chachaaanu….” I gave deep and long strokes and she was moving in rhythm.. After 15 mins we both got down the bed.. I pushed her against wall raised her leg and entered my dick from below… she was sucking my lips in ecstasy.

After 5 mins she said it’s paining dear.. let’s move to the bed.. then I entered her pussy from behind and kept fucking in doggy style for 15 mins… Ankita was shouting and moaning very loudly with different sounds while fucking.. After some time she came on top of me and sat on my dick.

She was moving up and down on my dick.. her boobs were jumping up and down.. what a sight that was.. she took my hands and placed them on her boobs and pressed against them.. I pinched her nipples and pressed her boobs.. she had another orgasm.. she fell on me… then turned around and fucked her in missionary for some time…

then scissors position raised her left leg and fucked from behind.. pinching her nipples with right hand from below and left hand rubbing her clitoris in sideway position.. Kept fucking her for 5 more mins like that and finally cummed inside her pussy… she collapsed on me after that.. we didn’t talk for 5 mins.. fully tired and simply in love.. just caressing each others in the hug…

“Darling… this is the best day of my life.. I never had such a best sex in my life… hubby can’t stand even 5 mins… I want to have these sessions often.. pls promise me..” I promised her and kissed.. she then slept on my arms with her leg around me with dick and pussy touching… we slept for some time and post lunch we fucked like dogs and rabbits.

Evening before leaving we had short sex in the bath tub.. Dropped her at 9:30 to home.. While leaving she said “it’s paining da.. my pussy has become sore.. I’ll take a leave tomorrow”.. I replied “Ok i’ll also take leave.. let’s try another hole..” She said “I can’t bear it ra.. let’s have some other time…”

We did it try all possible angles.. now a days she likes anal more.. we had sex at least 2 times a week.. either at her home or at her friend’s room.. if unable to meet, we go on long drives and fuck like lovers.

Please write your comments and feedback about this incident from my life to [email protected] Girls are most welcome from Bangalore.. it will be real safe..

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