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Dear Friends,
I am Vishal. I am 16 and 6 ft 2inch tall Fair, handsome, 70KG and I do regular gym. I have finished my 10th and my mausi told my mother that I can come to city and stay with them for my furhter studies. I joined college and oneday my mausa said that, he needs to go to Mumbai for a month on duty and only mausi and myself were at home. I noticed that, after mausaji left, Mausi was a lot freer with me. She was joking, laughing and teasing with me. I din’t know anything about sex till then. Mausi asked me, if I have any girl friends. I said that, only my college class mates and no one really is a friend as yet.
I realized that, these days mausi is wearing quite revealing maxi or saree if she is wearing, deep neck blouse many a time, I could see her big white boobs and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Mausi started showing me her tits when she was doing household work. One day, she was bending down and mopping the floor and I could see both her tits hanging like two round pappayyas and I kept looking at it. while she was sweeping the floor and washing clothes she many times lifted her dress so much that, I could see her white thighs and I also realized that, she wasn’t wearing any underwear many times. One day, she called me to have breakfast and when I went for it, I saw her saree’s pallu down on th ground and she was pretending to button the blouse. And I saw both her tits, fully naked. She saw me and asked me to come and have breakfast as if nothing happened. Next dy, she called me from bathroom and asked me to bring her towel to her from the bedroom and when I gave her the towel she opened the bathroom door wide enough for me to see her fully naked. After the bath she came to the hall and stood there talking to me draped in thin white cloth in Mandakini style and when she started moving to her room, her cloth slipped and fell down and for a moment I saw her fully naked and I was oogling at that sex Goddess. But, I din’t know anything about what to do.
For the First time, I could feel some stirring in my crotch and was very disturbed. Later on that night, mausi slipped and fell down and had sprain in her shoulder and back and I said let us go to doctor. She said it is too late and we will go the next day. But, as she was in pain, she asked me to massage her back. I massaged her back with oil and some oil soiled her blouse. So, she asked me to wait and removed her blouse and lied down. When I massaged her sh asked me to move my hand further and further towards her mommas and I was massaging her mommas. She asked me to squeeze them and squeeze harder and harder and she was moaning. I asked he, is it too much pain. She said yes but pain is not any more in the back but down there in her pussy. I din’t understand. I asked her what should I do? She removed her saree lied down naked spread her thighs wide, pulled my head towards her pussy and said Vishal, yeh merree fuddee hai. Isse cchhaato. I put my tongue out and started licking mausi’s cunt and I realized, my cock has grown big and hurting. I told mausi, meree nunnee dard kyon karr rahee hai? Masi said let me see it and stripped me naked and took my 9″ cock in her hand and said, Beta Vishal, yeh ab nunnee naheen hai, yeh merrss cchhooth dekh kar ab louda ban gayaa hai. Isse ab shaanth karneka ek hee upaya hai. Thum isse meree fuddee me ghussed ke pelo. Mujhe cchhodne se hee meree fudde aur thumhara lund dono shaant ho jayenge. Saying this, she took my 9″ cock in her hand and put it in front of her pussee hole and told me to push it in. I did that and started fucking her. She started screaming with pain and pleasure. AAAAAhhhhhh oooohhhhhhh uuuuiiiiiii mmmmaaaaaa margayyyeeeee aaaaaahhhhhhh cccchhhhooooodddddddd mujhe, aur jor se maaarrrrr, ffffaaaadddddd daaal. we fucked for some time and then came and that night, I fucked her 4 times and now we fuck everyday, whenever we can.

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